Chapter 96: Neverending Encounter of Fate

Chapter 96: Neverending Encounter of Fate [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace]   

As expected, the girl’s scent carried a little bit of fragrance within a light freshness, as though the herbal aroma of pine wood being evaporated under the sun’s rays. Qianye liked it very much.

Qianye didn’t know why, but he just said it, “Take a seat!”

The girl seemed to be in a little panic, but neither refused nor struggled, and only turned his head away, looking at the bar counter.

The man who was mixing drinks behind the counter gave the girl a fierce stare, nodded with power, then turned his head and hinted toward the drink bottle beside his hand.

Qianye took all of these in his eyes. He could understand what was going on here without needing to think very much at all.

“Another bottle,” said Qianye. A silver coin flew out of his fingertips, and fell onto the drink bottle on the bar counter in a parabola. The coin then spun itself on the mouth of the bottle, stirring up a wheel of silver colored light.

The muscle of the bar owner’s cheek instantly twitched a few times. This trick didn’t only require technique, but also needed very rich origin power to achieve.

He turned around and took out a strong bottle of alcohol, opened it up, then tossed it. The bottle passed through the crowd while tumbling, and steadily fell onto Qianye’s table with a thump. In the entire process, the alcohol in the bottle didn’t even spill out. This trick was quite good too, but was no match to Qianye’s.

Somewhat stiff, the girl still tried hard to reveal a smile before she sat down. At first, she poured the drink for Qianye, then drank together with Qianye, and in the end, she softened her body and slowly leaning onto Qianye’s body. In the bar, everything was so natural. The clamorous noises made people involuntarily lean against each other, else they wouldn’t be able to hear what the other person was talking about.

Qianye entered an odd tipsy mode starting from the first cup. This feel made him feel extremely comfortable. His tightened up nerves completely relaxed themselves. The dull and vexed feeling at the start vanished like snow in a sunny spring day. The girl’s body that pressed against him was very hot, and he could feel the vigorous elasticity with every touch of their skin. Her scent more so made Qianye very comfortable. Slowly, it seemed that every breath he took was filled with refreshing aroma.

Naturally, desire began to surface.

Qianye felt that anything he said and did seemed to follow the will of his heart. Such as this line. “Want to come with me?”

Ethanol sure was something magical.

It was unknown what the girl was thinking about as she suddenly blushed, then nodded indiscernibly.

Qianye didn’t dawdle either, and took the girl out of the bar right away. However, he didn’t notice that two pairs of eyes were staring at him the whole time. Qianye as he was half-drunk would ignore many things, and only his instinct was still clear, maintaining his senses toward danger and killing intent.

Beside a small table in the corner, sat Yu Yingnan and Old 2.

There was a few fresh wounds on Yu Yingnan’s face. That was the masterpiece caused by the two traps Qianye had set up. The huntress was inexplicably in a bad mood in the first place, and naturally her mood became even worse now because of that. Thus, she ran back and dragged Old 2 out to drink giving no leeway.

Perhaps this was the so-called unspeakable fate. They just happened to walked into the same bar, and saw Qianye. Yu Yingnan didn’t go and greet him, because there was another unfamiliar young girl on the table. That girl who was a little shy through her docileness was even leaning close onto Qianye.

Old 2 wanted to leave, but Yu Yingnan dragged onto him with force and sat down at a remote corner.

Qianye didn’t take any superfluous actions, and only smothered himself in alcohol, occasionally staring blankly at the surroundings. Yu Yingnan even felt that Qianye’s gaze had turned toward her side a few times, but his expression didn’t change the slightest, and only passed without noticing.

In the end, she saw Qianye standing up and leaving, taking the girl with him. They passed through the crowded and clamorous hall. The young man’s slender and tall physique was actually full of power, his left arm raised up and slightly split open the crowd, while that delicate small silhouette full of youthfulness tightly grasped onto the young man’s arm, as though it was her only place to rely on. Very soon, the two figures nestled together disappeared within the dimly lit street. The night was still long.

Yu Yingnan emptied the full cup of strong liquor in one go, silently filled it up again then poured it down her throat again without wasting a single drop. When she was about to pour a third cup for herself, Old 2 pressed her hands down.

“That, is what men are.” She was unexpectedly calm.

“That’s nothing much.” Old 2 said, then took that cup away from Yu Yingnan, pouring it into his own mouth. Satisfiedly sighing, he said, “Not bad tasting.”

After a cup of strong liquor, Old 2’s mood also brightened up a lot, “Men, you know, will all occasionally become impulsive, especially when they drink too much. When he sobers up tomorrow, he definitely won’t fancy that little girl anymore. Tsk tsk, she’s neither got the chest or ass, what’s so fun about that!”

“You are saying that Qianye drank too much?”

“Clearly so! Just look at him.”

Yu Yingnan smiled. Within her smile, there was a bit of mockery and bitterness. To say that just these few bottles could get Qianye drunk, she wouldn’t believe it no matter what.

Yu Yingnan took back the empty glass from Old 2’s hand, then filled a smaller half of a glass for herself and slowly sipped on it, as she watched various women who were swinging their waist and bottom with all their might.

Qianye was willing to take Sky Snake’s gunshot with his body in order to save her, but never thought about tempting her to bed.

“As expected, no man want a woman like me…”

Naturally, Qianye didn’t go to Yu Yingnan’s place, and instead returned to that small house of his following his instincts. The inside was unexpectedly clean. The sight of it being a mess didn’t appear, and even the bed was very well made.

With a swing of his arm, the girl lightly fell like a feather, while also conveniently dragging him down. Her skin carried some ashen color within the whiteness, lacking the color of blood. However, it carried the tightness and smoothness just right for her youthful age, and felt as though he was caressing a bundle of silk when touching.

The split second of satisfaction and relaxation made Qianye feel incomparably delighted. Especially the satisfaction that came from nothing, which stimulated him to into being haziness! That joyfulness could be compared to the deliciousness of blood when his energy was exhausted!

Qianye closed his eyes tightly, and guided his actions only with his instincts. It was as though the entire world and stars were spinning. From beginning to end, the pinewood like fragrance filled all of his senses the entire time, while the girl’s light moans, were just like a soft song, sometimes high, sometimes low.

Delight was like the tides of origin power, swelling up round after round, and finally reached the time to break through the limits! When happiness that surpassed imagination was about to slam down like a raging tide, the last remainder of Qianye’s consciousness was also buried under.

From between his teeth, there suddenly flowed in a tepid, sweet and pleasant fluid, mixed together with the hint of the girl's sweet fragrance!

Qianye suddenly opened his eyes!

He was actually biting onto the side of the girl’s neck, a wisp of blood was entering his mouth. Qianye was greatly alarmed, and abruptly bounced up from the girl’s body.

“Don’t move!” Qianye pressed down the girl who was also frightened and panicked like him as he looked at the wound by the side of her neck. Thankfully, the wound was very shallow. Only some skin on the surface was broken, and the arteries wasn’t affected. Moreover, after Qianye woke up in shock, he instinctively held in his blood energy right away, and the blood of darkness didn’t get the chance to contaminate her yet.

Cold sweat ran down Qianye’s entire body as he secretly yelled lucky in his heart. He immediately got down from the bed, took out his collection of medical goods and treated the girl’s wound, then wrapped it for her.

In the entire process, the girl only wrapped her arms around herself, trembling, letting Qianye do whatever he wanted.

During the process of treating her wounds, after thinking back on everything that happened tonight, he really didn’t know what to say. However, since it had already happened, then it no longer mattered anymore. Besides, the girl’s fragrance did attract him greatly. Thankfully, he didn’t contaminate her. Otherwise, if Qianye’s blood energy entered her body, he wouldn’t know if it would be considered the Embrace, or pure and simple contamination.

Qianye took over the girl’s clothes and wrapped her in, as he asked gently, “Were you startled?”

Only hearing Qianye’s gentle voice, did the girl dare to raise his head. She stared fixedly at Qianye. In that instant, she even revealed a bit of infatuation. Qianye’s face and disposition without disguise, was as dazzling as the stars up in the skies amongst the lower echelons of Darkblood City.

The girl silently put on her clothes.

Qianye walked to the table, then came back to the bed, holding a money pouch in his hands. He leaned it to the side and poured out several dozen silver coins into his palm with a bunch of clinks, then handed it before the girl. “It’s for you.”

The girl was greatly shocked, and her body instead withdrew backwards. She muttered, “T-too much.”

A bar girl spending a night with guests ordinarily would just be one silver coin. A few very popular girls would collect two from frequent guests. These that Qianye gave was more than ten times than the normal price.

Qianye grabbed over the girl’s hand and opened it. Releasing his grip, the silver coins fell into her palm like a jingle of bells. He said with a smilee, “Take it, you deserved it.”

“Also, I like your scent very much.” Qianye added on.

The girl subconsciously held tightly onto the silver coins, as her little face still had on the expression mixed with relaxation and lingering fear.

“What’s wrong?” asked Qianye.

“I… I actually thought you were a bloodsucker. You scared me just now.” The girl lightly patted her chest as she let out a breath of air. Since Qianye grabbed such a large handful of silver for her, naturally he wouldn’t be a bloodsucker.

The common folk’s understanding of the dark races were actually quite limited. Some were exaggerated, such as possibly being infected just by getting close to a blood thrall. While, some were ignorant, such as vampires not being able to touch silver. In fact, silver was a type of poison for vampire constitutions, and since it was a poison, there naturally exist poison resistance or ways to relieve the poison. When Qianye’s vampire constitution ranked up, as long as no open wounds made contact with silver, he no longer feared ordinary silver. That was even more the case for the imperial silver coins that contained very little silver.

Qianye smiled, and no longer dragged this topic on. Instead, he asked, “This is the first time you accompanied a guest out?”

The girl’s face instantly flushed red. She only nodded very slightly after a while. “I do need money, but it’s also because… it’s you.”

Qianye thought for a bit, shook the money pouch, and a gold coin rolled out from the innermost part. He directly pressed the gold coin at the girl, “This is yours now. If not necessary in the future, don’t accompany guests out anymore.”

Yet, the girl tightened her fist, not taking the gold coin. Instead, she raised up her head and stared straight at Qianye. Mustering up her courage, she asked, “Then will you come to find me again?”

Qianye smiled, “I will leave this place very soon and may not ever return again.”

The girl lowered her head as she spoke in a light voice, “Then, I don’t want the gold coin. These are enough. I won’t ever go to the bar again. I can probably find a job like a hotel attendant.”

Qianye stuffed the gold coin into the girl’s hand and said, “If you are willing, then you can help me clean this building when you have time in the future. Count this gold coin as your compensation for hiring you for a year. If I don’t come back after a year, then there’s no need to clean it anymore. You can deal with this place however you want.”

“Will you die in battle?”

The girl asked a question out of Qianye’s expectations.

Qianye thought about it seriously, then spoke gently, “I am a warrior. Battling with the dark races is the responsibility of every single human warrior. As a warrior, dying on the grounds of battle is an inherent fate, I cannot escape it either.”

The girl suddenly embraced Qianye and kissed onto his lips. Then, she said, “I can’t do much, but if… if you are still willing to come to visit Darkblood City again, this place will definitely be clean!”

As she finished speaking, the girl ran out and disappeared within the curtain of the night.

Qianye silently sat for a few minutes, then remembered something. Taking up his gun, he also left following the girl.

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