Chapter 22 - Wandering Cloud Sword Sect

Chapter 22 - Wandering Cloud Sword Sect

This pair of brothers are really dragons amongst men, the young brother revealed unparalleled talent in the Dao of the sword, and the older brother advanced by leaps and bounds in his cultivation. If the Chen Clan wasn’t annihilated, then it would absolutely be able to forge supreme brilliance in the hands of these two brothers!

Meng Kong ceaselessly praised in his heart.

If the numerous disciples of Pine Mist Institution knew that Meng Kong who possessed the reputation of Grim-face Instructor was able to praise others as well, their jaws would absolutely drop from shock.

“Right, doesn’t the Pine Mist Institution prohibit disciples from going out?” Chen Xi asked, as seeing Meng Kong beside Chen Hao, he vaguely felt that something should have happened.

Chen Hao nodded. “Brother, Uncle Meng Kong wants to take me to leave Pine Mist Institution and head towards Dragon Lake City to enter the Wandering Cloud Sword Sect to train. I came out this time precisely to listen to your opinion.”

Wandering Cloud Sword Sect?

Chen Xi’s heart fiercely shook and he shot his gaze at Meng Kong.

If sects were divided into various grades and ranks, then the Wandering Cloud Sword Sect that was situated within Dragon Lake City that was at the heart of the southern territory would absolutely be a first-rate sect. Supposedly there were quite a few Earthly Immortal Realm experts that lived in seclusion within the Wandering Cloud Sword Sect. Also, the abundance of the Wandering Cloud Sword Sect’s hidden resources and reserves was something that very few powers in the entire southern territory could compare to.

“Chen Hao’s comprehension in the Dao of the sword is superb, and what’s even harder to come by is his Sword Heart which is solid. Thus, he’s extremely suitable for the path of a sword cultivator. I feel we should allow him to go to the Wandering Cloud Sword Sect to receive the most legitimate training in swordsmanship, and not learn in a small place like Pine Mist City. Otherwise, it would delay his future.”

Meng Kong said in a deep voice, “Besides that, you don’t have to worry about his safety on the way. I’ll send him all the way to Wandering Cloud Sword Sect.”

Chen Xi was only worried about this, because a month ago, his grandfather precisely lost his life in the hands of their enemies while sending his younger brother to Dragon Lake City to participate in the Thousand Sword Sect’s test.

Now when he heard that Meng Kong would accompany Chen Hao, Chen Xi completely let go of his worries, then he looked at Chen Hao’s eyes as he said earnestly, “You’ve grown up already, Big Brother respects your choice. The Wandering Cloud Sword Sect is stronger than the Thousand Sword Sect. If you’ve really decided to go, then you must make sure to take good care of yourself.”

“Okay!” Chen Hao had a staunch expression as he said, “Brother, don’t worry. Once I finish learning and return, we’ll surely kill all the enemies of our Chen Clan!”

Hatred has been planted into his marrow?

A trace of worry couldn’t help but arise within Meng Kong’s heart, as the more one had a staunch mentality, the more obstinate and stubborn one was. If Chen Hao’s Sword Heart was blinded by hatred, then there was an extremely high likelihood that he might experience qi deviation one day in the future.

Chen Xi frowned and berated. “Don’t mention the matter of taking revenge again in the future! If I find out that you went looking for our enemies alone, then don’t call me brother anymore!”

“Oh.” Chen Hao sulkily lowered his head when he saw Chen Xi getting angry, but the obstinate expression in his eyes didn’t change in the slightest.

“How about this, once you attain the Golden Core Realm, you can do whatever you want, and I won’t interfere.” How could Chen Xi not understand Chen Hao’s thoughts? He knew he couldn’t use force but had to gradually persuade Chen Hao, so he instantly put forward a suggestion of compromise.

“This suggestion is good!” Chen Hao raised his head in excitement then cried out. “Brother, just you wait. I’ll quickly attain the Golden Core Realm, and at that time you better not stop me anymore.”

“It’s a deal.”

“It’s a deal!”

The two brothers stretched out their fists and tightly grasped each other’s hand.

Meng Kong lightly smiled and was just about to say something when he suddenly turned around to gaze into the distance.

Under the night sky, a silhouette swiftly flashed over like the wind, yet the figure emitted a trace of a panicked and terrified aura.

“Chen Xi!” The silhouette that was running madly suddenly stopped and exclaimed in surprise as he gazed at Chen Xi who stood in the distance.

At this moment, Chen Xi and Chen Hao finally recognized the person, it was shockingly the Li Clan’s Manager Wu.

Manager Wu was in an extremely sorry state; his emaciated face was extremely pale and a trace of bitterness and terror still remained in his expression. Chen Xi’s group of three couldn’t help but be slightly curious when they saw this.

Why would this fellow appear in the Commoners District for no reason?

What did he encounter to cause the dignified Manager of the Li Clan to be in such a sorry state?

Manager Wu’s gaze flashed past Meng Kong and he couldn’t help but be stunned. He recalled Luo Chong who was before Chen Xi’s home and his face became even more unsightly. Could it be that all this was a trap this fellow set?

The number one expert under the command of the General’s Estate, Luo Chong, guarding at his home’s front door, and there’s the strongest expert in Pine Mist Institution, Meng Kong, supporting from behind. If this isn’t an ambush, then what is?

“Chen Xi, you’re going too far! Having an ambush and support, what an atrocious plan! Just you wait! My Li Clan will absolutely not let you off!” Manager Wu didn’t dare stop for a moment after fiercely putting down a threat, he turned tail and fled.

What does he mean?

It wasn’t only Chen Xi, even Chen Hao and Meng Kong were clearly confused.

They didn’t know that in the heart of Manager Wu, he’d long since firmly believed that everything that happened tonight was a trap that Chen Xi had placed after deliberate planning for the sake of dealing with him and the three Li Clan brothers in one fell swoop.

“Hmph, it’s only an old dog of the Li Clan’s, there’s no need to pay any attention to him.” Meng Kong grunted coldly with a voice that contained dense disdain.

“Brother, did that old dog look for trouble with you while I was training at Pine Mist Institution?” Chen Hao gnashed his teeth,  his face filled with killing intent.

Chen Xi shook his head. “Let’s hurry up and go home. The reason old dog Wu was fleeing in a flustered state tonight might be near our home.”

Meng Kong sighed with admiration in his heart. They’d only come into contact with Manager Wu for a short moment and Chen Xi was already able to roughly determine the reason Manager Wu was fleeing in a sorry state. Such wisdom and thinking could practically be called close to demonic!

“Meng Kong!”

“Luo Chong!”

When they arrived before Chen Xi’s house and saw Qin Hongmian who sat on the stairs and Luo Chong who stood respectfully by her side, Meng Kong was startled as he exclaimed in surprise.

Right at the moment Meng Kong had just opened his mouth, a ball of cold light abruptly shot out of Luo Chong’s eyes and he practically exclaimed in surprise at the same moment.

Obviously, the two of them ought to be quite familiar with each other. As for how their relationship was, Chen Xi was unable to judge. However, he finally confirmed something, the fleeing of Manager Wu surely had something to do with this number one expert under the command of the General’s Estate, Luo Chong.

“Meng Kong, you’re finally willing to step out of Pine Mist Institution? Do you dare fight me today?” Luo Chong was like a child that had seen its favorite toy, he stared at Meng Kong with a burning gaze and his tall figure suddenly surged with billowing battle intent!

“I’m busy.” Meng Kong shook his head with an expressionless face. His tone was dull, as if he wasn’t afraid of Luo Chong attacking him in the slightest.

In fact, Meng Kong had a slight headache when he saw Luo Chong.

In the eyes of others, perhaps Luo Chong is the Grand Commander of the General’s Estate that could only be revered, but in the eyes of Meng Kong, this fellow was absolutely a madman that was addicted to battle. So long as one was believed to be an opponent that could be battled by this fellow, then he would stick to you like how traditional paste medicine stuck to the body. Unless one fought him straight off, otherwise, one would absolutely be unable to flee from this fellow’s harassment.

Meng Kong wasn’t afraid to battle Luo Chong, but as a prideful sword cultivator, his sword was used to kill and not spar, and he was unwilling for his own sword to become a whetstone for another, so he was absolutely unable to agree to this.

“That won’t do. You have to agree today even if you don’t want to. It was so difficult to catch you, I can’t let you off so easily.” At this moment, Luo Chong was no different from a madman, he unsheathed long and narrow, pitch-black Eradication Blade with a clang, and a terrifying aura shot out to instantly firmly lock onto Meng Kong.

“If you dare attack, I’ll use the name of the Pine Mist Institution to notify the General’s Estate. As the Grand Commander of the General’s Estate, actually stirring up trouble on the street. I wonder how General Qin would think of it when he finds out?” Meng Kong’s expression remained unfazed as he spoke unhurriedly.

“You… Shameless!” Luo Chong was hit in his soft spot and flew into a rage.


“You’re too shameless!”


“You’re simply shameless to an unreasonable extent!”



Seeing Luo Chong and Meng Kong who were like bickering children, Chen Xi and Chen Hao looked at each other and were both speechless.

Is this still that number one expert under the command of the General’s Estate that’s famous within Pine Mist City?

Is this still that person that’s reputed as the number one sword cultivator in the Pine Mist Institution?

“You’re Chen Xi?” There was someone more composed than Chen Xi and Chen Hao, even to the extent of completely ignoring Luo Chong and Meng Kong. She was naturally the Little Princess of the General’s Estate that was madly addicted to the Dao of talismans, Qin Hongmian.

“Oh, I am.” Chen Xi recovered from his shock and sized Qin Hongmian up. He couldn’t help but be slightly curious when he saw that it was a young girl with a neat and beautiful disposition. It’s already deep into the night, why was she on my house doorstep? And she even has an expert like Luo Chong protecting here…


Could it be that she’s the Little Princess of the General’s Estate that’s greatly doted upon, Qin Hongmian?

“I’ve finally found you.” Qin Hongmian laughed happily, then she withdrew a pile of talismans from a small and exquisite Hundred Treasure Bag and said quickly, “These are all the talismans you crafted that I bought from the market. The structure of the talisman markings had of style of its own that’s novel and mysterious, and its might has increased by nearly double. I want to know the principle behind it, I wonder if you can help me understand?”

Practically everyone in Pine Mist City knew that the Little Princess, Qin Hongmian, of the General’s Estate was addicted to the Dao of talismans. At this moment, when he heard this young girl speaking of talismans and the structure of talisman markings the moment she opened her mouth, Chen Xi was finally able to confirm the identity of the neat and beautiful young girl before him.

“I’m only a talisman crafting apprentice, it seems I’m unable to help you, right?”

Qin Hongmian’s eyes sprang wide open as she said in disappointment, “But all these talismans were crafted by you, how are you be unable to help me?”

“I…” Chen Xi really didn’t know how to reply when faced with a young girl who was addicted to the Dao of talismans and had pure thoughts that weren’t tainted with the ways of the world. He thought for a moment then extended his hand to take a talisman from Qin Hongmian’s hands, then slightly sized it up before recognizing that this was one of the Earthshield talismans he crafted after comprehending the Fuxi Divine Statue.

“I’m indeed unable to explain the reason behind it. It isn’t that I don’t want to tell you, but it’s that even I haven’t figured out why I can craft such a structure.”

“Really?” Qin Hongmian stared with her clear and innocent eyes with a confused and puzzled appearance.

Chen Xi nodded, he was indeed not deceiving Qin Hongmian, those new version talismans were purely a product of the uncomfortable feeling he felt while crafting talismans and he still hadn’t figured out the specific reason. How would he dare agree to Qin Hongmian’s request?

“How could it be like this?” Qin Hongmian pursed her small mouth and her eyes became red as tears dripped down.

Chen Xi was extremely stunned.

“Kid! Do you know that the Young Miss of my General’s Estate had been waiting here for you for an entire day?”

Luo Chong suddenly rushed over when he saw Qin Hongmian crying and berated  him with a low voice. “To think that I even helped you kill the three assassins the Li Clan sent, but I never imagined that you, kid, would be so heartless and ungrateful!”

“Uncle Luo, it isn’t your fault, it’s mine.” Qin Hongmian persuaded in a low voice as she cried. Her appearance was tender and delicate and caused one to be unable to help from feeling tender and protective towards her.

Luo Chong was even more furious when he saw this, then he stared at Chen Xi and said in a deep voice, “If you don’t agree to the Young Miss’s request today, then I’ll fucking tie you up and bring you into the General’s Estate!”

“You dare!” Chen Hao who hadn’t spoken all this time spoke out first, his small face was filled with rage as he stared at Luo Chong and shouted. “My brother didn’t offend her, on what basis are you tying up my brother and bringing him into the General’s Estate?”

Chen Xi stopped his brother and shook his head to stop Chen Hao from speaking any more, then he shot his gaze onto Qin Hongmian and said in a light voice. “I indeed do not know how I did it, but I’m instead able to give you a suggestion.”

Qin Hongmian’s eyes lit up as she wiped off her tears.

“I feel that cultivating a visualization technique to make your soul stronger ought to have extremely great benefits to the Dao of talismans.” Chen Xi pondered for a moment then slowly spoke.

“Visualization technique?” Chen Xi had only just finished speaking when Luo Chong and Meng Kong both exclaimed in surprise at the same time, their faces filled with disbelief.

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