Chapter 47: Death by Explosion

Chapter 47: Death by Explosion [Volume 2 – Bloom of the Other Shore Flower]   

Qianye felt that this vampire noble was somewhat strange. Although he only displayed power around the rank four or five, his combat skills and reactions were far greater than that of a high-ranking vampire soldier.

Thinking back to the two vampire warriors he had personally slain earlier, Qianye faintly felt that this high-ranked vampire might have the same circumstances, and could not understand the reason as to why his strength was suppressed. The enemy should be a Blood Esquire or maybe even a rank eight Knight.

However, Qianye continued to wait for when Wilde would relax.

Seeing that the situation had been decided, Wilde was finally relieved and smiled, saying, “Miss Nighteye, the end result is now certain, and even if you want to run, it is impossible for you to! If you are willing to submit and then advise your father to cease resisting, the viscount would be very happy. He might even be willing to grant you a pretty good position. Perhaps becoming the wife of a viscount would be suitable for you? However…”

Wilde’s face suddenly sank and he said coldly, “However, if you do not cooperate, then sending your corpse back to your father is just as suitable. Furthermore, at that time, I cannot guarantee what you will look like. As you know, our black-furred friends utterly hate vampires, and they are capable of anything. Even if you become a corpse, there is no escape from the treatment awaiting you! I think our friends don’t mind if you are dead or alive. You can also try waiting for reinforcements, for example, that rank two brat…”

Nighteye’s fingertips trembled slightly, obviously due to her extreme anger. She looked away, her face filled with a look of contempt, not even willing to say one more word to Wilde.

Her gaze swept the surroundings, looking for any chance to escape. However, the black werewolf fighters and vampire warriors had blocked all paths of escape. Under the suppression of the Blood Shackles, she had no chance of running past those ferocious, four-legged bastards.

Wilde looked at Nighteye with satisfaction, and his gaze began to brazenly wander up and down her whole body. Even by vampire standards, Nighteye possessed a city-toppling charm. Moreover, she possessed a natural charm ability; it was no wonder that even a cold, bloodthirsty, and exuberantly ambitious important figure such as the viscount would be moved by her to the point of disregarding the future risk of revenge and instead sought to personally obtain her.

“It would be best if she resisted until the end. That way, perhaps I may have the chance to try tasting her…” Wilde stroked his jaw while lost in thought.

At that moment, the sharp howl of a wolf woke Wilde from his daydream! He immediately felt his scalp fry, and his survival instincts continuously screamed of life-threatening danger, making him extremely frantic.

Wilde instinctively turned his head to look in the direction the dangerous attack came from, his body already beginning to make evasive maneuvers.

From the corner of his eyes, a dazzling, silver flash ceaselessly grew larger.

It was a silver flash!

The thing vampires hated the most was silver, and a silver flash within the darkness often implied the worst thing possible. The instant Wilde saw the silver, he instinctively rushed forward, not even having the time to think about where this attack came from.

In that moment, Wilde felt as if a sledgehammer had ruthlessly slammed into his leg, making his whole body fly away while he immediately lost all feeling in his right leg.

Qianye, who was buried within layers of garbage, looked through his tactical scope and watched as the silver flash exploded into a bundle of flames and Wilde’s right leg soared away from his body. That body part emitted a hissing sound and quickly diffused into black smoke. Wilde himself tumbled through the air after having been knocked into the sky by the impact.

It wasn’t that the shot was off target, it was just that Wilde’s reaction time was just too fast. He somehow optimally dodged in an impossible time frame and avoided fatally injuring his vitals. Just based on this degree of battle skill, he had to be at least a Knight.

Additionally, the power of the Mithril Bullet of Exorcism was far beyond Qianye’s imagination. If this gun with the addition of the power of Heavy Caliber had hit Wilde’s body, it would have immediately taken his life.

Qianye did not look back in regret. He quickly pressed the second Mithril Bullet of Exorcism into the gun, during which his eyes never left the tactical scope. Right when he finished reloading, his sights were already set on Wilde’s landing location. These extreme ammo loading, aiming, and shooting skills were tempered during all of Qianye's endlessly ruthless training.

The moment when Wilde fell to the ground, the second Mithril Bullet of Exorcism whistled out and turned into a silver light, smashing into his chest.

Wilde had no strength left to dodge the bullet, and he pitifully screamed and shouted as a large hole immediately opened in his chest.

Wilde emitted dying screams, his mournful voice piercing the night sky as it spread far and wide.

Qianye observed for an entire minute, and only after determining that not even being soaked in the legendary Vampire Progenitor Blood Pool could save Wilde’s life did he move the muzzle away and point it in the direction of a werewolf.

During the process of observing and moving the gun, he put the third Mithril Bullet of Exorcism into the bullet chamber and then began to madly hasten the origin tide, regardless of the severe pain sweeping through his chest area as he injected the last of his origin power into the Scorpion Needle.

Because the Combatant Formula overwhelmed other arts, it became the main practiced art of the lower end of the Empire’s army. Other than being able to rapidly increase one’s strength in the initial stages, it was also faster than the other arts at charging an origin gun. Under these kinds of situations, saving even one second could determine life or death.

Although this unforeseen event was sudden and unexpected, after firing two consecutive shots, Qianye had also exposed his own location. Vampire warriors quickly rushed toward his hiding spot, momentarily making a hole within the encirclement around Nighteye.

Nighteye didn’t immediately seize the chance to escape, instead clenching her teeth and moving behind one of the vampire warriors like a specter, ruthlessly stabbing a dagger into his heart. At the same time, two spiked bayonets flew out from her hands, shooting into the body of a werewolf who had come to benefit from others’ disputes. The extremely potent toxin on the spiked bayonets immediately reacted. The giant werewolf rushed out for ten more meters, uttered a sad final wail, and then fell to the ground.

The werewolf leader let out a long howl in extreme anger. Reacting to this, all the werewolves turned toward Nighteye, while the chief itself charged toward Qianye. In its mind, Qianye was a much bigger threat than Nighteye.

The power of the Mithril Bullet of Exorcism made every member of the dark races tremble with fear!

Qianye watched the rapidly approaching werewolf leader, yet did not fire. When werewolves ran in their wolf forms, their instinctive reactions were even faster than those of vampires, making it completely possible for them to change directions and dodge in the moment it would take him to pull the trigger. Not only that, but the restorative capabilities of the werewolves’ bodies weren’t any worse than the vampires’. If his shot did not hit their vitals, they would be able to restore themselves after a period of time.

“Come on then! Damn bastard! A life for a life, there’s still more to earn!” Qianye contemplated this in his heart as his eyes that stared in the werewolf leader’s direction were cold and steady.

Having eliminated Wilde, Qianye had already found his meaning in life. Right now, he found that if he was able to claim the head of one more rank five werewolf, then his entire life would’ve been worth it!

This was how a soldier calculated!

The werewolf leader had already arrived within ten meters of Qianye. He then jumped up, changed into human form in mid air, and dove at Qianye!

Now is the time!

The moment Qianye had been waiting for was the werewolf’s leaping strike!

His upper body suddenly leaned back, and he lifted the muzzle while pulling the trigger! With this opportunity, the angle was precise, as if it had been rehearsed in advance.

The Mithril Bullet of Exorcism drew a beautiful and dazzling streak of silver in the night sky, instantly burying its way into the werewolf leader’s chest!

Immediately, a large piece of silver light flew out from the werewolf leader’s back, leaving a terrifying wound about the size of a large bowl! The silver light was like a fountain sprinkling into the air, with little droplets refracting light and bizarre colors.

The werewolf leader still fell onto the designated position, fiercely swinging down with its claw. The Scorpion Needle flew out from Qianye’s hand, but the heavy blow exploded on his chest without obstruction! But this blow did not cut open that frail human like the werewolf had anticipated. It only made him fly far away!

The werewolf leader let out the indignant roar of an injured beast and once again jumped toward Qianye to chase him, but it only ran for a few meters before uttering a whine and collapsing to the ground. When the Mithril Bullet of Exorcism passed through its body, it had already burned all its internal organs. No matter how tenacious its vitality was, it was unable to resist the true strength and the destructive power that came from a true expert of the human race.

Qianye fell down dozens of meters away and lost consciousness after spitting some blood out of his mouth.

On the other battlefield, Nighteye’s situation wasn’t all that good either. She had finally slain all of the vampire warriors, removing the Blood Shackles from her body, but her body currently sustained dozens of wounds. Her left calf was twisted in an unnatural way, and her leg bones were all broken from being bitten by a werewolf.

However, there were four werewolves still around her!

Nighteye gritted her teeth, and the intense pain covered her forehead with cold sweat. Her bayonets had all been used up, and the only weapon she had left was the dagger made of special material. She looked in the direction of Qianye and finally grimaced, turning toward the outside and fleeing.

Qianye was only a rank two Fighter, so getting hit by the werewolf leader only meant that he was doomed for certain death.

.This group of werewolves was unexpectedly strong, and even though Nighteye had removed the Blood Shackles, restoring her strength still required time. Nighteye had originally wanted to take Qianye’s corpse away, because if she left him here, he would become dinner for of the hateful werewolves. However, at this moment, she could no longer look after him.

The four werewolves chased after Nighteye unhurriedly as they were not that worried that she would stall for time. With those kinds of heavy injuries, she would completely run out of stamina before she could recover a couple of levels of her strength. That was the hunting instinct of the werewolves.

Nighteye had just exited the garbage dump when, suddenly, an indistinct shadow pounced out from the side, ruthlessly throwing her to the ground.

A shadow wolf!

They were the cruelest and most cunning assassins among werewolves. It had long since arrived but had been lying in wait all the way up until now.

Nighteye’s face flashed with despair and then suddenly became fierce. Her pupils surged with a sanguine hue, and an invisible attack shot out from the depths of her eyes ruthlessly smashing into the shadow wolf’s brain!

The shadow wolf let out a wail, and it froze for a moment. Nighteye took advantage of this chance and used the dagger to pierce into the shadow wolf’s lower abdomen!

The shadow wolf roared, and its claw knocked away Nighteye’s dagger. It then bit her arm, and with a loud crack, it broke both her arms.

After waiting for Nighteye to lose the ability to resist, and waiting for her to fall into a coma, he gradually changed forms, transforming into a young man that was teeming with a wild aura. He glanced at the wound on his abdomen, seemed to be extremely furious, and hatefully kicked at Nighteye with his leg.

“Enough! If she dies, her value may not be as great.” An old man with over ten werewolves following behind him stepped out from the darkness.

The shadow wolf pointed at Nighteye angrily. “But there is no way this cold-blooded woman would yield! Not only that, she also murdered so many of our fellow werewolves!”

“Those are the things Viscount Duke has to consider, it has nothing to do with us. We need to deliver a living Nighteye to him, and she must not be missing any important parts or else it won’t count as completing the transaction,” the old man said slowly.

The shadow wolf’s chest rose and fell and as he glared at Nighteye. He spat a mouthful of saliva toward her.

However, what was strange was that after the mouthful of saliva flew halfway, it hung suspended in the air and slowly began to revolve.

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