Mo Nian Side Story Chapter 3

Mo Nian was standing at the center of thousands of coffins, and the ground was covered in a web of runes connected to all the coffins. Energy was coming from each strand of the web and surging toward Mo Nian.

Mo Nian’s body shook. What shocked him was that the energy coming from the coffins was actually very gentle. It was nourishing his body endlessly.

His body was like a dry riverbed finally being nourished by water. It was greedily absorbing this energy.


Suddenly, Mo Nian’s aura surged. He had directly leaped from the Meridian Opening realm to the Xiantian realm.

Furthermore, his aura was still continuing to rise.

“First Heavenstage of Xiantian.”

“Second Heavenstage of Xiantian.”

“Third Heavenstage of Xiantian.”

With each breath, his cultivation base increased by a minor level. Even Mo Nian was stunned. He didn’t dare to move. He had never imagined a person could undergo such a crazy advancement.


At this time, over ten of the two statues’ runes merged into Mo Nian’s body. He once more coughed up blood, his body almost exploding.

However, as the energy of the coffins entered him as well, his body was constantly nourished and growing stronger. His cultivation base crazily advanced.

“Sixth Heavenstage of Xiantian.”

“Seventh Heavenstage of Xiantian.”

“Eighth Heavenstage of Xiantian.”

Endless energy came from the coffins. At the same time, the statues’ runes continued to merge with him.

There were two kinds of energy within his body, one constantly causing destruction, while one was constantly upgrading and restoring his body so it could handle the destruction. They had reached an equilibrium.


A crazy aura surged out of Mo Nian’s body as he entered the Sea Expansion realm.

Without him doing anything, a huge amount of the statues’ runes surged into his Dantian. His qi sea grew explosively.

“One hundred miles!”

“Two hundred miles!”

“Three hundred miles!”

Mo Nian felt like he had gone crazy. He had never heard of someone entering Sea Expansion this quickly. Fortunately, he still knew the theory behind Sea Expansion.

For other people, increasing the size of their qi sea required medicinal pills. A qi sea of three hundred miles marked someone as an elite, however, he had reached that level in just a single breath.

“Four hundred miles!”

“Five hundred miles!”

Mo Nian’s qi sea quickly grew to ten thousand miles. His heart was pounding wildly. Ten thousand miles was known as a limit, but based on how things were going, he was going to break right past it.


His qi sea broke that limit instantly. It was like something had exploded, and it grew explosively.

“Three thousand miles…”

“Ten thousand miles…”

“Thirty thousand miles…”

Mo Nian couldn’t believe his eyes. With the help of his ancestors’ runes, his qi sea had been expanded to thirty thousand miles. He had never even heard of a qi sea this large.

After his qi sea had reached its limit, more energy surged into his Dantian, instantly filling it.

“First Heavenstage of Sea Expansion!”

“Second Heavenstage of Sea Expansion!”

Even after entering the Sea Expansion realm, the energy of the coffins and the runes of the ancestral statues continued to pour into his body.

Mo Nian was completely dumbstruck now, as none of this was within his control. His cultivation base was just crazily growing. Even he was starting to get afraid. This advancement was too fast.

At the same time as he felt his cultivation base explosively grow, something new had appeared in the depths of his soul. He was about to check what it was when…


He directly entered the Foundation Forging realm. Upon reaching the Foundation Forging realm, a rune on the forehead of each of the ancestral statues flew off and into Mo Nian’s head.

Two runes slowly appeared on Mo Nian’s forehead. They got closer and closer until they finally merged into one new rune.

When the new rune appeared, this entire underground world began to shudder. Those runes were also trembling.

However, that new rune quickly faded, and the process of Foundation Forging started. His original rune appeared.

Following the appearance of the first original rune, his cultivation base began rising once more.

“First Heavenstage of Foundation Forging!”

“Second Heavenstage of Foundation Forging!”

Mo Nian’s cultivation base rose all the way to the ninth Heavenstage of Foundation Forging before it stopped.

The web of runes on the ground faded, and the coffins also became calm. It was like nothing had happened, but Mo Nian was staring at his own hands blankly. Feeling the unprecedented power in his body, he couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Suddenly, the wall behind Mo Nian shattered, revealing a stone gate. It slowly opened, and five-colored light flooded the underground space.

“The Five Element Sun Hunting Bow!” Mo Nian let out a startled but ecstatic cry.

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