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Dang it why are you keeping us on this stupid cliff I swear if there’s no good news I’m going to find you and I’m going to…

Hello everyone!

At the request of some of you guys, I put together a patreon page with some of the elements I noticed in the poll I put up previously. It seems like many of you want more regular chapters, and some of you wouldn’t mind advance chapters as well. (A lot of you didn’t now how you ended up on the strawpoll o.o wat)

The goals and rewards are still subjected to change, but it will remain quite similar to this structure for now. The patreon‘s goals and rewards will all go live in JULY.

In celebration of the release of the patreon page, there will be a regular chapter released every day until the end of June (6/19-30), so stay tuned for that~

If any of you have any suggestions, fire away!

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that some of you were been mislead with the title even though you can see the post under the perfect world dropdown. As such, I have changed the title of the post accordingly.

12 thoughts on “Perfect World Patreon” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. I agree. Please do so. It’s bad practise to simply post ‘news’. The only reason it couldn’t have been news for WW is because Ren is always more descriptive in his titles. Like every translator should be.

    1. I apologize if my post was unclear. I did not do this under the intention of clickbaiting any non PW readers since I did place it under the Perfect World category. If you meant the heading where I only put news, since it only shows up on the sidebar next to Perfect World, I assumed it would be enough.

      1. It doesn’t just show up in the PW side-bar. It shows up in the “Recent Posts” list on the right side of every WW page. It also shows up on the main WW homepage under the list of dropdowns as one of the 5 most recent posts (until it gets bumped off by newer posts).

      2. I generally only look at the RSS feed of the main site; don’t scroll down to the individual drop downs. Anytime there’s an announcement for really any novel it generally doesn’t include the novel’s name.

        Glad to head PW’s going to patreon, also I clicked the don’t know how I got here button. The urge to MUST TROLL kicked in when I read those choices.

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