Chapter 44: Queen Wasp Nest

The spawn rate of a Level 1 monster wasn’t high at all. At the very least, Dominating Heaven Blade and his group hadn’t encountered a single Level 1 Wasp up until now. That was why Dominating Knight God and Dominating Warrior God approached me with their weapons at the ready when they noticed that I had already sealed a Wasp.

Unafraid, I stared at the duo and smiled suddenly. “What is your business with me, heroes?”

Surprised, Dominating Knight God returned a smile and asked, “It’s nothing. So, you’ve caught a pet, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand?”


I turned around to caress my little wasp on the head before saying, “Tsk tsk, a Wasp has 4.5 stars in both Attack and Agility. It truly is the perfect offensive pet, don’t you agree? Plus, my Wasp has 35 BN. Haha, It’s great isn’t it?”

Envy immediately dyed Dominating Knight God’s eyes green. “35 BN? That’s… that’s crazy!”

Dominating Warrior God walked closer with his sword and sneered. “Say, friend, are you interested in selling this Wasp?”

I shook my head without hesitation. “Of course not. I need it myself!”

“Is that so?”

The trace of an evil grin flashed across Dominating Warrior God’s face. “I’m willing to buy it for 5 gold. Is this really not negotiable? Just treat this as the beginning of our friendship and a favor to the Domination Clan and the Gods of Destruction guild.”

I shook my head again. “No way! A Wasp with 35 BN is worth at least 50 gold on the market. Do you think I’m stupid?”

“In that case, we won’t go easy on you any longer!”

Dominating Warrior God pulled out his sword and sneered at me. “You can trade us the Wasp now, or be killed 7 to 8 times at minimum. The Domination Clan doesn’t mind camping your corpse for a couple of days, we promise~~ hehe!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. It barely took any effort to bait out their true nature!

It was at this moment Dominating Heaven Blade appeared with two archers and a priest. He yelled, “Warrior God, what are you doing? I told you Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand is our friend!”

Dominating Warrior God made up his mind and whispered, “Boss, he caught a Wasp with 35 BN! It’s crazy good!”


A multitude of expressions flitted across Dominating Heaven Blade’s face for a moment. Clearly, he was struggling to choose between me, his “friend” and the Wasp with 35 BN.

Sadly, I wasn’t as attractive as my own Wasp.

Dominating Heaven Blade tightened his grip around his blade and smiled. “Brother, I can give you 50 gold for that Wasp. Do you agree?”

I replied frankly, “If I don’t agree, you’ll camp my corpse and wipe my ID from Floating Ice City’s Heavenly Ranking, won’t you?”

“Haha, well…”

That he didn’t continue was by itself a tacit admission already. Beside him, Dominating Knight God said, “There’s no need to hesitate, boss. Let’s kill him just like Hot Sun two days ago. Hmph, Top 10 pro my ass! Let’s see if he can climb back to Top 10 after I camp him for the entire day!”

I didn’t expect this. Thanks to him, I abruptly recalled that Xu Yang had vanished suddenly from the Heavenly Ranking two days ago. So they were the culprits behind this!

“Hot Sun? He offended you?” I asked.

Dominating Knight God sneered, “Hot Sun, hah! Not only is he suicidal, he doesn’t know how to appreciate kindness at all! He refused to abandon his old guild—something something Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls—and join Gods of Destruction. What’s so good about that third-rate guild anyway? Hmph, those who cannot adapt to the times can only be crushed beneath it!”

My eyes turned bloody red, my head overwhelmed with anger, my rage burning. I longed to return to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and He Yi even in my dreams. No way in hell I’d allow anyone to blaspheme them!

Rustle rustle…

I disappeared from where I stood and appeared in front of Dominating Knight God in an instant. Injecting undead energy into the Weeping Fire Blade, I launched one basic attack each at his chest and his neck!



Both strikes were targeted at his weak points, so Dominating Knight God died with his eyes open. The possibility that I might attack him despite the number disadvantage never entered his mind until it was too late.

I slowly pulled out the blood-drenched blade from Dominating Knight God’s body before saying, “Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is not a third-rate guild. Die!”


Dominating Heaven Blade and the rest of the Domination Clan clan members realized what I did only when Dominating Knight God’s body had collapsed to the ground. Furious, Dominating Warrior God charged me while yelling, “Rat, how dare you hurt my brother?!”


Dominating Warrior God leaped into the air and executed the skill “Assault”. It was the signature skill of Level 30 Warrior boasting great attack power and a chance to stun a target for 1 second!

I looked up at my airborne opponent, a smile flashing across my face. I circled to his back perfectly, dodging out of his attack range and slashing him twice at the same time. The first strike was Pardon, and the second strike was Slayer Slash! There wasn’t even half a second of delay between the two strikes!



Dominating Warrior God could hardly believe how easily he had been killed by me!


Another body collapsed to the ground. I had killed two Heavenly Ranking pros in the blink of an eye.

However, I felt pain beneath my armpit and my back. I was shocked to discover that more than half of my HP was gone!


Combat Log: Player “Dominating Heaven Blade” used “Sword Drag Slash”, dealing 279 damage!


Combat Log: Player “Dominating Heaven Blade” used “Double Slash”, dealing 189 and 201 damage!

The situation was bad. Dominating Heaven Blade was definitely a top-rate warrior, and not even my Dark Steel–grade metal armor could protect me from his powerful attacks!

What was even worse was that Dominating Archer God just fired “Devil Piercing Arrow” at me. Devil Piercing Arrow was the signature second-promotion skill of the Archer class, and it ignored 50% of the target’s armor. It was a killer move against defense-heavy class like Warrior!

I backed away quickly and downed a Rank 2 Health Potion, recovering 400 HP in an instant. Thank you, Lin Yixin, I would have died if I didn’t have this!


The Devil Piercing Arrow struck my chest and exploded for 227 HP. This archer had completely broken through my defense.

The four enemy players charged toward me to secure the kill, the deadliest among them being Dominating Heaven Blade of course. As expected from the number one player on the Heavenly Ranking, his offensive power was no joke at all. Outnumbered, I would lose if I tried to beat them fair and square!

Fighting and retreating, I downed another HP pot and rolled into the trees behind me, hoping to find an opportunity to use Earth Escape to slip underground. But not only did the skill have a one-second cast time, my own brain was still delayed by about half a second. If I couldn’t find a way to stall them for 1.5 second, this battle would probably end badly for me.

Dominating Heaven Blade chased me and shouted, “Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, is this how you repay the kindness I’ve shown you? I will make you pay for killing my brothers!”

I snorted and checked the cooldown on Pardon. 45 seconds gone, 15 more to go. Hmph, just watch me drag you down from your throne when these 15 seconds are up, Dominating Heaven Blade!

I zigzagged non-stop to avoid Dominating Archer God’s attacks. Heavenblessed was a full virtual reality game, so there was no lock-on system when shooting. People couldn’t just get the target lock and spam skills. Now, the player had to at least aim near the target to hit. After all, it would look ridiculous to shoot in another direction just for the arrow to magically curve to hit the target behind you.

Thanks to my movement, at least half of Dominating Archer God’s shots hit nothing but trees. Moreover, thanks to my amazing Defense, his Devil Piercing Arrow was the only attack that I needed to be wary of.

Although Dominating Heaven Blade was a top-class player, my movement dizzied him and nearly caused him to run into a tree several times. His movement and control might seem extraordinary compared to a normal player, but his fluidity still had room for improvement. He was definitely just a bit inferior to Lin Yixin.

Pardon was almost done refreshing. My eyes almost never left the countdown.




It’s off cooldown!

I instantly ran an S across the terrain before turning around. Then, I swung the Weeping Fire Blade twice at Dominating Heaven Blade! He never had a chance to evade my Pardon + Slayer Slash combo!


Dominating Heaven Blade summoned a powerful wind around himself. The protective barrier around him seemed to work similarly to my Ghost Deity Armor.

Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t enough to withstand the divine punishment that came after Pardon!



Dominating Heaven Blade’s breath left his lips. Warriors didn’t have the highest HP scaling to begin with, and Dominating Heaven Blade only had slightly over 600 HP. How could he possibly withstand my attack?


Just like that, the boss of the Domination Clan and the leader of Gods of Destruction had died in my hands.

I was angry because of Dominating Warrior God’s words, because he said that Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was a third-rate guild.

To me, it was a name that deserved to be protected with my life. I would never allow anyone to trashtalk it, even if I had to give my life for it.

In reality, my situation was absolutely critical. Although I managed to kill Dominating Heaven Blade, the counterattack also gave the archer the opening he needed to shoot me.

Dominating Archer God’s Devil Piercing Arrow hit me with incredible force!



I downed another Rank 2 Health Potion the second I was hit. However, the shot knocked me into the air and sent me free-falling like a broken kite!


Shock gripped me as my vision turned black. I didn’t realize that there was a giant pit behind the bush I had been standing in!


I fell all the way to the bottom of the pit. When I looked up, I could barely see a sliver of light above me. This pit has to be a hundred meters deep at least!

“So, did we do it?” someone asked.

Dominating Archer God said, “I think so? He probably died from the fall damage. Let’s head back and report our success to the boss!”

“Okay. Damn this kid is fierce! He was fighting us alone, but it didn’t look like he was using his full strength. Hmph! What a shame that we couldn’t make use of a top-class pro like him!”

“Pro my ass. He still fell to my arrow in the end, didn’t he?”

“Haha, you’re definitely the reincarnation of Huang Zhong[1], brother!”


Not long after, the two players lingering above the pit went away to report to Dominating Heaven Blade.

As for me, I was busy looking around me and coming to the realization that this “pit” wasn’t as simple as I thought. The rocks on the walls looked completely natural, but I noticed that they were riddled with tiny holes. It almost looked like the pattern of a… hive!?

I felt chilled from the bottom of my heart. This is the Venomous Wasp Forest, so can this place really be a hive…?

I checked the map and felt even colder.

The location was “Queen Wasp Nest”!

1. Military general serving under the warlord Liu Bei during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China.

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