alyschu is BACK!!

Did ya’ll miss me?

I was actually back 2 days ago but cleaning, unpacking, delivering presents, checking mail, etc and being sore from all that delayed me a bit. I’ll try to release most if not all ATG, SR, and MEN’s owed chapters before the end of the month but I can’t make any promises. I’ll be releasing a bunch of chapters today and then start counting how much we still owe for each series before I go to bed. ATG+SR will take priority because they have early access patreon stuff I have to post as well.

ps. China was fun although not having stable internet wasn’t. I battled typhoons, floods, camels, and emus!

This is the most memorable event I took a picture of, featuring eldest auntchu: Continue reading “alyschu is BACK!!”

Wuxiaworld Welcomes ‘Beerblade’ and Lord of All Realms (f/k/a King of Myriad Domains)!

Hey guys, continuing with the roadmap I posted a while ago, I am delighted to announce that Wuxiaworld is formally relaunching the translation formerly known elsewhere as King of Myriad Domains as Lord of All Realms. The translator shall be a good friend of deathblade known as Alcohol Sword Immortal, but because he is deathblade’s friend I have christened him ‘beerblade’! Beerblade is a very strong translator, and he will be working with deathblade’s assistance on this project, so I’m certain that it will prove to be one of the highest quality translations on Wuxiaworld. Continue reading “Wuxiaworld Welcomes ‘Beerblade’ and Lord of All Realms (f/k/a King of Myriad Domains)!”

WW Free China Trip Giveaway – Contest Rules!

Hey guys, as mentioned in our super hyper ultra announcement + video a few days ago, we’re doing something incredibly cool to mark the end of I Shall Seal the Heavens – a free trip to China for one lucky fan and reader of one of our two Ergen novels, ‘I Shall Seal the Heavens’ and ‘Renegade Immortal’!  Interested?  Read on! Continue reading “WW Free China Trip Giveaway – Contest Rules!”