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Hi everyone,

To help us improve, we want to get some feedback from you about the various aspects of Wuxiaworld, such as the technical side and our content. So, we've prepared a survey!

And as a bonus, we'll add 200 Karma to the accounts of everyone who participates. The link to the survey will connect your response to your Wuxiaworld account, and this is what we'll use to distribute the Karma. (So make sure you're logged in when you click it!)

We'll leave the survey open for a week, and then we'll send out the Karma.

Here is the link!

Alternatively, if you would prefer for your survey response to not be connected to your Wuxiaworld account (and you're okay with not receiving the Karma), you can use this link

Thank you for your input.

11 hours ago
Hi everyone,

We're bringing you another entry in the Soul Land series! It's Soul Land 5: The Rebirth of Tang San. This one features Tang San – the series' original protagonist – reborn in a new world, making it a relatively standalone story.

Here's an introduction from its translator:

Hello everyone!

I am BananaChocoPie, and I am very honored and lucky to be translating Soul Land V: Rebirth of Tang San.

As a native Chinese speaker born and living in Singapore, I have been translating professionally (articles, social media copy, business proposals) in my career and for fun (fanfiction). Soul Land V will be my first official novel translation, and I am super excited to accompany fellow Soul Land fans on Tang San's adventures. While Soul Land is a recognized universe, this fifth installment puts our protagonist, Tang San, in a new world where there are new trials to go through before he can finally reunite with his beloved Xiao Wu. 

As an enthusiastic reader of the fantasy genre, I was a massive fan of the first Soul Land novel. And trust me when I say that Soul Land V is a refreshing take on how Tang San's character evolves after being reborn. His ultimate goal is to be reunited with the love of his life, Xiao Wu. Before he can do that, he must find a way to survive on the dangerous Falan Planet, specifically the Daemon Continent, ruled by powerful demons and nymphs. He is reborn as a baby, with his memory intact, and there will be challenges as he finds out more about this new world where humans are subjugated as slaves (and even food!). How will he utilize the skills and knowledge that followed him from his past lives?

I felt a warm sense of nostalgia when I was reading the novel. The story of making friends, going against strong enemies, and the quest for love will never get old. I couldn't stop reading the novel, and I think you will share my sentiments when you read it, too. 

I thank the managers, Grace, GTea, and my favorite editor, Retired Penguin, for their warm welcome to Wuxiaworld and fantastic editorial support. (Special thanks go to Cosy, a friend I made more than ten years ago, who introduced me to Wuxiaworld.

Thank you for reading my rambling introduction, and I hope you will have fun reading Soul Land V: Rebirth of Tang San as much as I did while reading and translating. 


in 25 hours at 2am GMT on April 13th (which is 10am GMT+8, 7pm on the 12th for PDT, and 10pm EDT), Whysee, the translator of Yuan's Ascension, will host a question and answer session on our forum!

The forum thread is already available here, so feel free to post your questions now in advance, and they'll be responded to once the event starts.


Also, an update from our podcast team:

We’re delighted to share some exciting news with all of you! Over the past week, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of feedback from you, our community, and we’ve been truly humbled by your enthusiasm and support.

One of the biggest feedback from our community was to have the podcast episodes available beyond Spotify, and we have been listening attentively.

Today, we’re thrilled to make a special announcement!

Starting now, Wuxiaworld’s Teahouse will also be available on Apple Podcasts and YouTube! That’s right – you asked, and we listened!

We want to express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and passion for our teahouse. Your feedback continues to inspire us, and we’re committed to bringing our novel-loving community more engaging content.

So, grab your favorite cuppa, savor the moment, and sip the story with us at Wuxiaworld’s Teahouse.

Thank you for being part of our Teahouse Community, and here’s to many more shared moments together!

Apple Podcasts:

5 days ago
Hi everyone,

We're releasing The Undefeatable Swordsman today! 

“The Path is neither beneficial nor harmful to anyone, but it is also equally beneficial and harmful to all things in existence." 

Song Woo-Moon, the son of a local inn owner, once led the village children as the strongest and smartest of them all. Yet, fate takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious immortal bestows upon Woo-Moon's family an unusual gift—a landscape painting. And this painting somehow causes the once brilliant young man to become the village fool.

From the moment Woo-Moon sees this piece of artwork, his days are spent in an inexplicable trance that leaves him apparently feeble-minded. Little does the world know, however, that beneath this foolish façade lay profound enlightenment.

Guided by the old immortal's image Dao, Woo-Moon embarks on a transformative journey. With each step, he unlocks the mysteries concealed within the landscape painting, mastering the profound wisdom encompassed within its brushstrokes. 

As the “foolish village bumpkin” takes on the martial arts world, who knows what kind of mark he will leave?


And we've got one more announcement, from the team behind our podcast! Here it is: 

Welcome to Wuxiaworld’s Teahouse!


Some of you might have thought of it as a prank while others might have guessed correctly!


Wuxiaworld’s official podcast is launching! We hope you’re ready to dive deeper into the realms of cultivation and fantasy with us because things are about to get even more exciting!

In case you missed our earlier announcement, allow us to refresh your memory: the Wuxiaworld podcast is on the verge of making its grand entrance, and the anticipation is palpable. Imagine a gathering of our most esteemed translators, editors, and authors, all coming together to share their wisdom, anecdotes, and perhaps even a few unexpected surprises.

Speaking of surprises, we will have a special guest to kickstart the teahouse’s grand opening. This esteemed individual has been a part of our Wuxiaworld Community since the beginning, and he is coming packed with novel-teas (get it?)

Can you guess who he is? 😏

But hold onto your spirit stones because there's more excitement brewing in the teahouse in our future episodes! Get ready for random surprise giveaways, interactive Q&A sessions on our community channels, and a whole host of other delightful shenanigans that are sure to keep you engaged on the edge of your seat.

So, dust off your headphones, summon your inner cultivator, and prepare to embark on a journey like no other. Wuxiaworld’s Teahouse awaits, and trust us when we say, it's going to be legen—wait for it—dary.

Episode One is now live for an early preview! Episode Two will be coming right up on April 19th! Release timing will be as follows according to the timezones:

4 a.m. PST
7 a.m. EST
7 p.m. GMT+8

So tune in, keep your spirit qi flowing, and your anticipation levels soaring. Remember to follow us and turn on the notification alarm to keep updated!

Wuxiaworld’s Teahouse 🍵

P.S. You commented and we listened! Our podcast episodes will be uploaded to YouTube and Apple Podcast as well! The first episode will be uploaded as soon as we get our shenanigans sorted out! Keep those suggestions and feedback coming cause we listening 😎

Update: Youtube is now up! Click here to listen to Episode 1!

Don’t forget to subscribe or follow us on our social media channels! We will have random announcements, episode teasers, and some behind-the-scenes bloopers for y’all 😉





12 days ago
Hey, Wuxia Warriors walking the path of Dao!

Guess what? We've got something major brewing here at Wuxiaworld HQ, and we can't wait to spill the tea. Drumroll, please…! 

Introducing the Wuxiaworld Podcast!

Yep, you heard that right! We're flipping the script and diving headfirst into the world of audio entertainment. Picture this: your favorite translators, editors, and even authors, all coming together to chat, spill secrets, and maybe even drop a few Easter eggs along the way.

Starting next month, you can tune in bi-weekly to get the inside scoop on all things Wuxiaworld. Think of it as a backstage pass to the inner workings of your favorite fantasy universe. We're talking behind-the-scenes tidbits, insider gossip, and maybe even a surprise guest appearance or two. 😉

Here's a taste of what's in store:

🔊 Translator Talk: Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of the person bringing your favorite novels to life in English? Strap in, because our translators are ready to spill the tea.

🔊 Editor's Corner: Get ready for a deep dive into the editing process. From polishing prose to perfecting punctuation, our editors are here to share their top-secret tips and tricks.

🔊 Author's Insights: Curious about the masterminds behind your favorite fantasy worlds? Our authors are stepping out of the shadows to give you a sneak peek into their creative process.

But wait, there's more! We've got surprise giveaways, interactive Q&A sessions, and maybe even a few shenanigans up our sleeves. After all, what's a Wuxiaworld announcement without a little bit of mischief?

So mark your calendars, spread the word, and get ready to embark on this wild new adventure with us. The Wuxiaworld Podcast is coming soon, and trust us, you won't want to miss it!

Stay awesome,
The Wuxiaworld Team 🎧

15 days ago
Hi everyone,

Our latest Chinese novel is Young Noble Be Monster Slaying! This is a synopsis for it:

Chu Liang, who ranked third in his province for the major exam at the end of high school, finds himself in a world where his grades don’t matter… but he be slaying anyway~ Slaying monsters, that is. With an unreliable teacher who often behaves questionably, he has no choice but to slay his days away. Thankfully, he has a White Pagoda that rewards him for each monster killed, guiding him on a journey that starts with killing lantern monsters to being surrounded by jokesters. Don’t be fooled by his serious facade. If you do, he’ll catch you off guard… with his jokes. Slay~

Follow our witty protagonist in a light-hearted story filled with eccentric characters and jokes when you least expect it. 

“You rotten butt! … I am your daddy.” —Chu Liang

This one is being translated by two translators working together – LD and GT! Both of them have been in the community for many years (I've known them since 2016!), but this is their first time translating on Wuxiaworld. Here's a self-intro from them:

LD: Hi everyone, I’m LD. Some of you might already know me as an editor, so… surprise! I’m a translator now, and I’m really excited to present this novel to you with my good friend GT, who is new to Wuxiaworld. This novel is honestly quite a gem for those who love this sort of thing. I would describe it as a novel filled with the supernatural, action, and comedy, as well as a dash of beautiful women and handsome guys. So, come for the monsters, stay for the gags. :B

GT: Hello guys! I am GT. I have always thought that pictures convey a thousand words so I  won't even bother introducing you to the novel. I can literally make memes for every chapter. Just check out this meme I made and you will get the vibe! 

Come hang out at our Discord channel ye bye.

18 days ago
Hi everyone,

We've got another Chinese novel for you today - Immortal of the Nine Realms! As usual, 50 chapters are already published and waiting for you.

Fang Chen was the strongest martial artist in the Grand Xia Empire but fell from grace in an earth-shattering battle. Blinded by his enemies, how will he recover and continue his journey? Follow him as he regains his strength and takes a step onto the path to immortality!

With his newly found power, he deals with his enemies and unravels hidden plots working behind the scenes in the Grand Xia Empire. Little did he know, there were terrifying forces working in secret. With no plans to run, will he be able to triumph over his enemies and overcome the obstacles in his way?

Join him on his path to immortality as he kills his way to the top.


And we've just added a new feature: a row on our frontpage displaying a rotating selection of free novels! We'll regularly make novels available there, with all published chapters being temporarily available to be read for free, with no need for WTU or Karma. 

As displayed above, the novels that we're launching this feature with are Unrivaled Martial Emperor, The Creatures That We Are, and Beastmaster of the Ages! Although please note that the row won't be displayed on our app's frontpage until a day or two later when we've been able to publish the necessary update (but the chapters are available to read now regardless).


a month ago
Hi everyone,

This is something we've had in the works for a long time: Books 1-9 of A Will Eternal have now been published as ebooks on Amazon!

This is a fully re-edited version of A Will Eternal, with many improvements and fixes having been made to the original copy. There will be a total of 16 books for the series, and we're expecting to launch 10-16 as a second batch in around June or July. Our final round of checks on those volumes is currently underway, and we'll make them available for pre-order in the coming weeks. 

As a side note, Book 6 is currently missing from Amazon's series list for AWE, but should show up soon. In the meantime, you can find it directly here

To celebrate this launch, Deathblade will be hosting a question and answer session on our forum! It will begin at 3pm GMT (8am PDT, 11am EDT, 11pm GMT+8) on Friday. The thread has already been created, and you can post questions now for Deathblade to answer once the session starts!

a month ago
Hi everyone,

Our last novel for February is Desolate Devouring Art! This one is being brought to you by Thyaeria, who you will of course know from Tales of Demons and Gods, as well as The Great Ruler and The Sovereign's Ascension (which is finishing soon!) Thy has been doing this for a few months short of nine years now, which is crazy to think about. 

Liu Wuxie, once an Immortal Emperor in the Fleeting Mist Immortal Realm, finds himself reborn in the True Martial Continent after a violent death. In his previous life, he had discovered the Sky Devouring Divine Cauldron, a divine artifact of unimaginable power that attracted the greed of many. Besieged and facing certain death, Liu Wuxie executed the Bloodfiend Disintegration, taking his assailants down with him and destroying the coveted artifact in a blaze of glory.

Now, in a new body with the same name, Liu Wuxie must navigate a world where he is known as a wastrel and live-in son-in-law of the Xu Clan. His past as a wealthy but cocky spendthrift has left him with few allies, and his new bride has already beaten him out of their bridal chamber on their wedding night. But when Liu Wuxie discovers that someone has tried to kill him by severing his heart’s pulse with a single palm strike, he realizes that he must use his skills as an alchemist and his knowledge of deity-graded cultivation techniques to survive and uncover the truth.

As Liu Wuxie delves deeper into the mystery surrounding his attempted murder, he begins to uncover secrets about his past and the true nature of the Sky Devouring Divine Cauldron. With danger lurking around every corner and enemies closing in from all sides, the stakes are high and the odds are against him, but Liu Wuxie is determined to emerge victorious…

2 months ago
Hi everyone,

Today we're launching Demon King of the Royal Class

A notorious author who was often criticized for habitual discontinuation and ridiculous plot twists in his novels dies from cardiac arrest after reading online hate comments about his work. After he dies, he is given two choices: go straight to hell or be reincarnated as a random character in one of his novels and survive until the ending to go to heaven. 

Unfortunately, he is reincarnated into one of his infamous novels “The Demon King is Dead” as Baalier Junior, the Demon Prince character he didn’t even know existed! In a desperate attempt to survive in this world, Baalier Junior decides to enroll at the Temple, a prestigious academy where only the top talents in the whole continent go to study.

Since it is a novel the main character wrote himself, he initially thinks that survival in this world would be a piece of cake. However, there is a plethora of unknown details and plot holes he did not expect, and this story portrays how he overcomes those challenges as well as the internal struggles he faces as he develops a personal relationship with the characters inside his own novel.

If you are into isekai stories with unorthodox character development and decision-making, give this novel a read!


And per the previous announcement, don't forget that these novels can still be unlocked twice as fast as usual with WTU until the 24th!

Beyond the Timescape
Damn Reincarnation
Dragon Poor
Duke Pendragon
Dragon War God
Dragon Prince Yuan
Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
The Frozen Player Returns

2 months ago
Hi everyone,

To mark the lunar new year and the beginning of the year of the dragon, we're running two events!

LNY ReadRush
From now until February 24th, the Wait to Unlock pace of the following novels has been doubled:

Beyond the Timescape
Damn Reincarnation
Dragon Poor
Duke Pendragon
Dragon War God
Dragon Prince Yuan
Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
The Frozen Player Returns

Red Packets
Between now and February 18th, our staff and translators will be giving out a number of 200 Karma red packets in chapters' comment sections! If you've been chosen, the translator/staff member will reply to your comment, and 200 Karma will be added to your account. (Note: low effort comments will not be chosen. The selection is not random - we'll look for good comments!)

2 months ago