Talisman Emperor

Talisman Emperor

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Xiao Jinyu (萧瑾瑜)
Chen Xi was a jinx who radiated misfortune the way a torch radiated light, and everyone around him knew it. His entire clan was annihilated when he was young, and not too long after that his parents disappeared. His marriage contract? Poof. Torn to shreds and gone up in smoke before the eyes of everyone in the city, almost humiliating his grandfather to the point of suicide! Cultivation? No time for that, he had a family to take care of!
This is the story of Chen Xi, a youth forced to stop cultivating and instead craft talismans to pay for his younger brother’s tuition… and who, in the process, would rise to become known by all as the Talisman Emperor!
Crafting talismans.
Physique refinement.
Cultivating the supreme Dao of the sword.
Comprehending the profound meaning of the laws…..
In this world where primordial beings roam freely, Chen Xi relied on outstanding courage and wisdom, and heaven defying fortuitous encounters to eventually step onto the peak of the boundless Great Dao, and control everything under the heavens!
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106 Reviews
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Himavanth Reddy
4 years ago
Not recommended
Initially, it was quite interesting but as the story goes on, it gets more and more repetitive. It has many plot points that are really bad starting with romance forced by rape. Yes, Rape. The 2 main female characters fall in love with him because they raped him (Due to some circumstances) but regardless, it is a super shitty plot point. Hate this novel for that and many other reasons. Here are a few:

- Next to no usage of Talismans at all. It's all swords. Using Talisman's once every 500 chapters in a 2200 chapter novel does not make him a talisman emperor. Few mentions of Talismans in the beginning but it becomes irrelevant later. Author just forces Talismans into the plot here and there. His skill with the sword is also not interesting at all. Badly written.

- So many tournaments for no reason as he moves from region to region

- Rankings, Rankings everywhere. Not interesting when you see a new ranking for the 10th time where MC has to start from bottom.

- MC is a silkpants, has all inheritances and incredible techniques shoved into his hands

- Has OP seniors which will intervene at the perfect time to save his ass all the time

- MC has no common sense, just stupid. Not a likeable character

- Way too many young masters who are over their heads and have to mess with the MC just because..

- Way too much MC worship, it's annoying. Either that or people have to kill him just because they are jealous or look down on him. They have no sense either.

- Horrible harem. 2D personalities for all the women. Just copy and paste 10 times, you get 10 women in his harem

- World building is pretty bad as well. Much better world building in most other novels. It's like Martial God Asura. Go to new area, start from bottom, provoke everyone there. Kick their ass or run away, come back and win later. Become #1 in that area, move to higher area. Moving to higher areas every 300 chapters and giving random names to all these places is not world building.

This novel is not worth anyone's time. Don't bother with it.

4 years ago
Not recommended
- Repeating story elements, usually repeated in the same order.

- Very easy to predict where the story is going.

- Almost all the enemies have the same personality. Actually it's as if there's only is 4 types of people. MC, mentors, friends and enemies. There is 1 personality for each type.

- The story isn't about talismans. Talismans are used briefly in the beginning but that's about it for the next ~1000 chapters.

- Author has a tendency to set people/abilities/items up as if they will be important/useful in the future, but instead the author just forgets about them. This has happened multiple times throughout the story.

I like the story itself but because of the above mentionen problems i just can't recommend it. There is plenty of other stories out there that doesn't have these glaring issues.

Immortal Emperor Li
4 years ago
Not recommended
In general, this story isn't one I recommend. I followed all the way up to a 1000+ chapters before I completely gave up on it.

For the first few hundred chapters, it was pretty fresh and interesting. There were cooking, talismans etc, and talismans were cool because there aren't really novels revolving around it. But it becomes an afterthought incredibly quickly as the story moves on. This is when the novel truly goes downhill, as from forgotten plot devices (like magical treasures that were introduced for a specific purpose but never used), to horrible character development (which I shall not even bother talking about), to the most boring & drawn out repetition of any series which I have ever read. Like this repetition here is more painful that that of Emperor's Domination... Every single time the MC advances to a new realm, he would be the absolute weakest, and either he is on the run from being hunted or he gets bullied and chased down by everybody. The story is written in a way simply make the MC's life absolutely miserable, before introducing some bs elements to save his life at the last second. And throughout the novel CX doesn't get more intelligent, which could be largely due to the author's inability to write well, as the only thing he does is fight and kill without any ability to properly think for himself. Your talismans and cool elements are thrown out of the window, in the favor of plain sword moves that "integrate the concept of talismans", which honestly is just stupid and wastes the whole concept of talismans. Like their only purpose is to make your sword more powerful??

Long story short, interesting premise and certain parts intrigued me at the start, but as the story moved on, it got way too repetitive and was painful to read due to the author's inability to write anything other than tropes and deus ex machinas.

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