Genius Archer's Streaming

Genius Archer's Streaming

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mung mung kim
The youngest winner in the championship, a promising archery athlete.
Fallen genius archer Yu Sang-Hyeon, who was expected to continue his winning streak, lost the ability to hold a bow forever due to a tragic accident!
After being fired from his job, he became a game streamer, Almond, to make a living.
[You've chosen the bow.]
Swoosh! Thwack!
"Is the boss usually one-shot, one-kill?"
28 years old. High-school graduate. Jobless.
Specialty: Archery.
The cheerful rebellion of his return as a broadcasting genius begins?!
[Genius Archer Streaming]
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401 Chapters
Licensed From
mung mung kim / KWBOOKS


Original work copyright ©mung mung kim/KWBOOKS

Translator: Yenmazing

Editor: mike13

Korean Original Status: Ongoing

Release rate: 7 chapters a week

Launch Date: 19th May 2023

32 Reviews
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10 months ago
I'm at chapter 62 and reading this novel has been really fun. Some gave a bad review because MC is too lucky or too competent but I don't see it that way, I've seen many gamers who can do crazy things so why can't our MC be a bit better than them? There is a word Genius on the title for a reason.

From what I've read so far, he is not only a genius on archery but other sports as well; to the point that he is always being invited to play with them.

An injured/retired genius athlete who got laid of from his boring job but found his old passion through vr gaming. I recommend reading. 😁

a year ago
First 20 chapters, it's had a fun start with a different approach to the VR prodigy Mc, and approaching the subject of the Mc being disabled and how its affected them. But it seems to have been dropped for the standard highly skilled, incredibly lucky, and super well liked Mary Sue approach.

It's still fun despite the loss of that potential, especially since it hasn't touched the MMO genre yet. Which is not something you see everyday.

All in all it's a low drama power fantasy, so if that is interesting to you go ahead and give it a shot.

a year ago
The first 20 chapters offer a fairly predictable tale based on the conventional VR prodigy protagonist trope that is nevertheless entertaining with likeable characters. Laid-back vibes are also reflected by the use of streaming chat messages from viewers. Many of the novels I like reading seem to involve some kind of sponsors or external support, either in the form of supernatural beings/Gods (e.g. From Today, I'm a Player and The Divine Twilight's Return) or fans/viewers (such as the current one and Debut or Die), so you may like reading this as well if you're entertained by any of the above novels.

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