Chapter 21 - Bizarre Battle

Chapter 21 - Bizarre Battle

Night descended.

Luo Chong’s patience was slowly ground off bit by bit and the rage in his heart towards Chen Xi grew as he gazed at the Little Princess who sat before Chen Xi’s home.

This unpleasant bastard, why hasn’t he returned yet?

Luo Chong lost his patience to wait when he saw the sky getting darker and darker, yet there was still no sign of Chen Xi. He decided to take the Little Princess and leave first.

However, right at this moment, a strand of extremely concealed murderous air silently came from afar.

“Hmm?” Luo Chong suddenly raised his head to look at the three figures that used the night sky to shroud themselves as they silently snuck over from afar and dense killing intent instantly surged in his heart.

Within Pine Mist City, the General’s Estate formally decreed the prohibition of violence. If there were violators, then without exception their cultivation would be crippled before being expelled from the city. As the number one expert under the command of the General’s Estate, during these years, Luo Chong had always led the guards of the General’s Estate to patrol day and night within the city, protecting the peace of this territory.

And yet at this moment, there were three assassins that had silently appeared within the Commoners District. This was obviously challenging the honor and authority of the General’s Estate!

What made Luo Chong the most furious was that the direction these three assassins snuck towards was shockingly where he was, and the Little Princess Qin Hongmian was nearby. If their target was the Little Princess, then… The life of the Little Princess would be exposed to a great threat, and its consequences were absolutely unimaginable!

“Not only challenging the honor of my General’s Estate, but you still want to harm the Little Princess. If I don’t kill all of you, what face would I, Luo Chong, have to face the General?” Luo Chong took a deep breath, and the killing intent within his chest had boiled to the limit.

Yet his eyes were extremely calm as he concealed himself in the shadows at the corner, his figure had perfectly blended with the darkness, causing one to be unable to notice a shred of his presence. Within his hand, a long and narrow saber that was pitch-black like ink had suddenly appeared.

The Dao of stealth and assassination is truly the king of the night!

Manager Wu stood in the distance, gazing upon Li Han, Li Feng, and Li Zhan’s figures that snuck in the darkness. When he was unable to locate them any longer, he couldn’t help but exclaim with heartfelt admiration.

Mmm, once this mission is complete later, I must properly foster them for a time. They might be of use to me in the future. Manager Wu briefly considered before shooting his gaze at the extremely faraway old and shabby house.

Manage Wu had been endlessly depressed and at a loss for allowing Chen Xi to save Chen Hao and that woman from within his grasp. Until this moment when he thought of how Chen Xi’s cultivation would soon be crippled soundlessly, all the dissatisfaction in his heart instantly vanished and he became excited.

A jinx that was already infamous within Pine Mist City also had his cultivation crippled and became a piece of trash. What a beautiful scene this would be!

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became, and a trace of complacency and viciousness appeared on Manager Wu’s emaciated face.


Extremely far away, a low and ear piercing sound that was like tearing silk resounded out, and accompanying the sound was a beautiful black light like a waterfall as it suddenly tore through the sky.

What’s going on?

Manager Wu was startled, then he leapt up a house to look over.

In the next moment, the complacent expression on his face froze.

A tall figure stood in mid-air, wearing violet clothes and holding a long and narrow saber in hand. On the house where the tall figure stood, the three Li Clan brothers stood there completely covered in black clothing that only revealed their eyes.

“Eradication Blade! Luo Chong!” At practically the moment he laid eyes upon the tall figure, Manager Wu recognized who it was, and his triangular eyes were instantly filled with astonishment and terror.

Luo Chong was the only cultivator in Pine Mist City that used a long and narrow saber, and amongst the names of sabers that people were familiar with, the Eradication Blade in Luo Chong’s hand would absolutely be ranked at the first.

Most importantly, not only was Luo Chong’s cultivation unfathomable, he was even the number one expert under the command of General Qin, and he represented the supreme honor of the General’s Estate!

“Bastard! I fucking asked you all to go cripple Chen Xi’s cultivation, how did this baleful existence, Luo Chong, get attracted? What the fuck is going on?”

Manager Wu was already completely devoid of the earlier relaxed and complacent expression. At this moment, his heart was filled with boundless bitterness and terror, and his emaciated face was extremely gloomy and unsightly.

“This won’t do! I have to go forward and warn them. So long as they don’t attack, there’s surely room for discussion. Otherwise, offending Luo Chong is equivalent to offending the General’s Estate. How would my Li Clan continue living in Pine Mist City?” Manager Wu took a deep breath as he forcefully restrained the terror in his heart. He was just intending to head over and stop them, but before he could even head over, the confrontational situation in the distance was completely brought to an end.

“Kill!” A low and deep explosive shout sounded out from afar, and Li Han’s group of three unsheathed their weapons before dashing out towards Luo Chong who was in mid-air.

At this moment, the last trace of hope in Manager Wu’s heart collapsed with a loud crash, and his eyes were empty and despondent as he muttered. “I’ve really never fucking noticed anyone in this world that’s more idiotic than these three brothers. Motherfucker! That’s Luo Chong! Are your eyes in your anus? Even if you don’t know Luo Chong, would it kill you to greet him before attacking?”

“Ah!” At the moment that the sad and shrill cries resounded in the night, it also stopped abruptly.

Manager Wu shivered in his heart as he raised his head, he saw three heads flying up mid-air as they dripped blood. They flew in a beautiful arc in the sky before heavily mashing onto the ground, completely shattering into a pool of muddy flesh that had bone fragments mixed within.

“It’s over… The mission this time has been completely fucked by these three idiots…” Manager Wu was frightened out of his wits as he muttered, utterly not daring to stop for even a moment as he turned and fled madly. He appeared as if he wished for nothing more than for his parents to have given him two more legs at birth.

Luo Chong stood mid-air in the distance, he didn’t even spare a glance at the three corpses on the ground as he shot his gaze into the distance to follow the figure that was fleeing in panic. The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl into a trace of a ridicule.

Since the instant he noticed Li Han’s group of three, he’d noticed that another person was concealed in the distance. After slightly sizing up the person, he recognized the person as the Li Clan’s Manager Wu and he finally made sense of everything.

One month ago, the Li Clan’s Young Master had fought with Chen Hao on the streets and was reported to the General’s Estate. For the fear of hurting their relationship with Li Clan, General Qin only ordered the Li Clan to pay a large sum to atone for their crimes.

Luo Chong knew from that moment onwards that the Li Clan would absolutely not be able to stomach this loss. As expected, today, Manager Wu and three assassins had appeared nearby Chen Xi’s home, exactly confirming this.

Thinking up to here, Luo Chong felt furious and amused at the same time. He originally thought that these people were coming for the Little Princess, Qin Hongmian, but unexpectedly they had come for Chen Xi and he just happened to encounter them. The god of destiny really does make fools of people.

Luo Chong arrived before Chen Xi’s home, then looked at Qin Hongmian who squatted on the stairs with her arms around her legs and said in a low voice, “Miss, let’s go. The General will be worried if you continue staying here.”

“I want to wait for him. I won’t be able to sleep soundly if I can’t figure out the structure of these talisman markings.” Qin Hongmian shook her head, and her clear and beautiful little face had a staunch and persistent expression.

Luo Chong didn’t dare go against Qin Hongmian’s feelings and could only give up. In his heart however, he was even more furious at Chen Xi, because he felt that he would soon become the protector of Chen Xi’s home…


I stayed within the Clear Stream Restaurant during this entire half months’ time, and only planned to make a trip home today. Who exactly found out of this news beforehand and set up an ambush in the shadows?

Could it be members of the Li Clan?

As he felt the fierce and sharp aura that hovered around him, Chen Xi’s nerves strained as he paid attention to the movement in his surroundings, and he swiftly pondered in his mind.


An eye-piercing sword light shot out and tore through the sky, emitting a sharp howl.

Chen Xi’s strained nerves relaxed quite a bit when he saw this strand of sword light, as an enemy that was concealed in the shadows was the most terrifying. Now, the enemy had exposed himself, so he didn’t have to worry about being silently dealt with a sneak attack anymore.

However, he still didn’t dare be careless, as this strand of sword light was condensed into a solid form and all the strength on it seemed to have gather on a single point. Even if he’d already advanced to the 8th level of the Congenital Realm and his body refinement technique had already attained the step of using the baleful qi of the Flexible Waterstar to knead the tendons, but the pure sharp aura on the sword light still caused him to feel a trace of a great threat.

The enemy is extremely formidable, I’m afraid he isn’t much inferior to me!

Chen Xi didn’t dare hesitate as he fiercely stomped his left foot, then his figure rotated like an axle, turning onto his side with an extremely unsightly movement before flashing explosively towards the side, barely dodging past this strand of sword light.


Along with the sound of a sword entering its sheath, that fierce and sharp sword light seemed to vanish into thin air as it instantly vanished.

“Instructor Meng Kong, I told you right? I can’t defeat my brother even if it’s a sneak attack.” Chen Xi’s heart shook as the familiar voice resounded in his ears, then he raised his head to look and saw Chen Hao has suddenly appeared in the alley to the side.

By Chen Hao’s side, it was shockingly Meng Kong, the 6th star Violet Palace Realm expert that was reputed as the number one sword cultivator in Pine Mist Institution!

“Brother, you won’t get angry with me right?” Chen Hao had an obedient expression as he walked over to Chen Xi’s side and explained. “Instructor Meng Kong said that my progress this month is unusually great and my sword technique has already broken through the advanced-stage to attain the unity-stage. So, I would surely be able to defeat you. But unexpectedly…”

Chen Xi patted his younger brother’s shoulder and interrupted with a gentle voice. “You don’t have to explain, progress is a good thing. But don’t take me as practice again, do you understand?”

Chen Hao fiercely nodded. “Okay.”

“Your cultivation has advanced?” Meng Kong suddenly spoke, his steadfast expression revealing a sense of surprise and bewilderment.

Chen Hao’s actions earlier weren’t suggested by him. But, Meng Kong had said with certainty earlier that with Chen Hao’s current strength, he would completely be able to defeat Chen Xi.

There was a reason that Meng Kong made such a judgement. It was because Chen Xi still had a cultivation at the 3rd level of the Congenital Realm one month ago and according to his judgment, Chen Xi seemed to not be adept in battle.

Whereas Chen Hao was different, the little fellow was undoubtedly a rare sword cultivating genius. In the month he was at Pine Mist Institution, he not only attained the unity-stage in his sword technique, but even his cultivation has successively broke through two levels to arrive at the 3rd level of the Congenital Realm. So, it ought to be more than sufficient to defeat his older brother.

But unexpectedly, Chen Hao’s sword strike that was originally certain to be successful was instead easily dodged by Chen Xi, and this naturally aroused Meng Kong’s curiosity and wonder.

“My cultivation has indeed advanced to the 8th level of the Congenital Realm.” Chen Xi replied. Instructor Meng Kong was Chen Hao’s master in sword cultivation and had a special relationship with Bai Wanqing. There was completely no need to hide the advancement of his cultivation to Meng Kong.

“8th level of the Congenital Realm? Brother! You’re too formidable!” Chen Hao gaped, and his small face was filled with adoration.

“Successively breaking through five levels within a month?” Meng Kong was unable to maintain his composure as well, and he stared at Chen Xi with a strange gaze, as if he was staring at a freak.

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