Chapter 292: Treasure of the Ninth Floor, the Thundercloud Tree (Teaser)

Chapter 292: Treasure of the Ninth Floor, the Thundercloud Tree

Thanks to his studies in his previous life, Jiang Chen knew some of the secrets of the magnetic gold mountain.

Therefore, he had a unique advantage when climbing up the mountain.

Although the magnetic twister was quite frightening, its appearance was usually accompanied by minute magnetic pulses. So as long as he made the correct judgement call and stayed alert, he would be able to avoid the eye of the twister.

As long as he evaded the twister, he wouldn’t have to worry about being churned to death.

Of course, if he had enough strength, he’d be able to completely ignore the twisters. But that was another matter entirely.

With the level of magnetic twisters within the eight floor, earth spirit realm practitioners would still be able to break free if they were caught within.

With Jiang Chen’s level of training, he was confident he’d be able to struggle free of the twister if caught.

However, even though that was the case, it would still be an enormous drain on his spirit reserves if he did so, and Jiang...

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