Chapter 97: Just a Passing Traveller

Chapter 97: Just a Passing Traveller [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace]   

As expected, the girl was stopped by the brutes outside the street.

“You got quite a lot of profit today didn’t you, little whore? What else are you waiting for then? Show us! We’re not asking for extras; just half of what you’ve got.” a brutish man with thick, exposed chest hair said with an evil grin.

“This girl looked pretty good. Should we have a good time with her?”

“Yeah! The night is still young!”

While lively chatting to each other all at once, the men began to get all touchy with her. The girl sucked in a deep breath and was just about to scream. However, a large hand stretched over and covered her mouth completely.

The girl struggled, fought and kicked with all her might, but how could she possibly resist these strong men with her thin and weak body?

It was at this moment Qianye’s voice rang from the end of the road, “Take your hands off her!”

The men were caught by surprise, but when they saw Qianye standing alone on the street they immediately grew bold.

A fat and burly looking big man yelled in a stern voice, “F*ck off! Mind your own business. Do you want to f*cking die or something?”

Bang! What answered him was the rumbling echo of a gunshot!

The big man fell on his back with blank eyes and an extra bloody hole in his forehead.

It was only now the group of men began to panic. Some tried to run away while others immediately reached for the weapon behind their backs. There was also one particular person who viciously gripped the girl in his hand and twisted her right arm around so that she would face towards Qianye. He wanted to use her as a hostage.

Qianye’s muzzle shot out flame tongues continuously, and in the blink of an eye he had emptied an entire magazine. The person who was holding the girl had the most bullet holes in him, and he fell to the ground along with the other two people who were reaching for their gun and chopper beside him.

The two brutes who had already ran behind the cover of a shop’s vertical shop sign by the roadside were pretty bold. The moment they saw that Qianye had used up all his bullets, they immediately poked out their heads and raised their guns, aiming at Qianye and shooting at him continuously!

However, Qianye’s figure flashed repeatedly as the bullets whistled past his body. Not a single bullet could hit him!

Right now Qianye had already reloaded a new magazine as the gunshots rang once more. In the end, the two brutes fell to the ground in response to the gunshots, but they were only shot at all four limbs and was howling and letting out blood curdling screeches because of it.

Qianye walked in front of the duo, and with a shake of the arm dropped the empty magazine right now their spasming bodies. Then, he pushed another new magazine into his body and aimed at their heads.

It was at this moment a few men charged out of the small alley by the side. When the leader of the group saw this scene he yelled, “Wait!”

Qianye heard, but did not respond to his cry as his fingers pulled the trigger without hesitation. Two bangs later, the last two brutes had their heads popped, and it was only then he turned around and said indifferently, “Wait what?”

The leading big man grew furious as he yelled, “Who are you? How dare you kill the people of the Earth Flame Association. Even if you’re looking to commit suicide there’s no need to rush it!”

“Your people tried to touch my woman. Even if you’re looking to commit suicide there’s no need to rush it, is it?” Qianye unhurriedly threw the words right back at him. Then, he carelessly took two broad steps and blocked right between the girl and the people who showed up.

“Little bastard…”

The brutish man looked like a mini boss of the Earth Flame Association, and he had the strength of a rank one Fighter. But the profanity had just left his mouth when he suddenly saw Qianye right in front of him and unsheathing Butcher!

Butcher did not go boom, however. Holding Butcher in reverse, Qianye directly smashed its steel gilded handle directly into the man’s mouth. Seven or eight teeth immediately sprayed into the open.

The brute was immediately struck by terrible pain. With shaking hands, he tried to cover his wounded mouth, but his hands lightened as the pistol he couldn’t quite grip completely entered Qianye’s hands once more.

The gunpowder based pistol made a twirl around Qianye’s forefinger once before it was caught firmly in his grip. Then, he pulled the trigger repeatedly and shot all of the men who emerged following the brute. Right after,the barrel that was still scorching hot was stuck right into the bruten’s mouth.

Qianye said coldly, “I don’t care if you’re Earth Flame Association or whatever. If you dare touch my woman again, I’ll pull out your very roots! I just eliminated Sky Snake Gang, so do not provoke me!”

The brute nodded like his life depended on it, but he did not to move too much in fear that he would cause the handgun to misfire. It was only until Qianye had gradually withdrew his gun that he finally let out a breath of relief. His eyes revealed a trace of rejoicement and hatred.

Suddenly, Qianye’s wrist moved as the handgun boomed repeatedly, pouring all the bullets in the extended magazine into the man’s body. The terrific impulse blasted his sturdy body backwards on the spot as a dozen or some blood splatter blossomed in midair.

Seeing the brutish man’s unwilling but now lifeless eyes, Qianye said indifferently, “I suddenly changed my mind.”

When Qianye tossed the gun in his hand on the brute’s body, the girl was still standing and trembling a couple dozen meters away from him. She carefully avoided the floor of corpses, but did not take the opportunity to escape. Qianye did not walk towards her. He simply raised a hand, waved, and vanished into the night.

The girl stared at Qianye’s departing figure and did not move for very long time. It was only until her pained eyes could no longer see anything that she suddenly turned around and ran to the other end of the darkness.

From the beginning to the end, Qianye neither asked for her name, nor told her his own. The sensitive and smart girl knew that he might never step foot in this city ever again in the future. Even if he did come back, the only intersection they would share was tonight, a night filled with desire and gunpowder.

For the girl, this was a night that was both beautiful and ladened with grief like a drama. She had stood on the stage, but only as a traveller who passed by in a hurry.

Qianye returned to Yu Yingnan’s home. As usual, this place wasn’t locked, and the traps were just the same. However, when he walked to the entrance of the first floor’s guest room, Qianye discovered in slight embarrassment that the two traps he laid down had been activated.

The marks left behind by the traps indicated clearly that someone had activated the warning trap and leaped away in surprise. Then, they unluckily entered right into the zone of the second trap and suffered the full blow of its might. The gunpowder Qianye installed into this little trap wasn’t huge, and the shrapnels he set up weren’t many either. It could just take out a rank two Fighter. If it was a rank four fighter, then at best it would deal an average amount of injury.

The room’s floor was splashed with a few drops of dry blood. Qianye bent over slightly and sensed a familiar smell. The blood belonged to Yu Yingnan.

Qianye knew that Yu Yingnan was upstairs right now. The entire floor was filled with the thick smell of alcohol, so it would seem that she drank quite a bit tonight. Perhaps it was because of the alcohol, but the smell of her blood was unusually rich and her heartbeat was unusually quick too. Qianye involuntarily sucked in a deep breath. Yu Yingnan’s blood smelled very sweet and was filled with energy and vitality. It was like a hot milk mixed with half a glass of sugar. To Qianye, this smell was more attractive than others.

However, after seeing the blood of the floor, Qianye very sensibly chose not to disturb Yu Yingnan. This female hunter wasn’t just your normal kind of shrewish, but extremely competitive as well. Now that she had fallen for a series of traps in her own home, god knows how she was going to take it out on the culprit of her misfortune.

Qianye softly and quietly tidied up the vestiges left behind in his room before tossing himself on his bed. Then, he let out a comfortable breath.

With Yu Yingnan here, Qianye experienced a strange sense of security that enabled him to completely relax. This was something he normally would not experience when he was alone. In a daze, he fell into a deep sleep.

Before Qianye was completely flooded by sleepiness, he seemed to hear some activity in the kitchen. However, he did not sense any killing intent or hostility, so he just left it be. Back at Lighthouse Town, Qianye would often leave two portions of food at the kitchen specifically for other people to steal them. However, the bars of all towns were special places, so normally a tramp would not steal food from such places unless they were so starved they had no other choice.

For an instant, Qianye felt as if he had returned to a familiar and safe home, so he allowed himself to sink into the depths of consciousness. In reality, he had never possessed such a tranquility or warmth in his memorized life.

When Qianye’s consciousness had completely subsided, the gold blood aura in his body quietly swam out of the rune and swam along his blood vessels. Every blood aura in his body holed themselves in Qianye’s heart and did not dare to reveal themselves at all. Although the purple blood aura was much larger than the gold aura, it had entrenched itself in the rune of vampire constitution and looked to be highly wary and in preparation to face a terrible enemy.

The gold blood aura was as thin and weak as ever even though the amount of normal blood aura it consumed was no less than the purple blood aura at all. However, it did not appear to have changed in the least, whereas the purple blood aura had obviously evolved once and even triggered the vampire constitution to become a rank up ability.

Right now, the gold blood aura was circling around the vampire constitution rune a few times and eying the purple blood aura inside covetously. It even attempted to penetrate the rune a few times, but a purple light screen lit up outside the ability rune and bounced the gold blood aura away.

After attempting twice to break in without any results, the gold blood aura seemed to have lost interest in the purple blood aura and swam towards the heart instead. After circling around the heart twice swiftly, it suddenly stuck right in it and wrapped around a normal blood aura in the blink of an eye. Then, it bounced out of the heart once more.

The normal blood aura struggled with everything it had, but it was completely useless. It was consumed by the gold blood aura that looked much thinner and weaker than it was bite after bite and melted into nothingness in the blink of an eye. Feeling unsatisfied yet, it entered the heart yet again and pulled out another normal blood aura, crushing it and devouring it in just a few bites. Just like that it ate five normal blood auras in a go, but still it wasn’t satisfied. It circled around the heart one more time, but in the end it did not harm the last two normal blood aura and swam back into the rune of Eye Ability: Night Vision. Then, it stayed there and did not move.

In a flash, the surface of the gold blood aura began to circulate with light from time to time. It seemed to be on the verge of a transformation.

In his dreams, Qianye instinctively felt that something wasn’t quite right. He felt as if he was buried deep beneath the water and suffocating as if there was an entire sea bearing down on him. However, no matter how hard he struggled, he could not free himself from this dream.

In the kitchen, Yu Yingnan was leaning against the kitchen table and carrying a bottle of strong alcohol in one hand. She took a fierce gulp of the drink before spitting out a mouthful of alcoholic breath. She was feeling vexed and restless, and the cabinet surface that was as smooth as a mirror reflected her entire person on the opposite side.

Yu Yingnan looked left and right at herself on the opposite side. No matter how she looked at it, she thought that she looked quite pretty. At the very least, she looked much better than that little bitch in that bar. She was taller than her, prettier than her, had longer legs than her and… which side of your momma’s breast isn’t three or four times bigger than hers? If she had any breasts at all to begin with.

Yu Yingnan lifted a middle finger ferociously at her opposite self!

And then she was intimidated by her own aggressiveness.

Yu Yingnan smiled bitterly and began drinking again. Although she had already drunk a lot of alcohol, she still didn’t think that it was enough. At the least, she was drunk enough to do whatever she wanted to without any qualms.

How could that possibly be considered drunk?

So she continued to pour alcohol into her mouth resolutely. Before that tiny hope and courage at the bottom of her heart disappeared, she would at least make herself half drunk.

The first bottle emptied, and the second soon followed. Thankfully, she had enough stock and could fish out a third. When this bottle had turned empty as well, she finally felt that her drunkenness was about right. At the least, if a dozen of vampires and werewolves were to show up before her right now, she had no problems taking a chopper and fight for her life.

When she thought up to this point, the woman in the mirror began to leak aggressiveness involuntarily again.

She tossed her tactical jacket on the ground and unbuckled her belt. However, the fingers that could’ve twirled a combat knife effortlessly suddenly turned extremely stiff. She kept feeling that she could not go that extra mile. At her current drunkenness state, she felt that she could at best passively accept everything that would happen, and apparently she was still quite far away from taking the initiative on her own.

Yu Yingnan quite literally abhorred her own weakness. This female hunter lit up a loaded cigarette and took in a deep breath. Then, she revealed a sinister smile that was employed when facing the dark races and pulled out her combat knife, cutting off her own belt resolutely!

The defensive animal skin pants fell to the floor, revealing the black tactical skin tight boxers. There was also a secret compartment at the side that hid a finger length jagged blade.

While recalling the data she crammed into her brain at the last moment, she waved her combat knife and cut off most of the tight skin underwear, remolding it into a somewhat sexy little underwear.

The woman in the mirror now had a little sexiness in her, if she wasn’t holding a cigarette in one hand and a knife in the other while looking way too imposing.

“This is about it!” Yu Yingnan talked to herself before tossing down her cigarette and her knife. Then, she wobbled her way to Qianye’s bedroom and barged in with a kick to the door.

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