Mo Nian Side Story Chapter 5

“The person who will send you to hell.”

A figure slowly appeared within the dust and blood. No one could see his face clearly. They only saw two eyes filled with killing intent, eyes that looked to belong to the Grim Reaper.


Mo Nian extended a finger, and runic arrows shot out, blowing these disciples to bits.

“Nian-er, is that you?”

Mo Yi’s voice came from within the cave, trembling with emotion. An elder in tattered robes quickly appeared at the entrance of the cave. It was his grandpa.

His current grandpa had lost his old kingly appearance. His hair was disheveled, and even one of his arms was gone. He looked like a beggar.

“I’m sorry. You’ve had to suffer.” Seeing his grandpa’s appearance, a sour feeling appeared in Mo Nian’s heart. All this time, his Mo family had to have suffered endlessly.

Mo Nian then flashed into action. He grabbed the chains of the prison gate.

At this time, the other people of the Mo family also rushed forward. However, their bodies were chained and shackled. 

“Don’t bother with us! You have to run! There’s-” Mo Yi immediately shouted at Mo Nian when he saw him grab the chains. These chains were extremely tough and had restrictions on them.

Just as Mo Nian touched the chains, three giant gates slammed shut behind him, trapping him here.

Mo Nian didn’t even glance at the gates. These chains, which were on the level of King items, shattered in Mo Nian’s hands. They were as weak as paper to Mo Nian.

“Grandpa, don’t worry, since I came, it’s because I can bring everyone out.” Mo Nian reached out and broke the chains on Mo Yi and the others.

Seeing Mo Nian easily break these incomparably tough chains without the slightest effort, the Mo family’s people were delighted. Only then did they notice that Mo Nian’s aura had already risen to the Foundation Forging realm.

“Nian-er, in the ancestral land, you…”

Mo Yi was about to ask what had happened when laughter rang out from outside. “Hahaha, the Mo family’s people are really stupid. You actually fell into our trap so easily.”

Shockingly, this place was already surrounded by thousands of experts. That laugh came from a Soul Transformation expert, and despair filled the hearts of the Mo family’s people. Even if Mo Nian had reached the Foundation Forging realm, there was no hope.

“Grandpa, back up and be safe. I’ll eliminate them.”


In front of Mo Yi and the others’ shocked gazes, Mo Nian walked directly out of the cave. Runes lit up on his foot. Even backed by a powerful formation, those gates along with half the mountain were blown back.

With half the mountain smashing toward them, those experts outside jumped in fright. A Soul Transformation expert unleashed a punch that blew the mountain apart.

Before he could do anything else, Mo Nian appeared in front of him and extended a finger.

A hole appeared in the head of that Soul Transformation expert. He fell, a shocked expression still on his face. Mo Nian had annihilated his Yuan Spirit in one attack.

“Qi Luo?”

After slaying that person, Mo Nian’s gaze swept through the crowd. He quickly saw a certain man with a full beard.

That man immediately felt ice-cold upon being stared at by Mo Nian. 

“Hand over the Mo Mountain Seal!”

Mo Nian was like a death god looking at someone whose life was about to reach an end.

“Attack together! Kill this evil brat!”

That man roared, and together with four other Soul Transformation experts, the five of them launched all-out attacks. Runes filled the sky.

A five-colored bow appeared in Mo Nian’s hand. As soon as it appeared, all the Mo family’s people let out startled cries. They recognized it.

Mo Nian held the bow in his left hand, while his right hand pulled back the bowstring. Heaven and earth rumbled as energy gathered.

“Not good!”

Those five Soul Transformation experts suddenly sensed a strong smell of death at the same time. They almost instinctively turned and fled for their lives.

However, it was too late. A translucent arrow shot out, transforming into thousands of homing bolts that struck the five of them. Four of them were instantly turned to dust.

As for the other experts that had yet to even have a chance to attack or even shout, they were also directly blown to bits.

Mo Nian reached out and grabbed the sole survivor, the Soul Transformation expert called Qi Luo.

Qi Luo’s whole body was like mud with a bloody hole in his chest. Mo Nian’s arrow had shattered his meridians, and even his Yuan Spirit was on the verge of dissipating.

Within Qi Luo’s spatial ring, Mo Nian found the Mo Mountain Seal. He released it, allowing it to rapidly grow larger in the sky. Mo Yi and the others were ecstatic. They flew out of their prison, flying to the Mo Mountain Seal. It was like they had finally returned home.

After finding the Mo Mountain Seal, Mo Nian killed that Qi Luo. Another Soul Transformation expert was slain.

Mo Yi was wild with joy. He had already ordered disciples to quickly clean up the battlefield.

“Nian-er, it seems you’ve found the Mo family’s ultimate inheritance in the ancestral lands. Hahaha, there’s finally hope of getting vengeance! However, our enemies are still too strong, so we need to run for now. Once you’re strong enough, we’ll get our vengeance. There are still several things we need to do. First we have to gather the other branches of the Mo family silently,” said Mo Yi after the battlefield was cleaned up.

Mo Nian nodded. They returned to the Mo Mountain Seal, and it flew off. Looking at this place fade into the distance, Mo Nian clenched his fists. He hadn’t expected that he wouldn’t be able to sense the flow of time within the ancestral land. Three years had passed without him noticing.

“Long Chen, I’ve already found my inheritance. What about you? Don’t get thrown too far into the distance. Without you here, the Central Plains won’t be as interesting!”

At this time, Mo Nian still didn’t know that Long Chen had long since come to the Central Plains and was starting to flip the heavens in a certain region.

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