Chapter 29 - Tribute

Chapter 29 - Tribute

Chen Xi?


Everyone who was bound on the ground were from the Pine Mist City’s Commoners District. Even though they hadn’t seen Chen Xi before, they’d heard of Chen Xi’s name and nickname. At this moment, all of them couldn’t help but be stupefied when they heard about the youth that had suddenly appeared before them.

“Chen Xi, flee quickly! You’re not a match for him!” Someone shouted out anxiously.

“Right! Flee quickly! Tell everyone about old dog Wu’s evil deeds!” The others recovered from their shock and all suggested at once.

“Flee? Can he?” The black clothed guard that dashed over smiled even more terrifyingly, and he took a stride forward before raising his hand to grab towards Chen Xi’s shoulder.

Chen Xi didn’t even spare a glance as he clenched his fist before it shot out like an arrow to smash onto the black clothed guard’s chest.


A low and deep sound echoed out, and the black clothed guard was directly blasted flying over 30 meters by Chen Xi’s punch. The black clothed guard's terrifying smile instantly froze, his eyes sprang wide open and his face flashed red. He spat out a mouthful of dark red blood before falling limply on the ground and was completely unable to stand up again.

“You deserved death!” Chen Xi withdrew his fist and his expression was already extremely icy cold.

The atmosphere instantly became deathly silent.

Killing his opponent with a single punch?

No matter if it was the people who were bound on the ground, or those black clothed guards, they all looked at that tall and thin figure with disbelief.

“Idiot! All of you go together!” Manager Wu was the first to recover from his shock, and he shouted out in explosive rage.

He was extremely shocked in his heart as well. All these black clothed people by his side were core guards that the Li Clan had fostered and they all had strengths at the Congenital Realm. Moreover, they carried out sanguinary missions all through the year, and their martial skills and live combat experience had been tempered to become extremely abundant since a long time ago. Yet, unexpectedly, the black clothed guard had only just made a move when he was killed by a single punch from Chen Xi. If he didn’t see it with his own two eyes, Manager Wu would almost not dare believe his eyes.

Didn’t this kid only know how to craft talismans? When did his cultivation in martial skills become so formidable?

Could it be that he’s already attained the Violet Palace Realm?


It’s only been a few days. He only relies of crafting talismans to earn those meagre spirit stones, and he hasn’t become a disciple of any great figure. It’s utterly impossible for him to advance!

Perhaps, the attack from before was merely him seizing the opportunity to catch his opponent off guard, and his surprise attack was successful…

Although he thought like this, Manager Wu still felt slightly ill at ease and his gaze couldn’t help but once again descend onto Chen Xi.

Meanwhile, all those black clothed guards had already moved out.

“Kill!” The miserable death of their comrade and the furious roar of Manager Wu completely caused these black clothed guards to be filled with rage, and they all transformed into afterimages as they fiercely pounced towards Chen Xi.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Chen Xi stepped forward with steady and forceful steps that were neither fast nor slow, seeming to completely not notice the change in situation in his surroundings.

“Watch out!”

“Quickly flee! Do you not want to live?!”

Those people that were bound on the ground shouted out anxiously. Although Chen Xi killed a black clothed guard with a single blow, he was still only one person after all. These elite guards from the Li Clan were extremely skilled in group attacks, and the lone Chen Xi would have a close to zero chance to win when jointly attacked by them.


Chen Xi completely disregarded the saber that was smashing towards him, and directly struck his fist towards the pit of his opponent’s stomach.


The attacking black clothed guard’s was full of smiles when he saw Chen Xi being so careless and his saber struck onto Chen Xi’s shoulder. What caused him to be stunned was that his full force saber strike only left a faint white mark on Chen Xi’s shoulder, whereas his own abdomen was thoroughly penetrated by Chen Xi’s punch and he fell on the ground and exclaimed miserably a few times before breathing his last breath.

On the other hand, Chen Xi relied on this strike to break free of his situation of being surrounded. He was like a tiger that had escaped its cage, easily moving through the black clothed guards that surrounded him, and his fist was like dense raindrops that splashed out.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A string of heavy sounds of a fist smashing onto the body echoed out, and the 10 plus black clothed guards were like kites that had their strings cut off as they flew out with deeply sunken chests, and thick blood flowed out from their five orifices.

“How could this be possible?!”

“My god!”

“This… this… This isn’t real, right?”

Everyone present was shocked by the scene before them, and their pupils dilated as they gazed in disbelief at the tall figure that stood between the blood and corpses.

“You… We’re the black clothed guards of the Li Clan!” The unsightly expressions of the other black clothed guards revealed a trace of terror. They were furious, but didn’t dare arbitrarily move forward.

“I precisely want to kill all of you!” Chen Xi said in a cold voice. The Li Clan and the Chen Clan were originally mortal enemies, as the suspicion on the Li Clan was the biggest in the matter of Chen Tianli being ambushed to death and Chen Hao having his right arm crippled. So he naturally didn’t hold back in the slightest when killing them.


Chen Xi’s body drew back like a bow before throwing himself forward once again, the formidable Grand Collapsing Fist was exerted by him at full force, and it transformed into layer upon layer of fist images that killed another eight black clothed guards in the blink of an eye.

“This fellow’s body is utterly impenetrable by swords and sabers. He’s obviously cultivated a profound body refinement technique. Flee quickly!”


The remaining five black clothed guards shouted out in fright and they actually didn’t bother about Manager Wu as they turned around, intending to flee.

How could Chen Xi allow his enemies to flee right before his eyes? His body swayed at once and was last to move but first to arrive. Fist images flashed as his swift and fierce fist shot out fist lights that were condensed from True Essence to tear through the air towards the black clothed guards.

Instantly, a hole that was the size of a bowl appeared on the backs of the remaining five black clothed guards and they fell down lifelessly.

“Huh?” Manager Wu wasn’t able to maintain his composure any longer and his face went pale. Those fist lights of Chen Xi’s that tore through the sky caused him to notice a trace of danger.

“So formidable!”

“So strong!”

“No wonder he’s so composed. So it turned out his strength is actually so terrifying!”

Those people that had long since lost all hope suddenly became excited, as when they saw Chen Xi’s straightforward killing methods, a strand of hope once again lit ablaze in their hearts.

“Hmph! I never imagined that you actually cultivated in body refinement to the Congenital Realm. If I’m not wrong, it seems that your fist technique is soon to advance to the advanced-stage. No wonder you dare be so arrogant. Unfortunately, I’m already halfway into the Violet Palace Realm, and the strength I control is something you’re utterly incapable of imagining.” Manager Wu’s triangular eyes slightly narrowed.

Although he spoke like this, he didn’t dare be careless in the slightest. He didn’t care about the miserable deaths of the black clothed guards, but Chen Xi’s strength instead caused him have no choice but to be cautious.

It was common knowledge that the school of body refinement was the most difficult cultivation pathway. The slowness of cultivation and the difficulty of advancing wasn’t inferior to climbing a towering mountain on foot. But the strength of a body refiner was extremely shocking, as a body refiner completely dominated all qi refiners of the same cultivation. This was indisputable!

What Manager Wu said wasn’t wrong, Chen Xi precisely relied on the strength of his body that was extremely strong and the Grand Collapsing Fist that was soon to break through to the second level to successively kill over 20 black clothed guards in a short amount of time. Otherwise, solely based on his cultivation, facing the attacks of a group of initial-stage Congenital Realm black clothed guards with his qi refinement cultivation that was at the 8th level of the Congenital Realm was only courting death.

“Cut the crap! I’ll be taking your fucking life today!” Chen Xi said coldly. The battle with the black clothed guards couldn’t be considered dangerous, but it instead allowed him to further confirm his strength. Under the combination of his 8th level Congenital Realm qi refinement cultivation and his initial-stage Congenital Realm body refinement cultivation, he completely didn’t fear any Congenital Realm cultivators.

So what if he’s halfway to the Violet Palace Realm?

He’s still at the perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm in the end, and is nothing to be feared!

“Hmph! Since you’re courting death, I’ll fulfill your wish!” Manager Wu grunted coldly. His large hands that were like bamboo were covered in a layer of thick black mist, then he fiercely slapped his hands onto the ground.


The ground suddenly split open, and a pitch-black windy fissure swiftly spread out to the surroundings like a bolt of lightning.

Huh? He wants to…

Not giving time to Chen Xi to recover from his shock, a loud bang echoed out, and countless amounts of sharp rubble shot out of the fissures on the ground that spread out like a spider’s web, like hidden weapons that whizzed as they shot out like a storm. The target of the rubble was shockingly those people that were bound on the ground!

“Shameless!” Chen Xi finally got his head around the matter, and he shouted out explosively at once. His figure then flashed to stand before the group of people and his fists were swift like lightning as the struck towards the approaching rubble that blotted out the sky.

However, the amount of rubble was in the tens of thousands and were dense like a swarm of locusts. Chen Xi went all out and was only barely able to protect the people in an area of 3 meters around him, whereas due to being bound on the ground and unable to move, the other people who were slightly further from him were instantly robbed of their lives by the sharp rubble.

“Hahaha! These tributes are the food of Old Freak Violet Rhino! Now that so many have died, you just wait to suffer his fury! I’m sorry, but I can’t keep you company!” Manager Wu laughed loudly in complacency from afar, then his figure leapt up and he’d vanished after a few leaps.

Watching helplessly as Manager Wu fled off caused Chen Xi to have no place to vent his bellyful of rage, and his expression became even more icy cold.


After smashing the last piece of rubble, Chen Xi turned to look but he noticed that more than half of the bound people were dead, and only 30 over people remained.

Old dog Wu! I’ll fucking skin you alive one day!

Chen Xi took a deep breath and forcefully controlled the urge to give chase. The pressing matter of the moment was how to send all these people back to Pine Mist City from the extremely dangerous Southern Barbaric Forbidden Area.

Chen Xi pondered for a moment, then called over Lu Shaocong’s group of three that was concealed 5 km away and instructed the three of them to send these people back, whereas he instead chose to stay on the spot.

Lu Shaocong’s group of three had vaguely seen the earlier battle from the low hill, but their strengths were too weak so they didn’t dare arbitrarily take action and could only inwardly pray for Chen Xi to be victorious.

At this moment, when they saw the corpses and blood that covered the ground, and heard that all these people were tributes the Li Clan brought here to satisfy the belly of a greater demon, their hearts were filled with shock, fury, and indignation. Immediately, they didn’t hesitate to protect the mere 30 plus people that remained and carefully left.

This is the place old dog Wu and the Violet Rhino greater demon were going to meet. For the sake of those so-called tributes, that Violet Rhino greater demon will surely turn up. I only have to wait here. After sending Lu Shaocong and others off with his gaze, Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the ground right away. The dense smell of blood caused his mood to be in an extremely stifling state and he urgently wanted to vent his feelings. So that Violet Rhino greater demon became his target.


It wasn’t even 15 minutes when the faraway Spiritcave Lake suddenly shot out sprays of water that flooded the sky. A large fellow that was 3 meters tall stepped on the sprays as he dashed over while booms echoed out.

The large fellow was bald with a single eye, his 3 meter tall figure had muscles that seemed hard like a rock, and the muscles on his body all bulged largely, seeming to contain terrifying explosive force.

Even though he’s taken human form, the demonic qi on his body is unable to be concealed… It’s surely him! Chen Xi abruptly stood up and a trace of icy cold killing intent appeared on the corners of his mouth.

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