Chapter 98: Spring Also Comes For Masculine Women

Chapter 98: Spring Also Comes For Masculine Women [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace]  

Qianye’s was still in deep slumber. He was currently fighting and struggling against the suffocating feeling in his dreams, and his subconsciousness continued to feel like they were submerged in a deep sea. The world above the water seemed impossible to reach.

However, in Yu Yingnan’s opinion there was no way Qianye hadn’t woken up yet after she had caused so much noise. She thought that he must be pretending to be asleep, and that he demanded for her to take a step further on her own.

“F*ck! I have to do it myself?”

Yu Yingnan mumbled vaguely to herself before tossing herself right next to Qianye’s body, lying on her back. She could hear her own heart thumping like a gong. She looked at the man lying next to her, thought for a moment and took him into her arms. She put him right on top of her.

Qianye’s seemingly thin figure was in fact extraordinarily heavy, so heavy that Yu Yingnan’s breath had come to a momentary pause. However, a content and fulfilling feeling followed immediately after the feeling of weight. She stretched out her arms and hugged the body that felt like silk wrapped steel. Her wildly beating heart calmed down just a little.

It was only then Qianye finally opened his eyes and looked at her in astonishment. He was obviously confused by the situation before him.

“Sure! Keep up that act! It’s not like I care or anything!” Yu Yingnan itched to beat up Qianye.

Still, she forced herself to wear the gentlest smile she could on her face. But when she saw that Qianye wasn’t in the mood at all, she knew that her efforts had all been wasted.

“What’s wrong?” Qianye stretched out and touched Yu Yingnan’s forehead. She was burning from head to toe, but it didn’t feel like a fever. She probably had too much of a drink. The air inside the little guest room seemed to turn wet with the thick scent of alcohol and milk.

His response was a heavy blow. Yu Yingnan’s hot temper was finally ignited.

She decided that she might as well discard all the pretentious poses and expressions as grabbed Qianye’s thin but firm waist tightly. Then, she said through gritted teeth, “I want a man tonight. Will you join me?”

Qianye was stumped for words. It was only when Yu Yingnan had repeated a second time that he finally understood her meaning.

The meaning behind her words couldn’t be any more clearer. It was something anyone who hadn’t completely lost touch with his masculine side would be able to understand. It was just that it sounded unbelievably strange coming out of Yu Yingnan’s mouth. Qianye never thought that he would live to hear such a thing from this mighty and domineering female hunter.

He stared closely at Yu Yingnan, examining her for the first time as a man would to a woman. If he were to ignore her expression and manner, then he had to admit that she was a good looking woman. Her countenance alone made her a beautiful woman, not to mention that she also had an amazing body.

Now that they were touching each other tightly without a millimeter of space between them, Qianye noticed yet again the shocking flexibility of the body beneath him. Every one of her curves felt like they could send him springing into the air.

Qianye had already noticed how deadly this body was the last time he accidentally pressed down on her. It was no wonder that she managed to achieve rank four at such a young age. And now, Qianye finally realized that this was a female’s body, and a sexy and attractive one too.

Moreover, her scent was as fragrant as ever. Her milky, sweet scent that was filled with energy was extremely attractive to Qianye, who had for the past two days became unusually thirsty for some reason.

But all these thoughts weren’t important. What was important right now was that tonight’s matter had advanced to a stage that he couldn’t back down. If he didn’t do a little something in this situation then it was obvious that the two of them would part as complete strangers after tonight.

Yu Yingnan kissed Qianye a little clumsily on the lips. She hadn’t controlled her strength properly, so when she knocked into him it actually felt a little painful. However, the act was like a match that instantly ignited Qianye’s male instincts. It took only a few simple tears before Yu Yingnan was made completely defenseless.

The intimate touch of naked flesh caused the temperature to rise non-stop. It was as if the air around them had turned into flames. Qianye probed her bottom area a couple of times before moving forward strongly, entering a warmth that wished to be dominated since a while ago!

An even greater pleasure assaulted his senses. His instincts swelled and pushed his reason swiftly out of the way. Every exchange of air felt like they were on fire. Qianye paused the fencing of tongue and lips temporarily and moved his head sideways, rubbing into her flesh twice. He found the source he was looking for on her white neck, and he rubbed his white teeth gently across her skin. He could feel a strong and lively pulsation beneath it.

The gold colored blood energy that had been dormant all this time suddenly moved and erupted into a desire for blood like never before. Qianye’s thirst immediately multiplied, and he felt like sinking his teeth into her flesh immediately!

“No!” Qianye was shocked. Suddenly, he awoke from his intoxicated state and recognized with incredibly clarity that the person before him was Yu Yingnan and not any other stranger.

He immediately suppressed the bloodthirst with the willpower he trained over many years of resisting pain. However, Qianye also knew very well that just suppressing the waves that attacked his reason again and again wouldn’t be enough. It would take some small techniques to trick his body successfully.

And so he licked Yu Yingnan’s nape strongly and sucked the thick fragrance of blood into his throat. It immediately satisfied Qianye for a bit and caused him to grow even more excited. Meanwhile, Yu Yingnan was caught off guard by the attack and cried out in shock. From the way she subconsciously hugged Qianye tightly, it was obvious that she was unusually sensitive there.

Her entire body was tensed up, and it caused Qianye’s pleasure to go up by folds. He ignored everything and began riding her strongly. Every time he pounded wantonly into her depths, her beautiful body would convulse involuntarily and let out a sharp scream!

Yu Yingnan grabbed onto Qianye’s back strongly, and her fingernails dug deep into his muscles. However, she failed to leave any scratch marks on his body. Meanwhile, the man who controlled everything grew so forceful that it became completely one-sided. He made her capable of nothing but screaming on top of her lungs.

Yu Yingnan’s screams lasted for a couple of hours straight. A neighbor couldn’t stand the noise and tried to smash the door in protest, but took an explosive trap to the face instead.

Once the explosion was over, everyone in the area decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble to criticize them. And so they went away and sought out their own woman, someone else’s woman, or a man instead. In short, they went to do whatever they needed to do.

When Yu Yingnan crawled into the bathroom, turned on the shower and began washing herself, she saw an incredibly satisfied, and incredibly womanly face on the mirror. She touched her neck and bit her bottom lips, and she thought that she looked incredibly attractive like this. Qianye was so naughty; he must’ve realized that her neck was her weakness and attacked that place non-stop for the whole night. He almost drove her insane.

Her wish was fulfilled, and she was even dreaming a little about the future. When her dream went into someplace happy, she broke into a grin and couldn’t help herself from pointing a middle finger at the mirror.

Then, the dream was gone.

Yu Yingnan stared blankly at her masculine self that had manifested once more in the mirror before sighing heavily to herself. She recalled her original decision and knew that that future she dreamed of was the real dream. It was time to return to reality now that her wish was fulfilled, and so she transformed back to that wanton and brash female hunter she was once more.

Qianye was still fast asleep when she was done bathing. He looked very tired and quite obviously weakened. She supposed that he had exhausted himself too much as of late. Of course, a different man wouldn’t have fared much better than him had they been in an intense intercourse that lasted several hours long.

Qianye was frowning even in his dreams as if he encountered something troubling that couldn’t be solved easily. Yu Yingnan gently stretched out and smoothed out the entangled lines on his forehead. Then, she watched his face closely.

This was the first time she noticed how pretty the man was. In Yu Yingnan’s memory, her deepest impression of Qianye was his inexperience when they met each other the first time, and the moment Qianye blocked Sky Snake’s shot for her without blinking an eye. These impressions had actually blurred her memory of Qianye’s looks.

That he looked pretty wasn’t a bad thing, she thought. She leaned over and snuck a kiss on Qianye’s cheeks, before putting a slip of paper beside him. Then, she packed her luggage and left during the night.

When Qianye opened his eyes once more, there was sunlight shining through the windows. The arms of mechanical clock was just about to approach twelve in the noon.

I slept that long?

Qianye was a little surprised as he sat up on the bed. He saw the paper slip next to him, picked it up and gave it a glance. Yu Yingnan’s handwriting was present on the paper, and although it was a little like chicken scratch every stroke on the paper was extremely powerful. It was her style alright.

“Qianye, I’m going to get a mission for you. It’s very suitable for you, and we’ll talk about the details once I get back later. Don’t go far for the next few days and wait for me!”

Yu Yingnan didn’t explain exactly what this mission was, but Qianye believed that she would never harm him, so there was no harm in waiting for a couple more days. While the unpredictable Yu Renyan was a small trouble that might show itself if he continued to stay inside Darkblood City, Qianye didn’t think that he would necessarily lose to him even if he couldn’t win.

Qianye crawled out of his bed and took a look at the kitchen. Then, he swept through nearly all of his supplies and only managed to get himself half full. Qianye felt unusually weak and quick to hunger, and when he prepared to set out to replenish his food supplies he realized that he only had several dozens of silver coins with him now. He had given his last gold coin to that unknown girl.

Guess I have to find a way to earn money again, Qianye thought helplessly.

It was at this moment Old 2’s voice rang from outside, “Is Qianye around?”

Old 2 was standing outside the entrance hall when Qianye opened the guest room’s door. Once the two of them were seated, Old 2 passed a bill to Qianye and said, “These are the things you told me to look for earlier. Take a look yourself.”

When Qianye accepted the bill and gave it a glance, he was slightly startled on the inside. The first part of the bill was a medicine developed by the Empire that could be used to quicken the cultivation of origin power. It was very effective on all cultivators who hadn’t reached hampion rank, and it could be seen as the advanced version of the Vermillion Countenance Blood.

The second part of the bill was all equipment. It included a set of light armor and a tactical scope. The armor was based on the Empire main corps’ standard armor, but with reduced weight and a redesign of its external appearance. This was a common process when arms were traded in the black market. Individually, the tactical scope could be used as a telescope. It could also be equipped on sniper rifles and other standard weapons.

What was amazing was that this tactical scope was actually an origin equipment! A special origin array had been imbued into its interior. A total of four visual fields was available to its user once origin power was injected into the scope. Moreover, it had two additional detection modes for arachne and demonkin other than vampire and werewolf. It might not sound much, but the addition of two detection modes meant that the scope’s origin formation was many times more complicated than it originally was. That was why this tactical scope was priced at a shocking eight hundred gold coins!

Of course, its materials and development cost weren’t that expensive, but there weren’t many people at all who could acquire an equipment that was assigned only to elite corps even in the Empire and deliver it to the Evernight Continent. That was why this type of equipment had always been priceless on Evernight Continent, the prices on the upper continents could only be used as a reference. The value of a scope that could detect all types of dark races couldn’t be measured by gold on Evernight Continent.

If it wasn’t for Old 2, with his knowledge of the black market prices of Darkblood City, Qianye believed that this scope would be priced more than a thousand gold coins.

Of course, the price of the other items on this bill wasn’t cheap as well. That standard armor was priced at two hundred gold coins, and the medicine was priced at fifty gold coins per syringe. It would be wrong to think that the medicine was expensive because it was extraordinarily helpful in breaking through the barriers of a node. The problem was that an entire syringe had to be used up every day to achieve saturation just like the Vermillion Countenance Blood.

Qianye put down the bill with a wry smile and said, “They are what I need, but…”

Back when Qianye had inquired Old 2 about the prices, he hadn’t thought of acquiring Eagleshot at the time. But now that he had bought Eagleshot, he could afford none of the items on the list.

Old 2 withdrew the bill and circled most of the items on it including the armor, the scope and half of the medicines. He said, “I’ve already booked these for you already. They will arrive in a month’s time.”

Qianye was shocked as he immediately said, “Wait…” Forget all of them, he couldn’t even afford any one item on this bill.

Old 2 seemed to know what Qianye was going to say and interrupted him, saying, “I know you don’t have the money right now, but you will have them very soon. There is a mission which deposit will pay for all of these items with spare, should you choose to accept it.”

“A mission?” Qianye instinctively felt that something wasn’t quite right about all this.

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