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Honorable mention – Chester W.

The Sovereign Realm, throughout the many realms the ones where Immortals and Gods live, and within it, the strongest and mightiest empire that has never been surpassed: The Celestial Empire.

The Celestial Empire houses the mighty Celestial Emperor, ruler of the gods, descendent of the Sun and Moon. Anyone from the countless realms feared him, except the Nether Realm.

By the side of the Celestial Emperor sat the Celestial Empress and Jiang Chen. Millions of years have the Celestial Emperor ruled over the Empire with his Court Of Gods to govern the many kingdoms. Shang Xiu, the personal advisor and most closest and trusted individual of the Celestial Emperor, always proceeds over the court with the Emperor overseeing it all.

One day when they were having tea in the Celestial Chambers, Shang Xiu slipped some powder into the cup of the Celestial Emperor. Though the Celestial Emperor perceived that Shang Xiu has done something but still trusted that Shang Xiu would not do anything, so he decided not to pursue this matter. The powder poison used is the Thirteen Elemental Essence Lotus, a poison so powerful that it can cause even the Gods to become crippled and never to be reincarnated again. Though Shang Xiu knew that the Thirteen Elemental Essence Lotus wouldn’t be able to cripple the Celestial Emperor as he had the blessing of the Sun and Moon as protection but it was powerful enough to knock him out for 3 days at least.

Shang Xiu quickly called the guards to get the royal physicians to see what has happened to the Emperor. As the guards left, Shang Xiu glance towards the skies and threw a dark cloth that disappeared instantly. One as powerful as the Celestial Empress would have felt the slight distortion that happened in the space rift but was all too worried about her husband.

Within moments Jiang Chen rushed in and saw his father the Celestial Emperor on the ground, unconscious. Just as he was about to step up and examine what has caused his father to collapse so suddenly, the skies of the Sovereign Realm turned purple. Jiang Chen immediately knew that the disaster was about to descend upon the Sovereign Realm. That purple sky was caused by the Profound Teleportation Formation, meant to transport billions of people to another realm in an instant.

Sinister aura filled the empire in an instant, the array formation used to prevent any teleportation without permission powered by the Celestial Emperor was useless as he was knocked out. The cataclysm has started, demonic beings decent from the skies and began to slaughter to their heart’s content.

The Celestial Army could not hold down the onslaught of enemies as time was slim with no preparation. One by one the houses began to collapse along with the many bodies of immortals. Though some tried to resist but it was in vain. Despair filled the capital kingdom as everything was in flames. Only the Celestial Palace was in one piece as the Celestial Empress was the one controlling the Void Array surrounding the palace.

But even with the vast amount of power that the Celestial Empress possess along with the spiritual power transmitted to her from the Court Of Gods, the array would not be able to hold on for more than 3 days with the constant pressure from so many demons. A giant shadow enveloped the top of the Celestial Palace. From it came a mysterious figure covered in fog. Oddly it was a child-like female that came out after the fog dissipated.

That child-like female emitted an aura that even strong immortals could not withstand. She who is the leader of the demons looked nothing more than a 12 year old would.

Celestial Chambers

Jiang Chen quickly examined the Celestial Emperor and realized hints of powder on his robe. Quickly he smelled and analyse that someone has poisoned his royal father with the Thirteen Elemental Essence Lotus. Although Jiang Chen have could not train in the Marital Dao but he has vast knowledge of everything under various realms having access to the Celestial Library. The only way that the Thirteen Elemental Essence Lotus could affect anyone is that they had to consume it.

But the only people who could have slipped this poison in would be mother and Shang Xiu.

“Shang Xiu it was you! You poisoned father and led the Demon Army be able to decent into the empire. Why would you do this?”

“Simple. I am never on the Sovereign Realm’s side in the first place”

“But you were with father for millions of years.”

“It took me far too long to gain so much trust from the old geezer and finally the day that I could execute the plan has chance upon me. But luckily he gets to survive for a bit longer as I am unable to kill him with my cultivation” Shang Xiu grinned with a sinister smile

The moment Shang Xiu finished his last words he disappeared into the darkness. Though Jiang Chen wanted to kill Shang Xiu, he couldn’t, he had no power, disability to cultivate spiritual power due to being born of Yin Constitution. He could do nothing but watch as Shang Xiu escaped.

Outside Celestial Palace

Shang Xiu appeared before the child-like female, “Sister the deed has been done.” Shang Xiu’s face changed to a more child-like figure with black wings emerging from his back. During this transformation everyone from the inside of the Celestial Palace saw clearly what had happened.

“Traitor! Shang Xiu you traitor how dare you!” many of the Gods in the Court of Gods shouted as they saw this sight.

“Brother how are we supposed to destroy this array, no matter how much power I used it hadn’t budge abit.”

“The only weakness the Void Array has is a singular point, the rest of the array is unbreakable.” Since Shang Xiu was with the Celestial Emperor for millions of years he obviously knew the various protection measures that the Celestial Palace has and especially so the Void Array.

Upon hearing this Shang Qi, the Demon Empress, announced “Find the weak spot in this array and we shall henceforth destroy the Sovereign Realm that has been holding us down.” Rallying all the demons was nothing but a small feat as they all began to search and damage the array to find the weak point.

Finally the point has been found and Shang Qi along with Shang Xiu and many of the Demon Generals concentrated their attacks on the point. The Void Array cracked and the Celestial Empress knew that it was not possible to keep holding the array up anymore as they have found the core point of the whole array.

When it finally broke down the demons flew in and started slaughtering to their heart’s content. The Gods retaliated but was unable to escape death with the endless onslaught of demons.

Shang Xiu led Shang Qi to the Celestial Chambers to kill the Celestial Emperor and finally liberate the Sovereign Empire as their own.

Within the Celestial Chambers on the ground, Jiang Chen knelt by his father and knew that death was inevitable. Although his father has refined the Sun Moon Pill for me to enjoy life for as long as the heaven exist, I would still be a burden to father as I am neither able to protect father nor protect the Empire.

The door to the Celestial Chambers came crashing down as two figures came in. Jiang Chen knew that it was time. Shang Qi quickly teleported to the Celestial Emperor lying on the ground unconscious. “Old geezer, you have been supressing the rise of the Nether Realm and now I shall end your miserable life once and for all”

Jiang Chen quickly ran towards the Celestial Emperor when Shang Qi was about to swing her sword on the Celestial Emperor. Shang Qi was startled as she did not expect a powerless being to try to protect another. “Who are you, speak and I may spare your life.”

“ I am Jiang Chen, Son of the Celestial Emperor, born with a Yin Constitution unable to train in the Martial Dao”

“So it’s the child of the Old Geezer, sadly I said I may spare your life but any descendent or anyone related to the Old Geezer must die.”

Shang Qi swung her sword and dark coloured snakes came out and attacked Jiang Chen. Though he had worn the Celestial Robe, a protection treasure worthy to be deemed the top protection artefact in the whole Sovereign Realm but it was unable to protect him from Shang Qi’s strike, the strike from a Celestial Level being. Without a slightest bit of martial powers, the snakes devoured his skin down to his bone as he slowly died crying out in agony. There was nothing he could do as he was born with a Yin Constitution and has no martial power at all, even if the Sun and Moon descended to protect Jiang Chen, they would not being able to make it in time to protect him from the ferocious snakes.

As Jiang Chen died, a radiant glow came from inside his dantian. That glow was from the Sun Moon Pill, an effect that when the consumer were to meet their fate they would be reborn into another realm in a body of another with the same name but only a portion of their memory until a certain level of cultivation was acquired.

Shang Qi recalled the snakes back into the sword when she saw the glow but saw nothing left of the body of Jiang Chen. It disappeared completely and not a single presence of it could be felt.

Jiang Chen felt like his brains were made of mush – as if he was in a dream, but this felt nothing much more real than that. Every inch of skin, every bone in his body, cried out in agony.

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