♔ SOTR Chapter 288-289 ♔

It appears my friend has released four chapters :D

Edited by: Deyna (for both of these!)

So I must take another step forward with a double, making it a total of five chapters thus far! Thank you *cupped fist salute* to the wonderful GDK shout outs in his announcement post. I died a little laughing when I saw that. GDK readers, have no fear! Today's chapter is right on time. :) I'm finally getting to all the Patreon sponsored chapters... I sowwie! Sowwie! Announcement for GDK coming as well!

Once again, for those of you wondering what's going on, OMA from WMW and I are having a friendly lil race here.



I myself quite enjoy reading WMW, so if you need a new novel to sink your teeth into, go read WMW!

To all yous people who said creepachu... those are not creepachu! Those are adorbsachu! :P

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