Chapter 160: The First Match

Chapter 160: The First Match [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace]

“Marshal Xitang isn’t this kind of person! He would never use that many Red Scorpions as sacrifices no matter what!”

Wei Potian’s expression was serious, his usual frivolity completely gone. He looked at Qianye’s emotional but immovable expression, and only pat his shoulders without speaking.

Qianye’s heart was at a complete loss and had an apprehension he did not want to face. In his memories, Lin Xitang was definitely not someone who would betray his subordinates for his own benefit. If he was truly able to act so ruthlessly, he would have never been dragged into the sludge of mutiny in the Western Frontier.

Qianye could not believe that man would do something like this! It was Lin Xitang who pulled him out of the garbage dump. Qianye gained not only a new life, but a goal in life. Qianye struggled and strived all so that he could one day stand in front of that man and let him know that he did not let him down.

Even during the most unbearable period after being infected by the blood of darkness, Qianye held onto every thread of hope to continue living, because he did not want to easily give up the life he was given by that man. But if, if Wei Potian’s conjecture had even some possibility, then his struggle and perseverance would become meaningless!

Wei Potian tightly held Qianye’s shoulder, “Xiaoye, forget this, you can’t go back anymore!”

Qianye never thought the crude and blunt Wei Potian would say something like this, and unconsciously froze. His thoughts became slow and messy. After a moment, he asked, “I’m the only one who returned from that battle right?”

“Truthfully, in the eyes of the Empire, you died long ago.”

That night, Qianye was completely unable to fall asleep. In the end, he got up and cultivated instead, familiarizing himself with the state of the golden blood energy inside his body. Since Steward Wen believed his body’s unique traits came from that of Daybreak, he would fully take advantage of this misconception.

Early the next day, the one on one tournament took place at the arena in Duke Wei’s side courtyard deep in the mountain. The enormous arena had been split into ten sections, so duels could take place simultaneously.

Hundreds of people took part in the competition and the majority were descendants of landowning households. The first three rounds were elimination and round robin style, all scheduled to take place in one day. In other words, every person who advances would have to defeat multiple other competitors. Descendants of aristocratic households like Qiqi would begin fighting the day after, during the fourth round. Zhao Junhong and Song Zining would enter in the fifth round and be able to choose the opponent they face.

Unlike the hunting ground competition where the focus was forming teams with aristocratic households, one on one tournaments were where descendants of landowning households could truly make their name. Not mentioning other benefits, the highest reward in this tournament was a fifth grade origin firearm customized for the winner. That might have been the strongest weapon a landowning household could obtain!

With the phrase customize, it was no longer limited to just the grade of the origin firearm. In the hands of people with special talents, a fifth grade gun that could properly make use of the talent’s power could ultimately produce power greater than average sixth grade origin firearms.

Zhao Junhong’s iconic Silver Winged Fantasy was likely a customized fifth grade gun. As one of the four young masters of the Zhao Family’s young generation, he also only used a customized fifth grade gun. That truly showed how enticing the tournament’s reward was.

Other than the generous rewards the tournament offered, this was also good chance for descendants of landowning households to raise their status. Duke Wei and other special guests would observe the duels. This was an even better chance to demonstrate an individual’s talent and combat ability. Without exception, participants who performed with distinction would be eagerly scouted by aristocratic households. Thus, every descendant of landowning households would attach great importance to the tournament and give it their every effort.

Qianye felt a high spirited atmosphere once he reached the arena. On one side of the arena, participants formed an enormous line and were picking up their number tag. The order of duels in the first three rounds were completely decided by lottery. Two strong fighters might meet each other in the very first round. This kind of thing happened in spring hunts every year.

Duke Wei never went through any effort to prevent this situation from happening. In the Empire’s eyes, luck was also apart of one’s ability. In order to have the will to strive for the top, one must have the courage to crush every opponent one meets.

Qianye took a spot in line and slowly moved forward. Then he received his number tag, number 163.

An enormous screen rose up on one side of the arena. On it were all of the stages. Soon, pairs of numbers began to appear for stage, a list of duels that were about to begin.

Qianye found his number on it and walked towards the twentieth stage.

A bald robust man stood in front of Qianye. He had a thick beard and a pair of mysterious blue eyes. His burly frame seemed twice the size of Qianye’s and his arms were thicker than Qianye’s thighs.

The man exposed a malicious smile and scanned over Qianye. He said, “Little guy who uses guns, I’ve heard of you. They say you used an Eagleshot and crippled Second Young Master Zhao’s team? This is truly shocking, but this is an arena. We will use fists to decide this battle and you can’t use your guns.”

The man stretched out his hands, causing his hands to crackle continuously. Then, he began to jog around Qianye, speaking as he moved, “I have always despised snipers, very very much! Do you know why? Because I think those guys are cowards and only have enough courage to hide in the darkest corners, using bullets from a far distance to take care of their opponent. They only need the power to move their fingers. Each of them is skinny like a monkey, or looks like a girl! Yes, just like you!”

Qianye’s eyes looked down, his legs spread slightly to shoulder width. This was the most fundamental stance in military combat. He didn’t move, as he did not hear what the man said.

“Kid, when the duel begins in a little, I’ll use one fist to crush your beautiful face! You better admit defeat quickly, or else I won’t be able to hold back!”

Qianye still calmly stood there, like a statue.

At this moment, deep horns desolately sounded above the arena in waves. This signified the beginning of the duels.

Qianye’s eyes opened. His aura grew stronger and stronger, surging like waves and raging tides in a moment’s time!

The bald man had already readied himself to strike, but at this moment he was suddenly stunned with his mouth hanging wide open. His hand actually also stagnated in midair! An enormous wave of origin energy that covered the sun and the skies seemed to have appeared and was immovably collapsing toward him!

The man quickly recovered his senses with his bountiful experience and realized he had actually been awed by his opponent’s aura! He released a strange cry and his fist sped up, smashing towards Qianye.

However, the man had lost initiative and in order to break through Qianye’s aura, the punch was struck too hastily. It had more than enough strength and ferocity, but it lost versatility. He saw that Qianye’s stance was a combat art from the army and had already readied himself to take a hit through a hole in his defense as well as think about the next attack he will change to.

However, Qianye let out a deep breath, circulated his power and actually struck out with a punch that was identical, meeting steadily with the man’s fist!

The man’s face suddenly seemed like a kaleidoscope, innumerable expression surfacing at the same time. It was impossible to tell whether they were of fear or joy. Suddenly, his arm released sounds of snapping, twisting grotesquely.

The result of meeting fists head on was actually the crippling of the burly man’s arm!

Qianye bounded upwards and heavily kicked the man’s stomach! This kick caused the man to fly into the air, but still strangely stuck to Qianye’s boot and did not actually immediately fly out of the arena.

Anyone with experience immediately knew Qianye’s kick was too strong and extremely quick in both its strike and return. He did not leave any room for his opponent to borrow the force to retreat and could only forcefully endure the power of the kick.

Qianye moved his leg back into its original position. The man seemed to stop midair for a moment before he finally fell to the ground with a thump. His face pressed against the ground, releasing muffled sounds as more than ten teeth lied in the middle of a bloody pool.

“My bad, you were slow to admit defeat, so I couldn’t hold back.” Qianye lightly said.

The man could only released huffs of pain. After the beginning of the duel, he had been crushed like twigs almost instantly, when did he have time to speak?

Two guards belonging to Duke Wei’s private army carried the man out.

Qianye looked at the arenas around him and most of the battles were still in full swing.

Most of the descendants of landowning households who dared to compete in this tournament had extraordinary strength. Thus, battles with well-matched strengths were high in number. Blood began to appear in many arenas and two people even died. In comparison, the man who fell to Qianye actually had light injuries. Only, he lost in an ugly manner, so after leaving, he would probably be laughed at for a long time.

Qianye walked toward the side of the arenas, wanting to find a place to rest before a flew claps suddenly rang beside him. Someone praised, “You fought pretty well!”

He looked up and saw Zhao Junhong, unaware of how long he had been there.

Qianye smiled and said, “Thank you Second Young Master Zhao for the praise.”

Zhao Junhong continued as if he hadn’t heard the sarcasm in Qianye’s voice, “It’s only interesting like this. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even be able to reach me. I’ll wait for you in the final battle. If you win, then my reward for the spring hunt will be yours.”

Qianye smiled again, this time with some more sincerity. “Then thank you Second Young Master Zhao, for your generosity.”

Zhao Junhong lightly said, “When you have the ability to meet me, then we can continue this talk.”

Waves and waves of fighters walked onto the arenas, and left whether they won or lost. Some people became eternal corpses on the the arenas. Every path up the social ladder wasn’t any more benevolent than the bloody fights in Blackflow City of the Evernight Continent.

Finally, all duels of the first round were finished. Qianye saw his second opponent, a girl from a landowning household with rather pleasant features. She stood in front of Qianye, her beautiful eyes full of hope. They seemed to speak as they stared towards Qianye.

“You’re very good-looking!” She suddenly said.

“Thanks.” Qianye lightly answered.

“I am Xie Yumiao, go easy on me okay?”


Qianye’s cold response caused her eyes to turn red immediately as if she was just thoroughly wronged. She stood there timidly and lowered her head to adjust the edges of her shirt. She looked less like a competitor and more like a girl that had been shielded and protected all of her life.

The horn sounded once again. Qianye’s aura expanded, turning into billowing ocean waves. He reached Xie Yumiao in just a few steps and punched toward her chest.

Xie Yumiao seemed as if she had just received a great scare and actually did not dodge at all. Instead, she puffed out her massive chest, inviting Qianye’s fist. Her movement almost caused her shockingly full chest to be completely pushed out of her clothes. It even caused the blood of two descendants of landowning households who were spectating the match to pump harder as their faces turned completely red.

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