Chapter 27 - Southern Barbaric Forbidden Area

Chapter 27 - Southern Barbaric Forbidden Area

“Oh shit! Junior Brother Qu, Junior Sister Duan, watch out around you!” The blue clothed young man’s face went pale when he heard the continuous sounds of beast roars that rose and fell, and he stopped attacking the Silverwind Leopard before assuming a defensive posture with his saber before his chest as he carefully prepared himself.

At practically the moment the blue clothed young man finished speaking, the other man and woman successively stopped their attacks before gathering by the blue clothed young man’s side, and their faces were already horrified.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Accompanied by the beast roars that resounded out, ten plus Silverwind Leopards appeared around the rock pile, completely surrounding the three of them in a right ring.


The Silverwind Leopard that was nearly forced to a corner and killed walked unhurriedly with an even pace to stand within the group of beasts, then it faced the three of them as it emitted a complacent roar.

“Dammit! I never expected we would fall into this dirty beast’s ambush!” The blue clothed young man’s expression was exceedingly unsightly. When faced with this scene, how could he not guess that the Silverwind Leopard from earlier was only bait, and it wanted to bait the three of them to here?

The other man had a round face and small eyes, and immaturity was contained between his brows, as he asked with a terrified and trembling voice, “Senior Brother Lu, what should… What should we do?”

A single Silverwind Leopard’s strength was comparable to the perfection-stage in the Postnatal Realm, and at this moment, there were over 10 Silverwind Leopards around them. With their cultivations, they didn’t have the slightest chance at victory.

“What else can we do? We have already been completely surrounded by these dirty beasts. It’s utterly impossible for us to flee.” Senior Brother Lu replied with a calm expression. He was similarly extremely anxious in his heart, as they were within the forest of a southern barbaric mountain and it was even deep within the night. Thus, it was impossible for them to seek help.

“Senior Brother Lu, Senior Brother Qu, I’m sorry. It’s all because of me. If it wasn’t for the sake of obtaining the skin, fur, and sharp claws of the Silverwind Leopard for me, the two of you wouldn’t encounter such danger. I’ll draw them away later, and you two seize the opportunity to flee.” The nearby young woman was delicate and pretty, yet thin and weak. As she spoke, tears welled within her eyes, and her expression was extremely remorseful and regretful.

“Junior Sister Duan, don’t talk nonsense!” Senior Brother Lu shouted out explosively, then he raised the long saber in his hand and said coldly, “We’ll attack together. Killing one beast is one beast. Even if we die, we will die together.”

“Right! The Dean always says that if you only think about fleeing when faced with danger, then you won’t be able to become a true saber cultivator throughout your lifetime. I support Senior Brother Lu!” Junior Brother Qu gnashed his teeth as he spoke, the terror on his face disappeared, and his immature round face was filled with a firm and vicious expression.

“Senior Brother…”  Junior Sister Duan began to speak but stopped. She was moved to the point she was unable to speak.

“Kill!” Senior Brother Lu lightly smiled, he glanced the Junior Brother and Junior Sister beside him, and then his face revealed dense killing intent as he shouted out explosively with the long saber in his hand, attacking the Silverwind Leopards first!

“Kill!” Junior Brother Qu and Junior Sister Duan followed right behind him, holding their long sabers tightly with surging battle intent.


The ten plus Silverwind Leopards moved out when they saw their prey still wanting to put up a last struggle, and their robust figures flashed past the night sky as they brandished their one meter long sharp claws to pounce towards the Senior Brother Lu’s group of three.

“These three people are in danger…” Chen Xi silently watched the faraway battle, and as he watched the three Redleaf Institution disciples that were like straw as they struggled bitterly within the group of beasts, he extremely admired the three of them for their courage and camaraderie to not abandon one another.


A shrill cry of pain sounded out, as a Silverwind Leopard had seized an opportunity during the gaps in his defense, and its sharp claw fiercely tore open two deep wounds on Junior Brother Qu’s chest.

“Junior Brother Qu!” Senior Brother Lu shouted out explosively. He wanted to save Junior Brother Qu, but the three Silverwind Leopards before him were constantly harassing him, causing him to be unable to free himself, and his face distorted from rage and gloominess.

“Senior Brother Qu, quickly leave with Senior Brother Lu!” Senior Brother Lu saw Junior Brother Qu was about to be killed by the Silverwind Leopard, but he heard a delicate shout and Junior Sister Duan disregarded the attack in front of her as she turned around to swing her saber at the Silverwind Leopard beside Junior Brother Qu.

When Senior Brother Lu saw Junior Sister Duan disregarding her own safety to go save Junior Brother Qu, his face couldn’t help but go pale and he cried out involuntarily in alarm, “Junior Sister!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three Silverwind Leopards seized this chance to rush over, and their sharp claws fiercely clawed towards Junior Sister Duan from behind.

“Senior Brothers, I still want to be your Junior Sister in my next life…” Junior Sister Duan knew that death was at hand, and she slowly closed her eyes.

“Junior Sister!”

“Junior Sister!”

The furious roars of her two Senior Brothers entered her ears, it caused her to feel happy yet sad, and she said in her heart, “I wonder when I can hear their voice again…”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A burst of heavy and dull sounds suddenly echoed out, like a 500kg sandbag had fallen from the sky to smash down onto the ground, and there were miserable beast howls mixed within.

I’m not dead?

Junior Sister Duan opened her eyes in complete bewilderment, and when she saw the scene before her, she instead felt that she was dreaming.

Suddenly, an unfamiliar youth stood before her. The youth had a thin and tall figure, and a handsome and firm face. He silently stood there seeming like an immovable mountain, causing one to be unable to help from feeling safe and at ease.

Three miserable Silverwind Leopards that were howling in grief were shockingly beneath the youth’s feet.

The youth was precisely Chen Xi, and the reason he saved them was extremely simple. While atop the three, when he saw that Junior Sister Duan willing to give up her life to save her comrade, he was extremely moved by this camaraderie that was strong as metal and stone. How could he watch on and see her die beneath the sharp claws of the Silverwind Leopard?

“The Grand Collapsing Fist is formidable as expected. With my current strength, I’m completely capable of killing this group of Silverwind Leopards by myself!”

Before he attacked, Chen Xi had never thought that he would only need three punches to shatter all the bones in the three Silverwind Leopard’s bodies. At this moment, when he gazed at the three Silverwind Leopards that had lost their ability to fight, strong confidence couldn’t help but be aroused within his heart.


Chen Xi’s sudden appearance caused the attacks of the Silverwind Leopard group to cease for a short moment. When they saw their companions howling miserably while lying on the floor and unable to stand up, the ferociousness of these Silverwind Leopard’s were completely stirred, and they abandoned their opponents to howl as they dashed towards Chen Xi.

Bring it!

Killing intent flashed within Chen Xi’s eyes, and his figure swayed before rushing straight at them.


Body like a bow, fist like an arrow, Chen Xi struck out with his fist and strong winds howled out in all directions. A Silverwind Leopard was like a ball that was slapped flying with a rod, fiercely smashing deep into a rock 30 over meters away and was unable to stand up again.

Chen Xi didn’t stop for a moment after successfully using a single move to deal with a Silverwind Leopard, then he leaned to the side and bent his waist to dodge the attack that pounced at him from the front. His right elbow shot out like lightning to fiercely strike his fist onto the abdomen of his attacker.


His arm directly went through the stomach of the Silverwind Leopard, breaking upon a bloody hole the size of a bowl, and internal organs that were covered in blood splashed and flowed down.

Chen Xi waved his hand to toss the corpse away before once again pouncing at another Silverwind Leopard.

At this moment, battle intent surged in Chen Xi’s chest. After his Grand Collapsing Fist had attained the first level, collapsing a rock into beads, his two fists were contained the twofold strength of both his body and True Essence, and were simply like two 150,000kg axe hammers. So long as a Silverwind Leopard was struck, the bones in its entire body would shattered and it would die on the spot.

The more Chen Xi fought, the more exhilarated he felt. Earlier, he’d always been cultivating by himself and the method of testing his strength was to use his fist to shatter a rock. How could it compare to being surrounded by dangerous attacks that could take his life, allowing him to release all his strength without holding back in the slightest?

This sort of feeling was like meeting his match. His battle intent ceaselessly rose, the more he fought, the more ferocious he became. He tempered the nimble and swift Grand Collapsing Fist and became even more proficient and skilled with it.

The three Redleaf Institution disciples had gathered together, as with the addition of Chen Xi, the pressure upon them instantly lowered greatly, even to the extent they were completely unable to interfere and could only obediently stand aside. At this moment, Junior Brother Qu couldn’t help but let out heartfelt praise as he gazed at Chen Xi who was like a war god under the shroud of night, skilfully and easily killing the Silverwind Leopards successively. “So formidable! Is that the Grand Collapsing Fist?”

“It’s indeed the Grand Collapsing Fist, but it seems to be even more simple and effective than the moves of an ordinary Grand Collapsing Fist. Not only has the strength increased a level, but even the might of it is extremely shocking.” Senior Brother Lu had extremely sharp judgment, but with his cultivation, he was still unable to see through the profundity of Chen Xi’s fist technique. Even so, he still couldn’t help admire in his heart and he vaguely felt that Chen Xi’s fist technique ought to enter the advanced-stage very soon.

The advanced-stage, that’s a stage that only Violet Palace Realm cultivators were able to master!

What caused Senior Brother Lu to be bewildered was that the youth’s cultivation seemed to have not attained the level capable of developing the Violet Palace. What’s going on? Could it be that this fellow is a disciple of a great sect?

“I wonder who this fellow is? Why have I never heard of a figure as formidable as him within the younger generation of our Pine Mist City?” Junior Brother Qu exclaimed with admiration as he cleaned the injuries on his chest.

“Hmph, what fellow? Mind your words Senior Brother Qu, this Senior saved our lives.” Junior Sister Duan fiercely glared at Junior Brother Qu.


Senior Brother Lu cracked a smile. It looks like in the heart of Junior Sister Duan, that youth has already become an old monster with unfathomable cultivation.

Within the cultivation world, so long as one had developed the Violet Palace and established the Dao Foundation, not only would one’s appearance not change anymore, even their lifespan would attain a qualitative leap. Some great cultivators were able to live for at least a few hundred years, and some were even able to live for thousands of years. So, when faced with an unfamiliar cultivator that possessed a higher cultivations, people would ordinarily call the unfamiliar cultivator as ‘Senior.’


Chen Xi struck the last Silverwind Leopard flying, then he looked around and saw the ground filled with corpses. He smacked his lips in dissatisfaction before turning around, intending to leave.

The strongest amongst these Silverwind Leopards only possessed a strength at the perfection-stage of the Postnatal Realm and were already unable to satisfy his combat needs. Moreover, it was only six hours before dawn, and dawn would also mean that he would once again return to the Quiet Room to train in the culinary arts. So he had to make the best use of his time and seek out a true Congenital Realm greater demon to temper his live combat experience.

“Fellow Daoist, please wait.” The lives of himself and his Junior Sister and Junior Brother had been saved. Senior Brother Lu wouldn’t watch on as their savior left, so he hurriedly chased him.

Lu Shaocong walked forward and said respectfully, “I’m the Redleaf Institution’s Lu Shaocong, this is my Junior Brother Qu Cheng and Junior Sister Duan Ying. Thank you Fellow Daoist for saving my life. May I ask for Fellow Daoist’s name, and where do you live? I will surely return the favor with lavish gifts once we return to Pine Mist City.”

“There’s no need. I only lifted a finger. Demon beasts roam without restraint within this southern barbaric mountain’s forest, all of you should leave as early as possible.” Chen Xi shook his head, but was unwilling to reveal his identity, then he walked off.

Lu Shaocong’s group of three were dumbstruck, and seeing that Chen Xi was gradually going further and was about to disappear on the shroud of the night sky, Duan Ying suddenly said, “Senior, are you heading to the Southern Barbaric Forbidden Area to hunt some greater demons? I have a map here, perhaps it would be of use to you.”

Southern Barbaric Forbidden Area?


Chen Xi was stunned and abruptly stopped his footsteps.

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