Chapter 158: Perverted Thief

Chapter 158:  Perverted Thief [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace]   

Perhaps even Steward Wen never anticipated that Qianye’s physique was even more extraordinary than he had imagined. In the time Steward Wen and Elder Du used to exchange a few words, Qianye used both the melting of the Daybreak origin power and ingesting power of the gold colored blood energy to eliminate almost all the yin needle energy in the body.

Thus, Qianye’s abnormal heart reaction was undoubtedly revealed.

The yin energy Steward Wen used to execute the talent appraisal all flowed along the bloodstream, like water mixed with hot oil in a pot, stimulating the talent origin power being tested. His origin power had attributes of yin, therefore it would cause the body to be irritated. However, the amount of yin energy compared to the origin power being detected was no more than a drop in the ocean. After a moment, it would naturally melt away.

However, among the released energy directed by Steward Wen, there was a stream that didn’t enter the blood vessels, but instead silently pierced into Qianye’s heart!

Qianye originally would not have discovered that there was this kind of disaster existing, but his heart was currently the fortress for concealing the vampire bloodline, normal blood energies and purple blood energy were hidden in there. After these strands of yin origin power rashly stormed in, almost like mistakenly roaming into a group of shark’s territory, it tempted the blood energies to float up strand by strand from the deep waters to the water’s surface.

It was the sudden and unexpected agitation of the blood energy that let Qianye discover that his heart had gained this type of uninvited guest. He had a hard time believing that this mistake might be a coincidence. No matter what kind of identification art, they were all only aimed at bloodline and origin nodes. It was absolutely impossible to enter the heart or internal organs. Otherwise, it was unknown how many people would’ve been accidentally injured due to Steward Wen’s strong and murderous yin origin power.

Moreover, the gold blood energy still was patrolling outside his heart yet it had not swallowed the yin energy within the blood vessels. If it wasn’t intentional, that strand of yin energy definitely would not have coincidently entered into the heart.

Qianye’s right hand slowly tightened its grip on the chair’s armrest. He thought over it for a long time and decided to risk it. He couldn’t let this strand of yin energy stay in his heart at this point, who knew when it would erupt and damage his life force.

As such, that strand of cold yin energy that was currently finding a place to hide in his heart suddenly felt extreme danger and began fleeing in every direction. But the blood energies that had lost its suppression was like a shark that smelled blood and rapidly surrounded it.

That yin energy suddenly covered itself with a layer of purple intent, but the purple blood energy that was the first to arrive pounced, tearing it into two pieces! All the blood energies boiled, flocked together, and in the blink of an eye, shredded the cold yin energy, cleanly devouring it.

Although the purple blood energy had consumed the largest section, it still seemed that it wasn’t satisfied. It turned around and pounced yet again, onto an ordinary stream of blood energy. However, this time the ordinary blood energy did not wait helplessly for death. An especially thick and solid stream of ordinary blood energy charged in from the side, instantly colliding with the purple blood energy. The two blood energies entangled and actually got into a fight within Qianye’s heart!

Qianye’s complexion was pale white. Cold sweat rolled down his face and he finally let out an uncontrollable dull groan as he fell off the chair, then produced a loud sound after heavily knocking over the sandalwood chair.

The Yin Family bodyguards outside the office in the corridor heard a strange sound and came in to check. They couldn’t help but be shocked before promptly rushing in to support him.

At that moment, the outcome of the battle within Qianye’s heart was decided. The battle advanced like how it did in the past; the thickest strand of ordinary blood energy still was not able to resist the purple blood energy and was almost strangled to death. The purple blood energy also sustained some damage, barely managing to swallow the thinnest stream of ordinary blood energy. It gave up afterwards and withdrew back to its rune.

“I’m fine, just need to sit for a moment!” Qianye said weakly. The Yin Family bodyguards supported him to sit at the side and then lifted the collapsed chair.

At that moment, Qiqi finished sending off Steward Wen and came back. Ji Yuanjia, who had been hurriedly called over by the Yin Family bodyguards had also just arrived. When the two saw Qianye’s pale paper-like face and weak breathing, which looked like a result of sustaining heavy injuries, they were shocked.

Qiqi grabbed Qianye’s hand, intending to transfer origin power, and hastily asked, “Are you okay? Didn’t he say there was only supposed to be a small injury?”

Qianye shook his head and pushed away Qiqi’s hand. “It’s all right now.”

He raised his head and looked at Ji Yuanjia.

Ji Yuanjia understood, sent off the two bodyguards, and then walked to the door to give a couple of instructions. After making sure there would be no one approaching and eavesdropping in on the conversation in the office, he came back.

“Steward Wen left a trace of yin energy in my heart.” Qianye immediately said.

Qiqi was taken aback. “Why?”

The importance of the heart was without a doubt. Injuries in this kind of place would either cause instant death or damage one’s life force, causing them to slowly pass away. This was especially the case for the single-elimination open tournament that would start the day after tomorrow. If that stream of dark energy within Qianye broke out while he was in combat, he would perhaps die without knowing the reason why.

Qiqi collected and composed herself, after asking about the details of that stream of cold yin energy, a shadow flit across her face, and said, “It does sound like Steward Wen’s ultimate skill, Polar Yin Needle. But why would he do something like this?”

The complexion of the three people in the office were all bad, there were too many accidents during this Profound Heaven Spring Hunt. First it was the rank eight vampire Knight, then it was Duke Wei’s main steward, who knew what else could be next? As for the situation with Steward Wen, it was a lot more serious than the vampire Knight. Not just any ordinary person was able to order one about, who exactly was behind him? What was his motive?

Qianye suddenly asked, “Among the people I killed during the spring hunt, were there any clan members of Steward Wen, any friends or relatives?”

This was indeed among one of the more likely reasons. Steward Wen was an attendant who had the trust of Duke Wei. If this kind of figure could be bribed and furthermore directly plot against and dispose of the participants of the sprint hunt, it would simply be the greatest scandal of the Profound Heaven Spring Hunt. Therefore, a personal grudge was more likely.

If it was only prompted by profits, not only would the man behind the scenes have to pull out something of great interest that would tempt Steward Wen, he would have also needed the rank and position to be able to speak with Steward Wen. Whose family would have such moves?

“It might also be the Zhou clan or the Song clan.” Qiqi facial expression turned cold. “The middle and lower class wouldn’t even be within Steward Wen’s gaze. As for the upper class, Kong Yanian had bodyguards who died to your hand, but paying such a huge price to kill you just because of this? Only if he is insane.”

Every year there was a spring hunt and every year there were people who would die. Every family would lose bodyguards, but using personal connections with Steward Wen to kill a family’s bodyguard just for this kind of loss... not many people would believe it even if someone said it out loud.

Inside the office, Qiqi paced around and after a moment said, “No, perhaps it was one of my brother or sisters that did this?” This situation completely lacked common sense. At the very end, Qiqi still could not come up with a verdict and could only instruct Qianye to go back and rest well.

After dinner, the entire side residence was immersed in a relaxed and eased atmosphere. The sound of music, dancing, and singing could be heard from the courtyards of the aristocratic families and the fragrance of wine mixed together with the scent of flowers, convened together in various small social banquets, and permeated through the entire place.

Under the cover of the night, an indistinct figure quietly approached the Yin Family courtyard from an enclosure next to the forest path. He chose a secluded corner, and jumped in with one leap.

The place he entered was precisely the inner courtyard. Tonight Qiqi had been invited to attend a banquet and since the owner wasn’t here, there weren’t many people left behind in the quiet inner courtyard. Only a group of guards was left patrolling back and forth in the night.

The shadow swiftly walked a circle around the inner courtyard, not alarming anybody. Speaking of which, there was a period of time where the shadow almost brushed past the Yin Family bodyguard’s night patrol and was merely a couple meters distance away. Even if the garden was shady and there wasn’t much light, but for six or seven experts to go so far as to say they were not able to see clearly... they had to be turning a blind eye to this shadow.

The night wind blew gently and occasionally there were dead leaves that floated down. Once those bodyguard’s gaze crossed the place where that man was standing, a dead leaf would float across and would coincidently block their line of sight. Just like that, those bodyguards on night patrol were clueless and directly passed by.

Finally, the shadow faced towards the wall of houses where Qiqi’s entourage slept and walked there. The last room was exactly where Qianye lived and that man wordlessly went and stood in front of the window.

At this moment, there was a group of people outside the Yin Family courtyard and the tall, young man in the middle was Wei Potian. Of course the guards at the entrance recognized him, and hastily respectfully told him that Miss Qiqi was attending the banquet hosted by the Xiangbo Family’s third young master.

Wei Potian waved his large hands. “No problem, I am here to look for Qianye.”

The Yin Family bodyguard immediately pointed him towards the inner courtyard. Wei Potian nodded his head, but refused their good will to lead him there, and instructed the rest of his guards to stay in the outer court and rest.

Alone, Wei Potian stepped towards the inner courtyard’s entrance and turned around a screen wall. The row of houses on the left was the residence of Qiqi’s entourage. This area was particularly quiet, as more than half of them went with Qiqi to attend the banquet. The room at the very end that revealed a pale yellow lamplight should be Qianye’s living quarter.

He couldn’t help but quicken his pace. However, a flower suddenly bloomed in front of his face. His vision seemed to become blurry, and the scenery became indiscernible. Wei Potian made a surprised sound and rubbed his eyes, but it seemed like there was nothing abnormal. He suddenly felt like something was odd, but for a short while he couldn’t say what was wrong. Perhaps it was the light being too bright or too dark to the extent that his vision was vague or unclear?

Wei Potian’s body had always responded faster than his brain and the moment flashes flickered around his body, he subconsciously rushed to activate Thousand Mountains! Earthen yellow light burst forth and shot out and in the deep night it was especially bright.

In the instant Thousand Mountains was activated, the dead leaves originally floating in front of Wei Potian’s eyes were immediately blown apart and smashed to pieces by a gust of wind, and then reverted back to nothingness. This suddenly enlightened Wei Potian who always looked in hindsight, “Damn it! I was just saying how something didn’t feel right! In this season, where did all these blasted dead leaves come from!”

At that moment, the scenery in front cleared up and Wei Potian immediately noticed that there was a person currently looking inside the house from outside the window of Qianye’s room, and he was not a stranger to this person’s figure.

Song Zining?!

In the past, Wei Potian had no relations with Song Zining. As descendants of the Empire’s upper echelons, he could only say they were only acquainted with each other. Other than this seventh son of the Song Family’s reputation with regards to women being not particularly good, his behavior was cultured and refined. He had money and power, and was not at all disagreeable. Although Song Zining and Qiqi’s relationship was poor, but Wei Potian was not stupid. He knew that most of them had reasons to the Song Family’s internal strife, so he had no prejudice towards him.

Who would have imagined that in his first time Profound Heaven Spring Hunt, there was the incident with Song Zining’s underlings attempting to kidnap “Xiaoye”, and then it was the Song Family’s hunting team trying to hunt and kill Qianye in the hunting grounds. Wei Potian’s evaluation of the Song Family’s seventh son immediately fell to its lowest.

Although he managed to successfully rob a camp, injure Ye Mulan with a punch, and could be considered to have calmed down a little, seeing Song Zining unexpectedly appearing here at this moment made Young Master Wei immediately think of the expression “hiding evil intentions”!

Thud thud thud! Wei Potian immediately took off in large strides, directly rushed over!

“There’s a perverted thief!”

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