Dragon War God

Dragon War God

32 Reviews
Feng Qingyang
Doge & Chacha
Long Chen, once a powerless youth, suddenly obtained the key to becoming the Dragon Warrior from his dying father. In a world where power rules supreme, he’s constantly improving his techniques and risks his life to protect the people he loves. Set in a traditional wuxia world, join us on Long Chen’s adventure to become the Dragon Warrior and unravel the mystery of the dragon’s extinction!
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Translated by Doge and Chacha
Edited by Disluke

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32 Reviews
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7 months ago
Not recommended
I have read this novel before and I am not a big fan of it at all. Beyond all of the cliches and similar trashy storyline I can ignore it but the author actually finished the story of long chen after chapter 3700 and made a part 2 with a different main character without ending the novel? Is this going to be an endless story or some thing? I can understand that the name long chen is not copied NSHBA but this is truly not a good novel to translate. Are you going to keep translating this even after the author puts 3 or 4 main characters after this. All I say is- Quality over Quantity

This is the wiki for the second main character- https://dbwg.fandom.com/wiki/Jiang_Shen_Wu

7 months ago
Not recommended
This is basically just a copy of all the other cliché novels with no originality to speak of. Not only that, but as other comments state, the author of this novel himself is not one to really follow along with either. This is a major downgrade novel for wuxia world. I have come to expect more from this site over the years and to have a much better story selection than even webnovel. Which granted is not hard to do. I just expect better. I have been with this site for well over 10 years back when Ren and deathblade were starting this up. I can honestly say this is the first time I have ever been disappointed with a choice in a novel. Sometimes, you see novels that have been translated else where here. But the biggest difference with that is the quality of WuxiaWorld their translations are top notch.... This novel brings down the quality as a whole....

6 months ago
Not recommended
This vote: *Not Recommended*

That's *NOT* "I dislike it, it's bad."

I'm not going to go super in depth, as I only reached chapter 42 at the time of this review, but I am split on whether to continue personally. The key points are as follows:

Good: The translation is well done, and the little translator notes at the end of each chapter are typically a fun addition.

Mixed: The main character is basically - Strong Man Good, Yes. He does things that are 'good' at cost to himself, but it feels like it sort of just happens to make him look good rather than being sensible or true to character. In addition, the MC has some super thick plot armor. Brain... Hm.

Not so good: The main character is consistent only in that he reneges on his previous decisions constantly, and he is Clearly Awesome. He can control his emotions REALLY well, but is constantly swayed by them. Some supposedly life-long grudges dissolve like salt in water; stir a bit and they vanish.

The novel would be better if there were no female characters because the author just can't.

Entertaining story, though. Hence the negatives give me mixed feelings.

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