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Hi everyone,

Staying with the alternating pattern we've had going on since April, today we're launching a new Korean novel! The first 20 chapters of The 9th Class Swordsmaster: Blade of Truth are out now.

The 9th Class Swordmaster: Blade of Truth is a gripping fantasy novel that takes you on a thrilling adventure with Karyl MacGovern, a badass swordsman and top-class sorcerer from an immigrating tribe who gets a second chance at life. Betrayed by his best friend, Emperor Olivurn, Karyl travels back in time with the help of a platinum dragon. This time, he's determined to master both magic and swordsmanship to overcome his past failures. As Karyl slays monsters from Pharel Tower to return to his past self, he uncovers jaw-dropping secrets in his quest for ultimate power and redemption.

While Karyl makes his way through this challenging world, he encounters a cast of characters whose lives were less fortunate in his previous timeline. These people become key to his journey, each with their own stories and struggles, which add depth and complexity to the story. The relationships Karyl builds and the alliances he forms as the story progresses are crucial in giving him the support and strength he needs to tackle the tough challenges ahead.

The world building in the novel is super immersive, pulling you into Karyl's universe where magic and swordsmanship can exist in harmony. Each battle pushes Karyl to his limits, showing off his sword skills and explosive magic abilities. 

Also, what’s really awesome about this novel is Karyl’s unwavering resolve and intelligence. No matter how many times he gets close to getting knocked down, he never gives up. Using the knowledge from his previous life, Karyl makes bold and audacious deals with important figures he meets to change the course of his destiny in this newly earned life. His journey is all about perseverance and the strength of the human spirit. You’ll find yourself rooting for Karyl, inspired by his tenacity and driven by his quest for redemption.

If you’re into fantasy with a protagonist who never gives up, The 9th Class Swordmaster: Blade of Truth is the novel for you. The characters are rich and well-developed, each with their own arcs that add depth to the story. The plot is packed with twists and betrayals, keeping you hooked and always eager for the next chapter.

You'll follow Karyl MacGovern on a jaw-dropping adventure filled with hard-won victories and moments that will leave you wanting more. So, let’s dive into Karyl’s world and get ready for an exciting journey!


A message from our podcast team:

🎙️ Episode 5 Alert! 🎙️

Tune in to Episode 5 of Wuxiaworld’s Teahouse for a special tea combo of GT and LD, the translator duo of Young Noble Be Monster Slaying. Let’s enter a world where the Divine Nine and Terrestrial Ten immortal sects exist and talk about regular topics like what Chu Liang is like to something more crazy like snake anatomy.

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🔊 We're eager to hear your thoughts on our podcast journey so far. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve and tailor our content to your tastes.
Stay tuned, join the conversation, and let’s make Wuxiaworld’s Teahouse your go-to spot for all things webnovels!


And our fanart contest marking 500 Chapters of Debuff Master is running until June 11th, so there's still some time left to enter!

13 hours ago
Hi everyone,

Our newest Chinese novel is The Mirror Legacy, with 50 chapters out now! Here's an introduction to it from its translator:

Heya, it’s Crow, the translator for The Mirror Legacy. I’m glad to have the opportunity to translate one of the top ten books on Qidian.

This is perhaps a different type of xianxia novel that is quite unique in its own right. Instead of following a single main character through the story, there are no main characters in this novel, or maybe everyone is a main character. After all, the main focus of the novel is the characters rather than cultivation.

If I have to describe what this novel is like… then I’d say it’s a Sims 4 Legacy Challenge, but set in an eastern fantasy world. If you can find satisfaction in watching generations of a family building themselves up and you enjoy books with good characters, then this is the novel for you. The story progresses slowly in the beginning, making this a great read before your bedtime or on a lazy afternoon in the cafe with a cup of tea in your hand. (You may also need a tissue box for your tears, that’s all I’m going to say.)

The story starts with a guy named Lu Jiangxian who died after staying up late to work. He transmigrated, not as a human but a mirror (a broken one at that)! Upon discovering that he could absorb the essence from moonlight and gain power from it, he decided to find ways to restore his mirror body and uncover its origin. He was later picked up by Li Xiangping, a teenager from a humble farming family who soon discovered that the mysterious artifact they found could turn mortals into immortals. With such a powerful artifact in their house, they feared that tragedy could befall their family. There was only one thing for them to do—become powerful enough to protect their secret and family!


To celebrate 500 chapters of Debuff Master, its translator Tokki is hosting a fanart contest with Karma prizes! The full details are here. It's open until the 28th, so there's still some time left to enter!

14 days ago
Hi everyone,

Here's The Regressor Can Make Them All, a new Korean novel! 

In a realm teetering on the edge of annihilation, a lone blacksmith stood against a Harbinger of Destruction, only to find himself defeated and cast back in time. Resolved to alter what’s to come, he chooses an unexpected path: mastering the art of blacksmithing alongside his combat skills.

Returning to Babel Academy, his journey is not just about honing his own talents. He forges alliances with individuals each carrying their own unique tales and trials. Together, they weave a tapestry of resilience and hope. His foresight from the future blends with his newfound craft, setting him apart as he aims to forge a better tomorrow.

The Regressor Can Make Them All spins a narrative of courage, camaraderie, and the power of a second chance. It celebrates the strength found not only in battle but in creation and unity, painting a vivid picture of a quest to avert disaster and shield the world from darkness. As they navigate their destinies, the tale unfolds into a testament of human spirit and the transformative power of foresight and friendship.


From today until June 16th, we're going to trial a new event – rewarding you for writing reviews on new novels! 

When we ran a reader survey, some of you told us that you haven't read recently launched novels because you prefer to wait until more reviews have been written, enabling you to better judge whether they interest you. So, we want to incentivise and reward reviews by letting you claim 300 Karma for writing reviews on novels launched in April or May. That list of participating novels is:

The Undefeatable Swordsman
Soul Land 5: The Rebirth of Tang San
The Art of Chaotic Divinity
I Became a Ruined Character in a Dark Fantasy
Tome of Troubled Times
The Regressor Can Make Them All
The Mirror Legacy (currently sneak peek)

To claim the 300 Karma, put #ReviewRush at the end of your review, and/or post a comment on this forum thread with your Wuxiaworld username and the title of the novel you reviewed. We'll add the Karma to your account within a couple of business days.

Of course, reviews will qualify for the reward regardless of whether they're positive or negative. Be honest. However, reviews that are simply spam or attempts to circumvent the minimum word count requirement will be disqualified, and will be removed per our usual process. During the event, we're also planning to feature some of the reviews on our social media!


🎙️ Exciting Update from Wuxiaworld’s Teahouse Podcast!

Tune in to Episode 4 of Wuxiaworld’s Teahouse, and join in to sip the latest available tea! This episode is particularly special as we're joined by the talented translator of Soul Land 5, bananachocopie. Let's enter the enchanting world of the Soul Land/Douluo Dalu series as bananachocopie shares unique insights and behind-the-scenes stories about the series.

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🔊 We're eager to hear your thoughts on our podcast journey so far. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve and tailor our content to your tastes.

📢 We Want to Hear from You!
What topics or content would you love to see featured in future episodes? Whether it's more translator interviews, specific novel discussions, or anything else—let us know! Your suggestions help us create better content catered just for all of you readers!

Stay tuned, join the conversation, and let’s make Wuxiaworld’s Teahouse your go-to spot for all things webnovels!

21 days ago
Hi everyone,

Here's a new Chinese novel for you: Tome of Troubled Times! The first 50 chapters are out now.

A young man plagued by recurring nightmares finds himself visiting a blind fortune teller, who sends him to a world of martial arts that looks a lot like the wuxia stories he used to read. 

In the sky of this world, a tome shines every now and then, revealing the hierarchy of mighty beings that seek power amid troubled times. Determined to unravel the mysteries of his involuntary journey and the secrets of the world he has ended up in, he endeavors to ascend the tome's rankings, all while looking for a path back home.

Here's an introduction from its translator:

Hello everyone, I’m TipToe, the translator for Tome of Troubled Times. I would say that I’m a fairly experienced translator, having been in this community for over five years now. I have been working on manhuas and novels during that time, with many titles and genres under my belt. The title I have worked the longest on is probably Cultivation Chat Group, having done roughly 2000 chapters of the novel before I moved over to TAPAS and Wuxiaworld. Translating these Chinese works has definitely been an enjoyable pastime whenever I have nothing else to do, and I cannot discredit the fulfillment from extending the reach of great works to a greater audience.

Even with the experience I have, I must admit that translating Tome of Troubled Times has proven to be quite a challenge. The author’s exceptional writing skills alone already make it difficult to convey the same essence to readers. Moreover, the author intricately weaves historic geographical references into the narrative, prompting me to even delve into ancient maps (please save me). Furthermore, this author frequently draws upon classical Chinese poetry and literature, which are nothing short of hell for translators. Nevertheless, despite the challenges, this journey has been immensely fulfilling. I’ve not only honed my translation skills but also gained a deeper understanding of Chinese history along the way, and as I progress with the translation, my affinity for the story only grows stronger.


Following on from our Amazon and Kindle Unlimited launch of Overgeared Book 1 a couple of months ago, we're happy to announce the release of Book 2: The Birth of Overgeared! This one covers Chapters 105-209, and like Book 1, it has been fully re-edited. 

Coming up next month will be Books 10-16 of A Will Eternal, completing the re-edited version of the series on Amazon! Here are Books 1-9 in case you missed them.


In other news, we've recently opened a new Champion tier on Absolute Resonance for the first time in three years!

a month ago
Hi everyone,

As our final launch for April, we've got a Korean series for you! I Became a Ruined Character in a Dark Fantasy is live now with 20 chapters.

A gamer makes a character named Ian Hope, a character in a game that turned out to be a big failure. When he tried to delete it, something weird happened. The game said, "Character deletion denied." Before he could figure out what was going on, he found himself in a strange, swampy place, living as the very character he wanted to get rid of. 

This story isn't just about Ian trying to get by in a dark and dangerous world. It's about him living as his failed character, trying to survive in a place where everything seems against him. Ian has to face lots of challenges and figure out how to make it through each day. It's a big adventure about fighting to keep going, even when things look really bad.

Get ready to follow Ian on an exciting journey. This novel is about messing up, facing tough times, and trying to fix things. Ian's adventure shows us how sometimes you have to deal with big problems, but there's always a way to make things better if you don't give up. Join him as he carves his own path and navigates through the dark ages.

I would also like to highlight a review written on the novel's table of contents by masterlonai, a Korean author who helps to assess the Korean novels we license. (He can often be found in our forum's Licensing Recommendations section!) Here is his review:

'I Became a Ruined Character in a Dark Fantasy' is one of the best KR fantasy titles I've ever read.

The story unfolds following a man who struggles to survive in this godforsaken, bloody fantasy world. The fight scenes are vividly described, each character has their own backstory, and various characters come together to form a bloody harmony. The MCs are powerful, each with their distinguishable abilities, but this never harms the tension in the story. Its tropes are somewhat like those of shonen manga, narrating realistic combat in a dark fantasy universe. This is really enjoyable.

I highly recommend this.

a month ago
Hi everyone,

First of all, thank you for your participation in our feedback survey. We're gradually reading through your comments (which is taking a while, because thousands of you responded!) As mentioned in the original announcement, we'll send out the Karma after the survey has been open for a week.

Our new novel today is The Art of Chaotic Divinity! It's live now, with 50 chapters waiting to be read. 

After being lied to, Ling Feng activated his third eye and found out that he has the Blood of the Emperor. Now, he has to embark on a journey of martial arts. His goals are simple: to become as strong as possible so he can take back The Profound Art of Acupuncture and Moxibustion that was taken from his grandfather. However, he is already facing troubles entering a martial sect. 

Can he successfully take back what belongs to him and discover his true identity? Follow along with Ling Feng as he embarks on this chaotic adventure that is packed with action, mystery, fantasy and even a hint of romance!

Here's an introduction from its two translators, Joash and daydream:

Growing up surrounded by Wuxia novels and shows, I have always had a fond memory of the Wuxia genre. The Art of Chaotic Divinity is a fun novel that is packed with action, adventure, mystery and fantasy. It showcases the character development of the protagonist full of twists and turns. I hope you have just as much fun reading as I have translating it! - Joash

Starting my first translation venture, I'm really excited to introduce you to The Art of Chaotic Divinity. I can't wait to share this fantastic story with you and hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. Let's explore The Art of Chaotic Divinity together and have a great time! - daydream


We're currently running a time travel-themed ReadRush event until April 30th! During the event, the eight novels listed below will have their daily number of chapters unlockable with WTU doubled. Meaning four chapters per day for the Chinese novels, and two per day for the Korean novels. So now is a great time to catch up on them!


Also, at 4am GMT on April 21st (which is 12pm midday GMT+8, 9pm on the 20th for PDT, and midnight EDT), Thyaeria and Autumn Lily, the translator and editor of Desolate Devouring Art, will be hosting a question and answer session!

The thread is available here on our forum. You can post questions now, and they'll be responded to by Thyaeria and Autumn Lily at the start time!


One final topic for this very long announcement. To celebrate 300 chapters of Star Gate, Etvolare is sending physical postcards to people who write reviews on the novel! The full details of the event are available on our Twitter and Facebook. And leading on from Etvolare's event...

🚀 Episode 2 Alert! 🚀

Join us in Episode 2 of Wuxiaworld’s Teahouse with our esteemed guest, Etvo!

Explore the captivating journey of Etvo as she reveals insights from her experience translating Chinese novels. From navigating complex nuances to bridging cultural divides, Etvo's stories promise to enthrall.

P.S. This is Part 1 of a two-part special!
P.P.S. The episode will be available on Apple Podcast shortly! Stay Tuned!

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Hi everyone,

To help us improve, we want to get some feedback from you about the various aspects of Wuxiaworld, such as the technical side and our content. So, we've prepared a survey!

And as a bonus, we'll add 200 Karma to the accounts of everyone who participates. The link to the survey will connect your response to your Wuxiaworld account, and this is what we'll use to distribute the Karma. (So make sure you're logged in when you click it!)

We'll leave the survey open for a week, and then we'll send out the Karma.

Here is the link!

Alternatively, if you would prefer for your survey response to not be connected to your Wuxiaworld account (and you're okay with not receiving the Karma), you can use this link

Thank you for your input.

2 months ago
Hi everyone,

We're bringing you another entry in the Soul Land series! It's Soul Land 5: The Rebirth of Tang San. This one features Tang San – the series' original protagonist – reborn in a new world, making it a relatively standalone story.

Here's an introduction from its translator:

Hello everyone!

I am BananaChocoPie, and I am very honored and lucky to be translating Soul Land V: Rebirth of Tang San.

As a native Chinese speaker born and living in Singapore, I have been translating professionally (articles, social media copy, business proposals) in my career and for fun (fanfiction). Soul Land V will be my first official novel translation, and I am super excited to accompany fellow Soul Land fans on Tang San's adventures. While Soul Land is a recognized universe, this fifth installment puts our protagonist, Tang San, in a new world where there are new trials to go through before he can finally reunite with his beloved Xiao Wu. 

As an enthusiastic reader of the fantasy genre, I was a massive fan of the first Soul Land novel. And trust me when I say that Soul Land V is a refreshing take on how Tang San's character evolves after being reborn. His ultimate goal is to be reunited with the love of his life, Xiao Wu. Before he can do that, he must find a way to survive on the dangerous Falan Planet, specifically the Daemon Continent, ruled by powerful demons and nymphs. He is reborn as a baby, with his memory intact, and there will be challenges as he finds out more about this new world where humans are subjugated as slaves (and even food!). How will he utilize the skills and knowledge that followed him from his past lives?

I felt a warm sense of nostalgia when I was reading the novel. The story of making friends, going against strong enemies, and the quest for love will never get old. I couldn't stop reading the novel, and I think you will share my sentiments when you read it, too. 

I thank the managers, Grace, GTea, and my favorite editor, Retired Penguin, for their warm welcome to Wuxiaworld and fantastic editorial support. (Special thanks go to Cosy, a friend I made more than ten years ago, who introduced me to Wuxiaworld.

Thank you for reading my rambling introduction, and I hope you will have fun reading Soul Land V: Rebirth of Tang San as much as I did while reading and translating. 


in 25 hours at 2am GMT on April 13th (which is 10am GMT+8, 7pm on the 12th for PDT, and 10pm EDT), Whysee, the translator of Yuan's Ascension, will host a question and answer session on our forum!

The forum thread is already available here, so feel free to post your questions now in advance, and they'll be responded to once the event starts.


Also, an update from our podcast team:

We’re delighted to share some exciting news with all of you! Over the past week, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of feedback from you, our community, and we’ve been truly humbled by your enthusiasm and support.

One of the biggest feedback from our community was to have the podcast episodes available beyond Spotify, and we have been listening attentively.

Today, we’re thrilled to make a special announcement!

Starting now, Wuxiaworld’s Teahouse will also be available on Apple Podcasts and YouTube! That’s right – you asked, and we listened!

We want to express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and passion for our teahouse. Your feedback continues to inspire us, and we’re committed to bringing our novel-loving community more engaging content.

So, grab your favorite cuppa, savor the moment, and sip the story with us at Wuxiaworld’s Teahouse.

Thank you for being part of our Teahouse Community, and here’s to many more shared moments together!

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2 months ago
Hi everyone,

We're releasing The Undefeatable Swordsman today! 

“The Path is neither beneficial nor harmful to anyone, but it is also equally beneficial and harmful to all things in existence." 

Song Woo-Moon, the son of a local inn owner, once led the village children as the strongest and smartest of them all. Yet, fate takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious immortal bestows upon Woo-Moon's family an unusual gift—a landscape painting. And this painting somehow causes the once brilliant young man to become the village fool.

From the moment Woo-Moon sees this piece of artwork, his days are spent in an inexplicable trance that leaves him apparently feeble-minded. Little does the world know, however, that beneath this foolish façade lay profound enlightenment.

Guided by the old immortal's image Dao, Woo-Moon embarks on a transformative journey. With each step, he unlocks the mysteries concealed within the landscape painting, mastering the profound wisdom encompassed within its brushstrokes. 

As the “foolish village bumpkin” takes on the martial arts world, who knows what kind of mark he will leave?


And we've got one more announcement, from the team behind our podcast! Here it is: 

Welcome to Wuxiaworld’s Teahouse!


Some of you might have thought of it as a prank while others might have guessed correctly!


Wuxiaworld’s official podcast is launching! We hope you’re ready to dive deeper into the realms of cultivation and fantasy with us because things are about to get even more exciting!

In case you missed our earlier announcement, allow us to refresh your memory: the Wuxiaworld podcast is on the verge of making its grand entrance, and the anticipation is palpable. Imagine a gathering of our most esteemed translators, editors, and authors, all coming together to share their wisdom, anecdotes, and perhaps even a few unexpected surprises.

Speaking of surprises, we will have a special guest to kickstart the teahouse’s grand opening. This esteemed individual has been a part of our Wuxiaworld Community since the beginning, and he is coming packed with novel-teas (get it?)

Can you guess who he is? 😏

But hold onto your spirit stones because there's more excitement brewing in the teahouse in our future episodes! Get ready for random surprise giveaways, interactive Q&A sessions on our community channels, and a whole host of other delightful shenanigans that are sure to keep you engaged on the edge of your seat.

So, dust off your headphones, summon your inner cultivator, and prepare to embark on a journey like no other. Wuxiaworld’s Teahouse awaits, and trust us when we say, it's going to be legen—wait for it—dary.

Episode One is now live for an early preview! Episode Two will be coming right up on April 19th! Release timing will be as follows according to the timezones:

4 a.m. PST
7 a.m. EST
7 p.m. GMT+8

So tune in, keep your spirit qi flowing, and your anticipation levels soaring. Remember to follow us and turn on the notification alarm to keep updated!

Wuxiaworld’s Teahouse 🍵

P.S. You commented and we listened! Our podcast episodes will be uploaded to YouTube and Apple Podcast as well! The first episode will be uploaded as soon as we get our shenanigans sorted out! Keep those suggestions and feedback coming cause we listening 😎

Update: Youtube is now up! Click here to listen to Episode 1!

Don’t forget to subscribe or follow us on our social media channels! We will have random announcements, episode teasers, and some behind-the-scenes bloopers for y’all 😉





2 months ago
Hey, Wuxia Warriors walking the path of Dao!

Guess what? We've got something major brewing here at Wuxiaworld HQ, and we can't wait to spill the tea. Drumroll, please…! 

Introducing the Wuxiaworld Podcast!

Yep, you heard that right! We're flipping the script and diving headfirst into the world of audio entertainment. Picture this: your favorite translators, editors, and even authors, all coming together to chat, spill secrets, and maybe even drop a few Easter eggs along the way.

Starting next month, you can tune in bi-weekly to get the inside scoop on all things Wuxiaworld. Think of it as a backstage pass to the inner workings of your favorite fantasy universe. We're talking behind-the-scenes tidbits, insider gossip, and maybe even a surprise guest appearance or two. 😉

Here's a taste of what's in store:

🔊 Translator Talk: Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of the person bringing your favorite novels to life in English? Strap in, because our translators are ready to spill the tea.

🔊 Editor's Corner: Get ready for a deep dive into the editing process. From polishing prose to perfecting punctuation, our editors are here to share their top-secret tips and tricks.

🔊 Author's Insights: Curious about the masterminds behind your favorite fantasy worlds? Our authors are stepping out of the shadows to give you a sneak peek into their creative process.

But wait, there's more! We've got surprise giveaways, interactive Q&A sessions, and maybe even a few shenanigans up our sleeves. After all, what's a Wuxiaworld announcement without a little bit of mischief?

So mark your calendars, spread the word, and get ready to embark on this wild new adventure with us. The Wuxiaworld Podcast is coming soon, and trust us, you won't want to miss it!

Stay awesome,
The Wuxiaworld Team 🎧

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