Cookie Policy

1. Introduction

Wuxiaworld, provided by Wuxiaworld Limited (“Wuxiaworld Ltd.”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) uses tracking technologies such as cookies (collectively “The Cookie”, “The Cookies”. “the Cookie”, or “the Cookies”) to support our services and provide better and customized services to you.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you access to the website and have the following types:

  • Session Cookies

    Session cookies are created to make it easier for you to navigate while using our services and disappear when you close the web browser.
  • Tracking Cookies

    Tracking cookies provides information about your activities while using the services. The information may include, but is not limited to your browsing history, activities on the website, purchase trends and etc. The data collected from the tracking cookies is accumulated even when you close the web browser so that we enable you to delete or opt-out tracking data collected from such cookies.

We may use one or more of these cookies when you have a Wuxiaworld account or use the services directly or indirectly provided by us. The cookies enable us to identify preferences and tastes of our users by analyzing the frequency of access, and the time spent on our services. With this, we offer customized services to registered Wuxiaworld users and visitors of our services.

You can modify cookie settings in your browser but some of our services may not work properly.

3. What types of cookies are used for what purposes?

Type of CookieCookie NamePurposes
  • The collection of certain cookies is essential for the functioning of our services. We collect the minimum data necessary to connect to your account on our website and to statistically process our platform. It is not possible to benefit from our services if you do not agree to the collection of these cookies.
Analysis__utmzz, __utmzzses
  • This cookie may contain information about connected devices, type of browser, and but not limited to error logs generated during use of our services. This cookie is used for improving our services and providing better quality of the services for you.
_ga, _ga_*

4. What types of tracking technologies are used?

Other than cookies, we may use other tracking technologies as described below:

  • Tracking Pixel (Web Beacons)

    Web beacons are small image files, also known as “Internet tags” or “clear gifs”, embedded in web pages and email messages. Web beacons may be used to count the number of visitors to the Services, to monitor how users navigate the Services, and to count content views.
  • In-app Tracking Methods

    There are a variety of tracking technologies that may be included in mobile apps, and these are not browser-based like cookies and cannot be controlled by browser settings. Some use a device identifier, or other identifiers such as “Ad-IDs” to associate app user activity to a particular app and to track user activity across the apps.

5. With whom is the data shared?

We may share the data collected from cookies and tracking technologies with third parties described in our Privacy Policy.

6. How to modify cookies settings?

Settings of the Cookies may be modified or you may revoke your consent via your browser whenever you want. We remind you that cookies you previously accepted might remain stored in your browser. If you wish to remove all the cookies already placed, you can do this be deleting these cookies via your browser.

You may also adjust your browser settings to prevent websites from setting cookies or third-party cookies altogether. If you do this, some functions of our website and services may not be available or not functional properly.

Modifying the settings in your browser or device varies by browser. You can find additional information about settings at the links below:

7. Last updated

August 22, 2022