Chapter 289: A Freak with the Boulder’s Heart

Chapter 289: A Freak with the Boulder’s Heart

With the aid of the six fire vines, it became much easier for Jiang Chen to absorb the fire attribute spirit power.

The six fire vines coiled around Jiang Chen, greatly decreasing the stress on him, as well as doubling his effectiveness in absorbing the spirit power and halving the effort to do so.

“The Lotus of Ice and Fire has been fretting about lack of nourishment for a while, and here comes this perfectly made cave. Tsk tsk, I’ve worn out iron shoes in my search, but have found what I needed right here. It’s a pity that I can only manipulate six vines at a time, or the rate of this absorption would be even faster. In the end, I’m still too weak.”

Jiang Chen felt a bit regretful. If he could release more vines, then the rate of his absorption would be even faster.

The faster they took in nourishment, the faster the Lotus would grow.

The faster the Lotus improved, the more it would raise Jiang Chen’s level of training. It would naturally be of great aid to Jiang Chen. 

The six fire vines greedily took in the endless fire attribute essence in the cavern, continuously...

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