A Pawn's Passage

A Pawn's Passage

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In a supernatural world where secret forces are at play in the courts, Qi Xuansu, a seventh-rank Daoist priest, finds himself in a struggle to escape his fate as a pawn. The only way to do so is by completing missions and earning enough merit to buy back his freedom. But first, he must enhance his cultivation and climb the ranks of the Daoist Order. Follow Qi Xuansu as he unlocks his potential in his journey toward self-realization and liberation!
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72 Chapters
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Translated by Clare

Hello! I'm Clare, and I'm a new translator in the wuxia genre. I am really looking forward to bringing you a thrilling new cultivation novel that focuses a lot on power struggle and self-liberation. I hope you will enjoy A Pawn’s Passage as much as I enjoyed translating it. Your support and feedback mean the world to me as I embark on this exciting journey in the wuxia world. Thank you for being gentle and welcoming! Happy reading! 🙂

Release time: 12PM (GMT+8)

4 Reviews
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a day ago
I will update this review as I read, usually in a 50 chapter basis.

As of chapter 30(edit no. 2: now I'm at chapter 50, and I sustain this opinion so far.), this novel shows up with 4 major things that separate it from the rest of the novels currently present at WW:

1 - It is full of poetry and actual depth, not like First Immortal of the Sword or Tome of Troubled times, and instead a lot like the old Desolate Era.

2 - The Power scale is detailed, at least way more than the average cultivation novel that is something like: oh I have 9000 more QI now I'll change from golden banana to blue pineapple, and instead at least has some explanation to it's power level.

3 - There is no indirect info dumping. What do I mean? See: in most other cultivation novels(usually the bad ones or the harem ones) the character is a nobody and for some reason has no context of the world, even down to the basics of what is cultivation, so they introduce some random character to explain the whole cultivation system in one go, which usually comes off as boring or makes the power system extremely limited. In this novel, the world itself is being gradually expanded into a full picture, little by little. There are entire sections that are dedicated to explaining some things, but instead of coming off as annoying dialog(for further understanding: I'm talking about AR, and literally all harem novels in this website), they usually use a journal-like method of explaining that is very direct, and usually very short.

4 - This translator is brave. They dare to use new formatting instead of just plain text and it honestly makes a huge difference in the readability and immersion of the story. I had a small beef with the color purple(some of you might've seen it) but otherwise this translator is out here doing god's work and I hope to see more novels from them. If you wanna know what I'm talking about, look no further than chapter 1, or if you really want to understand what I mean, look at chapter 27.

edit no 3: minor spoiler, but based on something that might be interesting to know. Even though the novel is Chinese, chapter 50 seems to imply that the world is divided not only in factions but also cultures, and one of those factions is very clearly modeled as the Catholic Church, even going as far as mentioning 'the Devil' and vampires......

edit no. 1: I'm hopeful. However I don't dare be too hopeful. this is a review currently at just 30 chapters, and honestly martial gods ascension (the 4000 chapters horrible paced novel) was pretty cool at 30 chapters. I'll wait and see before I turn it into a full blown good review.

11 days ago
At first glance I thought the mountain and pagoda in the background of the cover was a monster, but that is only relevant to reach the 100 word count. Currently on Chapter : __ so far, and the story is just fantastic. It truly encapsulates all of the emotions one would feel trying to live in this lonely world while being a pawn in the grand 5D Chess with Time Travel and Multiverse Rules game that we live in. Truly a unique experience, and looking forward to leaving a proper review whenever it does come out, as I was able to leave this before any chapters released.

12 hours ago
The story is very well written and translated, and has an authenticity to it that points to a great deal of research on the author’s side. The plot is engaging, but is still only emerging at this point. There is a hint of a large conflict on the horizon but the story begins with the opening moves of it coming to from silent conflict in the background to the foreground. And I really like how the characters are clearly a product of the in-story environment. That is to say, they are still recognizably Xianxia characters but the story is set in a sort of earth world where there is pervasive influence of the western world in their version of ancient China (with guns). Also, the culture is not as offensive to modern sensibilities so it is easier to empathize with the characters. Unlike one other review, the motivations of the MC, as well as other characters is quite clear and at the same time complex and changing, very realistic. No 2D characters whatsoever, good period-style dialogue, internally consistent logic. 10/10 from me, looking forward to reading more and hoping the quality of both the writing and translation remains the same.

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