Chapter 288: The Trial of Talent, Jiang Chen’s Choice

Chapter 288: The Trial of Talent, Jiang Chen’s Choice

The trial of talent was much more simple and straightforward.

Jiang Chen had undergone something similar in the Eastern Kingdom.

Although there were slight differences in testing potential and testing level of training, it was more or less the same.

“May I inquire which tests you would like to undertake?” When the organizer of this trial saw Jiang Chen’s participant token, he recognized the genius from the first trial and so his tone and gestures all became uncommonly polite.

He was deathly afraid that he might give offense to this genius with the slightest bit of inappropriateness in his tone, and that the other would remember him because of that and implicate his sect for it. If this genius rejected his sect because of him, then the forefather of his sect would certainly scalp him and pull out his tendons for it.

There were tests of martial dao, pills, glyphs, formations, and taming spirit creatures in the trial of talents.

According to the rules, the second trial would also run for ten days.

However, if one were to participate in every...

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