Hey everyone, I'm incredibly excited to be announcing the full, formal return of the Second Coming of Gluttony!  Originally hyped at the start of November, we have finalized terms with the publisher and had agreed on a December 1st relaunch.  I've been extremely excited about this, and I hope all of you are as well!  Fudge, who was (and remains) the translator for Gluttony, is now ready to go-go-gooooo!  He just released three new chapters and is committing to a chapter a day on Wuxiaworld (no chapters on 15th/31st of each month), until this novel is complete.  Rejoin us and the tale of the son of the god Gula!  Normally, we wait a month before opening up advance chapter tiers to sponsors (to give people time to really assess the story), but since Gluttony already had a previous audience and quite a few subscribers, I decided to open it up immediately upon relaunch so old subscribers on Patreon/elsewhere wouldn't have to wait.  Cheers, and happy reading!


And now, for a few more updates.


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Hi guys, Ren here!  It's been half a month since the new system has come into place and we've been looking at a lot of statistics, feedback, and more.  Overall, I'm happy with the direction things are going, and we're going to continue to improve the system in many regards.  We have a lot of changes coming, both related to and unrelated to the new system, and I wanted to share some of them with all of you.  The first and biggest one, however, is this - over the course of the next 24 hours, we are doing a massive one-time gift of golden karma to everyone who ever purchased an advance chapter subscription.  You'll see this in your karma balance soon.  Read on for more details!

1) Massive Karma Gift: Specifically, we are giving anyone who subscribed to advance chapters under the old system free golden karma equivalent to 30% of their lifetime in-house sponsorship value (prior to Nov 1st).  If, for example, your account had a history of $300 subscriptions across various novels, we would immediately award you 300x300...

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Hi everyone, the new karma system for completed novels has just gone live!  It entails everything we have discussed in this previous post.  As noted, you will notice no changes for ongoing novels.  For completed novels, after the first 100 chapters (or 10%, whichever is smaller), you will need to either use golden karma (paid) or regular karma (earned) to permanently unlock those chapters.  If you use paid karma, the cost per chapter is around 2-3 cents.  Alternately, you can buy the entire ebook of the entire series outright (should cost $20-$40 depending on length), subscribe to a VIP account to select 1, 3, or all of the completed novels outright, OR wait for it to be on a tri-monthly free rotation.  The very first completed novel which is going on free rotation is Desolate Era.  There are two reasons we have chosen Desolate Era to be our first.  One, it's one of our most popular completed novels.  Second, I was the one who translated it, so it being on free rotation means that all the other translators...

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Hi everyone!  Ren here with two major announcements.  First and foremost, paypal support has finally been integrated!  It took more work than you would believe to integrate it into our current system, but the Technomancers (and me, their admin paperwork-filling stooge) have finally made the magic work.  Paypal support is live for all payments!  For those who use it, please give your feedback and thoughts.

Our second major announcement is, after months of tweaking and planning, our manhua site Wutopia Comics ( is finally in open beta!  This is a fully licensed manhua site that WW translators and our Chinese partners have been working tirelessly on for a very long time, and it's now looking nice enough that I'd like to welcome you all to take a look.  We're starting with mostly Chinese works, have some Korean works on the backburner, and are even in a few indirect talks with Japanese manhua rights holders.  Hopefully, we'll be able to eventually grow Wutopia into something as big or bigger than...

by RWX

Hey guys, I'm excited to announce the largest 'launch' in Wuxiaworld history!  Divine Throne of Primordial Blood and The Sword & the Shadow, currently translated by our friends on Volare, have now come to Wuxiaworld as well, for a massive combined launch of over a THOUSAND new chapters for you to read!  Translators Ryogawa and gandalfs_socks (best username ever) have been super excited to join Wuxiaworld, and have spent the past two months upping their own translation speeds to the signature 2/day speeds which Wuxiaworld is known for!  These are two great, experienced translators, and I'm proud to officially welcome them to Wuxiaworld.

The Sword and the Shadow, translated by Ryogawa, is a western fantasy novel which tells the tale of an orphaned boy who gains entry into a thieves' guild and enters a world of assassins, blades, magic, and action.  There's a heavy focus on character interactions, conflicts, and even a bit of romance.

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood, translated by gandalfs.socks, tells the story...

by RWX

Hey guys, I'm excited to let you know that Physician's Odyssey is now out of sneak peek and available for everyone to read, with 60 chapters to start!  This is a modern wuxia novel that is part of our big 2019 kickoff to more genres.  Authored by Smoking Pipe Bro and translated by Wuxiaworld veteran Thyaeria (who is also working with us on The Great Ruler and Tales of Demons & Gods), this Zongheng novel brings us the story of the brilliant physician Su Tao.  Su Tao is a medical genius, but just wants to maintain the pharmacy his grandfather left him... but fate keeps dragging him in unexpected ways!  He's forced to become a hospital chief, his lover gets kidnapped, someone tries to demolish his pharmacy... what's a man to do, except use his diabolically good medical skills to torment the hell out of those who are making his life miserable?

Physician's Odyssey is going to be a great novel and a breath of fresh air from pure cultivation/levelling novels that we've seen so much of here.  I strongly urge everyone to...

by RWX

Hey guys, after a month of really hard work, I'm excited that our new VIP system and in-house ebook system is now alive and functioning!  You can now purchase and permanently own full ebooks in PDF/Mobi/epub versions, as you please, and read them on whatever devices you like.  You can take a look at it right here to see all the details, or just click on the big 'VIP' button.  NOTE - For former sponsors of completed novels who qualify for free ebooks or discounts, you'll be seeing them in your 'my ebooks' library very soon so just sit tight!  We're ironing out some of the kinks in paginating ALL Wuxiaworld in-house sponsorships from the past year, but it's just a matter of time.

Now, there are a lot of things upcoming in the next month, as we discussed in this post.  Here's a roadmap so everyone knows what's up!

1) App: The app is looking really good and close to release, we just wanted to test out the VIP on desktop first as part of the rollout.  I estimate that the Android version of the app should be out sometime...

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Hi everyone!  It's not been too long since we launched our last novel, but now we come with yet another excellent one, with a new translator to boot - Heaven's Devourer, translated by Midasthefloof!  Midas is actually a veteran translator, having done over a thousand chapters elsewhere with other teams, and I'm very excited to have him start on Wuxiaworld with us!  As for the novel, Heaven's Devourer, it's actually a bit different from the others.  For fans of 'Journey to the West', also known as the legends of the Monkey King/Sun Wukong/Sun Goku, this 17k novel might just be right up your alley!  It's something of a Xianxia re-imagining of this classic tale, with our main character Crown Prince Wu Yu being bestowed the Ruyi Jingu Bang (aka the Monkey King's size-changing staff) by an Immortal as he ventures off on his journey.  It's a very solid novel, and I think you'll love it.

Midas has kindly started us off with a full SEVENTY-FIVE chapters for launch, and has committed to the Wuxiaworld standard of 2 chapters...

by RWX

Everyone, after a rather long year or so, I am absolutely delighted to announce that Book 1 of Coiling Dragon is finally live on Amazon’s Kindle store!  We have edited (and will continue to revise and beautify) the entire Coiling Dragon Saga and have taken it live on Amazon as an eight book saga.  The second through eighth books are in preorder for now, but should also be coming out in the next few days as we finalize and jump through the last hoops Amazon has created for us.

This is Wuxiaworld’s first series, first completed series, and first completed series on Kindle. If you enjoyed it in the past, I hope for your support now as well!  Amazon’s KUP program requires that any new novels be exclusive to Amazon for a few months, so we’ve taken it down Wuxiaworld for now, but rest assured we will eventually come up with ways to bring it back up here as well for periods of time!

The eight books are: Coiling Dragon, Dragonblood, Baruch Rising, Gods of Yulan, the Infernal Plane, the Four Divine Beasts, the Planar Wars,...

by RWX

This is a DOUBLE novel announcement - expect more of these coming!  The first novel that has descended upon us is Everlasting (生生不灭), a 17k novel which is being translated by Wuxiaworld veteran translator podao!  Podao has been slaving away at Gate of Revelation for a long time now, and his quality is top-notch, but the novel never caught on fire here, in large part because the author repeatedly paused the work before finally stopping over half a year ago.  Since then, podao has been quietly searching for a new novel... which he has found!  Everlasting is authored by Lion of the East (狮子东), and the author has been slowly and steadily writing for six years.  Everlasting is a classic xianxia novel, revolving around Chen Feng, an orphan with no knowledge of his past whose destiny suddenly changed like a bolt of lightning out of nowhere... literally.  A little trinket tower, something that he had with him since young, saved his ass and provided him with the standard Heaven-defying cultivation formula and nigh unbreakable...

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