Mo Nian Side Story Chapter 2

Mo Nian’s vision darkened. With the space around him twisting, he felt like he had been devoured by a monster. He was within endless darkness.

After a long moment, Mo Nian felt his feet step onto solid ground again. He saw that he was in a dark world.

There wasn’t the slightest light here, and the air was filled with the aura of decay. After that, Mo Nian spread his divine sense to take a look around and couldn’t help but jump in shock.

This place was actually an underground tomb, and there were thousands of stone coffins around him. He was in the middle of those coffins.

This ancient tomb was hundreds of miles long. Mo Nian took out a light stone and gasped at what he saw.

“This is my Mo family’s ancestral land?”

There were countless statues against the walls, and they were filled with a sacred and noble air.

Two statues were particularly large. They were almost lifelike, and it was like light was flowing within their eyes. An immortal charm danced within them.


When Mo Nian looked at the two giant statues, a sea of runes appeared behind him. His Heavenly Dao manifestation activated all by itself.

There were also two figures in his manifestation. They were remarkably similar to the two statues.

“These two should be the originators of my Mo family. These statues, they’re so magnificent and powerful. Could it be that I…”


Just at this moment, the dust on the two statues began to fall. Divine runes began to appear around them.

Those runes were very faint at the start, but they grew brighter and brighter until they were like stars. At the same time, a gentle energy enveloped Mo Nian.

Mo Nian involuntarily fell to his knees. He kowtowed to the two statues and felt a resonance deep within his soul, as well as a kind of bloodline summoning. He knew that they had to be the ancestors of the Mo family.

“Disciple Mo Nian greets the ancestors!” Mo Nian kowtowed nine times. Everyone entombed here had been a big figure of the Mo family.

Although they had already died, the fact that they could be buried here in the Mo family’s ancestral lands meant that they had been outstanding and remarkable figures in the Mo family’s history.

Unfortunately, no one replied to him. When he finally rose, he saw that the two figures in his Heavenly Dao manifestation had formed a connection with the two statues. It seemed that they were in the midst of communicating.

The runes on the statues grew brighter and brighter. Following that, they began to float off the statues and fly toward Mo Nian. They merged into his manifestation.


When the first rune merged into his manifestation, it was like a meteorite had fallen into a calm lake. A powerful explosion drove Mo Nian to his knees. He coughed up blood, and cracks appeared all over his body. He had almost died from the huge amount of energy that rune had brought.

He couldn’t help being horrified. It seemed that he had come too early. With his current cultivation base, merging with such terrifying runes was too much. He should have cultivated to a higher level before attempting it.

Just merging with one rune had almost shattered his bones. When he looked at the hundreds and thousands of runes currently floating off the two statues, he immediately felt despair.

The second rune would definitely kill him. However, his body was locked in place by some invisible energy. He couldn’t even run.

Just at this moment, the tomb began to shake. The thousands of coffins had blood-colored runes light up.

At the same time, web-like runes appeared on the ground. They connected to all the coffins, while Mo Nian was at the very center of the web.

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