The Art of Chaotic Divinity

The Art of Chaotic Divinity

18 Reviews
Jian Qingyang
Boundless Sword Steps
Bearing the noble Blood of Emperor, he unlocked the mightiest Eye of Emperor! Martial skills replication! Bloodthirsty frenzy! Penetrating illusions! Memory retrieval! World-incinerating black flames! Instantaneous teleportation and cloning! Shattering space! Infinite vision! Time freeze!...
Ling Feng declared, "With these eyes of mine, I dare make the heavens and the earth tremble!"
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144 Chapters
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China Literature


Translated by Joash and daydream

18 Reviews
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a month ago
Not recommended
The story started off interestingly and had me hooked. I was seriously starting to enjoy the MC's personality, too, and liking the flow of the story.

However, what makes a novel great isn't just the overall plot, but also a huge part of it is the style of writing.

Having read through 32 chapters of it, I've seen a lot of inconsistencies with the point of view of the narrator, clumsy dialogue, inconsistent personalities of the villains, and just out right nonsensical plot progression in a way that the story build up feels more like it skips and jumps here and there, and not in a flashback-y sort of way, but with the sequence of the scenes. The fight scenes also appear underwhelming when I compare them to other good novels like Beyond the Timescape on this website.

Unfortunately will have to drop this novel as I personally can't stand the style of writing and the inconsistencies in it despite enjoying the plot and the MC of the story.

2 months ago
Not recommended
Well, this went downhill quickly...

The writing style is all over the place after 15-20 chapters, as mentioned by others. Honestly, it became one of those novels that I questioned why I'm reading it, even after only that many chapters, it's just REALLY hard to read so I've dropped this unfortunately.

And for the lovely person commenting why review after less than 50 chapters, because 1. People sometimes don't want to read 50 chapters (or less) to get the gist of a story and 2. Reviews can be updated, like so.


First off, let me just say that cover art is fucking awesome.

Only 3 chapters out at the time of writing this:

Starts off with your typical evil bitch troupe but is resolved VERY quicky, which was a nice change. The actual cultivation path seems like it might have some uniqueness to it, although that remains to be seen. Sadly or not (whichever you prefer), it does seem to already have given off flags that this will be a real long novel, hopefully if that is the case, it keeps up the quality and doesn't fall into the category of so many of CN novels dragging out stories for the sake of it.

Thumbs up for now.

a month ago
Not recommended
One of the worst novels on this site. The MC is one of those that spams "so he can kill me but I can't kill him?! Where is the justice in that!" macro on /yell. Cultivation seems to be a complete joke, the MC's cheats make everything uninteresting and uneventful.

Even worse than all of the above its noted in pretty much the first few chapters that the MC is the chosen one. Every villain is the same with the exact same dialogue, invoking purely hatred in the reader and nothing else. The story up to chapter 44 is irrelevant, as the novels only purpose is to provoke the reader into hate reading this nonsensical pile of gibberish. The author can't even get the age of his MC right by the way.

All in all, avoid this waste of time and braincells, you've either read it before or, I'm 99.99% sure, you won't regret not reading it.

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