Chapter 94: Eliminate from the Roots

Chapter 94: Eliminate from the Roots [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace] 

A Sky Snake hoodlum suddenly let out a weird yelp as he jumped out from his hiding spot, raising his assault rifle at Qianye. But before he even pulled the trigger, Qianye had already aimed and fired at him holding a gun in one hand.

With a loud bang, this Sky Snake hoodlum’s body were directly blasted into two halves!

Meanwhile, when using a sniper rifle as a pistol, Qianye’s body had merely swayed a little bit!

Such power!

Sky Snake’s temples pulsated, and only felt pain in his throat as though he had swallowed sand. What he saw was the enormous power Qianye had displayed, which was even above he himself! But Qianye clearly only ignited three nodes!

Qianye’s move didn’t just shock Sky Snake, it also startled the other hoodlums. Flying Bird who was hiding behind the window almost had no strength left to stand up, his heart was beating so fast that he was about to collapse. Most often, the crueler a person was, the more they were afraid of death.

Until Qianye leisurely pressed in new bullets for the sniper rifle, did Flying Bird finally came back to himself, wondering why didn’t he fire while Qianye was reloading.

Actually, at this point, ones who dared to fire were all killed by Qianye.

“Sky Snake, come out! Don’t let your underlings throw away their lives anymore.” Qianye’s voice was very calm, yet rumbled through the entire headquarters like a roll of thunder. This also showed his plentiful and vigorous origin power from another aspect.

Sky Snake held Yu Yingnan in a clasp, and walked out from the front door of the building, only stopping when nearing thirty meters from Qianye. Sky Snake held his gun at Yu Yingnan’s head and shouted, “Put down your gun! Or else, I will blow her head into pieces!”

Qianye laughed mockingly, and spoke slowly, “Sky Snake, I think you should pull down your pants, and check whether or not you are still a fucking man!”

“Put! Down! The! Gun!” Sky Snake said gritting his teeth.

“Put down the gun?” Qianye shrugged, as he suddenly raised the sniper and blew a Sky Snake hoodlum who unwittingly reached out from their hiding spot into mince meat.

Sky Snake’s face was startlingly ashen.

Qianye slow and deliberately loaded bullets into the sniper, then raise it and killed another Sky Snake hoodlum who wanted to cheese him. The bullet shot by that hoodlum flew to god knows where under shock and fear.

Qianye raised his head, and spoke in a cold tone, “I just won’t let it down, so what can you do? Want to threaten me with a woman like that? Are you that much of a fool?”

Sky Snake suddenly laughed, “Kid, you are still too inexperienced, and are too deliberate! This instead revealed your bottom line. This time, if you don’t put down your weapon, I will fire immediately! Would you like to bet on it?”

“Of which aspect do you think I even fancy her?” Qianye asked calmly.

“I care not about that! I just want to ask, would you like to bet on it!” Sky Snake’s face became more and more sinister.

Qianye shrugged, “Alright, you win. But you only won just a little but. I’ll give you a chance, a chance to fight with me like a man. Let her go, I’ll properly fight with you, right here, how about it!”

As he spoke, Qianye threw away the Repelling Wind, and also took down the Eagleshot from his back and tossed it aside. Now, only a Butcher is left on his entire body.

Sky Snake had always been staring at the two snipers on Qianye. And when Repelling Wind and Eagleshot both fell onto the floor, he suddenly smiled sinisterly and roared, “Die!”

Sky Snake raised his gun and aimed and Qianye in a flash! While at the same time, Qianye also moved, pulling out the Butcher in his waist and pointed it at Sky Snake in the same way!

However, Sky Snake acted first and had already judged that he would shoot a step faster than Qianye, and that Qianye would be heavily injured, if not dead when directly taking a rank three origin gun’s blast at this range!

Qianye’s expression was calm as always, the hand holding the gun not trembling in the slightest. Drawing and aiming flowed smoothly together as though a stream of water.

Sky Snake’s gunshot indeed sounded first. The origin round flew out of the chamber and instantly blasted onto Qianye’s chest. The enormous energy of impact pushed Qianye flying backwards. Shockingly, Qianye’s shooting posture actually didn’t change in the slightest. Right leg supporting onto the ground, his left knee bent slightly as his entire person slid backward in a straight line like he was on ice, while the Butcher’s muzzle still steadily pointed at Sky Snake!

The sound of the two gunshot almost rang out simultaneously. What the Butcher shot out was a origin energy bullet with vividly red colored light swirling around it. The origin bullet enhanced with the ability Heavy Caliber blasted onto Sky Snake, causing him helplessly to fly backwards. Yu Yingnan was also brought down to the ground. Her reaction was extremely quick and agile, and with a roll she took her distance away from Sky Snake as much as possible.

Sky Snake and Qianye were heavily wounded at the same time!

The Butcher’s power was extraordinary, and together with the Heavy Caliber’s enhancement, one shot had nearly shattered all of Sky Snake’s ribs! This shot far surpassed Sky Snake’s expectations. He originally thought that it wasn’t a big problem to tank a rank three origin gun, but the power of this shot had already reached the level of rank four!

Qianye’s origin power’s denseness and richness far surpassed fighters of the same rank, and the power when using origin guns was also increased by it. If one cultivated the Combatant Formula to over twenty rounds, the attack power would equal to those of first rate arts.

Sky Snake struggled with all his might, wanting to get up. He still could move, which meant he still could fight. He didn’t believe that Qianye’s constitution was also as valiant as his specifically trained body. That shot he fired also hit Qianye spot on, not any weaker than expected!

However, just as Sky Snake sat up, Qianye’s military boots had already appeared before him. That still scorching hot muzzle of the Butcher was already fixed at his head.

Sky Snake became dumbstruck, as he spoke with a hoarse voice, “How could you possibly have recovered faster than me?”

“That’s nothing impossible.”

“Why?” Sky Snake stared fixedly at Qianye’s mangled chest. He could indeed see that two or three ribs were broken, but compared to Sky Snake’s injuries, this could entirely be counted as a small wound, basically having no effect on combat.

“I’ve got no interest in answering questions asked by a dead man.”

The Butcher shifted down by some, and suddenly blasted between Sky Snake’s legs, turning that area into mush!

“Now I know that you aren’t a man even without you taking off your pants.” Qianye spoke coldly.

Sky Snake already could no longer talk back, and could only roll around and struggle on the ground. Qianye suddenly bowed down to pick up Repelling Wind, and raised the barrel before even standing straight again, pulling the trigger at the darkness.

From that direction, a miserable scream resounded instantly. A young man fell onto the ground with the scream, as half of his thigh disappeared.

Sky Snake suddenly woke up from acute pain, as shock and anger mixed together, “My son!”

“Indeed, I still remember him.” Qianye’s eyes were terrifyingly bright, and the color in the depth of his iris begun to change irregularly, a profound red color emerging from time to time.

“No! Don’t kill him!” Sky Snake shouted while enduring pain.

“Not possible.” Qianye raised the sniper, loaded a bullet with a click, then pulled back the bolt.

“Someone come, do this bastard in!” Sky Snake shouted loudly, his shout filled with rage!

But the entire headquarters was silent, and no one responded, as though all surviving Sky Snake hoodlums disappeared. Most likely, they didn’t disappear, but rather ran away while there’s the chance, or found some place and hid. No one was willing to reveal their head for Qianye’s sniper.

Sky Snake looked around, unresigned. He felt that ought to still have many loyal subordinates, why couldn’t he even find a single one of them now?

Qianye’s sniper slowly shifted, then spout out a flash of flame. The body of Sky Snake’s son suddenly sprung up from the ground, then erupted an enormous blood splatter in midair.

“You…. I’ll kill you!” Sky Snake roared and actually stood up suddenly with a strength from an unknown source before pouncing at Qianye.

Qianye’s gaze fell upon the side of his neck, as his adam’s apple violently rolled, and he very much wanted to bite onto it. Sky Snake’s blood was brimming with rich origin power, and was full of vitality in his sense of smell. Such an appeal was not much different from a drug’s appeal to a drug addict, and required a very powerful will to restrain one self.

A slight sound suddenly came from the side; that was Yu Yingnan shifting her position. After escaping Sky Snake’s suppression, she had always been very alert and kept her distance, in order to avoid being held under duress again.

This small sound magnified several times as it fell into Qianye’s ears, as though a morning bell ringing in his heart. Qianye raised the Butcher, with a clear and steady pace, he pressed the muzzle onto Sky Snake’s face as he pounced over. The moment he pulled the trigger, he closed his eyes.

The Butcher shook violently, and large sheets of warm and fresh blood immediately splashed onto Qianye’s face and body. Even though he tried so hard not to look, that presence full of energy kept lingering, causing Qianye to involuntarily stick out his tongue and licked a drop of blood. Instantly, all of the blood energy within his body stirred up, as even that always unperturbed golden blood energy swam out from the runes.

Qianye suddenly had an intensely strong intuition that came from who knows where, that if he sucked Sky Snake’s blood dry right now, his power of blood would move a step foward. This was a hard to resist enticement. Qianye suddenly found himself to be wavering.

A voice incessantly resounded in his mind, “This is merely a way to acquire power. You aren’t controlled by any higher vampires, and still have the consciousness of a human. You can only do the things you want to do after becoming powerful enough, isn’t that right?”

For that instant, Qianye even thought about whether or not he should slightly compromise a little next time and maybe suck a little bit of blood.


Yu Yingnan’s voice pulled Qianye out from his own world.

“What happened to you?” Yu Yingnan walked over as she asked with concern and care.

Qianye opened his eyes, carelessly wiped the blood that covered his entire head and face, then immediately revealed a smile,  “I’m fine, just a little tired.”

“Your injuries…”

“It’s just a small injury, let’s leave this place first.”

Yu Yingnan also knew that the commotion caused tonight was too great. They had to leave as soon as possible. She leaned over and searched Sky Snake’s body, found two origin pistols and a origin short blade. Just as she was about to tidy up other spoils of war, Qianye suddenly frowned as his gaze swept through the deep curtain of the night and spoke in alert, “Don’t you think this place is too quiet?”

Yu Yingnan froze for a bit, then said, “Sky Snake died, his subordinates probably went into hiding, right?”

Qianye took a deep breath in; he was especially sensitive to blood tonight, while the smell of blood both inside and outside of the Sky Snake headquarters was so dense that it was almost congealing. He immediately shook his head, “No, I didn’t kill that many people! There’s someone else here! Let’s leave this place first!”

Yu Yingnan didn’t oppose him, gave up cleaning the battlefield and hurriedly left with Qianye.

Sky Snake Gang had many years of accumulations, and definitely had abundant collections in its headquarters. If nothing else, just the weapons and ammunition in the armory was already quite the wealth. However, Qianye felt a deep, unfading unease, as though someone terrifying was moving around nearby.

Though he had rescued Yu Yingnan, she still couldn’t use origin power and he himself suffered injuries that weren’t that light. It was best to leave as soon as possible.

Qianye and Yu Yingnan disappeared within the night one behind the next.

In a dark valley behind the Sky Snake Gang’s headquarters, sluggish footsteps resounded. A thin and long silhouette unhurriedly walked within the lightless alleyway. His arms so long that they neared his knees was a sign that could not be more obvious. This person was precisely Yu Renyan. He was holding a foot in one hand, dragging a human body behind him.

The person being dragged clearly had lost control of his body and was sliding little by little on the ground like a tattered cloth sack. His body and face was full of scrapes and bruises, his originally handsome and young face was full of fear. It was Flying Bird. However, he couldn’t even curl even a single finger, and the only thing that he was able to move were his eyelids as he was dragged into the darkness in despair.

Yu Yingnan brought Qianye back to her place and immediately wanted to check his injuries. Qianye wasn’t able to decline and before long, she had pressed him onto her bed and began to slowly tend to his injuries.

After clearly seeing Qianye’s injuries, Yu Yingnan couldn’t help but stare blankly. What surprised her wasn’t that Qianye’s wounds were too serious. They were too light. Those wounds had already all stopped bleeding, and shallower wounds had already completely closed. Yu Yingnan saw with her own eyes that he tanked Sky Snake’s rank three origin gun’s direct frontal attack, so how could he have only sustained so little injuries?

Qianye suddenly closed his eyes, “Um, Sister Nan, you can go take a change of clothes first. My injuries are not serious.”

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