Friends, we're announcing the release of 'The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind', and updating the initial 6-book Amazon release of Sovereign of the Three Realms, with the next 6 books in the series waiting for Amazon approval!

The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind: This is a rather different story from most of the reincarnation stories we've seen in the past! In his past life, Zich was an outcast youth who, in an obssessive quest for power, became known as the 'Demon Lord of Strength'. His reign, however, came to an end when he was defeated by a party of heroes. The Sun Hero, Glen Zenard, claimed his life, but the Sun Hero's last words were to repeat Zich's crimes and tell him to live a kind life next time.

When Zich dies, what greets him is not hell but his nineteen-year-old self reflected back at him! No longer desperately seeking the affection of his family and possessing the skills and knowledge of his past life, Zich punches the servants who treat him rudely and points his sword against his father and half-brother....

by RWX

Friends, in May we are welcoming three new releases on Wuxiaworld!  We have released Court Lady, Game of the Monarch, and the long-awaited Etranger.  Read on for more!

Court Lady: Court Lady is a very special novel, as it is the novelization of '骊歌行', a period drama/palace drama set in Tang Dynasty China by Huanyu Entertainment whom we have reached a special partnership with - we're releasing chapters alongside the tv episodes being released, so it is a simul-cast!  You can check out the drama series here on Youtube! Court Lady tells the story of Sheng Chumu, once renowned as the number one hedonist of Chang'an City, a wastrel who could barely ride a horse without falling off. He's now fallen head over heels for a seamstress named Fu Rou from Guangzhou and will do anything to be with her, including giving up his previous lifestyle and going through a one hundred and eighty degree change to improve his literary knowledge and martial arts. But will his entry into her life be a blessing or a downfall? 

Fu Rou manages...

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Everyone, Amazon ebooks for Second Coming of Gluttony, Desolate Era, and Seoul Station Necromancer are in full publication mode, with many more coming!  We'll now be releasing them at a weekly pace; it took a while to finish things up a bit, but they are now all coming!  Sovereign of the Three Realms in particular is being delayed because of Amazon shenanigans, but as soon as it is approved we'll have six of them out as well.  Audiobooks will be en route very shortly as well.  I hope y'all can support this, especially SCOG as their performance will be a testament to rights holders that Wuxiaworld's rather unique system continues to follow the right Dao!  Come relive the journey or start it for the first time!

For Desolate Era, we have three ebooks uploaded to Amazon, with the fourth on its way.  The books are: The Warrior of Swallow Mountain, Snow Dragon's Bane, and The College of Swords.

For Second Coming of Gluttony, we also have three ebooks uploaded with the fourth and fifth enroute! The three books are Gula's...

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Hi guys, RWX here!  We've had a spate of successful Korean launches, and now we're going to add two more to them - My Civil Servant Life Reborn in the Strange World (whew, what a mouthful), and Dragon Poor!  These two unique and very entertaining novels come highly recommended by our VIP Sneak Peek readers, and I truly hope you like them!  Both are being translated by new Wuxiaworld translators; the former is translated by Sangwoo, while the latter is being translated by BananaOoyoo.  Please join me in a big Wuxiaworld welcome for them!

My Civil Servant Life Reborn in the Strange World: This novel is a comedy-fantasy where our main protagonist, Denburg Blade, is reborn as the son of the strongest chief of the strongest tribe of the strongest race, the 'battle races'. However, Denburg wants nothing but to live a life of peace! Before being reborn, Denburg had just passed his civil service exam. Now, he begins an adventure in pursuit of peace and a stable life by trying to become a civil servant (again) while being...

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Hey guys, the very popular Second Life Ranker is now finally live on Wuxiaworld!  Quite a few of you guessed it from the roadmap announcement, but the mystery novel in that one was indeed Second Life Ranker - as you might have been able to guess from the way I phrased it, 'Some Licensing Revelations'.  Second Life Ranker was translated up to 370 in two other places via a set of three translators l; we purchased the first 100 from the first translator (TK), got 101-360'ish from the second translator (inyourgalaxy/HH), and then brought IYG on to redo the chapters up to 370.  She will now be doing the entire series on Wuxiaworld at 1/day, so please join me in giving inyourgalaxy a warm Wuxiaworld welcome!

We've been editing and will continue to edit the earlier chapters to ensure standardization of terms and quality.  One of our priorities was wanting to try and figure out a way to 'merge' the audiences; the new WW audience as well as the old fanbase.  In the end, we settled on this; we are now launching with 'just'...

by RWX

Friends and readers, we have two new series!  The first is a Korean novel from Breathe, Duke Pendragon, which is being translated by new Wuxiaworld translator DanTheMan; please join me in a hearty Wuxiaworld welcome for him!  The second is Magic Apprentice, a 17k Western fantasy novel translated by Wuxiaworld veteran Deceptioning, who also did USAW for us!

Duke Pendragon:  Duke Pendragon tells the story of Raven Valt, a young man shackled into the demonic army where the worst of the worst gather. In a series of unexpected events, Raven is sent back in time as Alan Pendragon, the heir to one of five most powerful noble families in the empire. Throughout the story, Raven seeks to redeem the Valt family’s injustice and in the process, finds a trail of conspiracies that reach much, much deeper than he could have ever thought.

This is a remarkably well-rounded story that gets rid of many traditional flaws.  The premise of the story is based on reincarnation / travelling back in time, which is quite common, but the author...

by RWX

Everyone, welcome to 2021!  2020 has been an absolutely horrid year for many people on many levels, and I think many (most? all?) of us are glad to leave it behind.  With that said, I wanted to give everyone a preview for some of the things that are coming up in the coming few months for Wuxiaworld.

Front-End Site Redesign - This one has been a long time coming!  Historically, we've focused more on incremental changes and feature build-out rather than overhauling the site itself, but for quite a few months now we've been playing on-and-off with giving Wuxiaworld a sleeker and more modern look.  One key consideration on our side was maintaining an appropriate level of information density, since many 'redesigns' end up sacrificing functionality for experienced users on the altar of simplicity, which we aren't a fan of.  We're getting close to a more finalized streamlined redesign, which those who are interested can check out some mock-ups of here.  Note that everything is still a work-in-progress, and there are multiple...

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you!  For this holiday season, and to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Wuxiaworld's founding in Dec 2014, we have a very special new release for you guys - Keyboard Immortal, a series that I've personally been following the raws for ever since the series was first published on Zongheng! It is almost like the perfect mixture of early Against the Gods (minus the edgelord stuff) and I'm Really A Superstar (for OG Gravity readers).

If I had to describe Keyboard Immortal in a single word, I would use the word fun.  If I was allowed to use two words, the second word would be ridiculous.  The third word would be trolling.  A fourth word would probably be lewd 😂.  It makes no pretensions at being high art or profundity or pathos, but it is absolutely brilliant enjoyment.  As VIP sneak peek user 'Dao of Cheese' commented, "This is brilliant nonsense. It's total trash, but it's artful addictive trash. This is a masterpiece. I can't wait for this to go live."  And I agree with...

by RWX

Hi everyone, two very popular licensed novels are now launching going from VIP only to live!  The first is Above Your Head, a Korean novel originally published by Chungeoram (which also published Trash of the Count's Family), which is now being translated by GodSeth.  The second is The Sovereign's Ascension (previously translated elsewhere as 'The One and Only'), a Chinese novel originally jointly published by Zongheng and 17k that is now being translated by veteran translator thyaeria! 

Above Your Head is a particularly special novel that I've been following!  Our protagonist in this scifi/superpower isekai novel seems ordinary in almost every respect, save one - for some reason, he can see the names, titles, and statuses of everyone around him.  Which makes no sense, really - this is Earth, not some weird LitRPG game world.  Everyone should be normal and perfectly real.  Right?  Wait.  Why does the hottest girl in school have the 'Human Slayer' title?!  Boss of Prestige?  What does that even mean? Magician G...

by RWX

Hi everyone, two sets of announcements here with many more coming into the holiday break!  At long last, the first batch of audiobooks mentioned in this post are here!  You can find them at the top of the navbar, or directly at this link!  Our launch titles are Coiling Dragon books 2 and 3, ISSTH Book 1, and Desolate Era Book 1.  They'll be Wuxiaworld exclusives for a period of 1 month at a discounted price, after which point we'll be putting them up for sale on Amazon as well.  The reason we're doing this and putting in a Wuxiaworld discount is mainly because we get just 20% of each sale on Amazon, so we would greatly appreciate it if readers bought here first.  Note - site credits can be used for buying audiobooks, another reason to get VIP!  A review section will be coming up for each audiobook as well.  I hope all of you enjoy!

In addition, we have two new books fresh out of sneak peek - Phoenix's Requiem by Qoob, and Immortal Soaring Blade by Rex (who translated Renegade Immortal)!

Phoenix's Requiem is a female-lead...

by RWX