Chapter 95: The Soon Departing

Chapter 95: The Soon Departing [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace]  

Only when Yu Yingnan lowered her head to look did she finally realize that she was still wearing a tactical jacket with nothing inside. When moving with this short jacket, the scenery of her chest was in full view from Qianye’s angle.

Yu Yingnan spoke, not minding it in the least, “Not like you haven’t seen it before. If I get injured when going into missions later, I’ll probably get seen even more by you. What’s the big deal about that?”

Qianye didn’t know how he was suppose to answer her. He could only stiffen his body and let her do what she wanted.

Yu Yingnan finally let out a relieved breath after she finished connecting and setting all of Qianye’s broken ribs, cleaning and bandaging all his external wounds. When she saw her own hands full of blood, she planned to just wipe it on her clothes without taking extra trouble.

“Wait a minute!” Qianye grasped Yu Yingnan’s hand at once, and forcefully dragged her into the bathroom.

Qianye’s strength was extraordinarily great to the point that no resistance could be put up against it. Forget about her origin power not having fully recovered, even if Yu Yingnan was in her best condition, she wouldn’t be able to go against it. She followed staggeringly, her mind in a panic with a twinge of fear. She only thought, “C-could it be that he likes… to do that.. In this kind of place?”

As she thought that, Yu Yingnan suddenly felt that her entire body went soft, and the little bit of strength she recovered had gone elsewhere.

Qianye dragged her into the bathroom, opened the water valve and pressed her hands below the water stream, beginning to clean the bloodstains on it. Qianye’s gestures were meticulous and deft while also very diligent and careful, not even missing the crevices under the nail. This was his techniques of wound treatment.

Yu Yingnan was shocked at first, but she slowly became calm and gentle afterwards. She silently looked at Qianye’s long hair that flowed down the side of his ears. Under the dim light, there seemed to be streams of light flowing on its surface.

After all of the blood stains were cleaned off, Qianye finally let out a breath of relief. “Alright, I’ll be going. I still need to go tidy some things up.”

“Now that Sky Snake is dead, do you want to come live with me? It’ll be goo- ah, I mean so we can look after each other!”

This wasn’t supposed to be a great matter to Yu Yingnan and it wasn’t like other hunters haven’t temporarily lived at her place before. However, this time, she was stuttering a little.

Qianye thought for a bit and nodded, “Okay, but I’ll probably be leaving this place after some time.”

Yu Yingnan wanted to ask where he wanted to go, but as her words was about to escape her mouth, it suddenly became, “Alright, you go pack up. I also need to go to Old 2 for a bit.”

After Qianye left, she started blankly for a long time before finally changing and hurrying toward the Home of Hunters.

Home of Hunters was very quiet at night. Old 2 was still sitting behind the counter, wearing a old-fashioned glasses and flipping through a book.

Seeing Yu Yingnan pushing open the door and coming in, Old 2 said, “You came a little later than I thought you would. It’s about time now, shut the gate for me!”

Yu Yingnan raised her leg and heavily kicked the gate closed, then sat onto the counter and knocked, “Got alcohol?”

Old 2 took out a urn of traditional distilled spirit, “Only have this.”

Yu Yingnan knitted her brows, “I can’t get used to drinking this, but it’s fine, as long as here’s alcohol.”

Old 2 passed over a glass. Yu Yingnan filled it to the brim and directly downed the entire thing. Then, her face suddenly entirely flushed red as she began to cough violently.

Old 2 sighed, and shook his head, “It’s like this again.”

“I always forget how fierce this thing is, but it’s fine. More satisfying this way!”

Old 2 gave a look at Yu Yingnan through the top of his presbyopia glasses, and asked, “What, got the worse of it this time around?”

“Nope.” Yu Yingnan self-mockingly laughed as she spoke till here, “Men don’t fancy ones like me.”

Old 2 soundlessly laughed, “As long as you are fine, even though losing out isn’t that big of a deal. But you don’t seem to be in a good mood?”

Yu Yingnan scratched her hair with force, “I don’t know what’s going on either. It’s just very messy, super messy, I can’t think clearly about anything at all. Ah!!”

“A cigarette?” Old 2 very timely passed over one.

“Thanks!” Yu Yingnan lit it right away and took a deep smoke, only spouting out the leftover smoke after a long time had passed. As expected, she felt much better.

“Qianye perhaps will leave this place very soon. This city no longer suits him anymore.”

Hearing Old 2’s words, Yu Yingnan’s hand trembled as a piece of burning ash fell onto her hands, immediately burning up a tiny blister.

Yu Yingnan’s brows knitted. She wiped away the ash without batting an eyelid. “Oh, I see. He’ll have to leave sooner or later after all. Maybe after a while, I’ll leave this place too.”

“Even though he still needs to leave, there’s a mission that he might be able to do on the way.”

“What mission?” Yu Yingnan’s eyes brightened. If there was a mission, then one could roughly grasp a hunter’s whereabouts and movements. They would also have to return to Darkblood City to turn in the mission and receive compensation.

“It’s that mission put up by Miss Qiqi. We can’t drag it on any longer.”

Yu Yingnan instantly revealed an expression that was both astonished and disgusted, “Qiqi? I despise that woman!”

“But other than Qianye, we don’t have any other fitting candidates. Before this, I could still push it back, but I can’t now. Perhaps Qianye will listen to your words, how about you urge him on?”

Yu Yingnan suddenly leaned over as she stared at Old 2’s face, emphasizing word by word, “I. Really. Despise. That woman!”

Yet Old 2 just smiled. “But none of us can afford to offend her, is that not so?”

“Let me think about it!” Yu Yingnan’s tone wasn’t sincere at all.

Old 2 seemed to be speaking to himself, “The city seemed to be very quiet tonight.”

Yu Yingnan’s movement froze, thought for a bit then said, “No wonder why the expeditionary army didn’t appear from start to finish. So if was done by you, Old Man. This favor doesn’t seem small!”

“How large or small matters not, as long as it’s enough.”

Yu Yingnan jumped down from the counter, as she spoke without hesitation, “Alright! Leave this matter to me.”

She walked to the gate in large strides, but just as she was about to push open the door and leave, she suddenly stopped, looking as though she was about to collapse.

“What wrong?” Old 2 was shocked.

Yu Yingnan tightly grasped the pit of her heart, strongly enduring the strange pain that had never appeared before. She took a heavy breath in, didn’t turn back, and said in a tone as calm as still water, “Old man, I have a feeling, that the rest of my lifetime, seemed to have gotten jipped by you.”

Qianye returned to the small hotel and packed up before heading to Yu Yingnan’s residence right away. As to the house he had originally, he didn’t even bother wanting to go check up on it. He reckoned whether or not even the frame of the house would be left from being wrecked by the Sky Snake Gang’s people.

The residence’s door was still the same as how it looked. This fierce and bold huntress actually was quite good looking. She was young and had the aptitude. However, even if she just sat there, her domineering air still leaked out naturally. If she spoke or even move in the slightest, her presence would be even more overbearing, like that of burly men.

Qianye didn’t know when, or rather, how many days later Yu Yingnan would return. She had set up some traps in both the surrounding area and near the windows and door, but they are at most able to guard against some unskilled thieves. Of course, unskilled in Qianye’s eyes were actually above the level of three star hunters. In the few prominent gangs of Darkblood City, that would be at least a leader in the mid-level or above.

Qianye tossed his equipments to an empty room, and really didn’t feel very safe after thinking about it. Mainly it was because this rank four Eagleshot was too expensive. The sales price as a whole had already reached over a thousand gold coins. Even if a small part was lost, it would be a hard to recover loss.

Thus, after hesitating for a bit, even though he felt it would arouse suspicion of looking down on Yu Yingnan, he still disguised the place where he stored equipments, and also set two traps. One of the traps was warning, and the other was to cause injury. With Yu Yingnan’s level, she ought to be able to discover both, and either avoid or remove them.

However, Qianye forgot about this; he thought that Yu Yingnan “ought” be able to discover the two traps he set, but in actuality, this carefree huntress would often mess up in things that tests her meticulousness and patience that she “ought” to do well in.

After setting up everything, Qianye left in satisfaction and walked into the night. Even though his thirst toward blood energy had calmed down for now, he still felt some restlessness in his heart. Thus, he planned to take look around, and look at this city he was soon about to say farewell to in detail.

Darkblood City’s night was always very bustling, after all, most of the time of this city in the entire day was night time. When passing by a tavern with an extremely lively atmosphere. Qianye saw the men and women willfully expressing their desire through the window, and suddenly reminisced about that Red Spider Lily he had in the Lighthouse town.

He walked into the bar by himself. The burly man at the gate took a glance at the Butcher in Qianye’s waist, as his face instantly changed into a flattering and favor currying expression that was difficult to put into words. He lead Qianye and pushed a path through the dance floor, and escorted Qianye to an empty table.

The position of this table was very good. To be still empty at such a crowded and bustling moment, Qianye naturally understand the rules. He took his wallet and dumped two silver coins into the man’s hands, “This is yours. Also, bring two bottles here for me.”

That burly man happily left and Qianye put up his wallet. After waiting for a moment, two large bottles of strong alcoholic drinks was put on his table. Two silver coins bounced on Qianye’s fingertips, and flew up in an exceptionally agile manner, then fell precisely into the waitress’s deep cleavage. This move was extremely beautiful, and roused cheers from the surroundings. All the more, some people who were watching Qianye with ill will also took back their unnecessary thoughts and moved their gazes away to somewhere else.

One who could play silver coins so well, could play with knives just as well.

A woman with heavy make-up squeezed by Qianye’s side, and spoke in a coy and sweet voice, “May I sit here?”

“You may not!” Qianye spoke indifferently.

This woman had sprayed on some very heavy perfume, but what Qianye smelt from his nose was a rotten putridness. By now, Qianye was extremely sensitive to the smell of blood energy within lifeforms. The scent of this woman’s blood made him feel disgusted.

The beautiful woman was quite furious. She snorted loudly, then turned and walked away.

Qianye wouldn’t bother to pay any mind to her. In such a chaotic place, that Butcher in his waist was enough to keep the boldest scoundrel sober and awake. Qianye reminisced about the time in the Lighthouse Town as he watched the desired filled men and women around him.

At that time, people also divulged the most primal desire without any apprehension like this in the Red Spider Lily, or even more direct and unrestrained. Sometimes, men and women who couldn’t suppress their desire would dash out the door and directly begin doing it. But here however,, they would at least hide in the bathroom.

Unknowingly, the cup in Qianye’s hand emptied and an entire cup of strong liquor had gone down his stomach. Qianye immediately felt that slightly drunken feeling once again. His thoughts seemed to have slowly floated up, and begun to twirl and cruise.

Qianye suddenly felt that there didn’t seem to be anything that he should not do, and also felt that there was nothing that he could not do, either.

He heavily lowered the cup onto the table.

At this time, the empty cup filled up by itself again. Qianye raised his head and looked, and saw that a young girl had unwittingly appeared beside the table. She was meager, and couldn’t be said as pretty, but her face was very clean. Her age seemed even a little bit younger than Qianye, and she was pouring drink for him.

Qianye’s nose twitched. He suddenly pulled the girl into his arms, closed in to the side of her neck, and took a deep whiff.

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