Forbidden Zone of the Human Race

Forbidden Zone of the Human Race

66 Reviews
Doge & Chacha
The world is in dire straits.
Everything changed two hundred years ago. A Great Disaster occurred as beasts evolved and relentlessly hunted humanity, forcing the remaining humans to live in enclosed cities as they scrambled to develop technologies to fight back. But as fate dictates, heaven always leaves a path to salvation.
Humans learned to cultivate, step by bloody step, until a delicate equilibrium was reached between man and beast. Mankind began fighting back and hunted the same beasts that had once driven them to cower behind their walls in a mad rush to retake what they had lost before the beasts could overrun them for good.
But for every piece of technology or weaponry developed from their enemies' bones, countless men and women became nothing more than food in a grand display of the law of the jungle. 
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500 Chapters
Licensed From
Tadu Literature


Translated by Doge and Chacha
Edited by Cheshire

66 Reviews
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2 years ago
[Review as of Ch. 49]

It doesn't get better. So i dropped it. It's a dumb story. (This should be a thumbs down, WW is broken and keeps reverting to thumbs up)

- Set in in a futuristic cultivation setting that doesn't really feel all that futuristic, and has terrible world building

- Following an MC who gets stronger by getting beat up because of his cheat leveling system, which i guess works for him since everyone in this world has it out for him for no logical reason

- With characters that are not even 2 dimensional, they are each essentially a dot representing a trope or cliche

I forced myself to read this far, be smarter than me, turn back now .

[Review as of Ch. 9]

The story is kind of "meh" so far, but its too early to give it a thumbs down (i'll come back for that in the future). Some of the concerns i have are that this novel seems to have all the usual tropes:

- The young masters that pick fights with the MC because they just don't like him. Even professors hate on the MC against all logic.

- MC magically getting stronger because of his MacGuffin thingamajig (system)

- The first chapter tells you that the MC is an orphan like 5 times, i bet his parents show up later and are from mysterious origins.

- Cute little sister who depends on MC and is there to be used as an excuse for him to do idiotic things

- The token fatty who always has a surname like fang, meng, tang, or chicken Wang that befriends the MC

- All the friendly professors are female, for some reason

It is still really early, and the story could get better, but right now this is just a below average story only good to kill time when you got nothing better to do with your life and want to read something that you will likely regret spending time on later down the road when you are older and wiser.

2 years ago
Not recommended
Typical urban cultivaion novel:

Orphan MC? Check

"Not blood related" Brocon little sister? Check

Horny descriptions of every female? Check

A cheat that requires little to no effort from the MC? Check

Fatty best friend? Check

Unecessarily violent school kids? Check

I've read worse before, but I've definitely read better. Even the same concept has been done better in most other novels. Atleast they usually don't take themselves so seriously. This novel has a very monotone feel and takes itself so SO seriously for being such a cliche novel.

I'm 7 chapters in and I can almost predict that there will be a stone gambling type scene somewhere in the near future

2 years ago
Not recommended
Incredible. Author is butchering the world building at the speed of light, bringing traditional cultivation elements to a SciFi setting without questioning how they would be transformed by the context of a SciFi world.

In a world where information can be transferred through direct brain transmission and perfect virtualization of reality is being used to practice martial arts techniques, there still exists the same traditional education system as before the beast apocalypse with physically present teachers teaching a class pieces of knowledge. Author completely fails to properly think of the consequences of these advanced technologies on society which makes everything seem like a huge mess.

MC cashes in his cheat basically instantly with no reflection. It seems way too overpowered - farming the required points to upgrade a skill to a level others take YEARS to develop is done within basically a day. Worst of all, the system seems to be more like a GAME system with lines like "this pill restores 10% of your health" and spending your points to upgrade abilities or for a raffle and it is even capable of generating matter out of thin air when MC wants to redeem a pill from it - even though the novel supposedly plays in reality.

The characters are incredibly cliche and shallow, lacking personality. Instead of giving any background of how MC became an orphan to build up the world, author just takes it an excuse to basically deliver no characterization of MC other than being overprotective of his little not-sister from the orphanage, making the reader feel little investment for the MC.

Plot flows along just very conveniently so far with MC basically just cashing in benefits left and right, mostly by "coincidence", rather than being directed. 27 chapters in there is no feeling of suspense whatsoever, MC has already powered up way beyond his school mates, drawn 2 relatively overpowered abilities from the raffle and there is essentially nothing happening.

This is probably the least well thought out chinese novel with the most boring start I've ever started. The question is more when I'll drop rather than if I'll drop.

[Edit at ch86]

I'm dropping. The novel still consists of nothing but powering up and faceslapping young masters and catching the attention of pretty girls. Worst of all, the novel still suffers from a gross lack of direction and author didn't do anything significant to compensate for the weak points mentioned in the original review in the meantime.

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