Chapter 46: Super Dark Wasp


My mind turned completely blank!

How… how is this boss Level 1? I had no idea that such a thing existed in Heavenblessed. Does this mean it can be captured as a pet just like any other monster?

If my assumption is correct, this Dark Wasp has to be incredibly powerful!

I kept my emotions under control and held my breath.

Dark Wasp! A Level 1 Dark Wasp! The revelation kept resonating inside my head.

The first step was to release the 19 BN trash Wasp I had captured earlier.


I took out a Sealing Card and clenched my teeth. A Level 1 boss was pretty weak, so I wasn’t worried about my own safety.

However, I was worried that the boss would become Level 2 after five failed attempts. The capture rate of a Level 1 boss must be ridiculously low, and I was not a tamer with increased sealing rate. If I failed to capture this Dark Wasp, I would probably remember this failure for life.

For a time, I felt like I was standing at the center of a single-log bridge—the slightest movement was a source of trepidation for me. That being said, it wasn’t like I had any other choice. The only thing to do here was to act bravely and hope for the best!


I tossed the Sealing Card into the air, watching it as it flew above the Dark Wasp’s head and transformed into a cyan formation. It grew smaller and smaller as it pulled the Dark Wasp toward it with a mysterious power.

A progress bar showed how long it would take for the sealing process to complete, and I felt like my heart was threatening to leap out of my chest. Thankfully, the system didn’t make me wait long and dinged in less than 2 seconds.

System Notice: Sealing failed. Process can be repeated 14 more times!

I was a bit surprised by the system notice, 14 times? As I thought, things were different when a boss was involved. My success chance should be much higher than the last time!

I took out another Sealing Card and repeated the process. I had plenty of Sealing Cards in stock, so I wasn’t worried about running out and wasting this golden opportunity. Some tamers were so stingy that they only carried 10 Sealing Cards when out hunting. It was a decision they would regret deeply if they ran into a Level 1 boss like me.


The Sealing Card flew into the air and circled around the Dark Wasp’s head again.


System Notice: Sealing failed. Process can be repeated 13 more times!

Goddammit, another failure. Again!

Meanwhile, the Dark Wasp flew around the temple and did its own thing. It was completely oblivious to the malicious undead creature that was throwing Sealing Cards at it again and again.

I felt like my heart was breaking down bit by bit as the system bell rang beside my ears again and again.


System Notice: Sealing failed. Process can be repeated 12 more times!


System Notice: Sealing failed. Process can be repeated 11 more times!


System Notice: Sealing failed. Process can be repeated 10 more times!



System Notice: Sealing failed. Process can be repeated 1 more time!

Fourteen chances had slipped through my fingers in the blink of an eye. It was do or die!

Tears streaming down my cheeks, I kissed the Sealing Card and murmured to myself, “He Yi… Boss… Please give me strength!”


The Sealing Card transformed into a hexagrammic formation one last time and enveloped the Dark Wasp, shrinking and pulling it unto itself slowly. However, the wasp cried out and escaped the pull temporarily, only to be pulled back into the formation once more. The process repeated itself another four times before the Dark Wasp vanished into the magic formation once and for all!


System Notice: Congratulations, you have successfully tamed Dark Wasp (Boss)!

Shock, joy, ecstasy! No words could describe what I was feeling at that moment. If I had to try, I would say that it was like chasing girl you loved for many years, and she walked up to you one day and say, “Dummy, I’ve loved you since a long time ago…”

I checked my pet space and saw the Dark Wasp. When I summoned it and checked its stats, my heartbeat nearly came to a stop.


Dark Wasp LV-1

Attack: 18

Defense: 15

HP: 17

Agility: 19


Attack ★★★★★★

Defense ★★★★☆

HP ★★★★

Agility ★★★★★☆

My mind went blank again.

6-star Attack? 5.5-star Agility?

Holy shit this Dark Wasp is dope as fuck!

And would you look at that beautiful BN! 69! It’s way better than Lin Yixin’s Fire Blade!

I was absolutely overjoyed. Not only was this Dark Wasp a boss creature with amazing growth, its BN was absolutely amazing. I must have used up all the good luck and karma I had collected in the past 24 years of my life!

I brought up the friend list and noticed that Wind Fantasy was still online. So I sent her a message that said, “Beauty Lin, you wanna see something good?”

A few seconds later, Lin Yixin replied, “What is it? Send it over.”


I made a pet entry of the Dark Wasp and sent it to Lin Yixin directly. It took her five full minutes before she finally replied, “Lu Chen, I feel like murdering someone…”

I laughed like a madman while replying, “Mwahahahaha, fight me, bite me!”


Clearly, Beauty Lin had gone completely berserk.

Feeling very pleased with myself, I decided to depart for Floating Ice City. There was nothing to grab inside the temple, and I needed to level up my pet as soon as possible. No matter how OP it was, there was nothing it could do at Level 1. Once it caught up to my level, both leveling and PKing would become a lot easier.

I crushed a return scroll and teleported back to Floating Ice City. It was overflowing with people even during the night.

I checked my Satiety and noted that it had dipped below 40. It was time to fill up my stomach.

I walked out of Floating Ice City and ran straight for Frost Mound. Many days had passed inside the game, and I wondered how my little loli was doing.

On the way, I cut down any enemies or obstacles standing in my path and named my pet “Wind Fantasy”. It was perfect. I couldn’t wait to see Lin Yixin’s reaction.

I set the Dark Wasp to follow me and stay out of combat. By the time we reached Frost Mound, my Dark Wasp had reached Level 11 and grown a lot more powerful.


Dark Wasp

Level: 11

Attack: 128

Defense: 85

HP: 317

Agility: 169


At first glance, it seemed that my Dark Wasp gained 10 Attack, 7 Defense, 30 HP and 15 Agility at every level. That’s impressive! Its stats will be far superior to mine once it reaches Level 33!

That being said, we players had the ability to equip items and increase our stats. Moreover, a pet’s stats grew at a fixed rate. If I was wearing a set of top-rate armor, I could one-shot my Dark Wasp even if it shared the same level as me.

First thing upon arrival at Frost Mound, I sought out my trainer, the Undead Swordsman Suren. The huge skeleton stared at me and smiled. “Young undead, your growth speed is truly amazing. I’m glad, your addition will bolster our ranks and give us more strength to fight against the invading humans and evil Night Creatures.”

He then waved his hand and said, “A pack of heartless Hell Windwolves has appeared in the forest to the north of Frost Mound. They are so vicious that they devour humans and undead alike. I want you to punish them for what they’ve done to us, young undead. Kill 400 Hell Windwolves and bring back 100 Hell Windwolf Teeth!”


System Notice: Do you accept the quest [Hell Windwolf]?

I chose “Accept”.


System Notice: You’ve accepted the quest [Hell Windwolf]! (Quest Rank: D)

Description: Go north of Frost Mound and enter Immortal Trail Forest. Kill 400 Hell Windwolves collect 100 Hell Windwolf Teeth. Bring them back to the Undead Swordsman Trainer Suren for a very generous reward!

It’s time to kill some Hell Windwolves!

I set out after repairing my equipment and stocking up on potions.

But before I headed to Immortal Trail Forest, I stopped at Mushroom Forest to check on Xinran. She wore a blue dress today, and she was picking mushrooms and putting them into her basket. No matter the season, I could almost always find her at this location.

Xinran ran up to me excitedly when she spotted me and smiled. “You’re finally here, big brother! You’ve been gone for so long that I thought you vanished somewhere!”

I smiled at her and replied, “Of course not.”

Xinran took out an Oat Bread and gave it to me, smiling. “Here, your meal!”

I accepted the gift and ate it on the spot, but I discovered that my Satiety had only gone up by 50 points. It looked like my appetite had increased along with my level.

I passed Xinran a Big Magic Stone and told her to take good care of herself. She was very happy. We chatted for a while, but she left shortly after because she knew that I was busy. After bidding Xinran goodbye, I made way toward Immortal Trail Forest alone.

Immortal Trail Forest was a quiet and tranquil forest situated right next to Frost Forest. Legend says that angels once descended on this forest, which was how it got its name in the first place. However, it had been many years since a deity or an angel was sighted. With no one from above to protect them, the people of this land could only fight back against the Night Creatures’ invasion with their own hands.

I am neither a Night Creature nor a human. I’m a neutral undead who is slowly growing into a powerful Undead Swordsman!

Immortal Trail Forest looked like it was rarely visited, if at all.

The Weeping Fire Blade glowed slightly as I trekked through the trees. I paid close attention to both sides of the forest trail I was following because I couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was following me.

It was late in the night, and the wind was strong and frigid, as evident from the shaking leaves and branches beside the road.

I opened the map and noticed that the zone in front of me was all red. I must be pretty close to the Hell Windwolves’ spawn zone.

I sucked in a deep breath and entered the forest. The moment I took a step, a terrible stench suddenly overwhelmed my senses right before a huge, snow-colored wolf pounced toward me. Its mouth was full of saliva, and its teeth shone coldly under the sky.


Caught off-guard, it bit me for 287 HP before I could do anything. This Hell Windwolf’s attack is pretty high!

I turned around and unleashed my own devastating attack. My first attack, Pardon, missed completely, as usual, and I followed it up with an enhanced Slayer Slash!


The damage number appearing above its head was more than encouraging. Not only did the Hell Windwolf scream in pain, my attack was so powerful that it was sent flying into the air. The attack took half of its HP away!

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