Enter the City of Sin!

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Team OMA’s finally done with WMW(check it out here if you haven’t already), so by specific request of 17k, we’re now picking up City of Sin! This book is from the same author as MEN and the more recent Demon Hunter, a high fantasy novel with the same kind of multiple world concept as WMW had itself. There’s a ton of character to the world and all its races, so check out this world of war and siege HERE!

Chapters will be at 1/day until further notice, but we will ramp it up soon, throwing in some bonus chapters whenever we can!

~WDQK Chapter 976~

~Chapter 976~

Translated by Arron
Edited & TLCed by Law~

Chapter 1/10 for the week

Wow! Turns out we cracked the next reward tier within a week >.< So I guess we can all look forward to 10 chapters this week! XD

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Spirit Vessel Chapter 250

Translator: Bao
Editor: Nahct

Chapter 250

For those who are paying close attention to the events that transpired, the end of this chapter might set off some alarms 😉

I won’t say more than that, so enjoy the chapter!