Everyone, it's been a long time since a forum translation has been promoted, but this one is incredibly well-deserved.  BornToBe has been toiling away on our new novel, Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, and has a stupendous two hundred-plus chapters ready for you to read for free!  He will also kick off this first month of January with an absolutely alarming eighteen chapters per week!  9SHBA is the story of Long Chen, who awakens with memories from a 'Pill God' that grants him almost flawless knowledge of alchemy, and just in time; his badass father is stuck in the barbarian borderlands, while schemes are beginning to swirl against his family.  If you love alchemy, this is a great novel for you!

Translator BornToBe is an extremely dedicated and serious translator who, once he was notified that he would be brought into Wuxiaworld as a 'live project', went back to re-edit and also generally overhaul all two hundred-plus chapters so that it's in good shape for y'all to read! I'm sure you are going to enjoy this super launch,...

by RWX

Readers and friends, it's very hard for me to believe this, but today marks the FOURTH anniversary of Wuxiaworld's founding on December 22, 2014!  Four entire freaking years, gone by in the blink of an eye.  It might take a long time to describe, but in truth it happened in as much time as needed for a spark to fly off a piece of flint.  Four years of novels, and literally billions of chapters read!  It's been an amazing experience, and I want to thank you all for having been a part of it. For a brief look at history, take a look at our one year and two year anniversary posts here!

Without question, 2017 and 2018 have been very rocky and eventful years, but they've also been good ones.  We've seen a proliferation of new translators with more to come, and I'm particularly proud of the VIP/advance chapter system; the system has allowed so many of our translators to go from being part-time to full-time while STILL letting everyone continue to read 12-14 chapters each week for many novels for free.  While there are...

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Everyone, after a rather long year or so, I am absolutely delighted to announce that Book 1 of Coiling Dragon is finally live on Amazon’s Kindle store!  We have edited (and will continue to revise and beautify) the entire Coiling Dragon Saga and have taken it live on Amazon as an eight book saga.  The second through eighth books are in preorder for now, but should also be coming out in the next few days as we finalize and jump through the last hoops Amazon has created for us.

This is Wuxiaworld’s first series, first completed series, and first completed series on Kindle. If you enjoyed it in the past, I hope for your support now as well!  Amazon’s KUP program requires that any new novels be exclusive to Amazon for a few months, so we’ve taken it down Wuxiaworld for now, but rest assured we will eventually come up with ways to bring it back up here as well for periods of time!

The eight books are: Coiling Dragon, Dragonblood, Baruch Rising, Gods of Yulan, the Infernal Plane, the Four Divine Beasts, the Planar Wars,...

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Friends and readers, there have been a few snags on the Korean side.  We're going to pursue a few other steps, but in the interim we're going to reactivate the 'ongoing' Korean novels like TCF, SFF, Overgeared, etc. until we have some more clarity on the situation.  The translators have been notified.  Cheers!

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Everyone, as you know Wuxiaworld started off as a Chinese-only translation and reading platform, so during the past year or two our primary focus has mainly been on working with Chinese rights holders.  Starting with the Gravity exodus, we have gradually been branching out to Korean novels as well, and now that our Chinese rights situation is more-or-less settled it has been time to turn my attention to our Korean novels as well.  A week or two ago, I flew to Seoul for discussions with Munpia, the largest Korean-language webnovel platform which hosts many of the novels our translators have brought to you to read and enjoy.  Our talks were fairly positive, but they did make a big request - that during this process of negotiations, Wuxiaworld temporarily pause and take down our Korean translations as a show of good faith.

The Korean scene is a bit different from the Chinese scene; authors (or their respective agencies) have much more say and often own their own works, whereas the Chinese webnovel scene usually sees...

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Everyone, please join me in a warm Wuxiaworld welcome for our new Korean translator 'Boko' and his new project, 'Stop, Friendly Fire'!  SFF has been enjoyed by thousands of our VIP users on early access, and now we're opening it up to everyone!  It was previously known as 'Don't Shoot, I'm an Ally' and is a funny (and fun-to-read) LitRPG novel, where our main character gets pulled by a god of another world into a game-like world, with that god seeking a champion to carry out certain quests.  He asks for an 'immortal body'... and so that god (goddess, really) gives him the body of a friggin' skeleton (but one blessed by god!).  It's a riot to read, with him running around and posing as a skeleton amongst other skeleton mobs and then beating them up or talking them into helping him (to their deaths), then using their bones to reinforce himself.  'Giving someone a boner' now has an all new meaning... but I digress.  Come and read, and say hello and welcome to Boko!  He'll be doing at least a chapter every day for...

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Everyone, I'm delighted to announce that our first VIP sneak peek novel, Trash of the Count's Family, is now launching for everyone on Wuxiaworld!  TCF is translated by miraclerifle, who previously completed Red Storm, so you can be assured of quality, reliability, and it being completed as well!  Hundreds of VIP readers have been enjoying the preview, and now all of you can as well! This is a 'LitRPG' style novel, which sees the main character Cale wake up and find himself in the role of a character in a novel he's been reading... and unfortunately, not one in a very good position!  LitRPG novels like this are a tremendous deal of fun and you will find it refreshingly different from some of the other novels on Wuxiaworld.  I highly recommend it and urge you all to give it a shot!

by RWX

Hey everyone, as you may have seen from the front page, we are making further improvements to VIP functionality by adding 'sneak peeks' at novels which we expect to be coming to Wuxiaworld 'officially' soon!  The description of the sneak peek can be seen 'here', but in short these are novels which have chapters ready and will hopefully be coming soonTM but aren't quite ready for prime time yet, for whatever reason.  Many of them have chapters available already as the translators start to build their stockpile or as we finalize rights issues, and we're letting our VIP subscribers get an 'early access' sneak peek at these chapters as a way of saying thank you for your sponsorship!  Going forward, all novels which are going to be coming to Wuxiaworld will first appear in 'early access', to let you know exactly what will be coming up and build a bit of hype!

The first novel to be added is 'Trash of the Count's Family' from miraclerifle, who just finished Red Storm a while ago and is working on this new novel, which...

by RWX

I was planning to write this post yesterday when we first released three new HJC chapters, but I didn't quite have all my thoughts in order.  The simple version is, Heavenly Jewel Change is now relaunched with a new, paid, and dedicated full-time translator 'Stardu5t' and will proceed until completion.  There will be no advance chapters or donations requested or accepted; once completed, the full HJC will remain free for everyone to read on Wuxiaworld for the foreseeable future.

This has been a very difficult post to write, and the history of the HJC translation on Wuxiaworld has been a turbulent one despite its popularity.  This is doubly true given that HJC itself only has 80-100 chapter-parts left, ie just around 2 months worth at a 2/day pace.  I understand that many readers have felt frustrated, and I wanted to give a full, final explanation of what's been going on with it in 2018.

The original translator 'Zen' had been translating HJC steadily for nearly two years.  In mid-late 2017, unbeknownst to us, Zen...

by RWX

I’m very excited to announce that Wuxiaworld will be attending San Diego Comic-Con 2018 as an exhibitor from July 18-22, where we will be promoting novel translations and making some very important announcements! We will also have some tie-in events that you can participate in online, even if you can’t attend Comic-Con, so stay tuned for more news posts about that.

One thing we are interested in knowing is if any of you readers will be attending the convention. If you will be, please leave a comment here or send a shoutout on social media so that we can have an idea of how many of you we might see.

We are also happy to offer a spot on the Wuxiaworld Comic-Con team to one of you fans! That’s right, you can join RWX, Deathblade, and other Wuxiaworld staff to man our convention booth, and (when you’re not on booth duty) have full access to exhibit hall and other events at Comic-Con. Unfortunately, accomodations in San Diego are almost impossible to get this close to the event, so we are opening this opportunity up...

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