Chapter 30 - Collapsing a Rock Into Powder

Chapter 30 - Collapsing a Rock Into Powder

“Hmm?” In practically an instant, the single-eyed large fellow appeared on the hill and his gaze swept the surroundings. As he gazed at the Li Clan black clothed guards that had died miserably, his expression suddenly became unsightly.

“You killed all these people?” The single-eyed large fellow turned to gaze fiercely at Chen Xi who stood alone in the distance and his expression kept shifting irregularly.

Chen Xi didn’t answer him, instead he coldly asked, “You’re that Violet Horned animal?”


The single-eyed large fellow was stunned, then he burst into a rage and shouted out explosively. “Human kid! You dare insult me?”

“Not only did I insult you, I also want to kill you today!”

After confirming the identity of the single-eyed large fellow, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate any longer and his figure flashed out. His fist contained a terrifying strength as it fiercely struck at the Violet Rhino greater demon.

“A Congenital Realm kid actually dares to be conceited before me? Truly courting death!” The Violet Rhino greater demon was completely enraged when he saw Chen Xi being more unreasonable than himself and he extended out his hand that was like a fan to fierce grab towards Chen Xi’s fist.

A stupid cow, as expected!

Since the moment Manager Wu fled, Chen Xi had a ball of rage suppressed within his heart that he had no place to vent. When he saw the Violet Rhino greater demon at this moment, he wouldn’t let himself suffer any longer and decided to attack right away with full force. At this moment, when Chen Xi saw the Violet Rhino greater demon being conceited to the point he wanted to use his hand to grab onto Chen Xi’s fist, Chen Xi couldn’t help but sneer in his heart.


The fist and palm collided and emitted a terrifying loud bang. A stream of air rolled out and the air emitted buzzing sounds of vibrating, and numerous trenches instantly split open due to the ground beneath their feet being unable to endure the terrifying pressure from their attacks.

This fist strike contained Chen Xi’s formidable strength of his body mixed with the terrifying strength of his 8th level Congenital Realm cultivation, and were shot out through the instant force exertion of the Grand Collapsing Fist to directly blast the Violet Rhino greater demon flying 10 over meters!

What caused Chen Xi to be surprised was that the Violet Rhino greater demon stood firmly the moment he dropped onto the ground and he was actually without the slightest injury.

“Your strength isn’t bad, but it’s still too weak to me!” The Violet Rhino greater demon’s single-eye emitted a vicious and fierce expression and he had a face full of resentment as he said, “Next, I’ll let you experience what is a true Congenital Realm greater demon!”

As he spoke, billowing demonic qi abruptly surged out from the Violet Rhino greater demon’s body, and his entire body instantly transformed into an enormous rhino that was 30 meters tall. His brownish violet colored thick skin was suffused with demonic qi and his entire enormous body was like a small mountain. Chen Xi was like an ant before him, as Chen Xi’s height wasn’t even up to his knees. Most shocking of all was that atop its thick and strong neck was an astonishing two enormous heads.


The Violet Rhino greater demon that had resumed his beast form roared towards the sky with a thunderous voice that caused booms to echo out in an area of tens of kilometers around him. The various demon beasts that cultivated underwater in Spiritcave Lake all raised their heads in fear and started to shiver.

Towering demonic qi?

There was no fear in Chen Xi’s heart, and instead battle intent that was boiling like lava surged through his entire body. Only by killing such an opponent would I be able to allow my cultivation in the Martial Dao to improve!

“Kid! If you only know how to swing those two laughable fists, then you can wait to become my side dish for wine today!”

As he laughed wildly without restraint, the Violet Rhino greater demon abruptly lifted his hooves that were enormous like a center column of a house to fiercely descend down from above and directly trample towards Chen Xi.


An ear piercing explosion sounded out from a stream of air shattering, seeming as if this stomp had stomped a hole through the sky. It hadn’t even touched Chen Xi, when Chen Xi had already understood its might.


Chen Xi leapt up, his fist that spewed an eye piercing shine of True Essence was like a whistling shooting star as it smashed onto the enormous hoof of the Violet Rhino greater demon with a loud bang. Yet, it only left a sunken fist print and caused very little injury.

Chen Xi instantly retreated.

Bang! Bang!

The fierce battle on the ground caused the ground to split into countless cracks, and an enormous chasm appeared at the heart of the cracks.

“It’s no use. My Violet Rhino race possesses peerless defense by nature, and I’ve experienced thousands of years of tempering. My body has attained an extremely high level since long ago. If you were a Violet Palace Realm sword cultivator, I might still fear you. But unfortunately, you aren’t. At most you’re only a little kid who knows little fist technique. Hahaha…” The Violet Rhino greater demon couldn’t refrain from roaring with laughter when he saw Chen Xi dodging in a sorry state, and his hooves stomped on the ground as he once again trampled towards Chen Xi’s small body that was like an ant to him.

This stupid cow’s strength is extraordinarily great, whereas I don’t have a weapon in hand. If I want to kill him, it looks like I have to climb onto his body and concentrate my fist on a single spot on his head. I only need to break his skin and I might be able to kill him…” Chen Xi flashed backwards once again, and he madly pondered in his mind as he dashed violently.

“Afraid? Want to run? Hmph! You can’t escape!” The Violet Rhino greater demon roared as he followed close behind Chen Xi. He moved swiftly with his thick and strong enormous hooves, completely disregarding everything in his path as he forced his way forward.

Kacha! Kacha!

Numerous large trees that required many people to encircle, seemed like straw that was extremely weak under the trampling of the Violet Rhino greater demon’s enormous hooves and they collapsed onto the ground with a bang.


Chen Xi reached the peak of a large tree with a leap, then he turned around to face the Violet Rhino greater demon that was dashing over in attack.

“Waiting for death?” The Violet Rhino greater demon roared with complacent laughter, then fiercely stomped towards the large tree.

Right at this moment, the top of Chen Xi’s leg suddenly hit the tree trunk and using the rebound force from the tree trunk, his body was like an arrow that left the bow as he swished swiftly up high into the sky, then his waist twisted and he moved into a windy arc to firmly descend onto the Violet Rhino greater demons back.

“Get the fuck down!” The Violet Rhino greater demon burst into rage when Chen Xi leapt onto his back, and his enormous body started to sway violently.

Chen Xi had seized this opportunity with great difficulty, how could he allow himself to drop off? His legs instantly exerted strength and his body was like an ancient tree that was rooted deep within the ground, no matter how the Violet Rhino swayed, he didn’t move in the slightest.

His two fists instead were like raindrops as they descended onto the head of the Violet Rhino greater demon with an extremely high frequency.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The strength of Chen Xi’s body was tempered by the baleful qi of five different stars, and couple with his condensed and dense True Essence, every fist strike of Chen Xi’s was like a 150,000 kg iron hammer smashing down. Instantly, a mark that sunk extremely deeply was smashed out on the Violet Rhino greater demons thick skinned and strong head, but unfortunately, it was still unable to break open his skin.

“I’ll eat you!” Suddenly, wind that smelt of dense blood came straight at Chen Xi’s face, the Violet Rhino greater demons other enormous head had turned around, and he opened up his bloody mouth that had crisscrossing fangs that were sharp like swords to fiercely bite towards Chen Xi.

Come at me!

Chen Xi had expected most of this since long ago, and he suddenly dashed out wildly, stepping onto the Violet Rhino greater demons neck right until the end, and like a small nimble monkey, his body leapt up to barely dodge the Violet Rhino greater demons bloody mouth. After this, an eye piercing fist light appeared on his right hand that had been accumulating force since long ago, and his fist was swift like a bolt of lightning as he fiercely smashed it towards the Violet Rhino greater demons eyeball.


The skin and flesh on the Violet Rhino greater demons entire body was thick and rough, and his defensive ability was shocking, but that eyeball of his that was the size of a millstone was still extremely frail. Under Chen Xi’s fist that had been accumulating force for a long time, a large hole was instantly blasted out on his eyeball, and a ball of disgusting green fluid sprayed out.


The Violet Rhino greater demon ceaselessly howled at the sky, and his enormous head swung about madly.

And Chen Xi seized this opportunity to swoop down like a hawk from mid-air, and firmly descend on the spot he was at earlier, then he once again fiercely smashed his fist towards the sunken spot at the middle of the Violet Rhino’s head.

The Violet Rhino greater demon had already been completely enraged, and if he didn’t make the best use of his time to break open the defense on the Violet Rhino’s head, then an unforeseen event might again if he were to be slow.

A strong sense of urgency caused Chen Xi’s mind to highly concentrate, he only had a single thought in his heart, and that was to break open the skin and flesh before him, break open… He’d forgotten everything in his surroundings, forgotten the Grand Collapsing Fist that he’d already become skilled in, and he sunk into a type of obsessed yet chaotic state.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Xi’s fist sounded oppressive like thunder, within the chaotic sound of the fist strikes was a trace of a strange rhythm, and his fist strikes became rhythmic. Every time his fist descended, the force of his fist would slowly increase. Within Chen Xi’s mind, the scenes of him cultivating the Grand Collapsing Fist during the past month appeared clearly, and traces of enlightenment silently accumulated…

“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!” The Violet Rhino greater demon was completely enraged from having one of his eyes injured and Chen Xi sticking onto him like sticky candy. He seemed to be in a frenzied state as his body that was enormous like a mountain lifted off the ground, then fiercely smashed himself towards the ground with his back facing downwards. Judging by his actions, he seemed to want to smash Chen Xi to death on the ground.


Right at the instant the Violet Rhino greater demon lifted himself off the ground, Chen Xi awoke from that strange state, and a trace of a radiant splendor suddenly flashed within his eyes. He lifted his right hand and the surrounding air was instantly shaken to the point circles of ripples could be seen with the eye, then it emitted a buzzing sharp whistle as he fiercely smashed his fist down!

Crack! Crack!

Countless cracks suddenly appeared on the enormous head of the Violet Rhino greater demon, then a cracking sound echoed out, and the enormous head transformed into countless pieces of flesh and bone bits that rustled as they fell onto the ground, seeming to be like it was raining bits of blood, flesh, and bones.

And at this moment, the enormous body of the Violet Rhino greater demon crashed onto the ground with a bang.

“AH!” The Violet Rhino greater demon lost a head and an eye of his other head was injured, and he lay on the ground as he emitted low and miserable howls of pain.

The vitality of demon beasts were extremely strong, and they were able to recover to their previous state even if their limbs were severed off, but their heads and hearts were their true weak points. And at this moment, having one of his heads blasted into pieces caused the Violet Rhino greater demon to be heavily injured.

“Tell me, why did the Li Clan want to offer tributes to you? I can let you die a swift death.” Chen Xi stood in the distance as he said coldly.

“Don’t I still have to die even if I tell you? Be forthright and kill me!” The Violet Rhino greater demon said resentfully. The large amounts of blood that surged out of where his head was severed caused his vitality to become weaker and weaker.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me.” Chen Xi walked forward and mercilessly smashed out with his fist, and the remaining head of the Violet Rhino greater demon instantly transformed into a pool of blood and flesh mud.

A Congenital realm greater demon that had cultivated bitterly for thousands of years had died just like this.

As expected of the second level of the Grand Collapsing Fist, collapsing a rock into powder. Although it’s unable to cause the head of this stupid cow to transform into powder, but its might still exceeds my expectations. 

Chen Xi silently felt the changes in the Grand Collapsing Fist’s might and he couldn’t help but slightly sigh with emotion in his heart. “Senior Ji Yu wasn’t mistaken. Sure enough, martial skills are only able to be tempered to achieve an even stronger might in life and death battles. I wonder what sort of might the third level of the Grand Collapsing Fist would have…?”

Killing the two-headed Violet Rhino greater demon caused the killing intent and rage within Chen Xi’s heart to be fully vented, and the most gratifying thing was that he’d attained the second level of his fist technique. Combined with his own cultivation, he’d already become fearless of anyone with a similar cultivation as him!

“This stupid cow had cultivated for thousands of years. I wonder what valuable things he has…?”


Chen Xi instantly arrived beside the enormous corpse of the Violet Rhino greater demon, then his hands grabbed out to swiftly tear the thick skin of the Violet Rhino starting along the spot the head was severed.

After a short while, an inconspicuous storage ring fell onto the ground.

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