Chapter 28 - Violet Rhino Greater Demon

Chapter 28 - Violet Rhino Greater Demon

Forbidden area meant that it was forbidden to enter!

In the cultivation world, an existence that’s able to be called a forbidden area was usually a place that’s extremely dangerous.

The Southern Barbaric Forbidden Area was exactly so.

To the cultivators of Pine Mist City, not only were there various extremely terrifying greater demons living within that entire 50,000 km area of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, even the living environment was dangerous and complex. It was like a battlefield that devils roamed about freely within, and was completely not a place that a cultivator would step into with guts alone.

The Southern Barbaric Forbidden Area was situated deep within the 100,000 huge mountains in the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range.

Chen Xi had been living in Pine Mist City since he was young and had once heard of the rumors about the Southern Barbaric Forbidden Area. At this moment, when he heard that he would enter the Southern Barbaric Forbidden Area if he headed a little deeper, he naturally didn’t dare rashly move forward.

He was still able to guarantee the safety of his life if he hunted and killed demon beasts at the outer area of the southern barbaric mountains, but if he were to enter the forbidden area where greater demons roamed unrestrained, it would probably not be such a simple matter.

However, the map Duan Ying mentioned gave Chen Xi a reminder; if he possessed a map of the Southern Barbaric Forbidden Area, he would completely be capable of circumnavigating those dangerous place to avoid the places those terrifying greater demons stayed, and seek his intended target.

Duan Ying hurriedly chased up to Chen Xi when she saw him stop, then said respectfully, “Senior, the only reason the three of us dared to venture here was because I have a map that was handed down by my ancestors in my possession. It annotates in detail the geographical environment and distribution of demon beasts within the Southern Barbaric Forbidden Area. If you’re unfamiliar towards this place, I can help show you the way.”

Chen Xi was originally curious as to why these three people whose cultivation was only around the perfection-stage of the Postnatal Realm would actually be so brave as to dare hunt Silverwind Leopards within the southern barbaric mountain’s forest at night. Now, he was suddenly enlightened when heard about the map Duan Ying spoke of.

“I want to hunt a Congenital Realm greater demon.” Chen Xi said truthfully, as he wanted to hear Duan Ying’s opinion.

Congenital Realm greater demon?

Lu Shaocong, Qu Cheng, and Duan Ying all let out a breath of cold air and were extremely shocked.

Compared to Congenital Realm cultivators, demon beasts that had experienced countless years of tempering to advance to the Congenital Realm were not only able to take human form, but also usually had cultivations that were much deeper and more solid than cultivators. Coupled with the baptism of slaughter all through their lives, a Congenital Realm greater demon was completely capable of dominating a cultivator of the same cultivation, and were really extremely formidable.

And it was precisely because of this that when they heard Chen Xi wanted to hunt and kill a Congenital Realm greater demon all by himself, the shock in their hearts was imaginable.

“Senior, there’s a place called Spiritcave Lake at the outer area of the forbidden area, and a two-headed Violet Rhino greater demon that possesses a strength of around the initial-stage of the Congenital Realm occupies that place. Its skin and bones are as if made from steel, and it possesses boundless strength and shocking defense, but isn’t good at speed. If you want to hunt and kill a Congenital Realm greater demon, then this two-headed Violet Rhino greater demon is extremely suitable.”

Duan Yin withdrew a jade slip and looked through it a little, then a trace of excitement appeared on her delicate and pretty face as she swiftly said, “Even if you’re unable to defeat it, you can still safely flee.”

Spiritcave Lake? Two-headed Violet Rhino greater demon?

I currently possess a qi refinement strength at the 8th level of the Congenital Realm, and my body refinement has already advanced to the Congenital Realm, dealing with this initial-stage Congenital Realm Violet Rhino greater demon is extremely suitable.

Chen Xi pondered for a moment and directly asked, “Where’s the location?”

“I’ll take you!”

Duan Ying had a resolute expression as she said, “The three of us have all attained the perfection-stage of the Postnatal Realm. On one hand, we came to the southern barbaric mountain’s forest this time to collect the sharp claws, fur and skin of the Silverwind Leopard; and on the other hand, we also hope to be able to temper our strength through hunting and killing demon beasts, as we aspire to be able to break through to the Congenital Realm.”

“Senior, don’t refuse straight away.” Duan Ying didn’t wait for Chen Xi to speak as she continued. “Don’t worry, Senior. The three of us won’t interfere in Senior’s actions. On the contrary, if Senior encounters some danger, we can help as well. We only ask that Senior is able to allow us to witness a battle of the Congenital Realm.”

Chen Xi was in a difficult position, if he took the three of them, Chen Xi would still need to take care of them in the event that they encountered danger, and it was very exhausting. If he were to not agree, he didn’t know the location of Spiritcave Lake, and if he were to blindly search for it, he might counter a terrifying greater demon and it was extremely not worthwhile.

“Senior, take us along, leave life and death to fate. If we really encounter danger that we’re unable to withstand, then Senior doesn’t have to trouble yourself for us.”

“Yeah, Senior, take us along.”

Lu Shaocong and Qu Cheng changed the way they addressed Chen Xi, and looked at Chen Xi with eager eyes.


I never expected that the disciples of Redleaf Institution were actually all so insane, they only just escaped from danger and they want to risk their lives again? Could it be that advancing in their cultivation is even more important than their lives?

Even though he thought like this, but a trace of enlightenment silently slipped through his heart. If you haven’t gone insane, then you haven’t lived. Cultivators defy the heavens to seek the Dao. Convictions like theirs were absolutely what was needed to seed the Dao!

In the end, Chen Xi agreed to the three of them joining him.

Lu Shaocong’s group of three were extremely excited, they intended to share with Chen Xi some of the sharp claws, fur, and skin removed from the 10 plus Silverwind Leopard corpses on the ground, but were refused by him with a shake of his head. The sharp claws, fur, and skin were of no use to him, and bringing it along would only be a burden to him.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi’s group felt alarmed on the way but still safely arrived at a low hill.

“Senior, please look.” Duan Ying pointed ahead. “Spiritcave Lake is over there.”

Chen Xi looked into the distance and saw a vast and boundless great lake that rippled peacefully 5km in the distance. Under the rays of dazzling star light from the night sky, a dreamlike hue appeared atop the lake.

The nighttime fog curled upwards where numerous demon beasts of various forms could be vaguely seen swimming about the luxuriant aquatic plants, and a bird with wings that were 30 meters wide glided atop the lake. This was the world of demon beasts!

This is Spiritcave Lake? I never imagined that it would actually be so beautiful… Chen Xi thought to himself.

“Senior, the two-headed Violet Rhino stays at the bottom of the lake, at the center.” Duan Ying explained in a low voice and with an even more respectful manner.

On their way here, although she had a map in her possession, they still encountered numerous attacks from demon beasts. The strength of these demon beasts weren’t strong, but they were all adept in concealing themselves and launching sneak attacks. If it wasn’t for Chen Xi consistently being able to notice them beforehand and killing these demon beasts on the spot; if solely relying on the three of them, it would be absolutely impossible for them to arrive here safely.

“It’s relatively safer here. You three wait here.” Chen Xi’s formidable soul swept the surroundings, and he didn’t notice the tracks of any demon beasts.

“Okay.” Even though they were unwilling, Lu Shaocong’s group of three could only respectfully comply. They knew that if they approached Spiritcave Lake with their strengths, it was essentially courting death.


The tip of Chen Xi’s foot touched the ground, his body was like an arrow that left the bow as he swiftly flashed down the hill and dashed towards Spiritcave Lake that was 5 km away.

The vast Spiritcave Lake seemed boundless and the abundant water vapor contained dense spirit energy of the heaven and earth. If it wasn’t for the demon beasts that could be seen everywhere, this place would simply be like a Blessed Immortal Ground.

After a short moment, Chen Xi arrived by the lake and stopped to gaze into the distance.

His formidable soul’s energy surged out like a large net to slowly search the surface of the lake.

Splash! Splash! Splash!

The demon beasts and aquatic animals that swam nearby seemed to have noticed something as they were alarmed to the point that they raised their heads to look around, then they instantly fled in fright and vanished.

“The strength of my soul is only able to search an area of few tens of kilometers with difficulty. This Spiritcave Lake just had to be so big, if I continue searching like this, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to find that two-headed Violent Rhino even until dawn… Hmmm?”

Chen Xi suddenly noticed a trace of an irregularity, and he vaguely heard sounds of discussion coming from a hill that was extremely far from Spiritcave Lake.

Weird, it’s the middle of the night, why would there be people within the Southern Barbaric Forbidden Area?

Chen Xi pondered slightly then silently snuck over towards the hill.

The hill was completely barren, exposing numerous smooth and sharp rocks. At this moment, over 100 people were gathered there, but only a few tens of people were standing. They all wore black clothes and carried various weapons, wearing frosty expressions. The other people had their hands and legs tied, and they were all lay on the ground in kneeling positions.

“When will Old Freak Violet Rhino arrive?”

“According to our information, it’s around one hour from now.”

“Hmph! What great airs this fellow puts on! If it wasn’t for the sake of… Hmph! Hmph!”

A familiar voice sounded out, causing Chen Xi who was concealed in the shadows to be shocked inwardly, then he raised his head to look over, and the Li Clan’s Manager Wu shockingly stood at the center of the group of people.

Why would this old dog be here?

Old Freak Violet Rhino… Could it be that he’s come for the sake of the two-headed Violet Rhino greater demon as well?

“Old dog Wu! I never expected that our Pine Mist City would have such scum like you! You actually have no scruples to take our lives as tribute for the sake of getting on friendly terms with a greater demon! Truly throwing the face of your Li Clan!” A weak and small youth that was bound on the ground suddenly cursed loudly in rage.

“Bah! Scum that’s willing to be the lackey of a demon beasts! Even if I’m killed by a demon beast, I won’t fucking let you off even in death!”

“Your Li Clan is full of scum as expected! Fiends in human form! Worse than animals!”

Seeing the youth taking the lead in resisting, the other people that were bound on ground followed to start cursing out in rage, and their voice contained dense resentment and fury.

“Courting death!” A fellow in black clothes walked forward and fiercely kicked the youth then cursed. “So what if all you trash from the Commoners District die? What’s with all the nonsense?”

Commoners District…. Could it be that these people are like me? They’re all the poverty stricken people that occupy the lowest levels in Pine Mist City?

The killing intent in Chen Xi’s heart boiled when he heard this. Old dog Wu actually taking the lives of others to curry favor with a demon beast and be the lackey of a demon beast. This was utterly heartless, contemptible, and malicious to the utmost limit!

“Who? Come out!” Manager Wu suddenly looked towards the spot Chen Xi was concealed. It was because of the fluctuation in Chen Xi’s mood that had caused his aura to leak out, and it instantly drew Manager Wu’s attention.

“Old dog Wu! I’ll kill you today!” When he was exposed, Chen Xi knew he couldn’t hide any longer, so he walked out from the shadows right away, then coldly stared at Manager Wu with a gaze that contained dense killing intent that raged like fire.

“Hahaha! I was wondering who it was, but it turned out to be you, jinx! Falling to your ambush a few days ago caused my Li Clan to lose three core disciples. I originally planned to get even with you later, but I never imagined that you would obediently hand yourself over. It’s truly the will of the heavens!”

Manager Wu was slightly startled when he saw Chen Xi, then he suddenly threw his head back and roared in laughter before waving his hand while ordering. “Go! Break all the limbs of this fellow and cripple his cultivation! I want to make him become absolute trash!”

“Yes!”  A black clothed guard impatiently leapt out of the group, he had a terrifying expression on his face as he rubbed his hands together and walked towards Chen Xi.

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