Splitting the Heavens

Splitting the Heavens

33 Reviews
Hey my luck is pretty good… I transmigrated into the body of a rich young master! 
What’s this? A brat who told him not to look down on others… WHAT?! Did you say that he’s someone of discipline and determination? Why does that sound so familiar? 
What’s that? A cripple who came from a fallen clan whose fiancee just broke off the engagement?! Wait a fucking minute…
Huh?! I’m responsible for his broken engagement? His supposed fiancee seems to be looking at me with a… 
Am I the villain of this story?! No, no, no. This won’t do. I’ll suppress them all before they get the chance to mature. I’m not going to commit the same mistakes as those losers in the novels I read in the past! 

Oh? My advancement formula isn’t complete? Not a problem, I’ll fix it with my trusty dusty Crimson Soul Tablet… What do you mean it’s getting damaged the more I use it? I HAVE TO FIND A WAY TO FIX IT MYSELF OR I DIE?!?! 
With my (very limited) knowledge from my past world, I’ll carve out a new path of cultivation no one has seen before! Just because I don’t know much about cultivation in my past life, doesn’t mean I can’t connect the dots while learning more about cultivation in this life.

Overcoming challenges and some stupid decisions along the way, our protagonist Shang Xia walks down the path of cultivation in the Azure Origin World. How would a world that hadn’t started its cultivation era for long hold up in the grand scheme of things? 
Check out the real-time updated glossary for more information about cultivation levels and martial arts (some) and enjoy the ride with the biggest troll (me, Blip) all the way till we split the heavens!
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a year ago
Not recommended
I couldn't get past chapter 7 or something. TLDR: The novel is boring garbage.

It starts suddenly with a transmigration but it might as well have not happened. We have no idea who transmigrated or anything about them, but it certainly did not seem to change the main character in any way other than some stray "spectator" thoughts. The author explains nothing of the world, cultivation, ranks, factions, characters or anything else.

The MC seems to be an antagonist who tramples on would-be protagonists, but the author made those protagonists incredibly lacking in IQ and EQ - hyperactive children with no grasp of reality of any kind whatsoever, and the MC doesn't seem much better to be honest. The MC immediately got into his role no questions asked, and seems to behave no different than what the character would have behaved as without the transmigrator - making the transmigration utterly pointless at first glance. The MC makes preparations to face the "protags" off screen, and easily to boot. The author has him mention how he needs to figure out his power level, and then does that off screen in that same chapter apparently.

I've seen bad novels, poorly written characters and stories, but this is the first time I genuinely wonder why even bother writing something like this? Its a 10 year olds fan fic playing out in someones head and we're not privy to the details that led to this fan fic or what its really even about, like an inside joke inside an inside joke. I found literally 0 redeeming qualities to this novel, and even the decent translation (up to where I've read) is a complete waste on this senseless endeavor.

The comment section seems to be filled with bots btw. What happened to this site?

a year ago
No synopsis and 3 chapters uploaded at the time of writing this. (Possible spoilers)

Basic summary so far:

Young man appears to reincarnate into what would seem to be your typical wuxia arrogant young master(AYM). It looks like he's going to be the guy who gets labelled as the AYM and blamed for everything he's done so far, while being happy to play along.

Bit too early to say if this is any good so I'll come back at a later point with my actual review but for now I'll just leave a place holder thumbs up. And that's about the end of the 100 word filler.

P.S. the review screens for mobile is pure pain

a year ago
Not recommended
The translation is excellent but the story itself seems average at most. Lots of gaps in explanation and bad world building. In the beginning it's mentioned that the MC's family is one of the strongest in the Continent, but then it's mentioned that it's one of the strongest in the City, same thing for other clans / institutes, there is no good explanation of the world they're in the only 3 locations ever mentioned is the Continent, the City they're in and the battlefield between worlds. The cultivation levels / techniques are also not really explained that well.

Overall as of chapter 15 i'd give it a 5/10, The gist of the story is the MC dealing with typical wuxia protagonists but as of yet not much has happened and he allows himself to fall to "schemes" and doesn't do much in return. I hope it improves over the next few chapters, but for now its one of those novels you read when you have nothing at all better to read or do...

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