Mo Nian Side Story Chapter 1

In the battle in the Qing Prefecture of the Eastern Wastelands, Long Chen had activated the Green Dragon Possession to annihilate the Yin family and even fight against the Yin family’s patriarch, forcing him to use his Treasure item, the Jade Sea Gold Bell. That had been a world-shaking battle.

Seeing that Long Chen had grown to such a terrifying level, large waves surged in Mo Nian’s heart. Even having become a Celestial, he felt the difference growing between him and Long Chen.

Now, the Mo Mountain Seal had been exposed, and his grandpa Mo Yi had no choice but to bring the Mo family’s experts away. Mo Yi had invited Long Chen to come, but Long Chen had declined.

Hence, the Mo Mountain Seal rapidly flew away. Mo Nian looked back as Long Chen’s figure shrank in the distance. In just a moment, he vanished from sight. Mo Nian couldn’t help sighing.

Mo Yi patted him on the shoulder. “Child, what is there to sigh about? The world might be large, but as long as you’re strong enough, you can control everything. If you’re not strong enough, then no matter how big the world is, it has nothing to do with you. The Mo family was forced to split up and flee to various lands, but they still refuse to let us off. They want us dead to the last. Before this, our little branch had had no way to deal with them, but when Long Chen gave his Heavenly Dao seed to you, it caused a change in your Heavenly Dao energy. You’re not an ordinary Celestial, so even if this matter with the Yin family didn’t occur, I was still planning on bringing you to the ancestral lands to test your luck.”

“Where are the ancestral lands?” asked Mo Nian.

“The Central Plains.”

Mo Nian was startled. He hadn’t expected the Mo family’s ancestral lands to be located in the land where heavenly geniuses were everywhere. If that was the case, then the Mo family’s inheritance was many times greater than he had thought.

“Child, this world is so large that you can’t even imagine it. The Central Plains is the stage of the real experts. Right now, you are only at the Meridian Opening realm. In the Central Plains’ cultivation world, you aren’t even an ant. But our time is pressing, so we don’t have that much time to let you grow. That’s why we have no choice but to gamble. If we win the gamble, we’ll be able to restore our former glory. If we lose, the Mo family will never be able to extricate itself from its current predicament.” An unprecedented graveness appeared on Mo Yi’s face.



Suddenly, the Mo Mountain Seal shook intensely. Mo Nian staggered.

“Be careful. We’ve already reached one of the Martial Heaven Continent’s seven great danger zones - the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring. Everyone, get down into the underground space!” ordered Mo Yi.

The Mo Mountain Seal flew for three months, and they ran into quite a few dangers. When going through transportation formations, they had to endure countless rude interrogations.

Fortunately, the Mo Mountain Seal looked like a spatial Treasure item and didn’t draw too much attention. However, Mo Nian was still irritated.

The great and supreme grandpa of his was actually being ordered around by other experts. Those people’s cultivation bases were so high that the Mo Family was powerless to resist.

This was Mo Nian’s first time feeling just how important power was. Without power, wanting to live a life of dignity was a pipe dream.

After layers of obstructions, after carefully traveling for months, after detouring around several dangerous regions, they finally arrived at a certain place.

However, upon arriving here, Mo Nian couldn’t believe his eyes. This place was actually a pile of ruins. It was the kind of ruins that could not be ruined any more. There was not a single brick or tile that was still intact. It was filled with a desolate and gloomy air.

“This is our Mo family’s ancestral land. It’s already been flipped over by countless experts as they search for our treasures. Hmph, too bad they all returned empty-handed. Do they think my Mo family’s inheritance would be open to outsiders?” sneered Mo Yi. An invisible surge of energy came from the Mo Mountain Seal. “Alright, Nian-er, I have used the Mo Mountain Seal to open the inheritance. Go into the ancestral space.”

Ripples came from below the ruins. The space around Mo Nian twisted and he vanished.

“Haha, dregs of the Mo family, you’ve finally appeared. Now let’s see where you can run to.”

Mo Nian had just been sent through when countless figures appeared, surrounding the Mo Mountain Seal. Mo Yi’s expression completely changed.

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