Chapter 23 - Exquisite Pavilion

Chapter 23 - Exquisite Pavilion

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slightly curious when he saw the stupefaction on Meng Kong and Luo Chong’s faces. Is there anything wrong with cultivating a visualization technique?

“Brother, I’ve heard Instructor Meng Kong say that soul visualization techniques are extremely rare. No more than three powers within Pine Mist City possess a visualization technique.”

“The reason that visualization techniques are valuable is because they’re unable to be passed down in the form of jade slips or physical writing and illustrations. Instead, it requires being personally passed down by the original owner via a type of Secret Technique, and is only able to be passed down to one person and not be passed on widely. This is precisely also the reason why it’s so rare.”

Chen Hao noticed Chen Xi’s confusion and explained by his ears in a low voice. “However, I’ve also heard that those ancient sects with abundant hidden resources and reserves possesses different Visualization Secret Treasures that are forged by remarkable figures using their own thoughts. One can comprehend a visualization method through these Visualization Secret Treasures, like the Inscribed Swordstone of the Wandering Sword Sect is a mysterious Visualization Secret Treasure.”

Chen Xi came to a suddenly understanding as he recalled the Fuxi Divine Statue within his mind, and only now did he deeply feel it become valuable.

“I’ll learn a visualization technique as soon as possible. If I’m still unable to comprehend the mystery of the structure of these talisman markings at that time, then I’ll come look for you again.” Qin Hongmian clenched her small fists and her clear eyes emitted a light of burning staunchness as she waved her hand at Chen Xi before turning and leaving.

“Meng Kong, forget it this time. I’ll surely battle you next time!” Luo Chong was unable to care about asking Chen Xi about the visualization technique when he saw Qin Hongmian leaving. He fiercely glared at Meng Kong before leaving rather unwillingly.

“The madman finally left.” Meng Kong smiled when he saw the two of them leaving, then he turned around to look at Chen Xi with a strange gaze. “No wonder you advanced so quickly. So it turns out that you’ve cultivated a visualization technique.”

“Probably.” Chen Xi casually replied and was unwilling to speak any more about it.

“A visualization technique is extremely marvellous, and extremely rare and valuable. Don’t talk about this with anyone in the future, otherwise, your life might be in danger.”

Meng Kong smiled. “But don’t worry, although Luo Chong is a madman, he will surely not reveal your secret.”

Chen Xi nodded, but he secretly thought in his heart, There isn’t a wall on this world that doesn’t have a crack. I’ll surely not speak of this matter to another in the future. I nearly planted a seed of misfortune for myself this time…

The next day, Meng Kong brought Chen Hao along to step foot on the path to Dragon Lake City.

Chen Xi was already feeling sad and reluctant because of his younger brother’s departure, so when he saw Bai Wanqing bringing Xixi along to leave with Meng Kong, his mood became even more downcast.

“Brother, don’t worry. I’ll work extremely hard. You have to take good care of yourself as well. Be sure to not be worried about me…”

“Chen Xi, since the day I brought Chen Hao to see Meng Kong, I’d already promised to leave Pine Mist City and return to Dragon Lake City with him. You have to take good care of yourself, and if you go to Dragon Lake City you must come see Aunt Bai.”

“Big Brother Chen Xi, Xixi is leaving. This is the green orange candy that Xixi love the most, we’ll each eat half. After you’ve eaten it, then you’re Xixi’s best friend. BYE!”

The voices of Chen Hao, Aunt Bai, and Xixi still lingered in his ears as Chen Xi sat in his room and stared blankly for a long time before slowly opening a beautiful note in his hand.

Chen Xi, death lurks everywhere in the word of cultivation. If you want to walk further, then you must possess a formidable martial strength that matches your cultivation. Whereas last night when we talked in detail, I noticed you seemed to have not practiced in the martial arts for many years. Your cultivation in the Martial Dao is extremely plain and simple, and this is the great taboo of a cultivator.

Be sure to remember that the cultivation in the Martial Dao is the foundation of combat. Sword techniques, fist techniques, saber techniques… no matter what martial technique it is, you must seek a path of combat of your own. Only in this way will you be able to be called a true expert!

Take good care of yourself, and see you again — Meng Kong.


Chen Xi heaved a long sigh after he finished reading the note.

Chen Xi had reaped great benefit from the long conversation last night with Meng Kong, the sword cultivator that was the strongest in Pine Mist Institution. He understood that even though his cultivation surged in advancement all the way, the strength that he was able to exert was just barely satisfactory. Tracing it to its cause, it was still because of that he only took consideration to his talisman crafting and culinary arts, and had neglected the cultivation of martial techniques.

Now when he saw the note Meng Kong left especially for him, at the same time that Chen Xi felt grateful, a heroic spirit couldn’t help but arise in his heart.

In the past, due to having to bring home the bacon and help his younger brother pay his tuition, his time was all used on crafting talismans and learning culinary arts, and he completely had no time to cultivate martial techniques. Now, after Chen Hao left, he only needed to complete the payment for Pine Mist Institution's tuition and he could pull out some time to properly cultivate martial techniques.

Unfortunately, my Chen Clan was annihilated, and over a thousand martial technique ancient books were destroyed. Grandfather was merely able to retain a cultivation technique, the Violet Sky Arts before being injured by our enemies. If I want to cultivate martial techniques, I’m afraid I need to enter an Institution. Chen Xi silently pondered for a long time before walking out of his room.

Zhang General Store.

Due to the new-version talismans being sold to exhaustion, the explosive scene of rushing to purchase the talismans in a frenzy all these days had gradually calmed down.

But, compared to before, the reputation of the Zhang General Store has already resounded in the entire Pine Mist City, and the daily flow of customers was a few times more than before. Under these circumstances, Boss Zhang Dayong didn’t have to worry about being unable to earn spirit stones.

“Uncle Zhang.” Chen Xi pushed open the door and entered.

The eyes of Zhang Dayong who was sleeping behind the counter suddenly sprang open upon hearing Chen Xi and his face beamed with smiles. Moreover, the ten plus talisman crafting apprentices that were busy at the side all stopped their actions, and their faces all emitted a sense of admiration and envy.

Because of the appearance of the new version first-grade talismans, all of the talisman crafting apprentices benefited from Chen Xi and obtained a great increase in their salary. How could they still ridicule and mock Chen Xi as before?

So what if he’s a jinx?

So long as he’s able to bring benefits to everyone, even if he’s the reincarnation of the God of Misfortune, it would still be worth it for everyone to greet him with a smile!

Chen Xi has been staying within the Clear Stream Restaurant’s Quiet Room all this time, so he didn’t know the explosive degree that his new version talismans were welcomed in the market, and he also didn’t know that he’d been crowned with the honorary title of ‘Mysterious Grand Talisman Master.’

So, he swept everyone with a slightly curious gaze and compared to the other people present, his mood was much calmer.

Zhang Dayong had a smile on his face as he invited Chen Xi into an elegant room, then Zhang Da Yong feigned anger as he said, “Kid! You disappeared for an entire 15 days and you still have the face to see me?”

Chen Xi slightly blushed with shame. “Uncle, I had some other matters to attend to during these past few days, and was unable to get away from it for some time, so…”

“Alright, you’ve already grown up, and you have your own matters to attend to. Uncle can understand.” Zhang Dayong waved his hand as he seemed not to mind as he spoke, then he smiled as he asked, “How many talismans have you crafted before coming this time?”

Chen Xi shook his head and deliberated before saying, “Uncle Zhang, I’m afraid I won’t be able to craft talismans in the future, as I want to concentrate on cultivating martial techniques to increase my strength.”

Zhang Dayong was stunned and only recovered from his shock after a long time, then he sighed with emotion. “I knew this day would come, but I never thought it would be so fast.”

Chen Xi had a slightly complicated mood as he walked out of Zhang general goods store.

If it wasn’t for Zhang Dayong showing consideration for them during these past few years, then he, his younger brother, and his grandfather would probably have been reduced to beggars on the street since a long time ago. Now, for the sake of cultivating martial techniques, he had no choice but to leave this work, and he couldn’t help but be slightly ashamed.

“Uncle Zhang, I, Chen Xi, will never forget this kindness!” After standing before the Zhang general store signboard for a long time, a trace of staunchness flashed within Chen Xi’s eyes before he resolutely turned and left.

Exquisite Pavilion.

The Exquisite Pavilion was a rather famous place in Pine Mist City that specialized in the sale of cultivation methods, from the low grade cultivation methods to high grade cultivation methods, it had everything that one expected to find. It greatly satisfied the needs of many independent cultivators and there was even no lack of powers like clans and institutions who had cultivators come here to uncover treasures.

In the aspect of qi refinement, I’m cultivating the Violet Sky Arts that’s passed down in the clan, and in the aspect of body refinement, I’m cultivating the Universe Starslayer Body Forging Technique that Senior Ji Yu passed down to me. What type of martial technique should I cultivate in order to fully exert my strength?” Chen Xi currently stood before the counter and gazed at the superb collection of various martial technique ancient books, and wasn’t sure where to start.

“Senior, do you want me to help you select some cultivation methods?” A beautiful female attendant nearby spoke and suggested.

Chen Xi thought for a moment, then asked, “What body refinement martial techniques do you have?”

The female attendant was startled and a trace of disdain flashed deep within her eyes. In Pine Mist City, body refiners were mostly some coolies of lowly status who had no money nor power and were extremely poor.

At this moment, when she heard Chen Xi wanted to purchase some body refinement cultivation methods, the female attendant naturally took him for a pauper that struggled in poverty.

“There’s very few cultivation methods for body refinement, only around ten methods. Please look over here.” The female attendants attitude become extremely cold and she didn’t even both to call him ‘Senior’ as she pointed towards a corner of the counter.

“Tiger Subduing Claw, Dragonform Footwork Technique, Great Demon Subduing Palm, Golden Roc Movement Technique…” Chen Xi swept pass them one by one and couldn’t help but say in amazement, “The price of every single one is more than 100 spirit stones, and these are only basic body refinement martial skills. Doesn’t the price seems slightly unreasonable?”

The female attendant was even more disdainful in her heart as she replied indifferently, “These are all the valuable martial skills that my Exquisite Pavilion has gathered together, even if it’s a basic martial skill, it’s much more formidable compared to those common martial skills on the market. If you feel it’s expensive, then you can go look at other places.”

As she spoke, the female attendant turned and left, and she muttered, “If you can’t afford it then say you can’t, still complaining it’s expensive. Hmph! These body refiners are truly poor to an unreasonable extent.”

Chen Xi shook his head and was lazy to fuss about it with the female attendant. He spent 100 spirit stones and purchased the Grand Collapsing Fist and has only just walked out of the Exquisite Pavilion’s door when he was called from behind.

“Chen Xi!” The voice was deep and powerful.

Chen Xi turned around to see the tall and mighty Luo Chong walk out of Exquisite Pavilion.

“These are 13 body refinement jade slips that the Young Miss bought for you. Take it,” said Luo Chong as he threw a Hundred Treasure Bag to Chen Xi before turning around and once again entering the Exquisite Pavilion.

What’s going on?

Chen Xi was extremely stunned, then his gaze swept towards the Exquisite Pavilion and he surprisingly saw Qin Hongmian in a plain dress waving towards him.

Could it be that she saw everything from before?

It has to be like this, otherwise, why would Luo Chong throw some body refinement jade slips to me for no reason?

But, Chen Xi was unable to accept this gift, as the saying goes, no gains without pains. He didn’t want to owe this favour to her, so he once again walked into the Exquisite Pavilion, however after looking around, he noticed that Qin Hongmian had long since vanished.

“Senior, I’m… I’m sorry.” The female attendant walked over, seeming to have taken an extremely heavy blow, she apologized with a low voice that revealed a trace of dejection and dense reverence, and didn’t have a trace of her earlier cold and cynical appearance.

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