Chapter 45: Dark Wasp

A zone within a zone!

I was overjoyed. My first thought was that I had entered a boss lair.

Queen Wasp Nest. This dark and eerie place must be where the Queen Wasp lived.

I looked up again, and just like before I saw only a small dot of light shining down from above. This pit was incredibly deep, and it was concealed by the forest. I guess I should thank the Domination Clan for attacking me, because there was no way I would have found this place otherwise.

I was regenerating health automatically when I heard a ring.


System Notice: Congratulations, your skill “Regeneration of the Undead” has reached Rank 3!

Nice. The skill automatically took effect whenever I wasn’t at max health, so it reached Rank 3 faster than I thought. Now, the skill regenerated 0.3% HP every second. Since my total HP was 750, I was regenerating 2.25 HP every second. Now I feel like a proper undead!

Clearly, super regeneration was one of my class’s natural advantages.

I tightened my grip around my blade after regenerating to full health and

walked deeper into the Queen Wasp Nest!

The walls were completely covered in holes, and I could even see wriggling pupae inside of them. It was a terrifying sight. When these pupae reached full maturity, they would transform into Wasps and hunt noobs at Venomous Wasp Forest. Who would’ve thought that I would accidentally fall into their nest?

Buzz buzz buzz...

Suddenly, I heard a familiar sound in front of me. Here they come!

Two patrolling wasps flew toward me at the same time. I was surprised to find that they were different from the wasps I had fought outside. Their heads were round and covered in venomous thorns, giving them the appearance of a fierce tiger. In fact, they were called Tiger Head Hornets, an incredible Level 37 wasp.

I gripped my blade and charged them without hesitation! The first attack belongs to me!

I swung my sword once and missed beautifully. Then, I followed up with a devastating Rank 3 Slayer Slash!


Seriously? That attack didn’t even delete half of the Tiger Head Hornet’s HP! This Level 37 monster is just too powerful!

Swoosh swoosh!

The two Tiger Head Hornets screeched in unison before attacking me, sending a wave of burning sensation across my chest. I lost a huge amount of HP, and I was poisoned by the attack!



This is bad. I need to end this as quickly as possible!

Bloody light wrapped around the Weeping Fire Blade. Undead Energy III gave me 15% damage bonus to living targets , and the Bloody Ring of Protection on my finger gave me another 3% boost. I struck the enemy three times, each stroke of my sword dealing more than 400 damage!




The Tiger Head Hornet had around 3000 HP, and I was able to drop it to low health with a series of devastating blows. However, it was able to launch one last attack and chip away 200 of my HP!


Left with no choice, I drank a Rank 2 Health Potion and regained 400 HP immediately. A normal health potion was completely insufficient in this situation. Lin Yixin and Clear Perfume potion-making skills were really starting to display their usefulness, and I resolved myself to maintain an excellent business relationship with them.


I slashed one more time and killed my first Tiger Head Hornet. Now that there was only one enemy left, my life was no longer in danger. With my Rank 2 Health Potions, normal health potions from NPC vendors and Regeneration of the Undead, I could probably kill the last Tiger Head Hornet without dropping below 75% health.


The second Tiger Head Hornet let out a bloodcurdling screech before dying under my blade. It even dropped a 91 Quality Big Magic Stone. Nice, that’s another 18 silver in my wallet!

I checked my experience bar: Level 32, 97% full. Those 2 kills actually boosted my experience by a whopping 3%! It was an incredible feeling, and it looked like I could level up once or twice in this Queen Wasp Nest. Of course, I would rather fight a boss and kill it. After all, the experience and items a boss gave were nothing like that of a common mob.

Happy, I continued onward and quickly encountered the second group of Tiger Head Hornets. Just like before they came at me as a pair, and I was able to beat them at the cost of one Rank 2 Health Potion. Moreover, I got yet another 88 Quality Big Magic Stone or 17.6 silver, just had to multiply the quality by two. Currently, 1 gold was worth 100 RMB, so this Magic Stone was worth 17.6 RMB. I could buy a dish of Fish-flavored Shredded Pork with this money!

I trekked through the dark and silent passages of the Queen Wasp Nest for over an hour, killing countless Tiger Head Hornets in the process. I was now at Level 33 and 25% experience, and the placements on the Heavenly Ranking had changed yet again. After Dominating Heaven Blade was killed by me, Lin Yixin had successfully reclaimed her throne— 

Wind Fantasy
Light Wanderer
Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand
Undead Swordsman
Dominating Heaven Blade
Magic Knight
Iron Pardon
Dominating Knight God
Magic Knight
Dominating Mage God
Dominating Warrior God
Dominating Archer God
Clear Perfume

For now, I sat at second place. I wondered where Lin Yixin grinded to increase her level this quickly. Did she hunt yet another boss?

I thought about it for a moment before relaxing. Levels didn’t represent a player’s full strength.

Suddenly, a beep entered my ears. Lin Yixin had sent me a message. “Hehe, what are you doing, Little Cheat?”

“Catching Wasps, duh,” I replied back sourly.

“I’m going to show you something good. Make sure you keep it a secret~”

“Sure, what is it?”

A pet entry entered my message box right after. It was the stats of Lin Yixin’s pet.


Fire Blade

Level: 1

Attack: 10

Defense: 7

HP: 10

Agility: 7


Attack ★★★★

Defense ★★★☆

HP ★★★★☆

Agility ★★★☆


I was completely stunned. This… this Fire Blade is a bit much, isn’t it? For each stat, the maximum base a pet could start with was 20, meaning that the perfect pet could have up to 80 BN. This Fire Blade had BN of 34, which was over twice the current average BN, 15. What was this nonsense?

Absolutely green with envy, I replied, “Why did you send me this… What are you trying to do...”

Lin Yixin was probably laughing her head off. “To make you unhappy, of course. Hehe, I’m happy if you’re unhappy…”


I closed the chat window and resolved not to speak with her anymore. Any more than this and I’ll die on my feet!

Still, it looks like that 15 gold I swindled from Lin Yixin left quite the scar on her heart. Take that, you lucky witch! Haha!

After the brief conversation, I went back to leveling and trekked deeper into the Queen Wasp Nest.

It wasn’t long before I ran into a new kind of bee. This one had transparent, gold wings and a cyan body. Its sting was openly displayed and dripping with chilling venom. It was as big as a basketball, and I could already imagine how painful it would be to be stung by it.


Killer Bee

Level: 39

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

HP: ???


Unfortunately, I couldn’t see its stats because my level was too low, but it wasn’t like I had another choice besides defeating it. This was a death trap I had fallen into, and the only way to escape it was to defeat every enemy that was standing in my way.


I hit the Killer Bee’s cyan head hard with a Pardoned Slayer Slash. A huge damage number popped into the air—1578!

After leveling up, I gained another 5 Attack. It looks like my damage has gone up again.

The Killer Bee had about 3300 HP, meaning that the attack had taken away about 50% of its HP. It only managed to retaliate once before I landed a couple more basic attacks and killed it, meaning that I didn’t even have to use a Rank 2 Health Potion. Well, that definitely saved me a lot of money.

I checked my experience bar and saw an encouraging boost. The experience dropped by a Level 39 monster was massive, and there was nothing more exhilarating than leveling up rapidly.

A lot of players must be hunting Level 20 bears in Frost Forest right now, and here am I hunting Level 39 Killer Bees in a boss zone. I’m so happy~

I continued forward and got a 99 Quality Big Magic Stone on my fourth Killer Bee kill. My luck is absolutely off the charts today! These magic stones alone should earn me a lot of money!

It was at this moment I received a message from Gui Guzi. “Boss, I want to consult with you about something.”

“Sure, speak!”

“A small group from the Domination Clan—three players to be exact—hired me and Brother B to kill a Level 27 boss. We had agreed to share the kill experience. But now that the boss is low on health, they want to kick us out of the party and claim all the experience for themselves. What should we do?”

I smiled and replied, “They’re the ones who broke the rules first. Did you save a record of the dialogue?”


“Good. Leave the party when the boss is about to die. Then kill it, take the experience and don’t leave behind a single item drop! We can afford to lose the commision fee!”

“Great, that’s exactly what I was hoping to do. Your approval makes it even better!”

I slammed my blade into the Killer Bee in front of me and smiled. From the moment I created Bloody Mercenaries, I swore that I wouldn’t allow my people to suffer by the hands of others. There was a saying “Wolves eat meat, dogs eat shit”, and we, the Bloody Mercenaries, were a wolf pack made of iron and blood! No one could snatch the meat in our jaws!

Over three hours and countless dead Killer Bees later, my experience was 75% full, still Level 33. I had been grinding in this Queen Wasp Nest for almost five hours, and I had finally reached the end of the map. The world in front of me abruptly widened, and I discovered that I had entered a wide temple.

Even the background music became intense and exciting. This is clearly the boss’s chamber!

Excited, I clenched my blade tighter and entered the temple. No matter how powerful the Queen Wasp is, I swear to slay it even it costs me Thirteen’s humanity!

However, my oath was thrown to the back of my mind when I rounded a corner and saw the boss. A dark cyan wasp about 40 centimeters long was flying inside the temple. It had transparent wings that looked as tough as steel, and its body was covered in a layer of thin shell. It emanated a dark light, and the sting protruding from its posterior was shaped like a sharp blade. It looked terrifying to say the least!


Dark Wasp (B Rank Boss) 

Introduction: Dark Wasps are a rare breed in this continent. A long time ago, it was prophesied to be the favored species of the gods. With its super Attack and Defense, a fully-matured Dark Wasp is brutal and bloodthirsty. For the adventurers of Heavenblessed, the creature is the manifestation of the Grim Reaper.


Rank B boss, super Attack and Defense? I couldn’t care less! Why? It was because my attention was completely pulled to the line of text hovering above its head—

Dark Wasp LV-1

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