SOTR Chapter 200 Short Story Competition Winners!

Hello everyone!

For SOTR's 200th chapter, I'm extremely happy I decided to do something with you guys because we had 25 very talented submissions for the short story contest! My editors and I greatly enjoyed reading them, and I feel quite a few of you could go about writing your own wuxia/xianxia novel. They were that good, and really fun to read! Thank you all for participating, and now... *drumroll*... we have our winners!

First place: Leroy O. This was a poignant submission that really tugged on the heartstrings. I really liked Leroy's writing, it was innovative, and gosh, if this had been a movie scene, I might've shed a tear. :D Nice nod to the first couple of sentences in chapter one. :P

Second place: Rizza This one made me gasp in horror at the end and then chuckle at Rizza's cleverness. I never knew that SOTR could be made into horror. Check out the interactive version if your browser supports it!

Third place:  insanemooncake I loved the wordplay in this submission. Insanemooncake's entry was funny and explored a perspective that's rarely explored in stories.

Please, a hearty round of applause for our winners! All winners please contact me by replying to the email you sent in with your submission, and give me your address!

As a reminder, your prizes:

For first place: A double release everyday until we reach the end of a particular arc. Winner gets to cash in their prize when they see an arc they want to know the result of sooner.

For second place: A triple release on a day of your choosing. Please give me 24 hours preparation time. ?

For third place: A sponsored release attributed to you and mad <3.

The above three winners: A tiny surprise in the mail from etvo (thus, your address will be solicited if you win). ?

I would also like to give an honorable mention to the following for works that were greatly enjoyed by the team, but were disqualified for word count or didn't make it into the top three.

Honorable Mention: Jonathan T.

Honorable Mention: K Hemant

Honorable Mention: Chester W.

As well as Firstblood116 (if you send me an easily copy-able version of your submission, I'd love to put it up!).

Please go read their submissions and enjoy, and thank you everyone who submitted one!

<3 etvo