New Technomancer

Friends, I am writing to inform you that after a long period of contemplation, our dearly beloved Technomancer Insane has decided to go into secluded meditation in preparation for a new tribulation known as ‘PHD studies’. As a result, his primary duties shall be taken over by our new Technomancer Mitch! Insane is now being promoted to the exalted title of Technomancer Emeritus Insane, which sounds even cooler but carries no real responsibilities ;). If he manages to succeed this tribulation in a few years, he shall hence forth be known as Doctor Technomancer Emeritus Insane! Let’s all wish him luck in his coming time.

Please join me in a warm welcome to Technomancer Mitch, who shall now be responsible for keeping us alive and completing the backend CMS upgrade we’ve been working on for so long!

Announcement for DH + PW

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of chapters recently. I decided to take a leave of absence from school, so there was some things to deal with. Now that everything is settled, I am going to give full-time translating a test run for a bit. If it works out, I might just stay!

During the test run, I will try to do 2 DH chapters a day and 1 PW chapter a day.

Patreon changes may be incoming as well, if any of you are kind enough to want to support me!

Once again, sorry for the chapters that were lacking recently!