Warlock of the Magus World (巫界术士) – Index

Header Art: Quihnn

Warlock of the Magus World (巫界术士)


What happens when a scientist from a futuristic world reincarnates in a World of Magic and Knights?

An awesome MC — that’s what happens!

A scientist’s goal is to explore the secrets of the universe, and this is exactly what Leylin sets out to do when he is reincarnated. Dark, cold and calculating, he makes use of all his resources as he sets off on his adventures to meet his goal.

Face? Who needs that… Hmmm… that guy seems too powerful for me to take on now… I better keep a low profile for now.

You want me to help you? Sure… but what benefit can I get out of it? Nothing? Bye.

Hmmm… that guy looks like he might cause me problems in the future. Should I let him off for now and let him grow into someone that can threaten me….. Nahhh. *kill*

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Author: 文抄公 (Wen Chao Gong)/Plagiarist



♟ Chapter 1 - 50 ♟
♟ Chapter 51 - 100 ♟

Chapter 51 – Lowian’s Teachings
Chapter 52 – Slaves
Chapter 53 – Subordinates
Chapter 54 – Roran City
Chapter 55 – Roran Hawks
Chapter 56 – A Visit
Chapter 57 – Murphy
Chapter 58 – A Banquet
Chapter 59 – Recording
Chapter 60 – Hove Violet Leaves
Chapter 61 – Brey Canyon
Chapter 62 – Modified Potion
Chapter 63 – Mutated Organism
Chapter 64 – Withering Woods
Chapter 65 – Deep Underground
Chapter 66 – Rune Shackles
Chapter 67 – Defence Potion
Chapter 68 – Returning To Extreme Night City
Chapter 69 – Vestige Traces
Chapter 70 – Gnawing Slate
Chapter 71 – Preparing To Break Through
Chapter 72 – Advancing To Level 3 Acolyte
Chapter 73 – Reexamination
Chapter 74 – Great Magus Serholm
Chapter 75 – Holding Captive
Chapter 76 – Experiment And Precipitate
Chapter 77 – News From The Academy
Chapter 78 – Arrangements
Chapter 79 – Tidying Up
Chapter 80 – Return
Chapter 81 – Granite Ape
Chapter 82 – A Way To Break Through
Chapter 83 – Bloodbath In The Secret Plane
Chapter 84 – A Secret Divulged
Chapter 85 – Obscurity
Chapter 86 – Fallen Star Pendant
Chapter 87 – Competition
Chapter 88 – The Bloodbath Begins
Chapter 89 – Entering The Secret Plane
Chapter 90 – Laying Traps
Chapter 91 – Discovering Jayden
Chapter 92 – Striking
Chapter 93 – Activation
Chapter 94 – Self-Destruct
Chapter 95 – 1 Versus 2
Chapter 96 – Slaying The Two Acolytes
Chapter 97 – Conclusion
Chapter 98 – Murderer Identified
Chapter 99 – Grine Water
Chapter 100 – An Exception

♟ Chapter 101 - 150 ♟

Chapter 101 – Branded Swordsman
Chapter Brewing Ancient Potion – Brewing Ancient Potion
Chapter 103 – A Meeting
Chapter 104 – Participation
Chapter 105 – The Zither Moon Town
Chapter 106 – Moonlight Mayfly
Chapter 107 – Total Annihilation
Chapter 108 – The Entrance
Chapter 109 – A Way To Enter
Chapter 110 – Black Horrall Snake
Chapter 111 – Contract Scroll
Chapter 112 – Shadow Stealth
Chapter 113 – Blood Quintessence
Chapter 114 – Dylan Gardens
Chapter 115 – Falling Out
Chapter 116 – Taking Action
Chapter 117 – True Or False
Chapter 118 – Destroying The Remnants
Chapter 119 – Warlock
Chapter 120 – Purification
Chapter 121 – Legends
Chapter 122 – Attempt To Breakthrough
Chapter 123 – Rank 1 Warlock
Chapter 124 – Innate Spell
Chapter 125 – Tyler Family
Chapter 126 – Clayde
Chapter 127 – Defeat
Chapter 128 – Fayle
Chapter 129 – An Incurable Curse
Chapter 130 – Horse Carriage
Chapter 131 – Pursuers
Chapter 132 – Secret Imprint
Chapter 133 – Elemental Essence Conversion
Chapter 134 – Upgrade
Chapter 135 – Angler Town
Chapter 136 – Broken Axe Pub
Chapter 137 – Seated Lupin Wolf
Chapter 138 – Limestone Wasteland
Chapter 139 – Sentinel Slate
Chapter 140 – The Golden Giant
Chapter 141 – Kary Vultures
Chapter 142 – Latent Fireball
Chapter 143 – Andre Town
Chapter 144 – The Chase
Chapter 145 – Teljose City
Chapter 146 – Jenna
Chapter 147 – Prophecy
Chapter 148 – The Communal Centre
Chapter 149 – Trifling Issues
Chapter 150 – Crystals

♟ Chapter 151 - 200 ♟

Chapter 151 – Absorption
Chapter 152 – The Bloodline’s Transition
Chapter 153 – Seeking Entry
Chapter 154 – Four Seasons Garden
Chapter 155 – Jeffrey’s Purifying Potion
Chapter 156 – Pass
Chapter 157 – Reynold
Chapter 158 – Decarte
Chapter 159 – Exchange
Chapter 160 – Four Seasons Secret Plane
Chapter Man-made Rain – Man-made Rain
Chapter 162 – A Meeting
Chapter 163 – Collaboration
Chapter 164 – Participate And Plunder
Chapter 165 – Crimson Palm
Chapter 166 – A Successful Retreat
Chapter To Maraud – To Maraud
Chapter 168 – In Retrospect
Chapter 169 – Tears of Mary
Chapter 170 – Princess of a Vanquished Nation
Chapter 171 – Magician Slaves
Chapter 172 – One Year
Chapter The Venom Wyvern – The Venom Wyvern
Chapter 174 – The Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect
Chapter 175 – Brass Ring and Jaye
Chapter 176 – A Banshee
Chapter 177 – The Spirit Devouring Moth
Chapter 178 – Vengeful Spirit — Loathsome Evil
Chapter 179 – Fierce Battle
Chapter 180 – Sneak Attack
Chapter 181 – Living Organism No. 1
Chapter 182 – xperiment Lab #1
Chapter 183 – A Mountain of White Bones
Chapter 184 – The Awakening
Chapter 185 – he Gargamel
Chapter 186 – Suction Spell Formation
Chapter 187 – Emergency Situation
Chapter 188 – Branding Experiment
Chapter 189 – The Great Magus War
Chapter 190 – Eternal River Secret Plane
Chapter 191 – Issuing Missions
Chapter 192 – The Library’s Hidden Room
Chapter 193 – Turin Language
Chapter 194 – Blackmail
Chapter 195 – Impetuous
Chapter 196 – Acquaintances
Chapter 197 – George and Bessita
Chapter 198 – Jamu
Chapter 199 – Plant-Type Transfiguration
Chapter 200 – A Dark Magus

♟ Chapter 201 - 250 ♟

Chapter 201 – Detonation
Chapter 202 – Necklace
Chapter 203 – Curse
Chapter 204 – Marat Canyon
Chapter 205 – Dolorin
Chapter 206 – Magus Guard
Chapter 207 – Harvesting
Chapter 208 – Conflict with Ciel
Chapter 209 – Optimised and Easy
Chapter 210 – Handover
Chapter 211 – To Return
Chapter 212 – Merit Points
Chapter 213 – New Appointment
Chapter 214 – Demonstration of Power
Chapter 215 – The Hunting Team’s Vice Team Leader
Chapter 216 – Hunting Zone 3
Chapter 217 – Black Smog
Chapter 218 – Black Fire
Chapter 219 – Total Captivity
Chapter 220 – Acolyte
Chapter 221 – Saving A Damsel In Distress
Chapter 222 – Appearance
Chapter 223 – Liquid Metal
Chapter 224 – Metal And Gravity
Chapter 225 – Undo
Chapter 226 – Commencement
Chapter 227 – Transition
Chapter 228 – Chase
Chapter 229 – Determination
Chapter 230 – Slain
Chapter 231 – Nefarious Filthbird
Chapter 232 – Headquarters’ Patrolling Inspector
Chapter 233 – Swindling
Chapter 234 – Using the Solvent
Chapter 235 – Meeting
Chapter 236 – Enchantment
Chapter 237 – Deceit
Chapter 238 – Scapegoat
Chapter 239 – Blood Rogue’s Appearance
Chapter 240 – Holy Angel
Chapter 241 – Killing Pierre
Chapter 242 – Leather Pouch
Chapter 243 – Protection
Chapter 244 – Assasination
Chapter 245 – A Blink Of An Eye
Chapter 246 – Falling Out
Chapter 247 – Flaming Serpent
Chapter 248 – The Appearance of Rank 2 Magus
Chapter 249 – Concede
Chapter 250 – Lightning Corps

♟ Chapter 251 - 287 ♟


♟ Chapter 288 - 391 ♟

Chapter 288 – Injury
Chapter 289 – Barren
Chapter 290 – Assistance Required
Chapter 291 – Treasure
Chapter 292 – Potter Town
Chapter 293 – Opening A Shop
Chapter 294 – Meteor Sword
Chapter 295 – Toying
Chapter 296 – Plot Twist
Chapter 297 – Baelin And The Girl
Chapter 298 – Rescue
Chapter 299 – Dragon-Blooded Flower Bud
Chapter 300 – Goat-Horned Earth Dragon
Chapter 301 – Pursuit
Chapter 302 – Breakthrough
Chapter 303 – Farewell
Chapter 304 – The Resolution Of A Youth
Chapter 305 – Hitchhike
Chapter 306 – Stationed Troops
Chapter 307 – Earthquake
Chapter 308 – Weeping Ghost Grounds
Chapter 309 – Lost
Chapter 310 – Dreamland’s Creature
Chapter 311 – Eastern Region’s Capital City
Chapter 312 – Settling Down
Chapter 313 – Magus Tower
Chapter 314 – Gaia’s Might
Chapter 315 – Secret Knight Technique
Chapter 316 – Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 317 – Icy Jade Scorpion Breath
Chapter 318 – Research and Experiment
Chapter 319 – Negotiations
Chapter 320 – Celine
Chapter 321 – A Pact
Chapter 322 – Crystal Mask
Chapter 323 – Icy Cave
Chapter 324 – An Approaching Conspiracy
Chapter 325 – Experiment and Seizure
Chapter 326 – Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor
Chapter 327 – Ancient War
Chapter 328 – Information Of The Bloodline And A Conjecture
Chapter 329 – The Headquarters’ Location
Chapter 330 – Joint Conference
Chapter 331 – Remodeling By Freezing
Chapter 332 – Notta Highlands
Chapter 333 – Killing Intent
Chapter 334 – The Fallen City
Chapter 335 – Challenge
Chapter 336 – Six Stars
Chapter 337 – Mist Transformation
Chapter 338 – Severe Injuries
Chapter 339 – Frost Innate Spell
Chapter 340 – Invasion And Siege
Chapter 341 – Ruthless Retaliation
Chapter 342 – Abyssal Breath
Chapter 343 – Dragon King’s Mystic Might
Chapter 344 – Rank 3 Magus
Chapter 345 – 3 Years
Chapter 346 – A Coincidence
Chapter 347 – Destiny
Chapter 348 – Dolon
Chapter 349 – Anya
Chapter 350 – Serendipity
Chapter 351 – Bestowal
Chapter 352 – Ten Years In A Flash
Chapter 353 – Giant Serpent’s Breath Potion
Chapter 354 – Longbottom Strikes
Chapter 355 – Revolution
Chapter 356 – Red Mist
Chapter 357 – Alicia
Chapter 358 – Defeat And Assistance
Chapter 359 – Death And Insanity
Chapter 360 – Invitation From The Central Region
Chapter 361 – Movement
Chapter 362 – A Fair Trial
Chapter 363 – Infiltration Into The Central Region
Chapter 364 – Meeting
Chapter 365 – Life Absorption
Chapter 366 – Backlash
Chapter 367 – Clone Seed
Chapter 368 – Intrinsic Quality
Chapter 369 – A Competition For Geniuses
Chapter 370 – Response and Countermeasure
Chapter 371 – The Competition Commences
Chapter 372 – Fire Scorpion
Chapter 373 – Finals In The Secret Plane
Chapter 374 – Clash
Chapter 375 – Teaming Up
Chapter 376 – A Clash Of Destiny
Chapter 377 – The Conspiracy Unravelling
Chapter 378 – Channelling Of Lifeforce
Chapter 379 – Fury Overflowing Through The Heavens
Chapter 380 – Baloney
Chapter 381 – Coin of Destiny
Chapter 382 – Epilogue
Chapter 383 – A Fallen Empress
Chapter 384 – Guardian of the Realm
Chapter 385 – Allegiance
Chapter 386 – Radiant Guardian
Chapter 387 – Discovery of A Warlock
Chapter 388 – Mankestre Bloodline Warlock
Chapter 389 – Central Continent
Chapter 390 – Bloodline Shackles
Chapter 391 – Planning For The Afterlife


♟ Chapter 392 - 450 ♟

Chapter 392 – The Central Continent
Chapter 393 – Airship Network
Chapter 394 – Engaged
Chapter 395 – A Scene
Chapter 396 – Phosphorescence Swamp
Chapter 397 – Rank 4 Warlock
Chapter 398 – A Morning Star’s Final Technique
Chapter 399 – Final Technique and Meditation Technique
Chapter 400 – Female Warlocks
Chapter 401 – Fourth Grade Meditation Technique
Chapter 402 – World of Gods
Chapter 403 – The Astral Gate
Chapter 404 – Territory
Chapter 405 – Internal Affairs
Chapter 406 – Interdimensions Experiment
Chapter 407 – A Plan
Chapter 408 – Precipitating 3 years
Chapter 409 – The Completion of the Onyx Castle
Chapter 410 – Attempt At Vaporisation
Chapter 411 – Banquet
Chapter 412 – Lamia Hair
Chapter 413 – The Forgotten Land
Chapter 414 – Noah
Chapter 415 – The Descendants’ Issue
Chapter 416 – Nefas
Chapter 417 – Potion Combination
Chapter 418 – The Kobolds
Chapter 419 – An Unexpected Situation
Chapter 420 – Being Discovered
Chapter 421 – Sudden Entry
Chapter 422 – The Sun’s Child
Chapter 423 – Defeat
Chapter 424 – Quicksand Castle
Chapter 425 – Ecological Garden
Chapter 426 – Blood Vulture
Chapter 427 – Entering the Nest<
Chapter 428 – The Last Supper
Chapter 429 – Spirit Body
Chapter 430 – Activation
Chapter 431 – The Hunt
Chapter 432 – Subjugation
Chapter 433 – Rescue
Chapter 434 – Escape
Chapter 435 – Demon Hunter
Chapter 436 – Demon Hunter
Chapter 437 – Completing The Project
Chapter 438 – Tower Genie #1
Chapter 439 – Deceit Seen Through
Chapter 440 – Destroy
Chapter 441 – Guest
Chapter 442 – The Trade
Chapter 443 – Living in Seclusion
Chapter 444 – Century
Chapter 445 – Precipitation And Strength
Chapter 446 – Azure Mountain Auction
Chapter 447 – Arm of Vengeance
Chapter 448 – Toram
Chapter 449 – A Test
Chapter 450 – Seal of the Dark Corrosion

♟ Chapter 450 - 500 ♟

Chapter 451 – Fatality’s Tip
Chapter 452 – Azure Mountain and the Couple
Chapter 453 – The Auction House and Serene
Chapter 454 – The Commencement of the Auction
Chapter 455 – The Watcher and The Ladybird
Chapter 456 – Wing of the Sun
Chapter 457 – Despicable
Chapter 458 – Blood Duchess
Chapter 459 – Peeping
Chapter 460 – Assassin
Chapter 461 – Trade
Chapter 462 – Rob and Kill
Chapter 463 – The Hocada Beast
Chapter 464 – Counting Spoils
Chapter 465 – Preparation
Chapter 466 – Astral Experiment
Chapter 467 – Power of Destiny
Chapter 468 – Blackrain World
Chapter 469 – Multi-armed Race
Chapter 470 – Danger
Chapter 471 – Neutralisation
Chapter 472 – Ancient Blood Serpent Castle
Chapter 473 – Banquet and Invitation
Chapter 474 – Obstruction and Ambush
Chapter 475 – Explosion and Encirclement
Chapter 476 – Invincible
Chapter 477 – Enforcer
Chapter 478 – Annihilator
Chapter 479 – 3 Helpers
Chapter 480 – Tease
Chapter 481 – Bloodline Detector
Chapter 482 – Prison Cell
Chapter 483 – Rescue
Chapter 484 – Cage of Gluttony
Chapter 485 – Unexpected Developments
Chapter 486 – Discovered
Chapter 487 – The Pursuit, The Appearance
Chapter 488 – Confrontation with Morning Star
Chapter 489 – Breaking Through The Defence
Chapter 490 – Large Crisis
Chapter 491 – Obliterating Hurricane
Chapter 492 – Killing The Clone
Chapter 493 – Distractions
Chapter 494 – As The Dark Clouds Draw Closer
Chapter 495 – Opening
Chapter 496 – Preparation For Battle
Chapter 497 – Elite Group of Magi
Chapter 498 – Confrontation
Chapter 499 – Traitor
Chapter 500 – Duo Serpent Annihilator

♟ Chapter 501 - 550 ♟

Chapter 501 – Timely Appearance
Chapter 502 – Bloodline Ignition
Chapter 503 – Morning Star! Morning Star!
Chapter 504 – Edges Of The World
Chapter 505 – Great War of the Morning Stars
Chapter 506 – Fall of the Morning Star
Chapter 507 – Post-War
Chapter 508 – Taking Action
Chapter 509 – Celebration
Chapter 510 – Assuming The Post
Chapter 511 – Attitude
Chapter 512 – Revitalisation of Bloodline
Chapter 513 – Morning Star Magus Tower
Chapter 514 – Phenomenon In A Small Town
Chapter 515 – The Tomb
Chapter 516 – Gargoyle
Chapter 517 – Killing The Clone’s Projection
Chapter 518 – Creevey City
Chapter 519 – Picking Up Scraps
Chapter 520 – Warlock Gathering
Chapter 521 – Transaction Plane
Chapter 522 – Changes in Contract
Chapter 523 – Plan and Operation
Chapter 524 – Marine Tribe’s Original Form
Chapter 525 – Scarlet Ruins
Chapter 526 – Radiation
Chapter 527 – Path of Quandary
Chapter 528 – Breaking Through the Fog
Chapter 529 – Obstruction & A Grin
Chapter 530 – Sweeping of Obstacles
Chapter 531 – Carelessness
Chapter 532 – Setup
Chapter 533 – The Continuation
Chapter 534 – Morning Star Area
Chapter 535 – Protected Star Trading
Chapter 536 – Soul Issue
Chapter 537 – Blood-sucking Loach
Chapter 538 – Bloodline of the Sun’s Child
Chapter 539 – Recuperation
Chapter 540 – Sudden Change
Chapter 541 – Determination and Action
Chapter 542 – Setting Off
Chapter 543 – Lava World
Chapter 544 – Assistance
Chapter 545 – Unihorn Race
Chapter 546 – Rank
Chapter 547 – Woking City
Chapter 548 – Underground Wrestling Match
Chapter 549 – Emberwing Race
Chapter 550 – Testing and Passing

♟ Chapter 551 - 600 ♟

Chapter 551 – Mobius
Chapter 552 – Hot-blooded Breakthrough
Chapter 553 – Taking Root
Chapter 554 – Firasource Stone
Chapter 555 – The Organisation’s Leader
Chapter 556 – Orders Given
Chapter 557 – Lava Base
Chapter 558 – Developments
Chapter 559 – Tingling Senses
Chapter 560 – Meeting
Chapter 561 – Setting A Plan
Chapter 562 – Leaking Intel
Chapter 563 – Formal Visit
Chapter 564 – Infiltration
Chapter 565 – Fire Phoenix
Chapter 566 – Shadowing
Chapter 567 – Gaia’s Disk
Chapter 568 – Holy Solar Day
Chapter 569 – The Opening
Chapter 570 – Chaotic Battle
Chapter 571 – Life Extraction
Chapter 572 – Sneak Attack
Chapter 573 – Identity Revealed
Chapter 574 – Open
Chapter 575 – Breakthrough in Fusion
Chapter 576 – Blackfire Phoenix
Chapter 577 – Terrifying Battle
Chapter 578 – Return
Chapter 579 – Contend
Chapter 580 – Vitality Bottleneck
Chapter 581 – Commencing Counterattack
Chapter 582 – Retrieving Land
Chapter 583 – Pond of Lamentation
Chapter 584 – Giant Dragon Potion
Chapter 585 – Vitality and Formation
Chapter 586 – Setting Off and Apprehension
Chapter 587 – Conjectures and Arrival
Chapter 588 – Floating City
Chapter 589 – Lightwing
Chapter 590 – Genius
Chapter 591 – Great Library
Chapter 592 – Shocking Accumulation
Chapter 593 – Soul Profiling
Chapter 594 – Stuart
Chapter 595 – An Audience
Chapter 596 – Sudden Attack
Chapter 597 – Hot on the Heels
Chapter 598 – Usage
Chapter 599 – Surging Waves through the Continent
Chapter 600 – Evasion

♟ Chapter 601 - 628 ♟


♟ Chapter 629 - 650 ♟
♟ Chapter 651 - 700 ♟

Chapter 651 – Convergence: A Plot Hatched
Chapter 652 – Düz City
Chapter 653 – Crushing and Sneak Attack
Chapter 654 – Control and Discovery
Chapter 655 – Maze
Chapter 656 – Blazing Flame Monarch
Chapter 657 – The Labyrinth’s Collapse
Chapter 658 – Flame Monarch
Chapter 659 – Trump Card and Resolution
Chapter 660 – Erosion of the Sun
Chapter 661 – Seizing and Assist
Chapter 662 – Departure and Harvests
Chapter 663 – Flame Laws
Chapter 664 – Descendant and Discovery
Chapter 665 – Wooden House and Meeting
Chapter 666 – Allsnake Curse
Chapter 667 – Mask of the Dreamless
Chapter 668 – Return and Birth
Chapter 669 – Departure and Twilight
Chapter 670 – Return to the South Coast
Chapter 671 – Darlie
Chapter 672 – Travelling Together and Appearance
Chapter 673 – Alric
Chapter 674 – Recognition and Ease
Chapter 675 – Defeat and Curse
Chapter 676 – Fallen Star: Magic Equipment
Chapter 677 – Nonov
Chapter 678 – Ease and Departure
Chapter 679 – Return and Change
Chapter 680 – Abyssal Bone and People
Chapter 681 – Serpent Blood Modification
Chapter 682 – Granting Audience and Captive
Chapter 683 – Confirmation and Travelling Together
Chapter 684 – Benefits and Entrance
Chapter 685 – Strengthening and Way of Escape
Chapter 686 – Underground and Rescue
Chapter 687 – Arthur Empire
Chapter 688 – Thorned Thunderbird
Chapter 689 – Meeting and Sneak Attack
Chapter 690 – Enhancing Lightning Runes
Chapter 691 – Alliance and The Return
Chapter 692 – Secretly Sneaking Back
Chapter 693 – Remodelling The Mask
Chapter 694 – The Call of Another World
Chapter 695 – Ready To Go
Chapter 696 – Breakthrough and Success
Chapter 697 – Drifting and Analysis
Chapter 698 – Gigantic Ship and Merfolk
Chapter 699 – Beholders
Chapter 700 – Continent and Dignitary

♟ Chapter 701 - 786 ♟

Chapter 701 – Sea Monster Attack
Chapter 702 – Thornback Ironwhale
Chapter 703 – Port Elias
Chapter 704 – Parting and Underground
Chapter 705 – Offerings and Beast Spirits
Chapter 706 – Transaction and Temporary Residence
Chapter 707 – Discovered and Scheme
Chapter 708 – Encirclement and Confrontation
Chapter 709 – Shadow and Sudden Attack
Chapter 710 – Offering and Rescue
Chapter 711 – Snake Girl and Escape
Chapter 712 – Good Feelings and Goodbye
Chapter 713 – Threat and Action
Chapter 714 – Beast Spirit Amplification
Chapter 715 – Refusal to Budge and Absolute Defeat
Chapter 716 – Puppet and Dark Forces
Chapter 717 – Captivity and Escape
Chapter 718 – Giant Tortoise and Sacrifice
Chapter 719 – Seals and Restoration
Chapter 720 – Feather of Chaos
Chapter 721 – Loss
Chapter 722 – Bewitching and Black Conversion
Chapter 723 – Plans and Setting Foot On The Continent
Chapter 724 – Port and Mount
Chapter 725 – Dreamscape Forest
Chapter 726 – Reentering The Dreamscape
Chapter 727 – Whiteriver Valley
Chapter 728 – Sophia
Chapter 729 – Ancient Bloodline Mirror
Chapter 730 – Revenge and Taking Action
Chapter 731 – Killing and Clone
Chapter 732 – Serpentes Plains
Chapter 733 – Two Conditions
Chapter 734 – A Strane Environment
Chapter 735 – Gluttony’s Defilement
Chapter 736 – Eve of the Arrival
Chapter 737 – Beast Spirit Seal
Chapter 738 – Fullmoon Truesoul
Chapter 739 – Life Curse
Chapter 740 – Reaching Holy City
Chapter 741 – Residence Permit
Chapter 742 – Settling and Loft
Chapter 743 – Rationality and Reality
Chapter 744 – The Calamity of Gluttony
Chapter 745 – Allsnake and Tyrant
Chapter 746 – Descent of Clone
Chapter 747 – Dreamscape Warning
Chapter 748 – Tacit Understanding
Chapter 749 – Green Leaves
Chapter 750 – Crescent Lake
Chapter 751 – Eternal Ent
Chapter 752 – Successful Growth
Chapter 753 – Imminent Crisis
Chapter 754 – The Great Thief Daudet
Chapter 755 – Another Clash
Chapter 756 – Completely Unleashed
Chapter 757 – 3 Strikes
Chapter 758 – Halfway To Rank 7
Chapter 759 – Aftermath
Chapter 760 – Back To The Magus World
Chapter 761 – King Arthur
Chapter 762 – Subjugation
Chapter 763 – Ignox
Chapter 764 – Distribution
Chapter 765 – The Power To Move Mountains
Chapter 766 – Return and Meeting
Chapter 767 – The World and Beyond
Chapter 768 – Dragonwhale Successor
Chapter 769 – Turbulent Undercurrent
Chapter 770 – Beginning The Ceremony
Chapter 771 – Fame
Chapter 772 – Soul Splitting Experiment
Chapter 773 – Path
Chapter 774 – Secrets of the Gods
Chapter 775 – Year 0
Chapter 776 – Ouroboros
Chapter 777 – Manderhawke Plate
Chapter 778 – Exploring the World of Gods
Chapter 779 – Tiff
Chapter 780 – Encirclement and Repentance
Chapter 781 – Eruption
Chapter 782 – A Call From Dreamscape
Chapter 783 – Negotiation
Chapter 784 – One-eyed Dragon
Chapter 785 – Imagine
Chapter 786 – Arrangement


♟ Chapter 787 - 850♟

Chapter 787 – Truesoul Splitting
Chapter 788 – Alternate World Reincarnation
Chapter 789 – Birth
Chapter 790 – The Faulen Family
Chapter 791 – Scholar
Chapter 792 – Fighting Spirit
Chapter 793 – Ernest
Chapter 794 – The Path Of A Wizard
Chapter 795 – 8 Years
Chapter 796 – Anthony
Chapter 797 – Calendar of the Gods
Chapter 798 – Wither
Chapter 799 – Sudden Change
Chapter 800 – Request and Preparation
Chapter 801 – Spellbook
Chapter 802 – Celebration
Chapter 803 – Marquis Louis
Chapter 804 – Assassin
Chapter 805 – Counterattack
Chapter 806 – Gathering
Chapter 807 – Secret Laboratory
Chapter 808 – Devilblood Dagger
Chapter 809 – Devour Breakthrough
Chapter 810 – Mobilisation
Chapter 811 – Sneak Attack
Chapter 812 – Siege
Chapter 813 – Post-battle Review
Chapter 814 – Thoughts
Chapter 815 – Return and Secret Plans
Chapter 816 – Trade
Chapter 817 – Tim
Chapter 818 – Pirates
Chapter 819 – Merfolk Pirates
Chapter 820 – Smash
Chapter 821 – Level 1 Magic Weave
Chapter 822 – Dawn of War
Chapter 823 – Blooduscker
Chapter 824 – Mermaid Island
Chapter 825 – Plunder
Chapter 826 – Pirates Cove
Chapter 827 – Barbarians
Chapter 828 – Inn
Chapter 829 – Cry For Help
Chapter 830 – Tillen
Chapter 831 – Thieves’ Guild
Chapter 832 – Underground
Chapter 833 – Conference
Chapter 834 – Alliance
Chapter 835 – Establishing Might
Chapter 836 – Reward
Chapter 837 – Return Home
Chapter 838 – Sugar Cubes
Chapter 839 – Venus
Chapter 840 – Closer
Chapter 841 – Goddess of Wealth
Chapter 842 – Agreement
Chapter 843 – Mouthpiece
Chapter 844 – Pirates Tide
Chapter 845 – Dawn of Battle
Chapter 846 – Barren Island
Chapter 847 – Attack And Defence
Chapter 848 – Explosion
Chapter 849 – Two-legged Wyverns
Chapter 850 – Destruction

♟ Chapter 851 - 900♟
♟ Chapter 901 - 950♟
♟ Chapter 951 - 1000♟
♟ Chapter 1001 - 1043♟

ARC 6 — Final War

♟ Chapter 1044 - 1100♟


102 thoughts on “Warlock of the Magus World (巫界术士) – Index” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. that was just your own preconceptions. the MC was always as you call it “nasty”. I really like the MC though. Its cool to have an MC with different morals for once. He’s not a saint, and he’s not a complete dushbag. What he is though is a guy that wants power and is willing to go to any costs to obtain that power and survive. So he’s not evil and only cares about himself but not pointlessly so and its really refreshing.

        1. “What he is though is a guy that wants power and is willing to go to any costs to obtain that power and survive.”

          That is the definition of evil.

          I was seriously stoked with the premise when I read the summary…. a scientist in a fantasy setting? COOL.

          Then I read the rest of the summary…. Dark, cold, and calculating? Not helping people even though he can? Killing people who might cause trouble for him? NOT COOL

          Really, what’s with the influx of shitty protagonists -_-

          1. So far, i find the protagonist’s personality much better than that of a self-righteous reader with a moral superiority complex who has a boner for giving moral sermons and gets emotionally triggered if some authors decide to break up with millennia old traditions of goody goody protagonists to give evil and apathy and multi-layered manipulators a chance from time to time.

            Frankly, no matter how many morally corrupt protagonists get shat out in the next century, they will still not be as stale as your kinds of critics even after i’ve run through a thousand of them.

        2. not really refreshing-_-
          and he’s more like a monster, not good, not evil, just power-hungry
          there were several moments that i felt i should quit reading this, as it contains too many immoral choices.

          1. To me… It is refreshing. You put described the MC is a nice way, I like it. I think you should think of this novel as a guilty pleasure type novel. You get to laugh evilly as the protagonist wrecks everyone around him for his own benefit. If your morals are too strong to even have fun with this kind of thing then yeah maybe this isn’t for you.

      2. i haven’t started this novel yet, just looking for potential novels for my next read. i dont know your definition of “nasty” but just reading the synopsis the MC sounds like a MC with a tad of villain personality. so i think the point is that he is supposed to be nasty…

        1. He definitely not good by any means. He more chaotic neutral? I mean he not straight up evil like he enjoy making people suffer or anything but he doesn’t mind doing what needs to be done to get what he wants.

          1. One does not need to enjoy suffering to be evil, one simply needs to not care of the circumstances in pursuit of one’s goal.

            Really, “neutrality” rather a range within the moral spectrum, is simply a condition that is brought about by circumstance. This asshole of an MC does anything that suits his goals despite not really needing to do so, harming other just to speed up whatever plans he has.

      3. i agree the mc is retarded he likes does evil sh*t using girls as bait or torturing the fk out of people I hate the general feeling of I’m a scientist i’ll kill little babies if it benefits me kind of way

        but… i still keep reading and will probably keep until the end

        1. The MC is retarded? You’re just too used to the MC being the hero that saves everyone and is Mr goodie-to-shoes. The MC is cool as hell. Yes he does evil stuff, but most of that evil stuff is done to people worse then him. The MC is also a does good things, specially if they are for his friends. It is nice to have a MC that is actually doing shit for himself instead of everyone else and willing to walk the line between good and evil to get it done. If you want the MC to be the good guy all the time, go read children books.

          1. Between a hero and somebody who tortures people to death for some spirit body research is much space. The MC is clearly an evil character in alignment mostly neutral evil with the effects of his bloodline tending towards chaotic evil.
            Quote: “Neutral Evil people act soley in the interest of themselves and themselves alone. They have no loyalty and have no problems backstabing an ally. Greed drives a Neutral Evil person, and most are selfish and untrustworthy. However, Neutral Evil people will not commit evil acts unless there is some sort of payoff.”
            The circumstance that the MC has some sentimental feelings for his peers/friends doesn’t matter at all for that. Actually I think you have to search far and wide to find people worse than him.
            After all it is a good story with a villain as MC. It is like watching Star Wars from the perspective of Darth Sidious but that isn’t a bad idea. Either you like it or not.

          2. I would reply to Ryuo, but apparently that is not an option. So instead, I will support Vallain 🙂

            One thing that is certain, is that this MC is not evil.
            The MC will go out of his way to rescue or right out help friends in trouble, with no benefit for himself. His only requirement is that he will not hurt or risk himself to do so. If he can gain something from helping, he will do so, and maybe even rationalize his decision to help like that (first deciding to help, then figuring out he can gain from doing so).
            If he can help others, when trying to gain something, he will pick that road as well, rather than being truly selfish (wanting something, finding he can gain it through exchange. When he could simply use force and take it). In fact, he will likely view it as “equivalent exchange”, explained early.
            He is not the person who jumps down on the train tracks to push someone off of them. But he will reach out and grab the hand of someone he’s only met once, in passing, if he deems there is time, and he will not come in harms way. He might jump, if it was a friend, and there was no train in sight.
            That does not describe someone evil. More likely he is true neutral.
            He is not chaotic, because he follows rules, or codes. Some cultural, others even self imposed. He is not lawful, since he will break promises or binds, forced on him, by any means available.
            I think everyone agrees he is not good. And since he will actually help others without any gain, simply because he thinks he owes them, for some past deed. He is not evil either.
            Rather than alignment, and more interestingly, I’d ask:
            What is his personality actually like?
            He seems to have an outright need to rationalize all his decisions. And loosing control seems to really scare him.

          3. People are really freaking out about the soul torture thing.

            Yes, he tortures some souls so that he can vastly increase his own power. He makes sure to get said souls from death row criminals and to limit their quantity because he doesn’t want to get bad PR. Also looks to outsource said act as well when possible. But he still goes through with it because it is so vastly beneficial to him.

            And yes, that does make him evil. Evil does not mean “lulz lets kill everyone for the evulz and be incapable of helping anyone ever”. Many evil characters gave sets of rules that they follow. The MC of this one is at least only evil in a pragmatic manner

    1. Wooo Finally, i read the systran self translated gibberish but now i can finally get the whole story

    2. truth be told… this novel kinda have a slow pace in the beginning.. not much stuff happening

      if you can hold on reading till chapter 100+ ..it gets interesting a bit LOL

      still this kind of MC is “wicked cool” its not your usual kind of MC ..that is why i still keep reading this eventhough i could stop at any moment haha

  1. This looks interesting maybe i’ll like this MC more looks like it from the summary

  2. I was going to say… when did this get added?


    Ah reading the description, I really hope the mc turns out to be an evil bastard. Reading the bad guys perspective is often fun.

  3. Welcome to the Wuxiaworld.com. Thanks for translating this novel.

    Leylin :D, same name with mc of Coiling Dragon.

    1. You’re thinking of Linley. Leylin was a separate character, and they also joked about the similarity between their names.

    2. Well, The author said Linley went to the Science and Technology Cosmos after the end of Coiling Dragon jajajajajaja

  4. Every time I read the name Leylin, I think of the fire element character from CD.

    This story looks pretty promising though, welcome to Wuxia World!

      1. I’m trying to guess the point of this post, but I’m getting nothing unless you think Leylin’s name is Bluefire instead of it being a nickname or some kind of title.

      1. He had an earth clone, but fire was his strong point. Hence, his nickname being Bluefire and not Blueearth. He also became a lesser sovereign of fire, and his earth clone was relegated to pretending to be a paragon and being Linley’s secret bodyguard.

  5. Doesn’t like this serial much, but at least it’s honest about being an evil bastard XD

    Perhaps it’s interesting to see it from a selfish and evil MC’s perspective. At least this serial doesn’t try to whitewash MC’s selfish deed into something of Virtue, I know a popular serial that make that mistake and turn the MC into something without personality, just author’s puppet to act genocidal left and right but all the MC and heroines are hollows while MC and rivals are all antagonist who compete on who’s being crueller and the needs to make it into something virtuous stop the story from making any sense at all 🙁

    This story is about a selfish and evil MC and even the synopsys shows it in honesty XD
    I still don’t like it but I can tell that this is a proper story, not a mismatched story components bundled together like MGA, so I can enjoy it a little even if I don’t agree on what is beneficial according to the story.

    1. A well thought out analysis then again a majority of the main characters in these translated stories have little or no actual motivation, character development or world building. The few gems that do have those aspects that make a good story worth reading are hard to find among the muck. Then again I mean does that mean I’m going to stop reading MGA or Chaotic Sword God probably not because even though it isn’t a great story by God is it addictive!

    2. The MC is not evil just pragmatic. Don’t people ask why God kills people? Why some countries make wars on another?
      The MC just have powers, much much more than a normal human (and later on than countries and diet. So basically humans doesn’t mean much to him. Anyone advocate the rights of ants when they are stepped on?

      Though I believe the politically correct term in such literature is Antihero.

      Though I have to agree, he’s selfish. 🙂

    3. How is MGA mismatched? I don’t get that. I mean, I even read the raws and I can still understand where and how the story is going.. and this was an year back when I remember MGA only being translated until the first 200? chapters or less. I dislike how Chu Feng suddenly matured and lost his bloodthirsty attitude from when he was younger. Its understandable.. ahh but he was fantastic when he just killed everyone, haha.

      1. Well the problem is MGA don’t have any deep. MC is a dumb guy, who gets easily drugged, goes after every girl (even if he has 3 wives, which for them he has no time). All woman in the story are support and they are not worth anything.
        In the end it’s a one-man-show, MC bashing things.

        Compare it to Xian Ni, MC is also killing without batting an eye, but he is very careful, he is not dumb, learns formations techniques and alchemy, understand complex political problems and handle them without beginning a massacre.

        It is not the same but DD has also a MC with very calculating personality. The story is not about getting stronger and bashing things.

        Back to the original topic: For me, WMW is no good, just because MC is a little bit too OP for me. I prefer MC getting stronger with time, struggling and never getting OP.

  6. OMA, now that you are attached to wuxiaworld, can you really keep calling yourself the one man army? =p

  7. YESSSSS HOLY SH!T NICEEE, hope this just gets you going even more! , thanks for everything you have done for this novel and us

  8. Yet another novel moves to this site . . . and one I’m already reading, lol.
    Unfortunately, the “Donate” button doesn’t work yet =P

  9. Hey soo i know that i am totally behind the curve here, but i just saw this new book, and i wanted to welcome this new author and book here!! Welcome!! Join us!! Have fun!! Yeah thats kinda all i got for welc

  10. Hey soo i know that i am totally behind the curve here, but i just saw this new book, and i wanted to welcome this new author and book here!! Welcome!! Join us!! Have fun!! Yeah thats kinda all i got for welcome…wait… I cant wait to read this new book seems pretty cool!! Anyways just wanted to give you my very late welcome.

  11. Nice. Now all the webnovels I’m reading are on one site~ The Chinese ones anyway. Glad to see you here, OMA!

  12. Almost all of the lines spoken by the characters have exclamation marks…
    I can’t help but feel that the characters are shouting all the time.

    I mean! It just feels! Kind of weird! When people! Are Shouting! For no apparent reason!

    1. People in this novel’s world can cultivate in several ways, such as a Knight’s Qi, or a Mage’s Mana (Cultivating both does not create problems).

      After building up a sufficient foundation of Qi or Mana, a cultivator may attempt to break through to the next level, relying either on insight from battle or external stimulation (Potions/Elixirs, Energy enhancing arrays etc).

    2. Normal humans have the path of Knights wich can also be cultivated by mages and increases physical strenght and vitality, it requires breathing techniques and internal energy techniques wich are passed down on important families

      Preparatory Knight > Knight >Grand Knight

      The first stage requires training, the second requires ignition of life energy in a life or death struggle but there are people who reach it naturally, the third one requires and advanced technique

      Magicians practice energy absorbption but before becoming magus they need to pass the Acolyte stage wich has three levels

      Level 1 – Construction of mind runes using magic energy and great concentration
      Level 2 – Use of mind runes to launch spells
      Level 3 – Consolidation of the foundation

      In terms of power they were classified as
      Level 1 – 1 point
      Level 2 – 3 points
      Level 3 – 10 points

      Magicians have 9 levels but most of them never advance after level 1 due to stuff you will see in the story

      A level 3 acolyte at the peak of the acolyte power can level up to Official Magus with different methods, the most common one being learning a rank 1 spell (acolytes use rank 0 spells) and using a special potion to estimulate their magic but the method requires signing a vinculative contract with an organization and because of that most acolytes look for legacies to advance on their own and some of those legacies lead to variation magus with strange quirks

      Magus have a protectice spell that makes them almost invulnerable against acolytes and knights, both of whom usually have no defenses against spells unless they are backed by some magus, level 3 acolytes can easily deal with Grand Knights due to improved spell casting speed (compared with level 2 acolytes) and because cultivating magic naturally increases the body strenght a little below that of a knight, still, many acolytes also practice knight techniques to have as much advantages as possible and to use the knight techniques wich can give physical boosts

      Is not strange for acolytes and magus to be hurt by the magic radiation when advancing and because of that many of them are strange people

  13. can someone explain to me just what a flipping crossblade is. ive loooked online and there is absolutely nothing that i can see that makes any lick of sense. so if someone would be so good as to answer my question then thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  14. Yes, yes, yes, to see this novel here is quite a pleasure, get ready for a MC who doesnt try to justify his acts as “vengeance” or “justice” but who act ruthless for his own benefit and knows it

    He destroys any potential threat as soon as he can and helps his friends as long as the cost is not too high, cold and calculating, a MC who is fine with lying low and making preparations instead of rushing head on against the enemies and attracting attention

  15. No glossary? 🙁
    I’m gonna read now, and I guess I’ll make one, and if I don’t drop it, if I read it until the end, I’ll post it, and then you can go from there, just updating it, if you don’t want to start from the beginning to make a glossary. (It will take a while for me to read it all, I don’t have much time right)

  16. yep….. I love this novel to the core!!!! EXCEPT!!!!! FOR THAT F*CKING V-card THINGS!!!! AAARRRRGHHHH!!!!!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

  17. What I also love in this novel is that there is no fated encounter (until now). The MC encounters a lot of people but none stays forever, like real life. It’s not because you have a good relation with somebody that it is guaranteed that you will encounter him again in the future.

  18. I am now at chapter 103 and theres one thing im realy wondering. The MC was a scientist/engineer working on a reactor, he has/had some neural chip with high prozessing and analysing power so the world he came from should a least be as advanced as ours. So why does the MC up until now never come to the idea of using technology, developing and creating something like a gun, pistol, assault rifle, railgun, laser, explosives and other stuff? Perhaps even combining magic and technology for example condensing magical particels into bullets or stuff could be thinkable. Does this change in the following chapters?

    1. Do you think a scientist who work on reactor in the front of his computer can make a gun or laser pistol?

      Even if he had a blueprint of a machine gun, i doubt he can make it without high-tech factory and proper equipment

      1. There is nowhere written that he only works on a computer. Further he is neither a lawyer, a priest, a manager or just somebody from the street. He is a scientist. If he doesn’t know how a gun, a laser, a magnetic field… works who else should know and what kind of scientist/engineer never learned this in his basic studies?
        He was around 2-3 years in Extreme Night City. Getting some common metalls like steel, a good blacksmith for creating the parts should be just a piece of cake with his amount ressources there.

        1. If you read some more you’ll see that the MC does resort to some concepts from his previous world, however even at this stage in your reading you should have realized that the “magic” and rules of this new world far outweigh the power of anything that could be individually produced in his former world. Your “laser gun” would be great against normal citizens but you’d last less than 5 seconds against anybody who had gone past the level of acolyte.

          1. It is just that he isn’t “alone”. In terms of the common citizens in the new world he is filty rich has slaves and could easily afford some commoner specialists like a blacksmith or clockmaker.
            Even some low quality/handmade assault rifle/gatling gun would be enought to obliterate the defence of a magus within seconds. 10 shots per second bullets with even only 2-3° damage and every defense(30-60°) would go down within seconds letting the magus hit multiple bullets if not for something like this liquid metall guy it is all over for them. With this he could have done all acolytes in the bloodbath of the secret plane alone. Concerning the “laser gun” The laser isn’t magic nor a common attack, it’s traffeling with the speed of light. That is nothing you can easily dodge if you want to avoid it you have to acutally jump away before you see the one with the laser shooting at you. In reality it isn’t that slow motion stuff you see in Star Trek or Star Wars. Further you would need some opaque defense like some stonewall spell, an reflecting amour or the snake scales spell of the MC. Some transparent barrier like most magus’ seem to have wouldn’t work at all.

    2. Magic > Previous world’s technology. The MC himself has described Magus as having the power of a nuclear reactor. They themselves are leaps and bounds more powerful than a gun, or anything of that nature. Who’d win, the guy who has a gun, or the guy who can literally TURN IN SHADOWS?! It’s a pretty easy conclusion. Also, I highly doubt that a weapon of your description firing bullets that deal 2-3° would do ANYTHING to a magus. That’d be like blowing air at them from a hand held fan. As for a speed of light laser, that’s also illogical and not even worth it. Illogical, because the technology to produce that is pretty damn far ahead, not possible in that world without extensive effort. Also, I’m gonna put money on there already being abilities in magic that can produce faster than light attacks.

    3. Eh never liked the idea of using current technology to curbstomp new worlds easily but let’s put the idea through.

      Firstly we know that Leylin is a scientist from the description, that’s a very broad and vague term but from his skill set I think it wouldn’t be hard to believe his specific field was to do with biology.

      Now we got to ask, how did he come to learn of gun blueprints/ laser imprints etc etc, sure he gives off the vibe of a mad scientist but that just seems to imply more that he was strung into his field of research and had no time for hobbies etc. Gun mechanics isn’t something you learn on your first day of “science101”, it’s a specific field, many of my friends work or study in STEM and have no idea how to make a gun or gunpowder etc.

      But let’s say Leylin made a gun kinda like that guy from Arifureta from utter bs magic etc, how strong is this gun then? I mean it’s a simple impact device, acid javelin (an acolyte spell) seems much more powerful, but for your sake we’ll say it’s 2-3 degrees. Now how can we say it’ll only take 20-30 shots to destroy a magi’s innate shield? Is it a simple factor of 60-3=57? Or is it more like when you’re playing a game where you’re level 60 and some level 3 guy comes up trying to wail on you? In that case he could hit you hundreds of times but the difference in stats and level wouldn’t even leave a chink in your armor.

      No, I believe that the profound magic they use is much more enjoyable, also that a simple gun or even more advanced versions would be quite worthless against the magi and that to implement one into the storyline at this point in the game would be a terrible mistake.

  19. If you’ve ever played Zelda Skyward Sword on the Wii… the main character may or may not be Link (they both use swords, that’s about where it ends), but his A.I. Chip is 140% identical to that annoying blue nerve-wracking whatever that keeps annyoing Link (or rather, you) throughout the game. If you can deal with that, it’s an OK read.

  20. So wish ya’d take off that bit at the end of the description, the fake dialogue. Just feels so unrelated to the actuality that is Leylin.

  21. I know this question may sound dumb, but what elements can a mage possess in this world?
    We know of Darkness, Light, Fire, Earth, Water and Air. But are there any others such as Frost e.g.

    1. He actualy developed the affinity for frost element in the twilight zone so yeah there should be more…

  22. His another work named xianghuochengshendao is also a great novel.
    Highly recommen learn some Chinese culture would be better to get the point in that book.

  23. I am just curious how many chapters are there total in the raws, or are there more chapters being added to the raws?

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