Mo Nian Side Story Chapter 4

Mo Nian’s heart pounded wildly. It was a beautiful five-colored bow. It was long and simple. There were runes outside it, and within it, there seemed to be five-colored blood flowing.

He felt five different kinds of energy inside the bowstring. Each type of energy, metal, wood, water, fire, and earth was extremely pure.

His own blood began to surge when he saw this bow. He felt close to the bow.

“It’s the first generation’s Five Element Sun Hunting Bow….” Mo Nian’s voice was quivering. This was his Mo family’s most priceless treasure. It actually hadn’t been lost. It had been hidden here.

That was the number one divine bow of the Mo family. Due to how much time had passed, the Five Element Sun Hunting Bow had become a legend. 

He reached out to touch the Five Element Sun Hunting Bow when light suddenly exploded out of it. A vast surge of energy poured into his body.

The void rumbled as this underground world shook. Mo Nian’s Cry of the Heavenly Daos once more appeared automatically, along with the two figures within it.

However, at this time, the two figures slowly dissolved. Replacing them was a five-colored bow.

Within the sea of runes behind Mo Nian was now a beautiful scene. There was a bow hanging in the air, while below it was a world of mountains and rivers that it dominated.

Information poured into Mo Nian’s mind. There was so much that he almost fainted.

Eventually, the light faded. The Five Element Sun Hunting Bow had vanished, and his manifestation was gone as well.

Mo Nian slowly opened his eyes, and a rune was flowing within each of them. That rune was an image of the five-colored bow in his manifestation.

Upon extending his arm, the Five Element Sun Hunting Bow appeared in his hand. Mo Nian was shocked as well as excited. The Five Element Sun Hunting Bow had actually merged with his body, and he could summon it freely.

“Hahaha, I, Mo Nian, am no longer the old Mo Nian! My name will definitely resound throughout the Central Plains!” Mo Nian laughed grandly.


Suddenly, all the statues and coffins within this underground world exploded. Mo Nian was shocked. Before he understood what was going on, runes wrapped around him, and the space around him twisted. He reappeared aboveground.

It was currently noon. The sun was hanging high in the sky. He saw that this was the place he had entered from.

“Where is the Mo Mountain Seal?” Mo Nian suddenly noticed that his surroundings were empty. The Mo Mountain Seal and the people of Mo Gate had all vanished.


Just as he was stunned, countless runes filled the sky. They formed a giant barrier that trapped him.

“Hahaha, bastard of the Mo family, you’ve finally appeared. We had to wait three years for you.”

Suddenly, dozens of figures appeared in the sky. Their auras were very powerful, and they were all Kings at the Jade Core realm.

Their leader was a large man with a thick beard. He was smiling upon seeing Mo Nian.

Mo Nian had a bad feeling, but he was still calm. “Who are you? Where is my family?”

“Who I am isn’t something you need to know. As for your family, hehe, you’ll know very quickly.”

That large man laughed and waved his hand. The formation of runes transformed into dozens of chains that bound Mo Nian.

Laughing, the large man arrived in front of Mo Nian. He reached out for Mo Nian’s neck.

Suddenly, one of Mo Nian’s fingers pressed against that large man’s head. Then, an invisible surge of energy obliterated his head.

This sudden change caught those Kings off-guard. Their leader had actually been slain.

Most shocking of all, those runic chains that had been binding Mo Nian had shattered like mud. 

“Your guts aren’t small.” Mo Nian had conducted a soulsearch and learned everything that had happened. His killing intent surged. His family had been captured.

“This brat’s strange! Attack together!” shouted another King, attacking with his fellows.

“Die!” Mo Nian extended a single finger. A single rune appeared at the tip of his finger and was launched.

That rune shot out and exploded halfway there, transforming into multiple arrows that instantly annihilated those Kings before they could even dodge.

Without even glancing at these people, Mo Nian vanished from his original location.

Two mountains away from the Mo family’s ancestral lands, there was a giant prison. Mo Gate’s people were currently imprisoned here.

“Fuck, it’s been three years. Guarding these pigs all day is so boring.”


A disciple wearing white robes who looked to be in his twenties tossed a talisman into the prison. The talisman exploded, and cursing voices came from within. Only then did that disciple smile as if this was the only way to alleviate his boredom.

“Really, why did we get sent to do such a boring mission? Did that little fellow even manage to enter their so-called ancestral land? What if he died inside or can’t get out? Will they keep us guarding here forever?” Another disciple tossed a similar exploding rune inside. This time, screams came from within as someone had clearly been injured.

The prison had been built inside a cave, so they couldn’t see what was happening inside. There were hundreds of disciples guarding this place, and some of them were bored enough to use this method to pass the time.

“Hehe, what do you think would happen if we tossed in ten low grade exploding talismans at once?” The screams seemed to have provoked them. One disciple took out a handful of exploding runes.

“You can’t. We’re ordered not to cause too many casualties before that Mo Nian returns,” countered one disciple.

“It’s fine, ten low grade exploding talismans won’t kill that many. Hehe, I’ll try it.” That disciple smiled and threw in ten exploding talismans.

However, just as they were thrown in, a large hand caught the exploding talismans and stuffed them into that disciple’s mouth.


That disciple’s head exploded. His headless corpse slowly fell to the ground.

“Who are you?!”

The other disciples shouted in alarm.

When the blood and dust fell, it revealed Mo Nian’s eyes that were filled with killing intent. An icy voice rang out.

“The person who will send you to hell.”

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