Chapter 93: The Night of Annihilation

Chapter 93: The Night of Annihilation [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace]    

Most of the people in the bar continued to drink and chat as if they hadn’t heard anything. They didn’t care at all. Even the soldiers and officers that wore their expeditionary army uniforms didn’t react. In this city, what day would they not hear gunfire?

A small number of people slightly furrowed their brows because they could tell that the gunfire came from a high caliber sniper rifle. Although they could tell from the sound that it was a normal gun, even in the army, very few people used sniper rifles. Regardless of which corps they were in, snipers in the expeditionary army had very high statuses. No one in Darkblood City would be bold enough to offend them.

Under the cover of night, Qianye pulled the bolt of his gun and put a bullet as large as a missile into the gun’s chamber. Then he adjusted his position and once again locked onto the Sky Snake Gang’s headquarters.

His tactical scope slowly swept across the building’s rooftop, doors, and windows one by one. Then Qianye locked onto a man pressed up against a corner of the outer wall. He was obviously so afraid that he didn’t dare to even peek at the surroundings, simply trying his hardest to hide himself. However, he wasn’t aware that his position didn’t do much against someone at a high vantage point and exposed nearly half of his body.

Qianye calmly pulled the trigger. Moments later, he watched through his scope as a human-shaped hole suddenly appear in the wall. Each of the Sky Snake Gang members that had been hiding behind it were virtually split into two pieces!

All of the Sky Snake Gang was already a mess. Everyone in the courtyard was desperately running into the building, looking for things nearby that they could hide behind. None of them wanted to look for the sniper that had fired the bullet.

Qianye pulled the bolt of the gun again and exchanged the spent casing for another bullet without any sign of panic. Then he stood up and carried his gun away, jumping from one building to another like a ghost under the night sky. He quickly found a new position, and after another gunshot rang out, a Sky Snake member hiding behind a window on the third floor of the headquarters lost his arm and half of his shoulder.

Qianye’s current sniper rifle was not much smaller than the Eagleshot. “Repelling Wind” had a formidable size and was a gunpowder weapon, but its enormous 15mm barrel guaranteed its power. This terrifying sniper rifle could be used to shoot airships from low altitudes. It was the peak of traditional gun development.

As a gunpowder weapon, it had an advantage that origin guns could not replace; range and ammunition. As long as a sniper was skilled enough, a Repelling Wind could kill a target at two thousand meters away. In comparison, the Eagleshot’s maximum range was one thousand meters. In theory, the gunpowder weapons would be able to fire as many times as the number of bullets there were. This was another advantage the Eagleshot couldn’t match. As he was now, Qianye could only fire his Eagleshot once.

However, the recoil of this abnormal sniper rifle was shocking, so only those with physiques equivalent to that of a rank one Fighter could use them. Qianye was a little depressed that his Repelling Wind was one of the original models. He couldn’t find a more powerful, higher-ranked version in the storehouse of the Home of Hunters. The Red Scorpions once ordered a type of 25mm caliber gunpowder sniper rifle for veteran Black Scorpion soldiers. It was extremely powerful, almost on par with rank three origin rifles. However, only rank five Fighters could use them. The recoil of just one shot would immediately shatter the hearts of people with slightly weaker bodies.

At this moment, Qianye was like a lone wolf hiding in the shadows that was patiently running circles around its prey. Whenever given an opportunity, he would viciously pounce and ruthlessly tear off a piece of flesh.

Gunshots continued to resound through the air, each one signifying the fall of a member of the Sky Snake Gang Chaos reigned throughout the Sky Snake Gang’s headquarters. Even the outer walls did provide a feeling of security.

With every gunshot, a shout rang out clearly to all of the Sky Snake Gang.

“Release her!”

If Sky Snake didn’t let Yu Yingnan go, Qianye might actually kill all the members of the Sky Snake Gang tonight, one by one.

Some gang members already couldn’t handle the immense pressure of death flying past each of their heads. They formed crowds to charge out of the headquarters, as if searching for Qianye’s location, but all of them left without returning. Only a few of them died to Qianye’s gunfire. The vast majority sprinted down the streets No matter how one looked at it, they were taking this opportunity to flee.

Flying Bird hid in a blind spot behind the wall, panting over and over. His originally handsome face twisting constantly, making it hard to tell whether he was excited or afraid. Of the entire Sky Snake Gang, aside from Sky Snake himself, he was that only one of the four experts that remained.. After the debacle in the wasteland, Hornet quietly left the Sky Snake Gang.

A gang member ran into the room and saw Flying Bird. He was stunned at first, then became elated. “Brother Flying Bird! This is terrible! The sniper outside is too skilled, our brothers are being pressured so hard that all of us are too afraid to even show our heads. If this continues, we’ll be trapped until we die! You should go out personally and take care of that arrogant guy!”

Flying Bird had a faint smile on his face as he said, “Me? Go out personally?”

The gang member had yet to realize what was wrong and even said, “Yes! Of course, if it’s you…”

Halfway through his sentence, astonishment filled that gang member. He suddenly realized that Flying Bird’s gun was pointed at his head! Origin power flashed from the gun’s muzzle, and the gang member’s head immediately exploded into a bloody mist.

Flying Bird laughed hysterically and slowly stood up. As he did, an enormous puddle of blood became visible in the place he had been sitting. Blood constantly flowed from his waist.

Flying Bird had also suffered from being sniped. The bullet had traveled over a thousand bullets without any warning. The moment it did, Flying Bird had been moving rapidly. That bullet was shockingly accurate. If he hadn’t listened to his gut in the instant that disaster was about to strike or moved desperately, the shot would’ve hit his spine. Even then, the bullet had still opened an enormous wound in his waist.

He managed to once again brush past death!

Flying Bird had essentially gone insane trying to escape in every direction. He struggled greatly until he found a position that was safe for the time being. From the moment he began hiding here, his pulse had never dropped below two hundred beats per minute!

This was his first time being so intensely afraid of death. Every time he murdered his opponent, seeing the pain and fear on their face gave Flying Bird such elation, a pleasure that was nearly more enjoyable than sex. But today, in this moment, he finally discovered how overwhelmingly terrifying death was. It was as if the entire world were being swallowed by a beast, and all he could do was run nonstop even though he couldn’t actually see any light in the distance.

He definitely did not want to confront Qianye!

In the top floor of the headquarters, Sky Snake’s expression was dark as he stood at the center of an enormous, extravagant room. He would carefully approach the window every so often, hiding behind the curtains and looking outward. Sky Snake’s movements were extremely cautious even though this kind of gunpowder weapon wasn’t much of a threat to him. However, each time a gunshot rang out, his heartbeat would increase and he would subconsciously imagine himself being struck by the Eagleshot.

Sky Snake strode to the door of the room, opened it, and shouted, “Is there any news from the expeditionary army?”

Weeping could be heard from the gang members outside as they answered, “No, nothing! We haven’t even seen a patrol. It’s been nearly an hour!”

Sky Snake slammed the door shut with a loud bang.

One entire hour!

The expeditionary army’s city defense department had more patrols in the eastern and southern areas of the city than the western and northern areas. However, it would still send at least one patrol every half an hour. Ignoring where the normal patrols went, this fight had been going on for almost an hour and the gunshots had long since caused a great commotion. Even though the expeditionary army’s camp was in the northern area of the city, unless they were all deaf, the powerful officers of the army had to have heard everything!

Gunshots filled the air outside. Gang members were shooting blindly; only the heavens knew what they were firing at. Unbeknownst to them, the weapon in Qianye’s hands was almost powerful enough to surpass standard sniper rifles of the expeditionary army. Neither patrols of the expeditionary army nor the various law enforcement of the city had shown up yet. This was definitely abnormal.

This only meant one thing: the expeditionary army had decided to keep out of any business that happened tonight.

Another bang rang out. Sky Snake had shattered a vase this time. He viciously swore over and over, cursing every member of the expeditionary army that he had paid off every month.

“What, you can be scared too?” Yu Yingnan smiled coldly.

She sat in a chair, hands and legs tied to chair’s back and legs. She still wore her tactical jacket, which barely held in her bountiful chest.

Sky Snake strode over to her, raised his hand, and repeatedly slapped Yu Yingnan across the face, causing her to fall to the floor along with the chair!

Half of Yu Yingnan’s face immediately began swelling up, and she spat out a lot of blood.

Sky Snake pulled her hair, lifting from the floor, chair and all, back to an upright sitting position. Then he gritted his teeth and said, “You had better not anger me, or else I’ll fuck you right now! Then I’ll find a people to take turns on you!”

“If you are interested in dead bodies, then do it. However, I can tell you that you would only die in an even worse way.” Yu Yingnan didn’t care about Sky Snake’s threat at all.

Sky Snake squinted his eyes and coldly said, “I can hold back right now, but don’t force me! Forcing me wouldn’t be good for anyone. Even if you became a dead body, I still wouldn’t let you go!”

Sky Snake took out a needle, tore off its packaging, and stabbed it into Yu Yingnan’s upper arm, injecting her with all of the transparent liquid inside of it. This drug suppressed origin power and was essentially for imprisoning experts that could use origin power.

Yu Yingnan calmed down as well, no longer purposefully angered Sky Snake. She calmly said, “Don’t waste your time. Qianye and I haven’t known each other very long. You think a person like him would care about your threats just for a woman who he barely knows? Listen to the gunshots outside and you’ll known just how much his heart values me.”

“Shut up!” Sky Snake raved, striking her across the face again! This time, the blow was exceptionally heavy. Yu Yingnan smiled coldly and spat out a mouthful of blood along with half a tooth. She closed her eyes, no longer paying any attention to Sky Snake.

The gunfire outside was dense like heavy rain. Sky Snake Gang members outside were still shooting blindly. They couldn't find Qianye’s exact position, so they stopped worrying about about Darkblood City’s laws and sometimes shot at the homes of civilians by mistake. Fortunately, when the fight began, most of the civilians on this street fled at the first opportunity. Stray bullets only destroyed buildings that had no one in them.

Then, in the midst of the smoke that looked like a curtain of rain, gunshots thundered from a sniper rifle continuously. Every time the sound went off, a gang member fell. In the blink of an eye, gang members understood that peeking out to shoot would mean death. Thus, the tempest of gunfire immediately stopped.

At this moment, someone opened the door to the room. Elder Yuan, a veteran Sky Snake gang member walked in. He glanced at Yu Yingnan and then said to Sky Snake, “Third brother! Let’s stop fighting and let this woman go! Killing her would only bring a lot of trouble, and that guy has yet to show any signs of weakness. He’s just been killing our guys! Do you really want the Sky Snake Gang to be annihilated?”

Sky Snake grinned ferociously. “I don’t believe that he truly doesn’t care about this woman! I will bring her to the rooftop right now. If he still shoots, I’ll cut her limbs off!”

Elder Yuan was shocked, shouting, “You’re crazy! Doing this would kill all of us! I don’t think no longer think you can properly lead this gang!”

All of a sudden, Sky Snake pulled out a dagger and stabbed it into Elder Yuan’s chest!

Elder Yuan was stunned. His hand shook as he pointed at Sky Snake and said, “You’re… killing me? I always thought of you as… a brother.”

Sky Snake wrenched the dagger out of Elder Yuan’s body and stabbed him again. He stabbed Elder Yuan in a frenzy, gnashing his teeth and saying, “I grew tired of you a long fucking time ago! Brother? What kind of brother are you? What rank two trash is worthy of calling himself my brother? You always thought of yourself as my brother... Fuck your mother! When did you think of me as the leader of this gang? Do I need your approval to do whatever I want? Go down there and find those brothers of yours!”

Sky Snake yelled as his dagger rose and fell. Blood continuously splattered over his body and his face, making his ferocious expression look like an evil spirit. He stabbed Elder Yuan one hundred times in row. Only then did he finally feel satisfied and get up from the body that had almost broken apart from the stabbing.

He used his dagger to cut the belts that tied Yu Yingnan to the chair. He held her in his arms and partially dragged her toward the rooftop. Yu Yingnan didn’t make a sound. Having lost her origin power, she had no way to resist Sky Snake’s strength.

At that moment, the gunfire from the sniper rifle disappeared. However, the Sky Snake Gang members were making noises that sounded like they were sucking in cold air.

Sky Snake’s expression darkened, and rushed to a window in the hallway to look outside. He saw Qianye carrying an enormous sniper rifle.

He was actually walking into the courtyard of the Sky Snake Gang’s headquarters, right through the front door!

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