Chapter 294: Marching Onto the Tenth Floor! (Teaser)

Chapter 294: Marching Onto the Tenth Floor!

Jiang Chen possessed unusual strength of heart, given his level of training in Boulder Heart. Thus, he could tell that the beetle didn’t seem to be lying from its expression and words.

Once the notion of refining the magnetic golden mountain began to bud within Jiang Chen’s heart, it became unstoppable.

“Ole Gold, since I promised you that I’d aid you in evolving your bloodline, I’ll surely continue to try my best. However, you can’t have this Cicada today.”

Jiang Chen turned his head and said to the Rat King.

The Rat King sighed in resignation. He knew that the fate of his tribe depended entirely on Jiang Chen.

If he didn’t have Jiang Chen’s help, he’d be unable to change the fate of his tribe, even though he was the king. Therefore, he had to listen to Jiang Chen.

He also knew that Jiang Chen was a man of his word. Since he’d promised to help them evolve their bloodline, he’d definitely do what he’d promised.

“Young master, I’ll do whatever you want, so long as you remember that the fate of the entire tribe of Goldbiter Rats rests in your hands. Besides, I wouldn’t have been able to capture...

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