Chapter 293: The Thundercloud Cicada (Teaser)

Chapter 293: The Thundercloud Cicada

The Rat King smiled diffidently after Jiang Chen’s reminder and he started circling the Thundercloud Tree. He grinned after a moment, “Young master, I can uproot this Thundercloud Tree in an hour. But it won’t be able to be replanted after it leaves the soil of the magnetic golden mountain. Are you sure you wish to dig it up by the roots?”

This question stumped Jiang Chen.

“Young master, this Thundercloud Tree is quite rare, and it may be a shame to dig it up by the roots. How about I pick some branches for you? It will be enough for your uses.”

Jiang Chen smiled wryly, “Ole Gold, this doesn’t seem like you. When did you have so much compassion?”

The Rat King smiled awkwardly “Young master Chen, I… sigh. I’ll listen to you.”

Jiang Chen spread out his hands. “Maybe, I won’t be able to make it into this magnetic golden mountain in the future. Since the tree is right in front of me, this is my fortuitous occurrence. If I don’t take it now, it may become my downfall in the future. Dig, dig it up by the roots!”

Jiang Chen hadn’t touched any of the treasures on the previous floors because...

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