Rebirth of the 8th-Circle Mage

Rebirth of the 8th-Circle Mage

12 Reviews
Henry Morris, the 8th-Circle Mage, stood on the execution platform. 
When the emperor, his friend, had passed, his son had became a puppet of the nobles. Soon after, a purge had ensued, led by the forces opposing Henry.
Even in the face of death, all Henry could think was that he hated the new emperor and the nobles. 
Just as he thought it was all over, Henry suddenly found himself in a new body—one with the potential to become a swordsman. An 8th-Circle Mage, reborn as a swordsman.
With both powers now at his disposal, Henry's revenge was only a matter of time.
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308 Chapters
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Original work copyright ⓒ zary / Rokmedia

Translator: Deborah

Previous translator: Konadora

Editor: MPL & Square Tom

Korean Original Status: Completed @ 400 chapters

Release rate: 7 chapters a week

12 Reviews
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8 months ago
Not recommended
I only managed to read 15 chapters before giving up on this one.

The writing on this novel is just not good enough. It started with a generic reincarnation plot (mc gets murdered, reincarnates as someone else and decides to seek vengeance), which is okay, and the author even gives a decent explanation as to how the mc got reincarnated (but later on that explanation becomes a plot hole). But that's it. The mc grows stronger too fast so there are no stakes. Magic is too powerful and very convenient. The mc always seems to know a spell that'll help him solve his problems. In just 15 chapters, the mc is already capable of effortlessly using spells that can bend the laws of physics. Also, he uses spells in front of a bunch of people and no one seems to notice it. Very convenient, isn't it?

In chapter 13, the author literally forgot about a plot that they set up a few chapters before and in chapter 14 the author forgot how the passage of days works.

On a positive note, the translation is pretty decent. I didn't catch any spelling mistakes and didn't notice any weirdly constructed phrases. The only error I found was that the name of the instructor was written as "Barren" in one of the chapters.

8 months ago
as far as I know the novel will only get better, so do not hesitate and read it. I've read the webtoon, so I'm acquainted with the story

The MC builds up not only his power, he also uses his connections from the past life to achieve his goals. Yeah, there might be some confusing or ridiculous moments, but overall it's decent, and I think the novel will be much better than the webtoon (it's almost always like that)

Good revenge story.

Aside from some moments at the beginning, MC Henry is likeable and his schemes are fine enough =)

8 months ago
i have read the manhwa and i will say this is neither best nor worst. its upto someone liking or not .

In my case i liked this series and decided to read this novel . upto chapter 20 its pretty average but i am enjoying it because i like revenge type stories.

henry is not cold but rational. he is building his strength so that he can take revenge . training in sword and genius in magic he has pretty solid foundation. not only that he also gather allies which can help him to take revenge plan .

just try it

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