First and foremost - the Wuxiaworld iOS app is finally live for both iPhone and iPad.  At long last, soon (tm) has become now!  No, this is not a drill!  This is also four days past April Fool's, so it aint a joke either!  Click the link to go download it!  Our VIP subscribers have been playing with it for the past week or two, and we've incorporated all of their feedback as well as the lessons learned from our Android launch.  We are now live, and it's ready for all of you as well.  Happy reading!

Coinciding with this iOS launch, we also have five new special novels in the Wuxiaworld Direct program to add to your library and viewing pleasure!  Just in time to take your mind off all the madness going around the world.  I hope you guys can enjoy the little oasis which is Wuxiaworld and take your mind off of all of the very, very unfortunate stuff going on right now.  We have two mysteries, a scifi-romance, a comedy-romance, and a cultivation/comedy novel.  As you can see, we are really trying to switch it up for...

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Hey guys!  It's been a bit longer than we had anticipated, but we're really trying to roll things in together instead of overloading you guys with too many announcements, so we wanted to get it all together at once.  We continue our revamp with a new Steam-inspired review system (mouse-over covers to see current ratings), have launched two new novels the past week, and will be launching the remaining four Korean novels at the rate of one each day, starting tomorrow.  Read on!


Refining the Mountains and Rivers: We have been waiting so long for this novel!  Hyorinmaru, who translated Martial World, had started it almost a year ago, but because it was a top-rated novel that was SHARED by two different publishers (Migu and Zongheng), the actual paperwork took forever and a half.  We nearly gave up on this thing several times, but in the end we persevered and got the license!  Y'all know how fast hyorinmaru is, so you can expect fast and steady releases going forward.  We're just getting...

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Hey there everyone, this has been a good while in the making!  This should've happened towards the end of last month, but as most of you have probably heard things in China (where me and the wifey are) have been absolutely crazy the past month or so, and so things got delayed.  Finally, however, we're getting things rolling again!  The 'new genres' are now officially launching with five novels (and more coming).  These are all part of our new 'Wuxiaworld Direct' program, which means that we've centralized a lot of things to ensure that editing and uploading regularity is upheld.  We've also made some changes to the front page (with more iteration coming).  With all that said, here are the five novels we are launching with: Demoness' Art of Vengeance, Fortunately I Met You, Genius Detective, Rebirth of a Fashionista, and Attack of the Wastrel!  All five are different in their own ways, and they are all very good novels, and the translation quality is excellent!

Let me give some brief introductions to these five...

by RWX

A slightly belated post, but, Ranker's Return has officially launched! This is another novel translated by RainbowTurtle, and, as with Dungeon Predator and Everyone is Young Except for Me, will be translated at a pace of seven chapters per week. 

Gang Hyeonu was the strongest player in the early days of VRMMO Arena. But, with his interest in the game waning and the offers of fame and riches from esports teams holding no meaning to him, he quits. Two years later after his family have been betrayed and driven to bankruptcy, Hyeonu returns to Arena in desperate need of money and searching for revenge. Will he be able to rise to the top again, or will the two year gap in knowledge and experience be too much for him to overcome? Click here to go straight to Chapter 1.

Our Korean releases don't end here though – Game of Divine Thrones, Moon's Labyrinths, Overlord of Blood and Iron, and Tomb Raider King will all be arriving in the coming weeks! And that's not mentioning the Chinese novels on the way...

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Hi everyone, here's the second of our top three voted Korean novels: Everyone is Young Except for Me! This one is translated by RainbowTurtle, who you'll already know from Overgeared and about a dozen other novels at this point. EYEM tells the story of Choi Chuntaek, a former ruffian turned "ordinary" grandfather who jumps into VRMMO Arcstar to keep a protective watch over his beloved granddaughter. Enjoy the hilarity that ensues as this 67 year old retiree gets to grips with the world and mechanics of an MMO, and rediscovers the wild side of his youth!

As with Dungeon Predator, Everyone is Young Except for Me will be releasing at an ongoing pace of seven chapters per week. This one’s a bit of a soft launch however, starting from next week, as RainbowTurtle has been busy volunteering to help with the Australian bushfires! The last of the top three, Ranker’s Return, will be released in a few days, with the remaining four novels following. 

by Jaspaaar

Hey guys, happy new year!  Voting has concluded on the Korean novels, and the top three are, in order of vote totals, Dungeon Predator, Everyone is Young Except Me, and Ranker's Return!  Thus, as promised, Dungeon Predator has been released to everyone!  Our translator, Boko, is a Korean translations veteran, and you can be confident in his work!  Dungeon Predator follows the story of Choi Jae Woo.  As the sole breadwinner of his household, Jae Woo worked hard to give his family a good life, which he accomplished by being one of the best gamers in the hottest VR game around.  Alas, as things were starting to look up, he had an unfortunate meeting with truck-kun and ended up in a coma for quite some time.  When he woke up... well, things were a bit different, but he was ready to jump right back where he started, and this time with a bit of a boost...

Come and read!  And once again, Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas, everybody!  As I mentioned in the anniversary post, we have a LOT of Korean novels upcoming.  I honestly wasn't sure what would be the best way to select which ones to release first, and I didn't want to just dump them all at once, so... I thought it'd be best to let you guys decide for me!  Outsourcing for the win!  Top three novels will start to be released at the rate of one/week on January 1st, 2020.  Click the link to go ahead and vote.  I'll also be including some brief descriptions of each book below.  Also remember that VIP subscribers of every tier have access to all sneak peek novels, be they Chinese or Korean, so VIP's who are interested in taking a closer gander can do so!  And once again... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Dungeon Predator:

[Class changing to the hidden class, Magic Swordsman.]
[You are the first one to discover the hidden dungeon.]
[You are the first one to discover the hidden...]
[You are the first one...]
[You are...]
I'm a gamer who uses ESP.
Let me tell you everything.

Overlord of Blood...

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This post comes slightly late, primarily because I've been doing so much travelling... but as of Dec 22, 2019 late PM EST, Wuxiaworld celebrates our FIFTH anniversary.  It's a bit boggling to my mind that we started on December 22nd, 2014... and that five entire years later, we are still going on strong.  Five years ago, I (RWX) launched this site with Coiling Dragon, which I worked on while serving as a U.S. diplomat.  Now, five years later, Wuxiaworld has gotten really, really big, with a steadily increasing library of high quality translated fiction.  In the interim, we've seen so many other fan-founded and/or oriented translation sites come and go, be it in webnovels, manhua, and even dramas (RIP DramaFever).  A few have managed to chart these turbulent waters, and I'm beyond proud that Wuxiaworld is one of them.  Looking back at our 2019 goals, we met or made background progress in all of them - besides the front-end redesign - sorry!  Although, we've hired two more technomancers, and will be hiring a design-focused...

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Hey everyone, I'm incredibly excited to be announcing the full, formal return of the Second Coming of Gluttony!  Originally hyped at the start of November, we have finalized terms with the publisher and had agreed on a December 1st relaunch.  I've been extremely excited about this, and I hope all of you are as well!  Fudge, who was (and remains) the translator for Gluttony, is now ready to go-go-gooooo!  He just released three new chapters and is committing to a chapter a day on Wuxiaworld (no chapters on 15th/31st of each month), until this novel is complete.  Rejoin us and the tale of the son of the god Gula!  Normally, we wait a month before opening up advance chapter tiers to sponsors (to give people time to really assess the story), but since Gluttony already had a previous audience and quite a few subscribers, I decided to open it up immediately upon relaunch so old subscribers on Patreon/elsewhere wouldn't have to wait.  Cheers, and happy reading!


And now, for a few more updates.


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Hi guys, Ren here!  It's been half a month since the new system has come into place and we've been looking at a lot of statistics, feedback, and more.  Overall, I'm happy with the direction things are going, and we're going to continue to improve the system in many regards.  We have a lot of changes coming, both related to and unrelated to the new system, and I wanted to share some of them with all of you.  The first and biggest one, however, is this - over the course of the next 24 hours, we are doing a massive one-time gift of golden karma to everyone who ever purchased an advance chapter subscription.  You'll see this in your karma balance soon.  Read on for more details!

1) Massive Karma Gift: Specifically, we are giving anyone who subscribed to advance chapters under the old system free golden karma equivalent to 30% of their lifetime in-house sponsorship value (prior to Nov 1st).  If, for example, your account had a history of $300 subscriptions across various novels, we would immediately award you 300x300...

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