Chapter 20 - The Wimp

Chapter 20 - The Wimp 

The sky had only just brightened when Imp yawned before waking up with a drowsy look.

He used to be a hooligan on the streets. Though he was young, he was extremely intelligent. Boss Zhang of the Zhang general goods store took a fancy to him one month ago, and he was fortunate to become a talisman crafting apprentice that received a salary.

However, for the past month, he instead helped Zhang Dayong do something else: he served as a sales assistant.   

The store’s door swung open, revealing a dense crowd that had long since gathered outside the door, to the point that even a drop of water couldn’t leak out.

“It’s open! Brother Imp, I want to order three Driller talismans, I want those new-version talismans!”

“Wimp, I’m your neighbour, Uncle Li. Do you still have any more of those basic Azurewood talismans that have a might comparable to a second-grade talisman?”

“Everyone, don’t vie for it with me. I’ve already lined up for three days just to buy a Goldedge talisman for that brat of mine at home to defend himself. I’ll get furious with anyone who vies against me!”

“I’m the instructor of Pine Mist City’s Heavenly Maple Talisman Crafting Institution. I’ve come here this time to meet the Grandmaster that developed the new version of these basic talismans. I wonder if Brother Imp can introduce us?”

Everyone clamored as they fought their way to crowd towards the door without a care for their image, as if they were fighting for goods in the market.

Imp had become used to this, as since the new version Earthshield Talisman that Chen Xi crafted circulated half a month ago, the reputation of the Zhang General Store boomed overnight.

Boss Zhang Dayong seized this opportunity to put out an announcement that shocked one’s eyeballs out of their sockets — 

Grandmaster Level Talisman Crafting Master’s Personal Works,

Our Store’s Grand Contribution This Year,

The Shocking Appearance of New Version Basic Talismans Made with Exquisite Skill.

You! Deserve to Own One!

The announcement was extremely shocking and did indeed attract much attention, but they were basic talismans after all, and most people were still slightly doubtful of the genuineness of the news.

But when Zhang Dayong revealed by accident that the Little Princess of the General’s Estate had already purchased 15 new version Earthshield talismans, the door of the Zhang General Store was instantly crowded explosively.

Who within Pine Mist City didn’t know that the Little Princess of the General’s Estate was a little talisman addict? How could something that could arouse her fancy be mistaken?

Zhang Dayong was bursting with joy, he who had planned this beforehand had already predicted this situation when he saw Chen Xi continuously crafting various basic talismans that had entirely different structures. However, there were only a few types of new version talismans that Chen Xi had crafted and their quantity was extremely limited. For the sake of fully utilizing these precious resources, he resolutely decided to only sell 10 of these new-version talismans daily.

Things are valued by rarity, the rarer it is, the more valuable it is!

Zhang Dayong, who’d been doing business for 30 years, naturally knew of this principle, and for the sake of not receiving demands by acquaintances and influential people, he even went to the extent of hiding early on and entrusting Imp to handle everything.

“Everyone, look at the plate number in your hands, numbers that I call upon may enter the store, numbers that I don’t can return tomorrow.” Imp roared out loudly. “Number 155, number 156…”

After successively calling out 10 numbers, those that were called upon had joyous and complacent expressions, while those that weren’t called upon started clamoring in indignation. Some begged, some tried to exploit their connections, some used threats… Living examples showed up of all behaviours and expressions present in the world.

Imp stiffened his face and remained indifferent with an obstinate expression. In his heart however, he still couldn’t help from feeling dense envy.

Imp used to be like the other apprentices, ridiculing Chen Xi as a jinx that had misfortune looming above his head. When had he ever imagined that there would be a day that this jinx would actually be able to cause such a stir?

If it wasn’t for Boss Zhang repeatedly making it clear to him that he wasn’t allowed to reveal Chen Xi’s identity, he even thought that solely based on Chen Xi’s ability to craft new version basic talismans, it would be able to cause the entire Pine Mist City to change their impression of Chen Xi!

Could it be that this fellow is really going to wash away all his misfortune and leap up to become a famous great figure?

Imp secretly decided that he must respect Chen Xi in the future, as if by any chance Chen Xi really rose meteorically; if Chen Xi conveniently gave him some help, wouldn’t he make a killing? However, Chen Xi hadn’t come to the store for over ten days, and if Chen Xi still didn’t turn up, then these new-version basic talismans were going to be out of stock…

Pine Mist City’s Commoners District, before Chen Xi’s home.

Luo Chong gazed at the young girl in a simple dress that sat on the stone steps while staring blankly and couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Was there any need for the Little Princess of the General’s Estate to go so far as to wait before that jinx, Chen Xi’s, house for ten days just for the sake of some talismans? No wonder she’s called the Little Talisman Addict.

Luo Chong was the number one expert under the command of Pine Mist City’s General’s Estate. He had an unfathomable cultivation, his figure was gaunt with a pair of thin arms and a pair of clear and bright eyes.

Yet he was concealed in the shadows now, like a vigilant cheetah, observing the surrounding conditions at every moment.

Qin Hongmian was crazy about the Dao of talismans, but didn’t know the ways of the world. She was naïve like an ignorant child, to the point that she came all alone to the Commoners District where crooks were mixed with commoners. It was difficult to ensure that no accidents would happen, so Luo Chong’s assignment was to guard from the shadows and guarantee Qin Hongmian’s safety. 

I wonder where that jinx went, actually making me and Miss suffer bitterly for over ten days. Truly an unpleasant bastard!

Luo Chong criticised endlessly.

Li Clan, Martial Practice Hall.

Manager Wu had a respectful expression as he said in a deep voice, “According to reliable sources, it’s very likely for the target to leave Clear Stream Restaurant. Li Han, Li Feng, Li Zhan, you three brothers are adept at the art of stealth and assassination. Tonight, the three of you will be the main forces. Be sure to not leave any traces.

“Yes!” Three young men with deep and vicious expressions agreed in unison.

“Good! This battle is related to the honor of our Li Clan. I will personally head over as well, and once you’ve succeeded I’ll suggest to the Patriarch that he allow you three brothers to cultivate in the Ancestral House.” Manager Wu couldn’t help but nod in satisfaction. The cultivations of the three brothers before him were at the 8th level of the Congenital Realm. When they joined forces, they were fully capable of defeating a cultivator who had achieved perfection in the Congenital Realm. Using them to deal with a 3rd level Congenital Realm kid was simply extremely easy!

Cultivate in the Ancestral House?

The three brothers were all shocked and inexplicable excitement appeared on their faces in unison.

Manager Wu couldn’t help but laugh in joy when he saw this, exactly one month later, it was truly like a god sent opportunity. He seemed as if he’d already seen his prey struggling hysterically before his eyes, in a futile effort…

Clear Stream Restaurant.

The Quiet Room that was shut tightly for half a month was opened from outside. When old man Ma, Qiao Nan, and Pei Pei saw the scene within clearly, they gasped in unison and their expressions instantly froze.

The materials that were piled into a hill had disappeared, and only Chen Xi sat all alone with his eyes closed in mediation within the empty room, seeming extremely conspicuous.

“Could it be that this fellow ate up all the ingredients?” Qiao Nan seemed as if he’d seen a ghost, and he cried out, “Those ingredients are able to feed ordinary cultivators for 10 years!”

“Not only is Little Brother Chen Xi handsome, but even his appetite is so domineering and fierce. Oh! Only such a man is worthy of me to willingly sink into the river of love.” The charming and enchanting Pei Pei once again showed her boy crazy side.

Old man Ma had experienced Chen Xi’s gluttonous ability that far surpassed an ordinary person earlier, but now when he saw this scene, he couldn’t help from feeling a chill run down his spine, then he muttered. “I’ve fucking taken a disciple that can be called a rare glutton, I wonder if it’s a blessing or misfortune, he… he… How can he eat so much?”

Pei Pei walked over to the stove and noticed the jade plates of assorted dishes that were spread out in a row, and she hurriedly beckoned as she called out. “Senior Brother! Quickly! Come take a look! These seem to be the dishes that Little Brother Chen Xi cooked.”

Old man Ma and Qiao Nan arrived before the stove, their expressions turning serious and solemn as they gazed at the row of dishes with various colors that were pleasant to the eye.

“This Deep-fried Black Eel isn’t bad, the combination of texture is first-rate, and the spirit energy is pure and thick. Pass.”

“Mmm, this Jadeflame Stewed Crisp Meat’s texture isn’t bad, and every aspect has attained a first-rate standard. Most shocking of all is that he actually thought of using the pure Yin attribute Streamlet Herb to wrap up the White Willow Beef Shank to offset the earthen taste of the Wood Cicada. Such an idea is truly ingenious, simply causing one to be lost in astonishment.”

“Lilac, Red Cassia Fruit, Wild Hemp Seed… The porridge made from these 110 type of spirit fruits is really tasty. It is sweet and refreshing, and also reveals a soft and sticky feeling that’s difficult to explain. Oh! I wonder how Little Brother Chen Xi thought of it, it seems to even contain a nourishing and beautifying function.”

The three 3 leaf spirit chefs tasted down the line in turn and they repeatedly praised as the pleasant surprise in their eyes grew thicker.

“Senior Brother, you’ve proven yourself to be able to see what others cannot. With Chen Xi as your disciple, why worry about having no one to inherit your mantle?” Qiao Nan said emotionally. “Seeing Chen Xi makes me recall myself from all those years ago. I was similarly so gloriously talented, similarly so…”

Old man Ma directly ignored this narcissistic fellow, and said arrogantly, “Now, this disciple of mine has stepped into the level of a 1 leaf spirit chef. In the next step, I’ll adopt even more severe training methods and make him…”

“Wait a moment. Give me my salary for these few days, I want to make a trip home.” At an unknown time, Chen Xi had already stood up and he directly interrupted old man Ma with an impolite tone.

It was impossible for him to be polite as old man Ma didn’t say a word before throwing him in the Quiet Room, and it was even for over 10 days. Even if it was anyone else, their mood wouldn’t be any better.

This kid’s grown a temper huh? Is there any disciple that speaks to their master like this?

Old man Ma glared and was just about to flare up when he instead noticed something and exclaimed. “Your cultivation…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qiao Nan and Pei Pei noticed the changes in Chen Xi.

Chen Xi’s figure was tall and gaunt before, and had a sedate and stiff temperament at a young age, like a sharp sword that was sealed in dust within its sheath that was restrained and hidden.

However at this moment, there was instead a trace of a unique sharp imposing manner on him, and with every move he made, he seemed similar to before, yet he gave others a faintly discernible pressure.

“I’ve advanced.” Chen Xi replied. During these few days, besides circulating his cultivation technique in meditation, his remaining time was all spend on cooking dishes. He never expected that his cultivation would surge successively to unknowingly break through to the 8th level of the Congenital Realm! 

“So that’s how it is.” Old man Ma gazed at the empty room and instantly understood everything. Although those ingredients that were piled into a hill were only some materials that were barely graded, but all of them contained threads of pure spirit energy. Chen Xi was already at the Congenital Realm, and now that he swallowed so many ingredients in a short amount of time, advancing in cultivation was justifiable.

Old man Ma didn’t know that Chen Xi didn’t only break through to the 8th level of the Congenital Realm in qi refining, even his Universe Starslayer Body Forging Technique had been cultivated to the third level, attaining the step of kneading the tendons with water. He was already able to draw upon the baleful qi of the Flexible Waterstar to knead the tendons!

Chen Xi’s skin was currently like copper, his tendons and bones like iron, and his body had been tempered to become flexible and tough. It was precisely because of this that his temperament silently underwent a trace of change. He was full of spirit and no longer had the frail appearance from before.

Old man Ma seemed to have realized something when he saw Chen Xi’s calm and firm expression: purely forcing Chen Xi to put his heart into studying culinary arts wasn’t realistic. So, he decided to give Chen Xi a few days of leave and raised his hand to throw a Hundred Treasure Bag at Chen Xi. “The salary for these 15 days is within it. Since you want to return home, then Master won’t stop you. But you still have to hurry back here, don’t waste your natural talent in the culinary Dao.”

The irritation that has accumulated during these past few days dispersed substantially when he obtained the spirit stones and it even came with a Hundred Treasure Bag. He nodded before turning and leaving in a hurry.

After walking out of Clear Stream Restaurant and looking at the sun and blue sky that he hadn’t seen for so long, Chen Xi slightly felt as if he was cut off from the outside world for ages, and leaving the Quiet Room felt… Truly great!

Chen Xi didn’t sigh with emotion any more and walked towards his home in a rush. However, he’d only walked halfway when he suddenly felt a trace of a terrifying feeling surge into his heart, as if being targeted by a venomous snake from the shadows.

He didn’t hesitate in the slightest as he suddenly stopped his footsteps before turning his head to gaze into the distance.

At this moment, Chen Xi was on guard as if being confronted by a formidable enemy and the True Essence in his entire body burst forth. He was like a spear that pierced the sky, with an imposing manner that was matchlessly swift and fierce!

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