♔ SOTR Chapter 292-294 ♔

Apparently bigger release chunks are the way to go?

Instead of a regular spacing out of chapters throughout the day?

Let me know what you prefer in the comments!

These three chapters (for a total of 8 thus far this week!) were edited by Jafz, Deyna, and Kidyeon!

And er, everyone. OMA and I are rather confused by the idea that we're racing to chapter 300. We're... not? The race is in honor of WMW chapter 300, is that where the confusion comes from? We're just kind of open ended racing for a few days.

Pics after the jump!

Whew, someone remind me never to do any sort of event when any large political event happens in the same timeframe again. Since the interesting election yesterday, the folks in my city have been... riled up. To say the least. I almost couldn't get home today after work thanks to a huge demonstration. Said demonstration marched for three. hours. straight. I could hear the yells more than 20+ floors up, replete with sirens, horns, and what have you. So sorry, a lil distracted. >< It's tough to concentrate when all this is going on.

But on a happier note, I took a quick walk out to Rockefeller Center last night to see the vote counts come in and the atmosphere then was quite electric!


Took a walk after dinner and this place was packed!


Folks were listening to the votes being called out quite anxiously.


I really liked how pretty the GE building was. The lights were gorgeous.


Went home after this to watch the votes getting counted out on TV.

So pooped.

<3 etvo