Chapter 159: Disaster of the Past

Chapter 159: Disaster of the Past [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace]  

Song Zining was shocked. He did not expect the Yin family to have someone capable of finding him before his secret art had been broken. After he saw it was Wei Potian, he figured it out and said, “Wait.”

However, the second half of his sentence was stopped by Wei Potian’s punch. Young Master Wei smiled viciously and roared, “Wait your mother! Go down!”

Song Zining wrinkled his brows, extended his arm, and pressed toward the incoming fist while his entire body backed up evenly. His secret art was still active, so within a circumference of about one meter, it was like a different world. Leaves scattered and flowers floated in the air like a day in autumn. Young Master Wei’s extremely loud and destructive movements were restricted to this domain, not at all leaked to the outside.

Wei Potian’s fist had been sealed, so when he discovered the irregularities of the surroundings, there was no way he could not realize that Song Zining did not want to alert others. He coldly smiled and said, “As a perverted thief, what’s the point in hiding?”

Song Zining had been called a perverted thief twice consecutively, so his expression deepened, “Young Master Wei.”

Wei Potian excitedly shouted in a deep voice, punched out, and the origin power’s light flashed like stars before saying, “Do I know you? Once you’re on the ground we’ll talk!”

Song Zining finally understood. This guy often acted foolishly but had certain bouts of cleverness. Now he wanted to pretend not to recognize Song Zining and catch him as if he were a thief.

At this moment, the place where the two fought had leaves falling through the air like rain, almost completely obscuring their vision. Wei Potian thought he had entered late autumn typhoon for a moment. His fives were restricted by the thick autumn torrents. His punches all felt like they were traveling through mud. Only in places covered by the Thousand Mountains’ light would he regain his agility.

Wei Potian couldn’t help but adjust his neck. “Goddammit, even thieves are this strong these days! Can it be that I, Great Master Wei, will lose tonight?”

Song Zining couldn’t suppress his anger after hearing this. He was focusing on two different things. He needed to fight Wei Potian and make sure no sound travel to the outside at the same time. He seemed to have the advantage, but it became more and more difficult. Wei Potian’s fist was extremely heavy. Even though it didn’t seem like abilities like Thousand Mountains would be able to penetrate his secret art, receiving one strike would still cause his blood and energy to churn. After being whittled down for so long, he probably wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

Song Zining narrowed his eyes and coldly said, “Young Master Wei, do you really want to keep stirring up trouble?”

Wei Potian laughed aloud, “Surrender obediently!”

Song Zining didn’t say anything. His figure was originally constantly moving amidst falling leaves. Now, his movements were no longer visible. At one moment, he would appear here and the next, he would be hidden somewhere else. In places where he stopped, there would always be a leaf that lit up. The leaves’ outlines flashed as if they suddenly acquired substance.

Cold wind began to stir, its chill extremely piercing, as the leaves seemed to fall from invisible branches and sway as flew toward Wei Potian. These falling leaves seemed to be flying in the wind, but their speed was astonishing. They reached Thousand Mountains’ light barrier in the blink of an eye.

Wei Potian immediately became alert and roared as he pushed Thousand Mountains as hard as he could. Within the origin power’s light around his body, a faint silhouette of a mountain range actually appeared.

Suddenly, what sounded like sharp metal edges scraping against metal surfaces range out. The leaves that had stuck to Thousand Mountains slid down without any energy and created scalp numbing sharp grating noises. Three or four black streaks appeared on the earthen yellow light barrier. Even though the barrier hadn’t been penetrated, these marks actually didn’t immediately disappear!

Song Zining’s silhouette flashed a few more times and even more leaves began to fly. Wei Potian was horrified and shouted out, “Perverted thief! Don’t!”

With a boom, an extremely strong wind from a fist flew through the middle of the two. Suddenly the entire area became clean and empty.

The two people turned their heads at the same time. The door of the room beside them had opened without their knowledge. Qianye stood there calmly looking at them, his expression extremely strange. Sounds of people and footsteps traveled through the entrance of the inner courtyard.

When Song Zining used all of his strength to fight Wei Potian, he did not have any remaining strength to control the surroundings of their battlefield. Because of this, Young Master Wei’s long and wretched scream resounded through other Yin family’s courtyards.

Wei Potian scratched his head, pointed righteously at Song Zining and said, “Xiaoye, this pervert was peeping outside your room!”

Qianye’s expression immediately darkened. His right fist moved a little, extremely close to beating him up.

Ji Yuanjia was the first to arrive. When he identified the people standing there and heard what Wei Potian said, he almost wanted to cover his eyes. Did Young Master Wei not think that after saying something like that, the one who wanted to beat him up the most wouldn’t be the Song seventh young master, but Qianye, who had been forced to reveal himself as Miss Qiqi’s “female companion”?

Qianye suppressed his fury and turned his head toward Song Zining.

Song Zining’s expression at this moment became peaceful like in the past. Within the calm, there was some hostility, like the way he was back in Yellow Springs. He nodded toward Qianye without saying anything, then turned and left without a word. When he flipped over the walls, he coldly left one sentence, “Young Master Wei, I look forward to seeing you in the arena.”

Wei Potian said with immense pride, “If you want to then we’ll meet! Who’s scared of you?” He then turned around and waved his hand at Ji Yuanjia and the Wei and Yin Family guards, saying, “There’s no problem anymore. You guys can go play somewhere else. I’m looking for Xiaoye… uh, to practice combat. There’s a competition tomorrow!”

Young Master Wei’s commandment once again caused the Wei and Yin Family guards to become busy in the middle of the night. Once the outdoor arena had been prepared, Wei Potian made everyone leave and said he did not want people watching him while he practiced his secret arts.

Once everyone had left, a confused Qianye looked suspiciously at Wei Potian, who was acting mysteriously. He asked, “What’s going on?”

Wei Potian proudly said, “To prevent people from listening in, especially those sneaky people who know how to hide themselves!”

Qianye looked at his surroundings and couldn’t help but admit that the place Wei Potian selected was good. The arena was huge, the surroundings were entirely in sight, and as long as someone approached close by, they would be able to see clearly. They truly did not have to be afraid of eavesdroppers here.

However, when Wei Potian said sneaky, Qianye thought of the awkward scene just now. He saw everything very clearly. Some of the Wei and Yin guards that had come afterwards had evidently heard some rumors, so when Wei Potian said pervert, they immediately gazed at Qianye.

Qianye’s eyes flashed and he said, “Since you said you wanted to practice combat, then come, let’s first fight a match!”

Wei Potian had always confronted all challenges so he responded with no hesitation, “Okay!”

Right after he finished speaking, a fist rushed towards him and thunderous sounds of air ripping apart rang in his ear. It was another three strikes that broke through his defenses!

A moment later, Young Master Wei groaned as he climbed up from the ground. Qianye shook his right sleeve, finally feeling much better.

Wei Potian looked at Qianye who was standing there with a small smile, suddenly became excited. He ran over with large strides and gave him a bear hug, “Xiaoye! I originally thought you had already died! I didn’t think you would be alive, it’s truly fortunate!”

Qianye smiled and clapped his shoulder heavily, saying, “I never thought we’d be able to meet again either!”

Wei Potian suddenly suppressed his voice and said, “Have you already turned into a vampire?”

Qianye’s heart skipped a beat, “I was injured by a vampire and thought I would become a blood thrall, but for some unknown reason, the blood poison never broke out.”

Wei Potian suddenly said, “It should be due to your unique natural talent!” He then followed with an explanation, “I heard that Duke Wei’s main steward analyzed your talent. I was afraid that old man saw through you, so I came to see your situation.”

Qianye was a bit moved, “I don’t know what it is either. Either way, the blood poison seems to have disappeared by itself.”

Wei Potian cracked a smile and said, “That’s good! That’s good! I thought you had already turned into a vampire. That day at Darkblood City, General Bai personally said your blood had the aura of blood power.”

Qianye’s heart skipped a beat, “Bai Longjia?”

“That’s him. However, General Bai is a pretty good guy. That time, he said you had long been on the list of dead, so there’s no need to pursue any further.”

Cold sweat immediately ran down Qianye’s back.

Wei Potian suddenly said with a serious expression, “Qianye, I have something else I have to tell you!”

Qianye’s heart beat violently because he seemed to have guessed something. He felt expectant but also wanted to flee.

Wei Potian solemnly told him, “Even if you don’t have problems with the blood of darkness right now, don’t return to the Red Scorpion for now.”

Qianye’s mind rung with an explosion, and even felt his ears ring. He asked dryly, “Can I ask why…”

“That year after you ran into problems, I only saw a simple obituary, so I wanted to know more information.” Wei Potian slowly clenched his fist, as if reliving the incredulity he felt when he initially heard the bad news. “However, the weird thing was that the battle couldn’t be found in the imperial army reports. Even if it belonged to high-grade secret files, there would be a label. After a few months, even the obituaries couldn’t be found anymore. Red Scorpion Corps lost a third of its Red Scorpion rank soldiers. In the Broken Winged Angels, they would be the four wing rank. With such high casualties, how can there be no information? There wasn’t even a proper military funeral rite!”

Qianye only felt an invisible hand clutching his throat. He was forced to breathe deeply.

Wei Potian said, “At that time, I talked to a lot of people, but this battle seemed to have disappeared from their memories. Even people inside the Red Scorpion Corps don’t bring it up.”

Qianye didn’t know what he felt in his heart. The battle he experienced truly did have strong indications of a conspiracy. Now it seemed even darker. At least not many people in the entire Empire can make the Red Scorpion Corps swallow this without a word.

Wei Potian quietly said, “After I got the position of heir, I received more power. Then I heard something else…” He hesitated for a moment, then said, “I only heard this and have no way to verify if it’s true.”

“Say it.” Qianye slowly calmed down.

“That battle’s first command came from Marshal Lin’s office. After it happened, Marshal Lin sent people to the Red Scorpion Corps and took away all materials relating to the incident. Files for the battle became zero grade secret files,” Wei Potian smiled ruefully, “even if I am able to become a Marshal someday, it would still won't be easy to acquire. Thus, Xiaoye, don’t go back.”

Qianye remained silent and ignored Wei Potian attempting to change the subject with his last sentence, “Are you saying that Marshal Lin Xitang planned this?”

“It’s very likely.”

Before Wei Potian finished speaking, Qianye interrupted him, “That’s definitely impossible!”

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