SOTR Ch200 Competition Winner

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SOTR Chapter 200 Competition Winner

Leroy O.

A Story of Jiang Chen

Jiang Chen felt like his brains were made of mush – as if he was in a dream, but this felt much more real than that. Every inch of skin, every bone in his body, cried out in agony.

“Am I dying? Am I suffering through the fires of purgatory that lie in hell?”

Jiang Chen could feel himself fading out of existence, his consciousness drifting apart with every passing second.

After who knew how long, Jiang Chen suddenly felt his body awaken. However, the one controlling it was not he. He watched as the new owner of his body was shocked over where the body was — a coffin.

He heard the new owner’s thoughts, that he was the son of the Celestial Emperor, but couldn’t cultivate due to a yin constitution and became his father’s burden. Jiang Chen knew naught of the words “Celestial Emperor” or “yin constitution”, but realised that this new owner had unfathomable depths of knowledge of cultivation and may even have been a true qi master or higher.

Of course, the words “I still became father’s burden” struck a chord within Jiang Chen. Having received much love and protection from his father, he felt extreme regret that he was not going to be able to pay his father back and thought to himself “I’m sorry, father. The debts I owe you in this life I’ll definitely repay in the next.” Jiang Chen was a carefree man, being of a Duke’s lineage, he naturally had little difficulty obtaining anything he wanted and would even behave arrogantly at times, as a result, he slacked off on his training when he reached 3 meridians, which was the lowest among the other dukes, and he was rather weak. He could only act high and mighty only because of his high status and his father’s protection. His only positive point was that he treated his brothers sincerely. All of this, Jiang Chen naturally knew, even the fact that he was known as a “never do good” to both outsiders and his relatives.

The new body’s owner seemed to like his body, exclaiming in surprise and joy. Jiang Chen continued to watch as the new owner spoke of things he did not understand; happenings involving the celestial emperor before finally hearing a familiar voice, “Jiang Ying, figure it out! Find out at all costs!” It was his father, Jiang Feng, the duke of Jiang Han.

“Your Lordship, we already have a clue.” Jiang Ying spoke respectfully.

At the sight of his father, Jiang Chen gasped, “Fa-father!” If he could cry now, he would be bawling, but alas, he was merely left with a glimmer of consciousness currently. He was happy. Genuinely happy that he had the chance to hear his father’s voice right before he was about to fade away.

He heard them talk of the Three Laugh Powder… he then remembered of the happenings that caused his death. He had farted in the middle of an important ceremony involving the princess, the rites of Heavenly Worship.

“Hahaha, who would have thought i would die in such a dog-like way…it’s truly deserving…for an unfilial son like me!” Jiang Chen scoffed at his own life, knowing that he was greatly pamper by his father, and did not do anything to make his father proud. This regret lurched at his heart, and he felt more immense grief from the thought of this than the realisation of death.

At this point, he saw his father’s imposing figure, the back he’s always looked up to, ready to leave behind a trial of blood at a moment’s notice. “Father…” Jiang Chen felt more saddened by this act than touched, he sincerely felt his father’s love again, and hoped with all his spirit that his father would live well without him, and not rebel. He didn’t entertain the thought of his father avenging him, he simply wanted him to live on well but alas, he could not transmit this to his father at all.

“Eurgh”, the new owner made a sound.

“Chen’er, you… you’re not dead?” Jiang Chen felt like the heavens granted his prayers. As long as father thought he lived, he wouldn’t rush into rebellion, and with his status as a second ranked duke, he would not receive further pressure from the emperor as well.

“Father, I have dragged you down with me.”

“Ah, the new owner is playing along, even though he’s not related to father, i hope he takes good care of father…” Jiang Chen counted his blessings; he hoped that while the new owner was of a grand lineage, he would still fulfill the duty of a son to his father.


Jiang Chen’s soul was cracking; he knew it was the limit of his existence. The voices of himself and his father were faintly drifting away. Jiang Chen could only trust the new owner to take good care of father; he murmured what he knew to be his last thoughts “Farewell…Father…”


His existence faded away, now only fragments left, as the fragments left the body, the two voices of his father and his overlapped.
As he dispersed into the air, the voices were heard in fragments, “Don’t…”

“…be afraid Chen’er.”

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  1. OMG, i won, wanted to make Jiang Chen poke fun at the new owner’s words, but somehow i feel like he would be saddened by his father’s words so hence the sad ending? Jiang Chen would be laughing in heaven at how far the new owner took his father later I think, lol

  2. “Am I dying? Am I suffering through the fires of purgatory that lie in hell?”
    That phrase. D:…… It’s so wrong. xD
    Let’s see:
    Nobody talks like that. =/
    If he’s dying, then he isn’t in hell yet. So… It will make more sense if it said something like “Am I dead? …” Or at least: “Am I dying? Or am I …”.
    He certainly isn’t christian, so he won’t think in christian terms.
    Purgatory, hell and heaven are three different places. Purgatory is the place where those who sinned, but will surely go to heaven, go to repent of their sins. So… there aren’t any torture flames there, and even if there were, they won’t be in hell, they will be in purgatory.

  3. Since the original was “Am I dead?” i wanted it to be slightly different, being from another person’s point of view and all. I do think it works since the “Am I dying?” and “Am I suffering through the fires of purgatory that lie in hell?” can be seen as different questions, so it’s like a “Am I dying? (or) Am I suffering through the fires of purgatory that lie in hell?”.

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